My “disgusting” coverage: Blogger crackdown looms?


Oh dear, I guess you can’t please everyone.

“BN Partyman” sent in this comment, which contains a none-too-subtle threat.

Dear Anil,

Your biased live coverage of the PP buy-election was disgusting to say the least. It seemed like the Barisan Nasional was non-existent in PP. The fact that more than 15,000 people voted for Arif Shah is testimony to BN’s popularity. If it were not for the rough house tactics of the PKR goons, more legitimate voters would have made it to the polling stations. You and your ilk ought to be detained under the ISA and the keys thrown away.

You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP. Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN. Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you? Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you. You are despicable and so is Raja Petra and the likes of him.

When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat. Unfortunately it seems now that a large minority of the rakyat are stupid enough to pay attention to the lies of the Opposition. The BN will educate them very soon and I assure you it will be a painful lesson indeed.

BN Sakthi!!!

Perhaps this should be seen in the context of the following excerpt from a 14 August news report from Al Jazeera:

‘Irresponsible media’

“In the name of freedom, these websites allow the broadcast of slander, lies and swearing, the use of harsh, degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned”

Najib Abdul Razak, Malaysian deputy prime minister

On Tuesday Malaysia’s de facto law minister, Mohd Nazri Aziz, warned that it was “time to act” against what the government considers to be irresponsible or inflamatory blogging.
Speaking in Malaysia’s parliament he said preventive detention laws could be used against bloggers who raise issues the government considers as being sensitive to Malaysia’s multi-ethnic, multi-religious population.
His comments were echoed by Najib Abdul Razak, the Malaysian deputy prime minister, who told a gathering of the Malaysian Press Institute on Tuesday evening that the government was deeply troubled by the growth of what he called “irresponsible” alternative media.
He said bloggers needed to exercise moderation in postings which discuss race and religion or risk official action.
Webmasters and web journalists, he said, are not exempted from Malaysian laws.
“In the name of freedom, these websites allow the broadcast of slander, lies and swearing, the use of harsh, degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned,” the New Straits Times quoted him as saying.
“Even though the government has been tolerant of anti-government positions and criticisms on the Internet, we are very concerned about statements that insult religion and reek of racism,” he added.
The warning comes amid increasingly frank discussions on the internet of such hot-topic issues as Malaysia’s status as an Islamic state, allegedly unjust policies and political corruption.
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  1. who in the right frame of mind would say bn sakthi who ???? idiots like yemaisee prechident samy vellu are the only losers who remain ….

  2. Partyman,
    Go party yourself, maybe organise a N…-style one with all your UMNO… ****** *******; you’re too stupid to wven know when you get hit by a crow flying into your face!hahahahahaah!

  3. This BN supporter sounds like a sore loser to me!!!

    Sorry sore loser but facts still remain you are sore about losing.

  4. BN partyman, in my generation, we have a name for people with your mentality — KAYU. Your backward mentality is so disgraceful that you had better not say anymore or you will only show even more of your stupidity.

  5. The BN Partyman did not realize that BN was not the one that provided basic facilities to Malaysian, we are the ones that provided the facilities to ourselves; BN are merely our reps to manage “our” wealth. BN, or rather UMNO is nothing without the people! They did not pluck the laptops from the sky and give it to us! All these wealth are taken from our natural resources, income tax, etc etc. …

  6. Why are you guys bother to reply to this BN partyman? Would you expect this imbecile would understand what we say here? Or would you believe people as stupid as he DOES exist.

  7. Dear BN Sakhti,
    I am 210th entries since the time(hardly more than 2 days old)you posted your view. Just ask yourself, how many are against and how many responded favourably to you?
    My advice to you is to get lost as otherwise the response from those against what you said will overwhelm Anil’s site, leaving no room for us to read what Anil writes.
    If you respond again, the whole contingent of Malaysian Rayat will drown you and you will not be able to sing any more praise to whoever you adore!
    Go get lost!

  8. BN Sakhi should not be biased in condemning bloggers. Each time there is an election or by-election, the government controlled media will go all out to condemn the Opposition. it is just sisckening to hear and watch all the craps and cheats they dish out. Even a kindergarten dropout knows what stupid things they are telling the people through these controlled media. Does he realise this? or, is he pretending not to know? or, does he feel that what the governmnet media does is right and when the truth is told by the alternative media (the Internet) it is wrong? Pleae come to your senses, BN Sakthi. Leaders are chosen by the people. The people have the right to choose whoever they want. BN leaders should never ever claim that political business is their monopoly. Let the people read whatever they want and decide for themselves who they want to lead them. The people are no more stupid to be fed by false propaganda by the BN controlled media. They exploit almost everything they have in hand to paint a bad picture of the Opposition. Yet, they failed in the March 8 election and the recent Permatang Pauh by-election. Ask why, BN Sakhti. Abraham Lincoln once said (partially quoting his word), “you cannot cheat all the people all the time.” Those in power should realise this. Change or get booted out by the people. PR or BN, let the people choose. It is their right choose.

  9. BN Sakthi, my foot!
    Before u make more stupid comment, go n get get some lesson that can help you understand the different between the party (such as UMNO) and the government (of Malaysia). If your tutor (leader) teach you right, you will appreciate that the government’s money is not UMNO’s money.

    Your tutor will also tell you the party’s (meaning UMNO’s) income is the RM1.00 yearly subscription from its members (thus totaling RM3.5m/annum from the 3,5m members). Yr tutor can also can also enlighten u as to how UMNO can accumulate millions / billions for its activities.

    The govt on the other hand derives its income from customs duties, sales n excise tax, etc including from personal and corporate taxes (which obviously are not yr party,s money).

    So if the govt spent money to educate Anil, Jeff Ooi, or me, u BN Sakti be rest assured it is not your money or UMNO or BN. If UMNO/BN have not squandered the Country’s resources and the govt money over the last fifty tears, most of us will probably can afford not only a laptop each, but also a rolex, a BMW or Merc, a decent abode, fine clothing from BOSS, Zegna and occasionally go for fine dining. At the moment, u and ilk like u only are enjoying these luxuries while 99% of the population are struggling to survive.

  10. i may be late giving my view but i can see that the BN partyman is just another of the failure of the BN. you claim that “ bite the hand that feeds you..” and that is what the BN is doing. the BN is biting the rakyat that feed them.

    “..The fact that more than 15,000 people voted for Arif Shah is testimony to BN’s popularity” yes. the popularity is shifting down to the drain. thanks for reminding that the BN popularity is droping faster than the KLSE.

    “..Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?..” Since when BN invent the laptop? since when BN invent the internet? without BN, the rakyat still can own laptop and know how to use internet. u tho BN gave education on internet?

    ‘..When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you..” Now partyman prove that he probably failed his education as he don’t even understand the essence of democracy. This is ain’t an anarchy state where the PM have the authority of everything. This is democratic country. go back and read before open your mouth. you are a disgrace to the rakyat, the malaysian. this is the quality that the BN can breed? come on, gimme a break

  11. Dearest hot headed BN Partyman,
    Your are just demonstrating the trademark attitude of the almighty powerful BN. Arrogant, full of threats, big talker and having short memory (those in power seem to forget how and who were the ones responsible for entrusting these power to them). Keep it up with that kind of arrogance and ignorant threats, let’s see how you guys swallow your own bad medicine in the end. We are not the ones that needed reminding and lectures, it’s the other way round.. and you guys are not half the men to learn to accept and respect the voice of the people.

  12. Oh, another point. Malaysian corporations and businesses also pay taxes, and therefore pay for our education.

    While we don’t have to be “grateful” to some particular corporation, we should be grateful to a legal system and commercial eco-system that allows companies to compete to be the best, grow, profit, and pay taxes.

    Sometimes my liberal-minded friends do forget that. Corporations do pay taxes without representation. So don’t be too tough on the businesses when they compete fairly. I don’t think tomorrow’s budget will cut taxes for businesses. It should though.

  13. Wow, what planet does this guy come from?

    BN gave us the education? No, it’s the kindness of other Malaysian tax payers.

    I, WE, could have gotten a BETTER education if not for BN.

    The only true point is that 15k voted for BN. We have to respect these other side of Malaysia, even if we don’t agree with them.

  14. Dear Barang naik(BN) sakhti

    u got 2000+ view just BECAUSE of a link that RPK post on his blog..if not we dont give a damn s*** to you, about your BN educated blog writing . Podah ! ! !

  15. Dear Anil,

    I dont think we want to waste our time on that BN Sakhti fellow.

    You and your group on the ground reporting was personalised, help us feel involved too.

    It is just amazing and looking at the coments, the majority of us really appreciate your contributions.

    Many thanks to you all Anil.
    and for BN Sakhti … oops sorry you are not worth my time

  16. I have a message for BN partyman: you said we should be grateful because BN provided us the opportunity to have access to computers and the internet. Oh please, give me a break. If we did not have BN for the past few decades, Malaysia would be at par with countries like Singapore and Korea. BN is the reason why Malaysia is lagging behind and why we are still not a developed nation.

  17. BN Sakhti is the superlative of a fool that has not the slightest idea about what is a government. To BN Sakhti, do you think BN O-W-N-S Malaysia, idiot? Does UMNO fork out its’ own money to ‘educate’ anilnetto to write this blog, idiot? All the developments were done with money COLLECTED from the PEOPLE, idiot! We, the people own Malaysia, not BN, you hopeless … uneducated uncivilised utter FOOL!!!

  18. “you bite the hand that feeds you”

    We the rakyat “feed” the BN/UMNO with our tax-money.

    Yeah, you said it right. Who have voted the BN/UMNO …. into the government? And it is the same …. that have given us this deterioting state of national economy, the increasing inflation rate, the deprivation of education opportuinities, by swallowing our money …

  19. Hello BN SAKHTI

    GO and swear to your GOD that whatever you have written comes from your heart and not from your …

  20. We the voters are the one that put you there for 50 years to do the job. We did not bit any hands, it is you that have bit our hands. We the voters will change the CEO on the next general election is you continue to not perform.

  21. I believe that BN Sakthi’s letter was written tongue-in-cheek. Reading between the lines, I think the writer is actually ridiculing BN by
    Another thing is, no self-respecting BN man would ever use the word “sakhti” for anything beacuse of what it has come to symbolize. Also the amusing “large minority” phrase, gives you a clue as to the writer’s intention. And “Wipe out the opposition from the face of the earth”? Ha. Ha.
    It’s supposed to be a joke guys. Lighten up.

    P.S. Then again, zero-opposition. Mmmm…sounds familiar….

  22. Anil,

    I’m absolutely at a loss for words after reading this letter. This so-called “BN Sakthi’s” letter really reeks of ignorance, stupidity and childishness combined together.

    I’m only afraid if there are more of his kind, what would we become. Hopefully, that is not the case.

    Education and painful lessons? Yes, it pains me extremely reading this kind of stupid comment from a so-called ‘educated’ person from BN.

    As for the Al Jazeera’s report, i would not waste my time commenting on Najib’s statement. He and his thinking is beyond repair.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me while relieve myself of this trash that has temporarily slip into ‘me’ brain while trying to ‘comprehend’ this letter from an ‘educated’ mind.

  23. the avatar,

    i have some clue..maybe his laptops and education and everything else is given by BN..for the rest of us, we earned what we have..

  24. he’s either a liar or just a plain idiot..”you bite the hand that feeds you.” can anyone come out with a thought like this?as if he and his goons owns the country..

    BN is just a political party who runs the country for the rakyat!!we employed them 50 years their employment is way due coz they bit our hands that were feeding them!!

    BN partyman, i hope u are reading this..

  25. “Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?”

    My question then to you would be this,”If the BN has such a wonderful education system in place, why is it that we still have 100,000 graduates from local universities who cannot find employment? Why the need for a racist institution such as UiTM?”

    I’m currently giving free tuition to the less fortunate kids as well as computer training classes, and daresay that not only has the current education system here failed to take care of the least among us, but most of them are too ill-equipped to tackle the challenges of a brave new world. I don’t like to be seen as favoring PR myself, but at the rate the BN is running this country into the ground, I do not see why they even deserve my support.

  26. Ohhh pleeessse, BN Sakthi you are pathetic! Have you no shame ? Dont you get it ? Its Makkal Sakthi and judging by your empty promises of wiping out the opposition you are like an empty vessels filled only with lies and deceit. BN does not own the country. It belongs to the rakyat! We are counting the days where the rakyat will rule and the country will prosper even further.

  27. Supposedly your father is a mafia/yakuza who made millions out of drugs, prostitutes, smuggling of WMD and etc. And your father used this dirty money to send you to top schools and universities, gives you a laptop perhaps and eventually you came out wanted to be a policeman (I know it is a bad example). Would you arrest your father for the crimes he committed? Or you will just bite your own **** that created you into this world?

    P/S: Is the MSM is not biased and fair in PP by-election reporting? Another bodoh felle who speaks from his a**. Can’t blame you… Barisan N…. Partyman, cakap pun serupa n…..

  28. Dear “BN Pantyman”

    I would like to reply to you as well in defense of Anil’s good job in bringing us another side of story,,

    Dear Anil,

    * Your biased live coverage of the PP buy-election was disgusting to say the least.
    [It is very balance coverage as mainstream media hogs the TV and radio on BN’s behalf, what else is biased, I am happily reading another side of story.]

    It seemed like the Barisan Nasional was non-existent in PP.

    [Yes, it is in existence, that was why it fielded a candidate called Arif Shah which I liked as well]

    The fact that more than 15,000 people voted for Arif Shah is testimony to BN’s popularity.
    [Yes, no doubt about it, but he lost in that election, right ?]

    If it were not for the rough house tactics of the PKR goons, more legitimate voters would have made it to the polling stations.

    [Please-lah, through out my years of growing up, I have seen BN goons and thugs did the same to some of us , decent Rakyat, just that this time you are the receiving end, so get use to it]

    You and your ilk ought to be detained under the ISA and the keys thrown away.
    [Wah ! is that a threat -ah ?]

    You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP.
    [Hardly, I just reported what I saw only]

    Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN.
    [Sorry to say, development is not “wrought”, but “brought” using Tax payer money and it does not belong to BN either. Just that those in BN thought that Tax payer money like their own pocket money and people should be grateful to BN, sorry, I pay a lot of income tax, that included maybe your payroll as well]

    Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?
    [Sorry, I paid for my own education, I bought my own laptop, unlike you, needed someone to do you favor to give you education and you need to feel grateful for life]

    Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you.
    [No one feeds me, except my own father and also, I made most of my own living without stealing from hardworking tax payer Rakyat]

    You are despicable and so is Raja Petra and the likes of him.
    [If you disliked Raja Petra, that is your own matter with him]

    When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat.
    [No one is going to wipe out anyone, this is just changing political climate, if you cannot see the simple fact that someone can rule better than BN, then, that is sad tragic of your behavior as product of “BN’s development and progress”]

    Unfortunately it seems now that a large minority of the rakyat are stupid enough to pay attention to the lies of the Opposition.
    [I am not going to apologize for your stupidity and please do not insult the Rakyat, Rakyat is the one paying the tax and they are far smarter now , unlike you]

    The BN will educate them very soon and I assure you it will be a painful lesson indeed.

    [Oh please, looking at your grammatical errors in writing done with half threatening manner, spare us your “education”, it is only going to make matter worse]

    BN Sakthi!!!
    [That sounds more like it 😉 ]

  29. How stupid can this bn member be?If BN can wipe out the opposition,why they lost in the march 2008 elections and why are people moving away from government controlled media’s to blogs.Don’t forget to write back after Anwar come’s Prime Minister in September….

  30. oh..another thing…why msm (or the other side) dont have live reporting? coz they already know BN had already lost since day 1…

  31. when looking at MSM, the only thing that is true is the sport section… no wonder most people buy papers read from the back-front.. the blog scene came about because of biased reporting in MSM…

    “more legitimate voters would have made it to the polling stations”

    haha..80% is a high turnout when you consider the situation (weekday,rain,jam, police, fru..etc). yes BN also got thousands of votes, but hey isnt this an election? so majority wins.. like the present government because they are the majority, that is why they are governing… so emotional laa that guy..

  32. Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi
    · When freedom is in jeopardy, non-co-operation may be a duty and prison may be a palace
    · Islam was nothing if it did not spell complete democracy
    · Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.
    · Truth never damages a cause that is just.
    · The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice.
    · Once one assumes an attitude of intolerance, there is no knowing where it will take one. Intolerance, someone has said, is violence to the intellect and hatred is violence to the heart.
    · There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.
    · No government on earth can make men, who have realized freedom in their hearts, salute against their will.
    · You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.
    · First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    · The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.
    · In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.

    Nelson Mandela
    · In my country we go to prison first and then become President.

    Anwar Ibrahim
    Anak Melayu, anak kita, anak Cina anak kita, anak India, pun anak kita. Mengapa harus kita bezakan?

  33. I wonder whether “UMNO Sakhti” actually believes what he wrote.

    Or is he hoping that those reading his words – Anil and Anil’s blog readers (including simple minded or die-hard or hard-core crony types from UMNO) – may swallow his thrash?

    Either way, sad case.

  34. I have been an avid read of this blog for some time, have not commented till I saw this. Here’s my 2 cents for BN Sakthi.

    Let’s start with facts (generally acceptable approach).

    Biased Coverage :
    Is it not a fact that all the mainstream media was providing biased coverage for BN. Because of this people have no choice but to resort to Anil’s biased coverage of PKR. So nothing unfair here. You have your media, the opposition have their media.
    FACT : People are entitled to their own opinions and have every right to choose what they believe.

    15,000 votes :
    Similar to my point above, you win some you lose some. People are entitled to their own beliefs and actions. The only question here is, even with all the “big guns presence”, the gifts given and all the promises only 15,000 votes for secured. BN should try and find out why only 15,000 votes came and fix those problems to get more votes. “The Permatang Pauh by-election results is a clear message for Barisan Nasional, Umno and its leaders. Within five months after the March 8 polls, Barisan lost the seat again, with a bigger majority than the last time – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
    FACT : Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it would be.

    Development :
    You must remember civilizations will always progress, immaterial of political parties. The world has progressed through many ages just by people advancing themselves. Computers and internet progress and advance on their own accord as technology advances. We pay taxes and internet fees and hence have a right to use these facilities and technological advances. It has not been given to us. Plus we do end up paying a lot more than we should to use some these facilities (not for debate today).
    FACT : Life goes on.

    Opposition :
    Not sure if BN education will help to “swing” the stupid rakyat opinions and thoughts.
    FACT : Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein.

  35. Anil, we would support you and am grateful for your tireless report on the actual ground feel than what is potrayed in MSM. This chap can call you names but we are stronger than that.

    As for UMNO/ BN, after 51 years… where race superiority is preached, it is time to change. As for development, it is like budget RM100 for development and take RM50 for self. Yes, lousy development thank you.

  36. Dear Anil

    I think you did a great job. This BN goon is a coward who can only give treats. He talks about the so called education the BN gave us. Bull s***, he is so dumb, he does not realise whatever little the BN does for the rakyat is done using the taxpayers money which is out money, so its not like the BN did anything free for us. The BN is out servants and they should be grateful to the rakyat and not the other way around. Only dumb BN goons who has their brains in the wrong head would say such things.

    Before these BN goons and gangsters treaten people, they should realise the people not stupid anymore. Why does he not talk about the bias reports given by the media and TV. Why condemn bloggers just because they give a true picture of what is actually happening.

    The 15,000 votes that BN won (could have included) those won by (alleged) cheating and (alleged) phantom voters who managed to get through despite the few buses being stopped by PR. Does he think the people are that stupid, we cant see that BN is a racist goverment who only cares about their own well being and using the rakyat as a pawn in their dirty game. This goon must be one of those croonies who have benefited from all the corruption.

    Anyway, ignore such (people) as they say, ’empty barrels makes most noise’. They are good for nothing accept telling lies.

    Once again, good job and its really appreciated even more so now with Raja Petra’s site being blocked. We need people like you to keep us updated.


  37. To BN Sakthi,

    Haven’t you got anything to say about the biased reporting in the mainstream papers as well as the electronic media. Surprised me! It’s just like what the Malay proverb says, “Nyamuk di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata tak kelihatan”

    Arif Shah’s popularity is not enough to “whack” Anwar as some BN goons and “whackies” (especially the Wanita UMNO who was on a jihad mission and KJ who had wanted Anwar buried, I mean his political future) had very wanted it to be.

    ISA? Typical of BN cohorts, you cannot accept loss and would resort to threats like the use of ISA. When you’re down, then you blame it on “rough tactics”. What if BN had won the by-election?

    Ungrateful to BN for the development and progress brought by BN? You must be really pea-brained. Do you know that the thinking and planning is done by civil servants and the private sector and the financing by the tax payers? With our rich resources, the country should have done much, much better but with corruption and inefficiency within the ruling parties, this is where we end up. It’s not a question of biting the hand that feeds. The rakyat is getting only crumbs whereas BN cronies walk away smiling to the banks. …

    Is the rakyat so stupid to pay attention to the Opposition? No, it’s the members of the ruling parties (that includes you) that should not be so stupid and had better start paying attention to and looking into what their leaders (and cronies) are doing instead of blindly giving support to them.

    Makkal Sakhti!!!

  38. I forgot to Thank you Anil for the wonderful “live coverage” of the recent polls. We, the citizens would now have to rely on your updates dearly especially with the Damned Govt’s removal of Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today.

    Stay Strong and continue to be the patriotic Malaysian we all know. However, I hope you won’t be too critical of Penang’s modernisation and development. Heritage status or not, honestly… Penang ideally requires progressive development on par with those of Singapore and Hong Kong.

    … oh we have our Pulau Jerejak and opinions are that it should be managed to the likes of Sentosa Island, on one condition, to be managed by a foreigner with good record.

  39. Dear Anil,
    Thanks for the live update from PP. It was very informative & interesting.As for BN Partyman…… it’s time for him/her to grow
    Vessel has grounded for good.
    A clue for you, Anil…..Bagan Ajam BEC

  40. “Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?”

    Dear UMNO Sakthi

    I own a laptop and know how to use Internet thanks to the BN government. I know we Malaysian would be better off in Info Technology if the cost of accessing Internet is lower if it’s not BN (umNO)that governing this country……

    I am driving a Proton today thanks to the BN government. I know I would be at least driving a Honda or Toyota if it’s not BN (umNO)that governing this country, cos the actual price in Thailand the Proton Waja is the same as the Civic and Altis….

    I would like to sincerely thanks umNO Sakthi and all his think alike cos this will expedite the process and make Malaysia a better place for all of us not in the BN..

    Again, thank you umNO Sakthi

  41. Read BN Sakhti comments. Don’t mind Anils PKR leaning. Not a bit. BN is very threatened and is lashing out. Expect more. 51 years of pro-gomen media is coming to an end. Lets rejoice and merry Merdeka everyone.

  42. anil,
    What really happened to Malaysia-Today? I think it is a shame that the authority resorted to such despicaple act.
    In Chilese we have a saying,”Pure Gold is not scared if fire” meaning if you are pure and sincere, no amount of slander will ever harm you.
    In this case the government is so scared of one tiny ant like RPK.
    Musty have plenty that RPK can expose. If the government is clean, they should not be fearful of Malaysia-today.
    It further confirm our believes that the authority is NOT TRANSPARENT!!!

  43. Boy, i can’t help but to bubble up.

    This guy is classic. Yeah rite, I should be scared to death for ISA to get me any moment.

    Everytime threaten people with ISA, aren’t they feel a little tiny bit of boring?

  44. Dear Anil,

    Granted, you can never please everyone. But this guy either cannot read, or just scans stuff for ‘BN’ and only then reads.

    I wonder, did he write the same e-mail/letter to the msm and complain on DSAI’s behalf? Surely, that would have been the ‘fair’ thing to do, if he’s talking of ‘fair coverage’?

    And why no NAMA, ah? I hate it when people spew venom and then use annonymous, or a stupid pseudonym! And curi ‘sakthi’ for his bluff-name even! No malu.

    I wonder, does he think we’re gonna try to find him and wring his neck? No worries, bud, we’re not like BN lah!

  45. Anil, i think you did a very good job in letting all of us (who are not participating in the PP election) know the truth whats happening there. Please dont let this type of stupid threat to stop you for what you are doing right now. You have done a marvelous job. Hats off to you.


    The by-election of Permatang Pauh has sent a clear message to Umno – the people are no longer interested in racial politics and character slander.

    the Malay voters should be saluted although they have been under tremendous pressure from the BN government that talked so much of Ketuanan Melayu ala Umno and that blatantly played dirty racist games in their election campaigns.

    Umno must realise that there is more to life than politics and that there are other important issues like unity and the economy. The loss here is a sign of Umno crumbling and that the worst is yet to come.

    All eyes are on Anwar Ibrahim, who promised to work with all levels of Malaysians in order to make this country a better place for all of us. Sybas Anwar!

    I knew nothing could stop them from doing their best – not even Saiful or the majority votes issue could not stop them from being consistent in their rightness.

    They are people who are mature and that’s why the constituency’s name is Permatang Pauh. Anwar, by nature, being an anak kampung from Permatang Pauh is not a coincidence.

    I guess it was meant to begin right. Anwar means ‘A Nation With Absolute Rights’ (A-N-W-A-R), so rakyat, we hope to see good progress henceforth.

    He will be entering Parliament today – an August Body – and see his

  47. Dear Anil,

    Is it possible to copy and paste comments made in here onto my e-mail or facebook? I’m not sure about copyright laws in blogs so I hope you could advise me.

    I really want my friends to read this BN Partyman’s comment. Some of my friends are still sitting on the fence and I try not to talk much about politics because I do not want them to think I am trying to persuade them to vote for PR. However, I sometimes wonder if they are still asleep. The BN Partyman’s comment could wake them up about the mentality of the ruling goverment. Would they (my friends who are still sitting on the fence) still like people like BN Partyman to be in power? I seriously hope not…

    So a little help please… (I hereby give you, Anil, permission to e-mail me your response to my e-mail address). I hope you can.

  48. Did you guys read his (BN Partyman’s) comment amids yours? He wrote something else after the first one he sent to Anil and I urge all of you to scroll back and read it. I am laughing so hard at the thought of him eating his own shoe…

    You have to hand it to him though, he sure knows how to really scare bloggers.

    Quote from BN Partyman -Get rid of BN – (ha ha, I’ll eat my shoe if you can)- at your own peril!!!- unquote

    You’ll find the rest of BN Partyman comment after Jasraj Sandhu on August 27th, 2008 at 4.11pm comment no 51 I think (Yes I counted it from the top to help you find it) I wanted you all to read that badly!

    By the way, if it hadn’t been for you Anil, I wouldn’t have been able to be part of the PP by-election. Thank you so much. Love from Plymouth, UK.

  49. Anil,

    i was there at sembilang poling station on polling day, i heard the sudden loud noises of jeering, quickly i ascend from the car to observe what is going on, i was wearing a keadilan tshirt, i walk on the side of keadilan of supporters, i saw najib got out from the car other side of barisan supporter. he was standing up giving moral support to the barisan ground troop. while barisan supporters were shouting liwat, keadilan supporters replied with altantuya. the noises from the shout increase as keadilan supporters were winning the vocal wars with altantuya , altantuya, i could start see najib standing with his face blusing red,next i saw was a few bottles of mineral water being trown by the other side of the barisan supporters, a bottle flung miss me by a foot, by that time, keadilan supporters were ducking to avoid the missile. one of them were holding a barisan branded mineral water and shouted injustice. as the situation get unruly ,the FRU trurn their sheild on keadilan supporters and najib were quickly whisked to his car by a band of his body guard. the next day i saw najib screaming violence by keadilan supporters which indeed was violence being started by the barisan supporters, we, the keadilan supporters were ducking to avoid those missiles and did not retailiated at all, the MSM media spin their stories to suit the goverment’s liking and blame the opposition for agression and violence. from that day onwards, i was not surpised Najib is being pissed.. (now) RPK and Malaysian today (have been) blocked…. talk about bias reporting and dirty blame tactics,ihave seen it live and i have seen Najib red faced with “altantuya, altantuya ” chanting.

  50. I am leaving a note for BN Sakthi,

    It is my guess that this guy has been recieving the golden eggs from the Barisan should I say the UMNO government. And he is now blinded by the fact that he is going to loose those golden eggs..which rightfully should have been shared by the other 60% of the 31000 who are Malays and who have been left out. This is not the first time the oppostion won the seat…let me remind him..there were wins before this..too..
    I would also like him to take a do not use your 4 wheel drive..just take a walk into the pedalaman of the East Coast and East Malaysia…and he will see what the last 22 + 6 years UMNO has been doing for the Malays ( excuse me the bumiputeras)
    I would like to highlight to him that there are now many who wear the baju Melayu claiming themselves to be bumiputeras given freely for embracing Islam. … Are the Malays willing to share the cake with these newcomers who get an automatic change in their ethnicity …

    so your eyes…UMNO Sakthi….and the Malays are getting fed up of the “DALLAS” created by UMNO currently.

  51. Both Nazri and Najib seemed to forget the party that ran a most racist campaign in Permatang Pauh was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters in PP.

    By right the UMNO leadership who participated in the PP by election should be locked up in Sungei Buloh.
    My goodness ! They are beginning to believe in their own lies !

  52. BN Sakthi, you cannot fools us all the times. How do you feel now that you’ve been fooled by the PP voters.

    Bravo Anil, keep up the good work.

  53. I thought that many of us use our own funds to study? With our hard earned money we purchased our own laptop. When did BN gives us money unless its for scholarship to their own goonies. But isn’t the money BN uses comes from the taxes that we pay. How come they treat it as though its their own and get angry when we don’t toe their line? So who is biting whose hands? Who feed the Govt? If not for the people there will be no govt. Get real man, go back to school and study and learn. Go figure, if you can.

  54. KJ & kaki(s),

    Wake up la! The sentiments are the majority. RPK and the likes of Anil are the champions of the citizens of Malaysia. So don’t be a spoil sport and be realistic and please make Malaysia Today available as check and balance for democracy!!! We surfers are intelligent lot and do not just read, OK? If you can come out with intelligent ideas and suggestions to move the country forward we will listen. But the likes of sodomy and our judicial credibility is whose doing????… (Not to mention the Police force, not to mention the Altantuya case). There is a Chinese proverb, “to know you enemy, you have to know yourself.”

    Lastly, this is the cyber age not 10 yrs ago where one can hide by controlling the mass media, so keep up with the times and progress, you lot of imbeciles!!!

  55. This retort is so symptomatic of BN’s disease.

    The real problem is that the patients are not even aware of what they are suffering from, and as the cancer grows, they become delirious and start ranting without logic or sense.

    What computer I am using now and what education I have had has got nothing to do with the issues which we are addressing now.

    By making it possible for us to use our laptops and gaining an education does not justify racism, corruption, … oh, I won’t bother naming the whole list here…..

    A good analogy to drive home a point (which is always missed by the mentally handicapped) is a father justifying raping his own daughter by saying that “hey, if not for me you won’t even be born, and if not for me paying for your food, lodging, education etc, where would you be, so you better act like a good daughter and be my sex slave”

    If this simple analogy still doesn’t do the trick, then we might as well give up complete hope on BN. And I was generous enough to state in another blog that we should give BN a chance to redeem themselves in the opposition when Pakatan takes over the government.

  56. Hello,BN Sakthi,

    I feel so sorry for you. You are ‘a voice in the wilderness’ in the valley of ignorance.

    I feel so sad for you because after all the money BN had spent on you, you have not learnt anything about honesty and humility. BN money means MY money also. I am angry to have wasted my money for the education of an uncaring nit-wit like you. Can’t you even see the failure of BN to build this country into a Malaysian nation ??

    You should meet up with bloggers and open up your mind. Perhaps, you will then learn what is needed in Malaysia.

    If you continue to live in the BN cocoon, you are sure to end up like that chappie who claimed he was raped = a man with no honour

  57. Dear Anil, keep the faith and 4get about these do-do birds like BN Sakthi. They are so “up-there”, strung in their own world of ignorance that they will never see the forest for the trees.

    And this, “WISDOM” statement; “Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?”

    Sighh …. this definitely caps the fact that they will NEVER see the forest for the trees. …

  58. my reply to BN Partyman :

    “Your biased live coverage of the PP buy-election was disgusting to say the least.”

    Who? Do you mean RTM? TV3? NTV7? Berita Harian? Utusan Malaysia? or other main stream media?


    The fact that more than 15,000 people voted for Arif Shah is testimony to BN’s popularity.”

    Are you sure all that 15,000 votes are voted by human being? It is being a hungry ghost month, could it be some votes casted by those hungry ghost (feeds using $)?


    “If it were not for the rough house tactics of the PKR goons, more legitimate voters would have made it to the polling stations.”

    Do you mean the presence of 6,000 hard working Police on the scene? Road blocks? Helicopter flying low? Election date on Tuesday? or You are expecting the remaining 19% who don’t turn out will all vote BN? Perhaps the 81% turn out rate is still too low.


    “You and your ilk ought to be detained under the ISA and the keys thrown away.”

    Instead of inviting bloggers for a free stay & free food, i believe Mongolia Jeep would rather prefer to let his wife shopping with those money.


    “You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP. Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN.”

    Majority (31,000 voters) are wrong (but the won), minority is right but got buried.


    “Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?”

    Sorry, i bought my laptop with my hard earn money, i don’t get subsidies for it. My parents paid for my education NOT Be eNd. I learned internet by myself while i study oversea not locally.


    “Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you.”

    My parents is the one who struggle to brought me up, and they pay tax to feeds Be eNd too.


    “When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat.”

    Yeah,yeah. Rakyat in Malaysia are all idiots and been brain washed under our current education system. They are so easily to believes “propaganda”.


    “Unfortunately it seems now that a large minority of the rakyat are stupid enough to pay attention to the lies of the Opposition. The BN will educate them very soon and I assure you it will be a painful lesson indeed.”

    This is what happened when we teached Mathematic in english, some ended up doing calculation the other way round. 81% being counted as 65% whereas 31,000 < 15,000


    Please go and read the latest novel by Preetha Samarasan,(a productive malaysian indian based in the USA)unlike you,entitiled `Evening is the whole day’.Learn from it what are the effects of racial politics on our national identities.Hope you will wake up from your slumber and apologize to Anil and to all right thinking Malaysians.

  60. Anonymous said:-

    Threats and more threats coming from the most corrupted, dirty & rotten … who are always very selfish and self centred beyond beliefs with their lies and deceits they spun in the MSM they controlled and try to hoodwink the whole nations in order to cling to power beyond their welcome, soon they will be ‘buried’ …come September 16th. That is why all right minded Malaysia Citizens no longer believe the MSM as they have all lost their credibility long ago. BN Moron Sakthi please explain the following any justice for the Brutally Murdered Mongolian Woman???

    Petrol price cut at the last minutes of Permatang Puah By-Election is now the very sign of Desperation of the Flip Flop PeeM’s Wrong Doing:= KJ Flip Flop’s SIL Advisor of the Sinking Titanic BN PeeM’s last minutes Flop Flop Fuel Price Cut in great desperation to fish some votes from the present fiasco of their failed campaign in Permatang Pauh

    As usual the Flip-Flop and Flip-Flop again and again in desperation to cling on to Power, throw out the … Flip-Flop …come Sept 16, 2008

    Sink the titanic BN once and for all come Sept 16, 2008 …

  61. I said this on Malaysia Today and i wanna say it here again.

    If and when Pakatan Rakyat form the government i would like to see our own ‘Nuremberg Trial’. …

  62. BN what??????? .Are you trying to disgrace makkal sakthi?What, BN gave us education?All these years I thought my father was the one who toiled day and night to give me an education.I thought my forefathers and parents paid tax to the govt to open up all those schools in Malaysia.All I know is that BN had refused to solve the 40,000 or so indians birthcertificate woes and therefore many of their children were not accepted into national schools,worse still when some tamil schools which accepted them on humanitarian grounds, were ordered by the education ministry to sack them.
    BN SAKTHI,you are a deadwood walking just like those UMNO…if you are man enough please publish your contact details and i would love to have a word with you,instead of stooping so low and cheap resorting to threatening bloggers who are more responsible than you are.You suck.People like you are the one giving bad name to the others…


    Keep up your good job,ignore this… Regards.

  63. Hello Brader Anil,

    You bloggers have moved a mountain. People like you, TukarTiub, Mahaguru, Sloone, HarisIbrahim, RPK etc, etc are heroes of the people of Malaysia. I salute you all. I also hope DSAI will realise what you all have done for him. However, he must always remember what he’d said: “Anak Melayu, anak kita; Anak Cina, anak kita & Anak India also anak kita.”

    BN Sakthi threatened that “When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you…” Cakap besar… From 20+ to 80+ kerusi, BN Sakthi must inside his tempurung dreaming. The sheer arrogance and coupling it with the Keris Wushu, Broom Trophy, Bocor & Hand-signs, will just hasten the BeeEnd to their graves.

    It’s a shame that for half a century, we’ve been bullied, manupulated & deceived and yet we’d kept on putting them in power.

    But, as Congreve aptly puts it:

    “Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned:
    Nor hell a fury like the Rakyat scorned.”

  64. Dear Anil,

    You have done a great job. Just put this BN Sakhti aside as this loser needs more times to grow to maturity.

  65. Sorry that you have to receive such a nasty letter from a sore loser.

    Let us not pay attention to this person and concentrate in doing what needs to be done. By the way, Anil, thank you for the up-to-date coverage last nite.

  66. BN party man or whatever u wanna call ur self. Only desperate people issue a stupid threat like that.

    I dont owe you or the BN government for my education. I will only thank my parents and my teachers for my education not u. It’s a responsibility of every government in the world to provide that. Typical BN if people dont agree with them they will label you with all sort of names, stupid, … u name it. Maybe they still think that we still live in medieval time.

    You should be thankful and grateful to the rakyat for putting u in power. While you still have the power, why don’t you do something good for the rakyat. Maybe we will vote you again…. or MAYBE NOT!

    It’s democracy for god sakes. it’s not your divine right to rule.

  67. gah,
    nonsense and fiddlesticks.
    now that the rakyat are seriously putting their rights to use and uniting against what we believe is gross incompetence, negligence and injustice on the government’s part, not only do you refuse to acknowledge your shortcomings but you threaten us as well? Goodness. What the world is coming to, I really do not know.

    Kudos to the likes of Anil Netto, RPK and ‘all of their ilk’ for telling it like it is despite threats from people wanting to ‘wipe them of the face of the earth’. and how exactly are you planning to do that, pray tell, BN partyman? Using C4 to bomb us all into oblivion? seems like some people are really, really childish and will resort to do ‘anything’ just to get their way. tsk tsk tsk. I think you yourself need some ‘education’ in ethics, consideration and manners lar. Maybe you can ask BN to sponsor you to some nice finishing school in Europe? Then perhaps, when you’re more ethical, really considerate about the rakyat and passionate about our cause, and of course, more courteous, we might consider voting for you all again. But definitely not in the very near future 🙂 So for now, maybe you can sit in a corner and sulk cos things are going to take a very very different turn from no on. You better learn to accept the new and learn to adapt to it as well my dear, dear BN partyman. However, don’t despair lar. I’m sure you have some (funds) stashed away somewhere that you can use for retail therapy. Go get yourself a new laptop or something.

  68. Dear Anil,

    I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty to extract from your blog the letter sent by BN Sahthi and pasted in YB LKS’s blog.
    I like to expose this typical UMNO extremist…after 51 years of Merdeka we still have to put up with this sort of despicable character.

  69. Awwwwwww…. the badly battered and injured BN … threatens to bite…. don’t worry we’re going to put you out of your misery soon…. BN OUT!!!!!

  70. That’s right Peter ‘IF GOD IS FOR YOU, NO ONE CAN BE AGAINST YOU’, I remember that little saying by the writer Norman Vincent Peale. Hey Anil keep up the good job.

  71. Just adding to the chorus. I like especially the term, “buy-election”. Frankly I don’t think that it was a Freudian slip. BNpartyman must have really thought all along that was how it was. Ya, funny how this time they couldn’t buy this election. Or how about bye-election(?), as in bye-bye BN?

  72. Ha!Ha!
    Do we owe BN our livelhood? Whose money did the BN use for devlopment? From UMNO, MCA or MIC’s pockets?
    Maybe this guy simply do not understand the fuctions of an elected government. The gocernment is not exlusively BN’s. It can be pAS next or PKR .
    Hey ! We do not owe a singkle cent to BN. In fact BN cromies owe us for the vast amount of wealth accumulated by themselves, siblings or in laws.
    Anil, fear no evil because you are in the LIGHT.
    Treat this guy as some sort of ignorant and poor lost soul.

  73. Don’t worry anil, the people is fully behind you. “when BN finally wipe out opposition” what joke is this. The BN is still clearly underestimating the people power, they are still trying to intimidate and staying true to their old school politics, i have to thanks the PP voters for their timely reminder to the BN that WE THE RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA IS UNITED AGAINST BN & WE REJECT THIS CORRUPT AND POWER CRAZY BN government. Come another election, BN will be completely wipe out.

  74. My dear whoever you are, high time you know that whatever you get from your government is from the taxpayers. Grind your rusty mind a little. BN has nothing to provide you but takes away what is due for you. In your blood runs BN is govt and govt is BN. Wake uu buddy, think..think

  75. Dear BN Sakthi,

    To start with this is a democratic country and we are free to choose who we want to support. While you can sing praises for BN, nobody is stopping you. You can even start a pro-BN blog if you want to since so far apart from the actual BN people, I can’t seem to find many blogsites that have anything commendable to say about the current Federal Government.

    Most of us have given up on the local MSM as we are sick of the biasness and the pretty picture they tend to report about BN. Take the buy election yesterday, while it was such a hot topic, I could not see any of the local TV channels doing live reporting on the events at all until at the very last minute which did not really matter anymore since we already knew the results. So much for ‘news reporting’, huh?’ We had to rely on either Malaysiakini, Anil and a few more other bloggers who were there to pick up on the updates.

    Is it because BN was trailing miserably behind? If the tables were turned and it was the other way round, I would have bet with my last Ringgit Malaysia that the local MSM would gladly have given us first hand news!

    I couldnt help but laughed at the last sentence from you.

    “When BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this earth” ….

    You and your blind delusional BN supporters are just like KJ. Look at what he said earlier about burying DSAI?

    So who’s burying who exactly?

    Wake up and face the reality!

  76. Tuan Anil yang dihormati,

    Teruskan memberi laporan. Saya seorang subsciber kepada laman web tuan, dan saya puas hati membaca web tuan setiap hari.

  77. I apologise unreservedly for the brainless comments by our mor.. err .. BN Sakthi goon. He was not given permission to speak on our behalf. Our party has very strict rules and procedures y’know. We are famous as control freaks. This joker happened to escape our leash. So sorry. WIll make sure it never happens again. …
    Again, so sorry ..

  78. I am utterly disgusted by the action taken by MCMC to instruct all ISPs to block Malaysia Today !!!!!!

    This is a blatant act of breaking the law. The mutltimedia act prohibits such digusting acts of curbing freedom of information and speech.

    We must all rise to protest such cowardly acts. And cowardly it is for this is like a small boy throwing tantrums because someone took away his candy.

    And I strongly believe in truth will always prevail. If there is no substance to any rumour, then one should not fear anything. Why the bloggers are posting all such so-called anti-government messages is that they are true. And because they are true, the government cannot find any means to refute them.

    P/s thanks shamadz for the link.

  79. Anil, allow me to reply to this BN dog….

    BN sakti …konon…..

    1. Bias coverage, maybe… but why is it OK for your MSM, RTM, TV3 to be biased in favor of your corrupted masters????

    2. Rought tactics by PKR goons? a few maybe I believe due to constant ….. sodomeee, arrest, DNA etc etc.. but I would believe they (could be) all your (people) infiltrating the opposition and wearing pkr uniform to give them a bad name…
    For example, how come the the man caught in the photo strangling a journalist is never found or Idied? …

    3. 15,000 vote for your Arif with a fake PHD? …

    4. Most of us bloggers never got anything from your BN and UMNO.

    My education is from my own hard work… saiful a failure can still get scholarship.
    Until today, i am still paying for my study loan for my uni studies, even though i am a full blood bumiputra. …
    I got 8 A’s in SPM, what did your saiful get?
    I dont OWE anything to (the) govt, not a cent, but people like you are sucking my taxes everyday…

    5. Wipe out opposition? ha ha ha ha… even your NAJIB been trying to please the opposition saying, proof of democracy alive, but you??

    … you represent the dictators…

    A man from sabah
    who suffered under BN rule..

  80. wah … must be really BIG news there to cause such a drastic measure … let me guess it either has to do with the loss of PP, Mr.N or Mr.A

  81. These all sound so silly!

    The following sums up :

    “…Ini budak apa itu cakap itu macam. Dia tada maluka. Dia punya ayah pun tada maluka? Kasi malu itu orang Melayu. …”


  82. hi anil…
    just ignore this ridiculous comment about bias or whatever s*** this Bee end talking about. U have done a tremendous job reporting from ground zero. thank you for everything. a new dawn for malaysia has begun..

  83. BN Sakthi, you should be greatful the people give BN the opportunity to govern for the last 51 years! For your degenerated infantile self, remember BN do NOT possess this country, the people do. May I ask who paid and continue to pay to finance BN’s grandiose and goofs? You? BN? Just how many of you in BN actually pay your tax and assessment? So we are suppose to be grateful for stupidly allowing BN parasites to become fat and rich from what is rightly that of the people. Where did BN get its money to fatten up themselves and their cronies? The people! So don’t go telling us how much we owe BN…if at all, it should be the reverse. It should be how much BN owe us the rakyat for the 51 years of access to country’s coffer. Shame on you for not even knowing the difference between the country and the government.

  84. Bad loser, blame here and there. Wake up, your BN lost was due
    to SAIFUL…
    This is BN UMNO capital direct PHO from diploma. … in the end you will be caught. Since when we need BN to teach us your PHDs needs to be look into.

  85. has been blocked today by the government. As such, for those who is in Malaysia who want to browse to the website can enter the url as the IP Address of the website.

    This can be done via nslookup command for or for those woh is not computer savvy, just go to website and search the domain for

    To make it easier for you guys, below are the IP Addresses for you guys to browse Malaysia-today. just type in one of these IP Address in your url.,,,

  86. … I should be grateful to BN for my education?? Why don’t you say that BN is responsible for the sun rising from the east and setting on the west?

    Such is the mentality of a low life imbecilic toady serf.

  87. welldone brother Anil we were listening to updates from u let the fellow bark we didnt here any election results from any tv we support u brother thank you brother.

  88. Quote

    “BN Partyman on August 27th, 2008 at 4.17pm

    Therefore the present UMNO leaders may rightly be considered to be modern day Robin Hoods. So, again, how can the Malays possibly complain about the largesse being dished out to them without fear or favour?”

    Modern day Robin Hoods!?? Hahaha… Friend, Robin Hood robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Your UMNO leaders…?
    Are you stupid?

  89. It’s funny that BN Sakhti is deaf, blind and dumb to the partisan, one-sided coverage of the by-elections by the mainstream media. Why is he criticizing Anil when he should be flailing the MSM especially Utusan and TV3?

    But bloggers should beware that action may be coming to restrict blogsphere. The BN govt., having lost control of the flow of info has no choice as they will lose the next G.E. with the MSM now incapable of shaping public opinion.

    This should be resisted at all cost. Bloggers should network and discuss contingency plans. Maybe going underground to blog? Anonymous bloggers are fine as blogs are judged by their content and not their personalities.

  90. Do i hear a sore loser here.And please please look at the mirror and ask yourself really who incite racial slurs, Malay supremacy and the like.To blame Anil for being bias etc is really unbecoming.
    They cant even think correctly now.I sense panic here!!

  91. If a vocal senior UNMO party member (how many silent ones in his shadow) has loss confidence in its leadership so where do we non UMNO members stand, so Be eNd partyman, please make your stand!

    By the way, do you Be eNd partyman have the opportunity to read the real history of Malaya and not the UMNO cooked up history version? Who were the people in the early days when the British were here that help to propup the country’s economy? So when the British left, the money that was left in the central bank and given to who? This money was left for the new born country to have its working capital. So who were the main contributors to wealth but who benefits the most?

    So Be eNd partyman, look before you leap or more appropriately, shift in the gear in your brain before your braind can work or think lah. Otherwise, it will be like a motorcar engine, when you shift in the gear, the car can move. If you don’t it will make very loud noise only lah!

    Please be more civilise and avoid giving threats like samseng,ok?

    Anil and friend congrats for a job well done.

  92. BN Sakthi,

    You have the cheek to say that BN provided education for us to buy laptops? We have struggled through school that made everything harder in subjects in Bahasa Malysia. But we achieved superb results anyway. Then we had to lose applications to local Universities because they selected Bumiputras first, based on race, not merit. …
    Then we buy property and 30% must be reserved for Bumi’s. And they get a 5% discount.
    So back to your statement of how, without the BN, we’d never have the education to buy a laptop and use it, you are sorely mistaken. Anil got his laptop through his hard work, intelligence and perseverence, even though the odds were against him from the day he was born. Anil and people like him paid for your laptop. Not BN. You should thank him, not persecute him.

  93. >”You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP. Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN”

    Wow. 31 000 people voting for opposition are all “ungrateful”?
    Please be informed, foolish BN fanatic, that BN was ELECTED and PAID to do the job of “wrougting” development and progress. When the people you hired to do the job is not doing it properly any more, do you keep them or fire them?

    Gratefulness is allocated for people who do a certain job for us, without being paid to do so. Hence, I would be right to say that I am GRATEFUL to ANIL for keeping us updated on the PP elections. Unlike RTM which is PAID to do such a job, but failed to do!

    >”Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you? Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you.”

    Honestly. We would properly own a faster internet connection if NOT for BN. Our children and students in Universities would have owned a better, more enlightened brain and mind if NOT for BN.

    From the way this insulting fool is writing, it seems like he thinks BN is an Egyptian Pharoah, selected by the Gods themselves, to “feed”, “educate” and “clothe” us! Instead of simply being a political party, and for now, the nation’s government, whose very JOB is to do all three and much, MUCH more.

    A government is FOR the PEOPLE. Not the other way around!

  94. “Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?”

    If BN were not the ruling party over the years, we might be having free laptop to every household and maybe free WIMAX coverage for the whol eocuntry already !!

    So pls …. watch out improvements !!

  95. Hi Anil,
    Brilliant coverage – thanks, man. And just ignore pathetic imbeciles like this ‘BN Partyman’. They just don’t get it, do they?

  96. Anil,

    You have done wonderful job reporting fairly and unbiasedly about the happenings in Permatung Pauh By-Election as a responsible journalist.

    I have been following your updates as well as other bloggers, and Malayiskini updates through out the night from New Zealand to know the fate our beloved country.

    Keep up your good work. Do not worry about your critics.They are there to distract you.Shabas and thank you much for your good service.


  97. hmmmmmmmmwhoever he is threatening ..seemed wipe off the face of the earth ? wow ? scary ya ! i am scare very scare………

  98. “BN Partyman” spoke quite expectedly via his …. If fascists have brains, they couldn’t have become such in the first place.

  99. Hi BN Sakthi,

    Wish you didn’t cover under a pseudonym so that I could have addressed you better. All your euphoric egos (feeding shamelessly like a leech under the BN legs) is now as flat as a chappati. Must be real painful now; not knowing when the next free meal is coming! Yeah.
    Talking about wiping out the Pakatan, please get your BN cohorts together first & see that BN does not disintegrate itself.

  100. Dei, Barang Naik Sakti,

    Anil and others, including you numbskull self, do not owe anyone anything..nobody fed us la, mango idiot. Whatever we have is from our blood, sweat and tears. Heard bout a thing cal “Taxes”..our money to feed us back!!!!

  101. BN BOY, have you heard of majority wins? Oh well, Don’t blame ANIL. He is not bias. He is speaking from his heart. What he see and what he hoped for. Which also speak for us.

    BN helped us? In education? IF they really are, we have a much developed school system and so on. there wont be any people who are single minded but have been expose to think differently. Malaysia Education sys is terribly on the edge of making our future generation brain useless if not for their parents who have taken a different step to spur for their success.

    Development? Don’t talk about KLCC and KL TOWER. That is not developement. Come on, go to rural area. So many place have not even develope. A developed country will have a bad transportation system? A developed country will have so much of toll? They talked about money rather than putting the citizen in their mind.

    BN PARTY, come to KL and live/stay. Don’t live in a low expenses area. COME TO KL where living expenses is ROCKET HIGH. Everything on the rise, Unnecessary TOLL etc. there is just so much.


  102. Hi Anil,

    Great Job done. Forget the Be eNd partyman, he is a sore loser lah.

    This is what I have pickeup from from Rocky’s blog and would like to share with your readers.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008
    Ku Li: PP defeat shows UMNO must change
    Statement on the Result of the Permatang Pauh By-Election

    26 August 26, 2008
    YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
    Member of Parliament, Gua Musang
    31 Jalan Langgak Golf
    55000 Kuala Lumpur

    Today, five months after we met with the biggest General Election loss in our history, UMNO has suffered a landslide loss at Permatang Pauh. This despite the mobilization of the entire leadership and resources of a party that has held the machinery of government without pause for fifty years. This despite a campaign that embarrassed and divided the nation with its ugliness. It is time to face the music: it is we who have been buried:

    – Our leadership is rejected by the rakyat and, moreover, is rejected by our own members. BN’s vote count was less than the number of UMNO members in the constituency.

    – Within and among our component parties we ran a poorly coordinated and listless campaign against a motivated Opposition.

    – What scraps of credibility the Prime Minister and his Deputy had left after March 8 are gone.

    Today’s report card, delivered to a Prime Minister who is accountable also as Liaison Chief of UMNO Penang and Chairman of BN, is impossible to hide: he does not have the minimal credibility needed to run the country day by day, let alone to take it in the new directions we need to go in a complex world. He may not have the credibility needed to keep the country together. This dangerous situation cannot continue, and it will not.

    I appeal to the members of UMNO and of BN’s component parties to stand by UMNO in our hour of crisis, and to take a sober historical perspective. The people of Malaysia and along with them, Umno’s ordinary members, have found their democratic voice. They demand leadership that can be trusted to unite our people, to restore confidence in our institutions, and forge a clear national direction. Today is proof that this wave cannot be held back. UMNO must change. We must begin by renewing our Party leadership. I am confident that by December, we shall.

    Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

  103. To the stupid BN Sakthi,

    U must be one of those idiots who still thought the world is flat.
    Wake up a*** and get real man.
    U know why people now tend to be bias in their comments is because your idiotic masters who have been running the country these pass 50+ years in such a corrupted, racialistic, arrogant manner makes them so. We the rakyat r amazed to know that they also produced ******** with mentality like u.
    Please dont smear the good things written on this blog. By all means go to your mamak chedet website and expound your stupid comments.

  104. Hello Anil,

    Thanks for sharing what BN Partyman wrote. This chap is a sore loser and now trying to put the blame on bloggers about impartial reportings toward BN.

    BN/ UMNO is too arrogant and cocky and it echoes in this fella’s message. He is telling us not to bite the hand that fed us… Keep up with this attitude and read my lips properly : WE WILL ENSURE YOU GUYS ARE “BURIED” IN THE 13th GENERAL ELECTIONS !

    Salam Reformasi to everyone and let’s show BN Partyman who is the boss here in our loving country.


  105. wei..BN shakti …

    Come join us partying away la…dun sulk like that..

    We have enuf of ur s***.and dun tell us what to do n not do ok ?

    we got same brain as u..onli wiser.

    We got same eyes as u ..onli not blindfolded

    we got same ears as u..onli not deaf

    if BN not gomen maybe i’ll be owning a dozen laptop rather than 1..understand ??

  106. Now talking about progress & development under BN, we all started EQUAL when Singapore had to leave in 1965, they without any resources but we have everything, including OIL.
    In the early 70’s we could mix our currencies because they carried the same value.
    Today, their money is twice the value of ours and we are facing a 8.5% inflation at the moment & still going up!
    And their national income per capital is more than 4 times ours.
    Today the people of Singapore of all races & religions are living harmoniously as one but we are …. a big SIGH!
    BN ought to be ashamed!

  107. Dear BN Sakthi,

    I read you below comments and could not help laughing for your ignorance. “Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?” What does owning a laptop and using internet got to with BN?

    Let me seriously think about it as i may have missed something.

    Could some one help me to understand how that is so?

  108. BN govt is sticking their head in the sand. Instead of healing the country and rakyat, BN choose to ignore, silence the cries of the rakyat. I pray that the walls of oppression and suppresion of these evil rulers will melt like wax and no weapons formed against the rakyat shall prosper!! IJN, amen.

  109. BN Partyman is the reason why BN lost in PP. The people want humble, righteous, just, clean leaders. BN did not feed the people. Neither did Pakatan.

    All the people in Malaysia must work for their living and pay taxes. If everyone stops working, will BN feed all of us? Certainly the answer is no. Neither will Pakatan.

    Will Pakatan give the people education (for some reasonable fees) and continue with development project to benefit all Malaysians? I am sure they will, and hopefully better than BN.

    Wonder why BN still do not want to learn.

  110. Dear Anil,

    Great work reporting from ground zero. Your sacrifice is very much appreciated by non blogger who are fed up with MSM propaganda and lies. Don’t worry about the threat from BN morons. …When DSAI comes to power he will know what to do with such …..

    God bless you and other bloggers as you have been the eyes and ears of the rakyaat. And a very big THANK YOU to RPK who had risked his own family and his life in exposing the … BN.

  111. Keep up the good work Anil.You guys in PP did a great job of keeping us posted yesterday.BN sakthi sounds like SIL. the english and the anger of a looser is obvious.

  112. Typical arrogance! Still in denial mode…what a shame! And sounds utterly revengeful…what a shame again, these revengefulness has been shamelessly on display since March 8!

  113. Anil no worries as some bums are going to miss their gravy train very soon as for you my friend you were one of our heroes n tq Anil.HIDUP THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA.

  114. BN Sakti,
    You are obviously an UMNO … who is indoctrinated with oppressive mentality!We are not stupid as you suggest to evaluate what is true and what is malicious propaganda as propogated by RTM and the MSM.

  115. I have always suspected this somewhere in the BN realm The rakyat is a burden to the government. My thoughts BN is a burdent to the Rakyat. You can sense in the speeches …listen carefully.

    Thank you Anil for the updsates Cheers

  116. When opposition lost in previous election I did not see such sore losers. In democracy and civlised society, we must have gracious winners and losers.

    In the sporting arena the victor respect the vanquished for you never know when the tables are turned.

    Just pick 1 argument highlighted

    “Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you? ”

    1) BN did not invent internet or laptop.

    2) The writer assume we owe BN a living but it is the taxpayers’ initiative & toil that generated the tax revenue for the BN to run the government. Money spent on infrastructure and education etc is actually coming from administrating money pooled from the rakyat. BN do no earn moeny and fee us. We tax payers earn the money for the BN/adminstration to take a share as they assume a position of trustee and administer of the country’s resources

    that’s why it is suppose to be “ketuanan rakyat”

    the writer clearly has a feudal mindset

    3) If the country is runned by somebody else we would still have to move together with technological development even if by some strange twist in history, we are either run by the communists, Japanese, British or another alternative political alliance. For example, China, as a communist country, still have internet, eh?

    Perhaps we are still users of internet and laptop inspite of BN rather than because of BN?

  117. BN Sakthi, what has our dear Anil’s possession of a laptop and knowing how to use the Internet got to do with the BN?

    Are you saying that the average Malaysian is so incredibly stupid that we would not even know how to get online without the BN’s help?

    Please go back to whichever backwater …. you came from and try to grow a brain by exposing yourself to more than propaganda from BN controlled media.

  118. Well, its the same mentality of the BN folks.. from top down.
    DPM said recently that if the Rakyat does not appreciate the subsidy, next time they will not GIVE anymore.

    Now this fella is saying that the BN GIVES the people education, etc.

    Well my fellow Malaysian, a government is given mandate to run the country FOR the Rakyat. The country does not belong to any party, and what belongs to the country are not for any political party to GIVE. The country belongs to ALL Malaysian.

    So please stop this “the people OWE us” mentality and start to innovate if you can. Else, get ready for the change.

  119. Dear Anil,

    I really proud of you la..The BN a copy cat.. people use makhal sakthi for a good purpose he use BN sakthi for his own cronies benefit.. I would love to write some my remark in malay so SOme Umno … understand..since they only understand malay language much better than English. I don’t want my comment lost in translation BN.. as usual hanya tahu buat komen tak tahu buat kerja. tapi selalu puji sendiri bila orang lain berjaya.

  120. KJ did bury BN in Permatang Pauh. And …. like these will surely bury BN in deep s***. First, we can see the kinda of people and their IQ that support BN nowadays. Only idiots, fools, morons.namscals, nincompoops … like BN partyman can think that we owe our life to BN..(mana tak nya..kroni lah tu…, BN stooges).

  121. BN Partyman and many others like him just do not get the big picture. We the rakyat are grateful to BN for bringing us Merdeka in 1957. We are grateful to BN for increasing the quality of life and level of education to the rakyat (though unevenly in some aspects as some sections of the people are left behind). We are even grateful to Dr M for the progress and recognition he has brought upon Malaysia in the early years of his tenure.

    However the point now is … in the past decade or two BN has rotted to the core to the point that is totally unacceptable. The spirit of muhibbah in the 80’s and early 90’s has been eroded, corruption is rife, power abuse is rife….

    In addition, the rakyat has now matured and our needs are different.

    This is the picture. We are grateful for what BN has done for us, but that does not mean we give BN a free pass. What BN is today is unacceptable and that is the point of of the Ketuanan Rakyat and the shift that is seen since March 8th 2008.

  122. BN is a sore loser. If there is truth in the claim of biased live coverage of the PP buy-election then BN should produce bloggers to counter such claims. The development and progress brought by the BN is through the tax payer money of the rakyat. Without the money how can BN bring development and progress? – Talk ****. Your BN leaders do not know how to use your media coverage (namely the Star, NST, TV3 and national TVs) to air your grievances to their advantage…. Pakatan Rakyat have bloggers with photos that paint a thousand words that have convince the rakyat these 50 years of 2/3 majority rule by BN had breed a bunch of corrupted leaders producing a list of scandals, escalating cost of living, inflation and many other negative impact in the country.

  123. “In the name of freedom, these websites allow the broadcast of slander, lies and swearing, the use of harsh, degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned,”

    “Even though the government has been tolerant of anti-government positions and criticisms on the Internet, we are very concerned about statements that insult religion and reek of racism,”

    What about the harsh, degrading language and racial slurs in government and UMNO meetings…

  124. Dear Anil,

    I have been following your blog through the PP by election. I am pleased to say here that you have been just in using the freedom of the press. Kundo to your coverage.

    I quote: “In the name of freedom, these websites allow the broadcast of slander, lies and swearing, the use of harsh, degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned,”

    Why all these happened? For every action there is always an equal reaction. The threatening words by BN Sakthi will for sure caused an equal reaction. So, remember, “Tepuk Tangan Sebelah Tak Akan Berbunyi”

    APAI feel sad to those who started the “square ball” rolling.

    To BN Sakthi, ask yourself???


  125. Dear Anil,

    So many things that I salute you and wish you the very best in future. your vote does make a diff and I am so proud to say that you are one of the wise Mesian for sure.

    To BN Sakthi,
    cis, so typical!!

    you can not eat the hands that spoon you all this while? BN was in power for the last God knows since when! And THINK la setupid @ idiot that those money actually comes from gomen kan? And gomen also taking it from rakyat. Not the BN money that spooned all the educated Msian peeps who knows about internet stuffs and mind blogging it wisely here. Each laptop that we (the rakyat) bought from our own penat lelah also will benefit to the leaders! They got $$$$ from it, u idiot!

    Or if you have BRAIN enough, you can think that by doing so dont you think that BN was/is already giving rasuah to all the rakyat? “Hey look, I will you THIS(education and modernisation) but later remember; always vote for me no matter what!”..

    If your BN leaders are already ‘tiga suku brain’ and order you to jump off a bridge, I am so sure people like YOU (hutang budi cz BN funded my education) will smilingly jump while shouting “hidup UMNO” and live happily ever after!! S-E-T-U-P-I-D mooron!!!!!!

    Oh, dont let me start with all the BN Datoks sons and daughters; where do they get all the money to send their children to private or international schools? Be it local or abroad! Go and check and then be proud of your BN kings and queens!! they dont trust our local education systems or they dont want to low-down classes their children to the rakyat’s level la. That’s your proud BN leaders are doing and thinking of the rakyat. “Enrolling our children to the local gomen schools? Pullleeeeeezzzz, not my standard!” Cis, poooooooooorah!!

  126. kudos to “hostage88 on August 27th, 2008 at 3.12pm ” above.

    guys, let’s ignore this BN sakhti guy. dont give him the pleasure in replying. he’s one of these
    i) a paid writer
    ii) a very ignorant fella (but still we cant blame him. he’s a direct result of bn’s 50-year brainwashing.
    iii) do not be provoked. we are civilised people.
    iv) just ignore this guy. he and his ilk are just not worth it.

  127. Anil, orang yg ugut ni pengecut, kalau berani perkenalkan diri. Baru tau langit tinggi raendah. Media dia yg lebih teruk. Bila rakyat tak mahu baca dan tolak calon mereka, marah pulak. Apa ni?

  128. What a dumb a**. A typical end product of the BN (Brain Nil) kind.

    His arguments are so flawed i almost thought this was a comedy piece.

    But i am not laughing because i feel sorry for this nincompoop who had his grey matter transposed with his a***. (Hey, whoever you are, can see the picture or not?)

    To make it easier for you, you have an a*** hole for a mouth. Whatever you spew here simply stinks to high heaven.

    Come, get me and blow me (which will be equivalent to me sodomising you!) hahahaha!!! adoi, what an idiot.

  129. Wah! I can’t help but to laugh at BN Partman’s comment.

    I think Anil should print and frame up what he said la!

    It just shows how a man would think and act if he/she is grateful to BN’s leadership and devotes to their ideology.

    BN’s education brought us technology like laptop…hahahahahahahaha! What a joke! If there’s no Bill Gates, there’s no Windows and thus no laptop? So why not be liberal and rule like United States?

    BN Partyman…AHAHAHAHAHAHA…..There’s superman, batman and ultraman…but there’s also someone called BN Partyman…who’s simply an irrational and narrow-minded man!

  130. Oh my goodness! How discussting!! I thought our parents bersusah payah kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang to send us to school to get education… that too, not say free education, still had to pay fees, parents had to pay toll, cukai jalan, cukai tanah, cukai pintu etc etc… Now you tell me it was BN who had been feeding me, putting a roof over my head, food on the table etc etc etc???

    For goodness sake BN Sakthi, bertaubat lah and enough of talking nonsense and rubbish and get on with the programme ok! With people like you around, no way lah we are going to be a developed nation by 2020, if nothing, we are going backwards with the likes of you!

    Anil – may God shower his blessings on you always (and good job with the reporting! Loved every bit of it!)

  131. Anil

    Thank you for your excellent and unbiased coverage of the elections.Though, not from PP, I drove through the area several times during the night there over the last five days and observed that what you said were largely true. I am referring to empty booths, poor turnout at BN ceramahs and the lukewarm response to the candidate and the rest of the plague that descended upon this town-hamlet etcetra. And Char Kway Tiau sessions at that popular eatery in PP with my fellow neutrals from PP confirmed the same. As for BN Sakhti and his fellow goons, time to fly kites, i suppose, though i am strictly apolitical. Syabas for an excellent coverage again

  132. Anil,

    There is no question there are many brainless or braindead BN supports, whose still think there is nobody else except Umno/BN can goven this bolehland. I urge PR to show them the example.

    I was in tear when DSAI won last night. I was touch with the PP peoples to deliver a greater win PKR.

    God bless malaysian

  133. I think there is a major misunderstanding here. The letter is signed off BN Sakthi. Shakti means Power. I fail to see the “Power” here after getting hammered by a larger majority.
    Also to note, the money spent on the people’s education belongs the people. We are the tax-payers, and we have worked to contribute to the wealth of the nation. This money does not belong to BN or PR. So which ever is the Government of the day, they better use the money for the betterment of the rakyat, and not of the BN cronies.

  134. No wonderlah BN lost cause got such a “bad root” like you. And I assume most of your the BN counterparts also ask like u. With such kind of threatening speech, do you think people (the rakyat) will stay under the shadow of such government.

    Anil has his right to report everything that he feel is correct and we people can believe or ignore the “so call bias” coverage by you. We have our own mind and we know how to judge.

    So just leave the blog for good if you dont feel like it. No point of threatening others. Grow up a bitlah, you are not kid with lollipop in your mouth.

  135. “When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth…..” in your dream la…..
    Keep on dreaming mate!

  136. Anil
    you did a great job! i was glued to your site! The BN partyman is a ignorant fool. if BN is as good as he states than BN should have won! BN partyman go suck an egg. For BN partyman to state that because of the govt we have a laptop is ridiculious. Next statement will be we are lucky to have a roof over our heads. Travel BN people and see how other markets have prospored way ahead of us.

  137. The only education that so called ‘BN” gave me was to be silent in the face of oppression, to be racist in a multicultural scoiety and to accept corruption as part of the Malaysian way.

    Dear ‘BN Partymen’ we have all re-educated ourselves and it has opened our eyes to the repression of this ‘BN’ state and the suffering it has cost to so many people who have challenged it over the years. We are afraid no more….

  138. BN Partyman – You SORE LOSER..!!

    What about the phantom votes that slipped thru..?? My guess is a Thousand or more…
    What about those that were stuck in trafik and could not get to the Polling booths on time..?? …
    And all those registered voters overseas who were denied their rights to vote via our Embassies and High commissions overseas..???

    And many, many more…Just to deny Anwar his dues… You and your masters have paid dearly for it..

    Just get lost from here lah.. Why? BN depended on Anil’s write-ups ah?? Your … used all Gomen machineries (our money, tho’) to the max and still lost,, Media, TV coverage and so on…
    Soon they’ll be losing big time, when the crossovers begin..


  139. BN Sakthi,

    Why rambling like a mad …! You say the 30000 odd are ungrateful, but don’t you see the clear picture, it is the 15000 odd who are living in the pass and still mesmerized by the sweet talks of the goverment. People want change, change in the way the country is managed, and equality and freedom to express. We want to be known as Raykat Malaysia and not by our race which you leaders do it so often.

    Take note this 30000 is the eye opener to the rest of the country and are heroes to take a stand for change.

    Just for a while think, if majority has voted for someone who has been denied the basis of campaigning for election than something is wrong with the current government. Just think why the people did not vote the government.

    I think everyone is just sick of the current government and want changes. We are a more matured and educated society now.

    Keep up the good work Anil, we support you all the way.

  140. This BN Sakthi gentleman is well and truly lost in that he knows not his left hand from his right!
    15k voted for BN, that is a granted but of this 15k, how many could be classed in the same category as those in the 5 buses that were stopped?
    Can this gentleman provide sufficient proof otherwise of claims of FRU troops being amassed near some areas in PP? I tend to believe the bloggers because they are more credible.
    Owning a laptop and being literate are benefits that only BN can provide? What utter rubbish, what moronic conclusions. Perhaps such depth of logic and reason is truly representative of the calibre within BN. If so, BN is well and truly “Been Ended” by its own hand.
    BN’s hand had never fed anyone except their cronies. Whatever they have done, it has always been to their own gain and advantage.
    The truth is that the rakyat has seen through all the sham and whatever BN (read UMNO) says, it lacks credibility, eg, the tabling of the DNA Bill, the Altantunya trial, Sodomy II, the list stretches since 1970.
    We have to do something to change the nation for the sakes of our children and our neighbours.
    BN Sakthi, how much had you received to write your piece? …

  141. To continue, whilst it is acknowledged that there is a a level of corruption within the present regime, which government in the world is completely free of corruption? The brilliance of Dr Mahathir in elevating corruption to an acceptable way of life, and in fact perfecting it to an art had noble objectives.The objectives of the NEP were achieved in record time! How else was Dr Mahathir going to uplift the economic plight of the Malays within his lifetime? Today, more Malays than we ever dreamed of are millionaires and billionaires. The trickle down effect of their wealth to all Malays in general cannot be doubted. How can the Malays possibly complain about UMNO when it is UMNO that has ensured that each and every one if us have three square meals on our tables. I find it disgusting that the Malays lack any appreciation of the macro benefits of a BN government led by UMNO.

    When AAB took over, it was with a flair and gusto never expected of him. He has used the mechanism of corruption even more efficiently in fulfillment of the objectives of the NEP. Under his courageous leadership, the sheer numbers of successful Malays and the wealth created have surpassed Mahathir’s efforts in over 22 years in a space of 5! Therefore the present UMNO leaders may rightly be considered to be modern day Robin Hoods. So, again, how can the Malays possibly complain about the largesse being dished out to them without fear or favour?

    Corruption and cronyism are not two separate ills but two sides of the same coin. Therefore, for reasons stated above, cronyism is a necessary element in the efficient and expeditious fulfillment of the objectives of the NEP. So stop whining about cronyism as if it were a crime to have friends around you….

    There is much talk about drawing comparisons with what is perceived as the more successful economies in the region, such as Singapore, South Korea, etc. Let’s not get stupid about this. The priorities of their economies hugely differ from the priorities of ours. Their economies were not bogged down by economic inequities amongst or between races, demographic imbalances, effects of colonisation and the quirks of an inherited administration.

    All you bloggers out there: Sit down and take proper stock of the peculiarities of our nation, rather than to try and be like some other nation. Your dreams are misplaced and unsuited to our beloved nation. And your championed leader, DSAI, will bring this beautiful country to ruin by attempting to emulate his Western masters. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and will sell out the rakyat for his personal glory and ego.

    Get rid of BN – (ha ha, I’ll eat my shoe if you can)- at your own peril!!!

  142. To BN Sakthi,

    Under the BN government rule this is what ‘we the people’ have suffered:

    – The systematic rape… of this country’s resources.
    – Rampant corruption in the Government especially so in it’s leaders
    – Curtailing the rights of free expression through draconian laws like ISA and Newspaper Printing Act.
    – Splintering of the races from the ‘Malaysian’ identity to that of race based identity via racial politics practiced by BN component parties.

    The thing of it that perplexes me is how people people like you cannot or will not open your eyes to the truth of the matter? It make me wonder if people like you who spout rhetoric on ‘progress’ or ‘development’ and even about ‘education’ as the highlights of 50 years of BN rule are either blindly loyal to BN or possibly in bed with the corrupt parties…

    Your attack on blogger just goes to show you the depth of your ignorance. Most of the bloggers in Malaysia are not political bloggers. Their motivation to blog on matters concerning local politics or governance is in lieu of the frustration felt by most of them when faced with the nonsense and crap that the government under BN rule heaps on us – the rakyat.

    This also highlights the fact that the Internet is a medium that BN cannot control, manipulate and outright falsify with the usual propaganda that is nowadays norm in our local main-stream media.

    “Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN.”

    Your own statement above is proof enough that in your world everyone should be bowing down to BN and thanking them for the measly scraps they have provided us.

    Well I for one – armed with my common sense & my eyes wide open – cannot condone the arrogance of BN anymore. I will talk, write, blog, provide facts, argue and hopefully inspire my fellow Malaysian to wake up and realize the farce that the great and might BN is today.

  143. Dear BN Sakthi,

    You and your ilk ought to be detained under the ISA and the keys thrown away.

    What is ISA ? A law protect BN cronies or you ? Come on, think wisely dude.

    You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP. Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN. Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you? Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you. You are despicable and so is Raja Petra and the likes of him.

    You can setup your own website(s) to express your loves to BN. No one will stop you.

    When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat.

    1 more BN fan, speak for BN. We, every single individual, as malaysia citizen have our own wishes to speak and express our felling. Don’t under-estimate, Don’t claims that all malaysia citizen are ‘innocent’ rakyat as you said.

    Bloggers tried to express their thinking, leaving comment, like a personal public dairy. By the way, they are paying their hosting bills.

    To decide truth or false, believing or not, malaysia citizen will think for themselves. We have our own wisdom.

  144. Sorry ah, BN Sakthi, my Inglishi is not belly good. You mean the large “minority” of 31,000 who voted for PKR are those ignorant and ungrateful people duped by bloggers? Whereas the huge “majority” of 15,000 who voted for BN/UMNO are grateful “Malaysians” reflecting BN/UMNO’s popularity? Aiyah! Me shud have studied more Inglishi during my school days. Cannot even understand the difference between “minority” and “majority” (popularity).

    I better give my laptop to Zimbabwe as I don’t deserve it.

    I hereby salute you for your statement with my middle finger. Nah!!

  145. Oi BN Sakthi,

    The Star – MCA punya
    Berita Harian , Utusan , NST- Umno punya
    Tamil Nesan – MIC ponya
    Sin Chew, China press – MCA punya
    RTM, TV3 – BN Media

  146. …threat and threat. You … are on a sinking ship and you want to threaten bloggers.


    We are not afraid…

    You days in power are numbered.

  147. Dear BN Sakhti,

    Your biased coverage of the PP buy-election was disgusting to say the least. It seemed like the Pakatan Rakyat was non-existent in PP. The fact that more than 31,000 people voted for Anwar Ibrahim is testimony to PR’s popularity. If it were not for the rough house tactics of the BN goons, more legitimate voters would have made it to the polling stations. You and your ilk ought to be detained under the ISA and the keys thrown away.

    You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP. Like the 15,000 odd who voted for Arif, you are ungrateful for the justice and fairness sought by the PR. Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the gravy train that the BN gave you? Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you. You are despicable …

    When the PR government finally wipes out the BN from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat. Unfortunately it seems now that a large minority of the rakyat are stupid enough to pay attention to the lies of the Government. The PR will educate them very soon …

    Makkal Sakthi!!!

  148. ” When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Eart” . This similar statement was mentioned by K Toyol but now where is he now ?

  149. Dear BN Sakthi

    what horses***!! Bias or otherwise the coverage, the rakyat has spoken and spoken truly.

    Please go get a life or crawl back into your little hole and stay there while the world changes and more importantly Malaysia changes for the better and for all its rakyat.

  150. Anil ,

    It’s good to receive these comments once a while.

    Please take note…
    -it’s ok to have some bias, even The Star is biased. Worst still- one wouldn’t know which side WCW stands. He pretends to redeem himself via his ‘independent’ blog site while slaughtering PR in The Star.

    -we need more biased people so this country can move forward. Too many people sitting of the fence is an issue.

    -The deeper problem is this. The BN govt and BN sympathizers still thinks whatever assets/ possessions we have, food we eat, etc comes directly from BN. This fallacy seems to veil majority of these people. The BN did not feed me nor you. This fact is, the actual situation is reversed. We feed BN via taxes we pay and via the intangible output from our careers. Stats wise only about 10% of Malaysia’s registered workforce are taxpayers correct me if I’m wrong. Apart from petroleum, this is major tax income for the Govt. We feed the Govt, hence we make sure it’s run correct.

  151. Anil, download these letters (plus many other similar ones), translate them into Chinese, BM and B Tamil, print it out and send them to everyone in the coming GE.

    Let the Rakyat of Bolehland to decide their fate. We shall see who buries who.

    Then please do send many copies to the United Nations Human Rights Council and many other similar International Bodies. Let them know that in Bolehland, there are many goons who just cannot respect and understand the true spirit of Democracy.

  152. Oh yeah, forgot to mentione about this, PR MPs got arrested for having caught alleged phantom voters.

    I was numb??????

  153. I thought Umno-BN had learnt a lesson. Looks like Umno is arrogant as ever. When will they ever learn? Umno-BN is not like the PAP. Umno-BN is corrupt and rotten to the core. Umno Malays are enervated and sapped of moral energy, (some of them allegedly) devoid of scruples and enslaved by the carrot and stick tactics of the leaders. This is the party who pays (cash) to teenagers to carry BN flags and echo stupid slogans. This is the party who (entices) voters with (cash allocations) and other goodies. This is the party that will always treat the rakyat with contempt behind their backs.

  154. Dear fellow Malaysians,

    Please do not blame our dear ‘BN Partyman’ for reacting like that.

    First of all, he is reacting the way his leadership would react and he does not how else to.

    Secondly, reacting such manner is normal for one whose leadership is so confident of winning and has spent so much money to win but lost instead.

    So please give him a break… coz a bigger shock will be coming to him and his beloved BN soon!

  155. Now who was the one who hinder the voter from coming out?

    The voting was done on Tuesday not Saturday. Imagine those outstationed voters who have to take at least two days off for this by-election. And travelling back was not easy, jam created by BeEnd.

    Secondly, why need so many road blocks? This would on make it hard for people to come out.

    Then, all those mainstream media are controlled by BeEnd. Siapa yang memutar-belitkan cerita sebenar???

    Dato Ariff Omar..yeah you and me know how good this person is. Getting a phd from bogus university, joining the demonstration at the Komtar, and having brother who have menelan berbilion-bilion duit rakyat.

    What about those great banners set up to disgrace PR leaders?

    BN…Be End. There you go!

  156. people like them from BN should be encourage to do such thing like threatening. everyone that receives this type of message from UMNO/BN should not be angry. What they should do is:

    1. Copy and paste the message on your own blogs.
    2. Email it out to friends and people you know.
    3. Spread it out to all the foreign press and bloggers you know.

    and do the most important thing on earth after you have covered step 1 – 3:

    Tell them this is the reason we Malaysian are voting for PR because we don’t want to be stuck with this morons

  157. Dear Anil,

    Do not be discourage by this BNSakti chap. Like all in UMNO/BN, they are still in the sleeping mode and in deep denial syndrome. How could one change the spot of a leopard?

    One thing I can only agree with the idiotic PKR MP for Kulim is his take on BN = Be End. I thought that was cool! Other than this, he is on my NO list.

    Getting back to this threat, I guess this is what (they are) made off. As far as I am concerned, UMNO/BN have lost both the battle and the war.

    The people have spoken, it’s time for change. Initially, I am against the idea of the lawmakers jumping over, but now, looking at the macro and the economy, Malaysia cannot wait another 4 years. Change has to be immediate, it has to be NOW. I do not want to lose my hard earn money that I have invested for the future of my family with UMNO/BN (ruining) Malaysia high and dry.

    To the elected August House lawmakers, JUMP NOW! Let you heart do the talking for the betterment for all Malaysian.

    PS: I would like to quote President SBY of Indonesia who spoke on TV last night. “Pilih dengan hati nurani kamu, gak ada paksaan dari sesiapa pun”

  158. BN… we bloggers apologise… your overwhelming, glorious & history-making efforts at PP deserves all d kudos!!!!

    lets all stand up & *clap*clap* for BN…. yaaaay!!!!

    happy now? …. still does change the result does it?
    You got thrashed lah!!! Suck it up, princess!!

  159. BN Sakti probably deaf and dumb. He does not know the real meaning of Democracy. We elect the representatives of Parlimen. We gave them 50 years to rule the country on behalf of rakyat. They should be greaful to us. The had and still enjoying the luxury that we granted them through the election process. Unfortunately they misuse their power and position. So, we as the boss of the nation slowly changing them. This BN Sakti could be one of the BN contractor who might be losing his government contract. That’s why he is barking profusely. Get lose you idiot!!!

  160. I am sick of hearing “the government this and ” the government that” as if they are a different species from the rest of the rakyat. BN has been looking down at the rakyat and (taking them for a ride) for 51 years and they still dont get it that the landscape has changed. Slavery is no more and neither is the master/slave relationship. They continue to behave as if the rakyat owes them instead of the other way around. The other day the DPM said “dont question the govt on why the petrol price came down by 15 cts, just appreciate what the govt is doing for the rakyat. Whoever said that what we have today is due to the govt, if our resource had been spend diligently we would have been better off by a factor of 10 instead of having to pay high toll, inflation that is running way etc. uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh cannot stand the crap that comes out of their arrogant mouths.

  161. Bro Anil

    Pls inform that joker that if not for BN government with the waste & coruption, Malaysia could have been very much infront of other country in this region.

    Take NEP for that matter, it was good initiative introduced in 1970’s, why after thirty over years, we still see alot of poor malay/bumiputra & at the same time, good number of very very reach bumiputra individuals out no where came about. The NEP implementation has failed in it’s objective cos of this Government.

    Let the new government to take over and revised the NEP, address the area that still need attentiion, I’m sure Anil you can have PC, Latop, Palmtop you name it, on top of all that you will have PEACE, FREEDOM OF SPEACH, QUALITY EDUCATION, GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE, etc.

    I remember my old people told me, “I will for vote BN cos they are paying my pension”. Old people ok la, This guys doesn’t know that it’s just the government of the day. I can’t blaim him, cos he is being educated by BN Government, what standard we can aspect.

    Keep up your good work Anil. God is with the Good people but tested at time.

  162. Dear BN SAKIT,

    Can we, bloggers, be any worse than the sicked BN controlled MSM?

    Go back and dig out all the past week newspaper and read for yourself.

    One thing for sure is that we, bloggers, are here to stay for good and you better watch your back as we are going to expose your masters’ s*** and put it right where it belong… yeah, into your mouth since it’s exactly the kind of stuff that spews from your mouth.

    Do we feel threaten by all these? To be frank, i don’t even give a damn! So get lost, loser and go lick your wound quietly with your political masters.

  163. Some people still refuse to see……

    Our education is given to us not by the ruling party. Our education is a responsibility that the government should give to rakyat. Cos we voted them in to facilitate this for us. They owe it to us.

    Democracy is government by the rakyat for the rakyat. Remember that. We don’t owe anything to ruling party. It is the ruling party who owe us for voting them in to govern the country.

  164. Hey … BN Sakthi, go take a hide! You are a joke of the century man! What….BN has given education, laptop????? What kind of stupid comment is that? No wonder you guys have low IQs… Any decent government would be obliged at a minimal to provide education to its citizens. Anil didn’t buy his laptop because of your hand-out, he bought it with his hard earned money, like all of us decent folks! That speaks a lot, doesn’t it? We put you up there, idiot! We are your masters so don’t turn around and scare us with all that s***! It’s our hands that feed you, remember that. Take it to your dream! If you can’t even do a decent job in governing the country, then maybe it’s time we hire a better manager, like Anwar. You guys have milked enough of the rakyat’s money so maybe you can go fly kite now!!!

  165. The letter from BN Sakthi made me laugh so much that I almost fell off my chair. As for Nazri please go to Patrick Teoh’s blog to see what PT thinks of him. As for the s***-face(!) N you should have seen him on TV3 talking about the results. He looked really really s***-faced. BN supporters like BN Sakthi don’t realize that their days are numbered. Change is coming whether they like it or not. If I were one of them I would cut my losses and cross over to the PR before it is too late.
    Before I close let em congratulate you once again for job well done.

  166. Who is that ignorant and arrogant ….. who wrote that s**t.
    I can puke!
    Sakthi, we don’t owe you and your kind anything, …

  167. I really hate the kind of comments made by The BN Partyman.. “..the education that the BN gave you..”, “.. the hand that feeds you..”..and the likes. Come on bro.. wake up! These are cheap arguments you can only say to the old pensioners living in the Kampung, and who read only the govt’s newspaper, see/hear the govt’s TV/Radio.
    Let me put it this way, if you have a mother whom you know is a prostitute, you must try everything you can to change her, make her repent etc. You will love her forever and will never forget her, BUT if she doesn’t change / cannot change, then it’s time for you to decide whether to join her or to leave her.

    So, please understand , ‘the mother’ now has been abandoned so that she can continue her despicable act of prostitution alone. Her son shall not forget her though.. will try to revive her back to righteousness endlessly until the day that she dies.

    Ada faham ka?

  168. we owe bn? we should be grateful to them? dear lord, these people are so warped they are beyond redemption. being in charge and pillaging the country’s resources has become a birthright for these goons.
    writing’s on the wall though, BN sakhit.
    this will not do anymore. all the same, guys, take a deep breath, because these (guys) are going to pull out all the dirty tricks in the next 2-3 weeks. i wouldn’t be surprised if they … anwar (ends up) in jail, and (they) set the aca after him on flimsy, see-through charges.
    steel yourselves.
    anyway, anil, great job. and take care y’hear?

  169. Hi Anil,

    Let it be like water off a duck’s back.

    Dogs bark at the moon but the moon is unaffected. You shine light where the powers-that-be prefer darkness.

    When the mango is sweet and ripe, people throw sticks at it. If your work had not been helpful to the democratic cause, that BN … would not have thrown the stick.

    All the best, and thanks.

  170. These type of people are a typical example of output of a feudalistic regime. We should be thankful to BN? For What in heavens name?

    They have single handedly over the last several decades sytematically polarised society… and created thousands of unsustainable businessmen, Ali Baba’s all in the name of NEP. Bunch of sore losers.

    I hope Sept. 16 really comes and all these fellows should be sent to prison, of course through the due process of law.

    See how BN has ruined this country, when you get people like this talking through their a**, mind the French.

  171. Opps1! Sorry ,that was for the BN Sakhti imbecile!

    (laugh out loud rolling on the floor till i pee some more)

  172. BN Sakti probably deaf and dumb. He does not know the real meaning of Democracy. We elect the representatives in Parlimen. The 50 years we gave them chance to rule the country on behalf of rakyat. They should be greaful to us. The are enjoying the luxury that we grant them trough election. Unfortunately they misuse they power and position. So we as the boss of the nation slowly changing them. This BN Sakti must be one of the BN contractor who might be losing his government contract. That’s why he is barking profusely. Get lose you idiot!!!

  173. I assume this people has forgotten how to think. They has taken for a fact that anything that comes out from their mouth and that of ther political master is the truth and nothing but the truth. So when wvwr any news are seen to be against them, they feel something is wrong. As much as the MSM’s news and views are correct to them any other news and more so against them is definately wrong.

    Just as you would have to accept that there are 15,000 + people who decided it should be BN, more so being in the democratic country such as ours that the 31,000 + people had offered the majority.

    Just because for the last 50 years of BN rule has brought Malaysia so far, and for all the good things one should be thankful. However, on the other hand, one thing is very certain and this is where BN and its supporter has forgotten, you are employed by the people every 4 to 5 years, to do the work of administrating this beloved nation of ours, unfortunately you did not do too well since the last GE12. Know why, you were too arrogant, you forgot the people (YOUR BOSS) and therefore you see the result, but BN still governs Malaysia with 140 MPs vs 82 MPs.

    So BN just do your job, until otherwise the majority shift or GE13 within the next 4-5 years (2012-2013) which ever is earlier.

    As for Pakatan Rakyat, the only way forward is to be better than BN, and at the moment, there are 5 states to adminster and govern, do it well for we the rakyat are ready to change as and when you people do not do our bidding.

  174. Partyman,

    It is interesting to see the mentality of BN loyalists. You deem that it was by BN’s “charity” that we, the Malaysian Rakyat, are able to get any form of education. I beg to differ. The Rakyat have worked hard to improve ourselves, even with the handicap that the BN government placed upon us. A government should ideally be a body “of the people, for the people”. That means it is to serve the Rakyat that appoints them there. BN have abused this mandate given to them. The Rakyat is, however, at fault here for giving them the mandate, blindly, year after year for the past 50 years.

    However, the Rakyat has have enough. The Rakyat has matured and is not as backward as BN would like us to be. Therefore, good riddance to UMNO and its corrupt leaders.

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it”. We are not like UMNO, locking up each and every person that do not see eye to eye with them.

    Lastly, a BIG THANK YOU & JOB WELL DONE to all the PR’s bloggers in keeping the RAKYAT updated on the PP by-election.

    Power to the People

  175. To partydude,

    What goes around, comes around. (Buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat, padan muka)

    To Anil,
    You are not alone

  176. BNPartyman wrote this as he was probably pissed off cos there was no party time for him last nite (he was not invited to Anwar’s party). Anil, you did a good job reporting from ground zero, MSM kept us blur blur … “abuk pun talak”

  177. To BN man/woman – Shut up lah!!! You LOST so have some dignity for yourself (if u have any left) and remain silent after your defeat…
    Dear Anil, it’s the typical “pot calling the kettle black” syndrome… However, the ‘kettle’ is hardly even black as it was never ‘used’ before!! Where we u BN folks when the polling day drew to a close… spoil sports…

  178. Since when Sakthi is now used by BN? His English is good, but contents are unconvincing. Big copycat!!!Identify yourself …

  179. Dear Anil,

    Blogs are blogs, anyone who has a opinion will voice out their thoughts the way you did. If Mr BN Sakthi is reading your blog for his updates then the Sakti of BN should start blogging with some worthy news that will get their masses interested.

    In a nutshell…threats will come from the in-secure and i wouldn’t worry about it mate. Your blog’s pretty awesome and hence the hits you get.

    It gives me the impression that BN’s supporters are like the leadership as well… Anyone and everyone can talk how much they want too but really…i havent seen any interesting BN blogs out there…have you?

  180. BN Partyman go and sulk in a corner and dont find fault with PR supporters.
    Because of irresponsible, demeaning, insulting sodomy allegations the BN and ACA arrests, they lost even bigger this time.
    Think ordinary folks are morons without active brains – letting Umno/BN dictate what they are to believe!
    As for education who are you to tell whether non-Malays should or should not benefit from. In the 1st place it is not BN giving education but the govt. ANd from whom do they get the money to give education – tax-payers – 90% from non MAlays, if anything you … should be grateful that there are on-Malay tax-payers to pay for … UITM, MARA, and other entities that only bumiputras benefit of profit from exclusively, as well NEP, which unfortunately only a few benefit, and mostly the same cronies day in day out.
    Most poor or needy Malays never get to benefit from the NEP. Most probably dont know if there is such a programme.

  181. Orang mabok kuasa macam tu lah.

    Tak sedo diri. Bodoh sombong pulak tu..ish..ish..ish…

    Nak buat macam-mana dah nama pun BN – Bahlul Negara, kalau bahlul kampung boleh dijentik-jentik. Ni dah sampai tahap negara, kena ikat tebalik atas tiang bendera baru dia tahu kot?

    Zaman Tok Janggut dulu boleh la main taktik ugut-ugut ni.

    Dulu lain… sekarang lain…


  182. Dear BN Sakthi,

    You are a real sore loser.

    Go take a life and have a deep look at yourself.

    As a government, development of the country is a social responsibility and as a ruling government, it is BN’s responsibility to do so without expecting anything in return such as expecting to the rakyat to vote for and rejecting the opposition.

    The countrys resources and wealth do not belong to BN and belong to you and all Malaysians.

    So tell me why should we be gratful for development being carried out. We will only be grateful, if the cost comes out of your own pocket.

    Your letter to bro Anil reflects the situation in this country and the very reason why Datuk Seri Anwar won this election and buried Barisan Nasional.

    What you are saying is already very glaring and that goodies and development projects is a form of corruption.

    In case you do not know, … this is the very reason why BN was rejected as it is perceived that unless you vote BN, development will be brough to you.

    Let me ask you this question. What about the rural malay villages, since merdeka, they have be very loyal and do you see development. I really doubt so.

    So please take a hard look and past this message to your masters.

  183. Dear BN Sakthi,

    Thanking for informing the BN is only good for BUY-ELECTION. So you guys manage to buy on 15,000 odd voters and the rest was not for sale. So please start learning money can’t buy everthing.

  184. Sounds like a threat! Giving us more reasons NOT to vote for BN! YOu mean to say that the MSM cover the thruth? tsk, tsk , tsk ….

  185. “Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you?”

    hahaha… as if another ruling party other than BN will not be providing education for such skills. Keep it up jokers of Barisan N….

  186. I believe ‘BN Partyman’ has forgotten the simple fact that politicians are elected by the people for the very purpose of serving the interests of the ordinary people. Politicians, if ‘BN Partyman’ still needs reminding, are put in position of power on behalf of the rakyat, and not for the purpose of abusing power to oppress, ridicule, fool and be unjust to the rakyat. In other words, you’ll get kicked out if you don’t play this basic and important role of serving the rakyat satisfactorily.

  187. Podah! The loss is your loss not ours. You BN supporter go use your media coverage (namely the Star, NST, TV3 and national TVs) to air your grievances. We no longer subscribe to those. Anil’s site is now in celebration mode and will go full throttle on 16th Sept 08. Go Pakatan!

    …and those so-called “good trouble makers” were most likely from the BN camp who had since defected to Pakatan.

  188. anil,

    threats and threats again? what else can such BN fellas offer but threats?
    can you ask him where are we in comparison to countries such as Taiwan, singapore and South Korea which had the same level of national income 3 decades ago? today these countries are miles ahead of us, no thanks to the corrupt policies of the ruling govt.
    wake up, guys. the competitors are not within;rather it is without with globalisation. the world is much flatter now and if we continue the decadent and corrupt policies, there is ne way to go which is DOWN. Dotn ever think our country one day would not be lump together with the likes of Zimbabwee, Myanmar and North Korea.


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