Live – Hulu Selangor polling day and results


Who’s it going to be – Zaid or Kamalanathan, PKR or BN? All the action from polling day at Hulu Selangor and live coverage and discussion of the results.

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  1. Well done BN !!!

    Thanks for your allocation/contribution in Hulu Selangor. The people love you very much.

    p/s: reject muslim drinker anytime anywhere

  2. looes74,

    A nice Frederick Douglass quote on slavery.

    “I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted”

    Maybe we have become slaves unwittingly or unwillingly? Nonetheless,the ‘structural contradiction’ within our political nexus has to unravel itself with faster haste now. A wrong post-hoc conclusion might just make Hulu Selangor into what Ijok by-election was for Pak Lah. Dusk, night and then dawn. Can’t made omelette without breaking the eggs. In the meantime, let’s get back to the business of defending Mother Nature. 🙂

  3. This vote is a DISASTER. Over the next two years, you will see at least a few hundred thousand educated Malaysian of all race leave and investments will go with them. PR may even break apart making the situation worst. In order to keep the unproductive economy going, BN will spend – Najib already blew his own budget deficit target literally only months after they announced it. GE 13 will happen before the effects are truly felt but it will be felt not very long after. We will have an economic crises before GE14, if there is one. And IT ALL BEGAN HERE because Najib blew a few hundred million for a single by-election.

    • As long as the emigrants are non-bumi, UMNO will celebrate the reduction of non-bumi population.

      I always encourage new generations in my family to emigrate and two nephews have get Singapore citizenship for good sake.

    • PR lose mainly due to Indian votes swing to BN. If 8-10% more Indians are still stick with PR, PR will win.

      Didn’t others claiming that 55% of Indians gonna vote for PR?

      Or after PR sent in Gobind and others to meet the estate Indians those Indians gonna be so impressed and they will vote for PR?

      So what happened?

      Did it work?

      Why not?

      In politics, delivery is the ultimate aim.

      Gobind and his gang can’t deliver the votes needed, can they?

      What was PR thinking?

      Why so little effort on getting the Malay votes?

      My friend from PAS already told me that 45% of the Malays can vote for PR, the only prerequisite is to GET THEM TO GO OUT TO VOTE.

      See the low voting turn out?

      Why was there no more effort in getting the Malay votes?

      The big sabotage is from within the PR machinery.

      Whoever made the decision to waste so much resources and time on getting the Indian voters might be a planted mole from BN.

      • The winning formula is PR must get 40% Malay votes, 60% Indian votes and 70% Chinese votes.

        As long as Ibrahim Ali is around to attack Chinese, I guarantee 70% Chinese will vote for PR.

      • 60% Indian votes?

        Is someone taking the wrong medicine or what???

        That is a “sure-lose formula”, my dear friend.

        The only working “formula” is the winning one – that is, getting as many votes from the biggest group of people as possible, the one that is used by BN.

        Only harebrained PR campaigners would think of “40% Malay, 60% Indian, 70% Chinese” formula.

      • And oh, one more thing:

        As long as Ibrahim Ali is around to attack Chinese, I guarantee 70% Chinese will vote for PR.

        If this is the way Pakatan thinks, no wonder the Pakatan loses.

        In a competition you do not expect your opponent to shoot himself in the foot. Because the one shooting his own feet may turn out to be you.

        In any competition the only winning formula is to get ahead of your opponent, regardless of whether your opponent is healthy or sick, smart or stupid.

  4. Whispering,
    We are always salesmen. We are marketing our skills so that we can earn a living. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it’s pretty sickening that some clowns uses your money so as to sell it to you in return of several years of slavery.
    Kinda pity don’t you think

  5. Thanks for the nudge, “Jong/April 26th, 2010 at 1.41am.

    Allow me to buy you some teh-tarik via PBB 4-543-7119-34 in appreciation of the sterling service you have rendered to us all, Anil. Aiming to head for the ATM after lunchtime today. If today tak sempat, latest tomorrow.

  6. … From now on I guess the voters of HS don’t anything complaint ’bout.They decide this correct?After all the thing happened in front of our eyes still people vote for the same culprits of the nation.Nothing can change in this country…

  7. PKR is lucky to have minimised the loss to 1,725 votes, which represents only 3.6% of the total votes. Apart from the monetary handouts that were conditional on voters voting for BN, which could have swung 1,000 votes or 2% to BN, I can find some solid reasons why PKR and Zaid could not convincingly swing the voters in their favour:

    1. Constant harping on the APCO issue by Anwar Ibrahim. It is not relevant to Hulu Selangor and also the nation although a case can be made that the US$23m is tax payers money. It is as if Anwar and the PR coaltion were waiting for a big fish issue to drop from the sky for them to raise up as an election issue.

    2. When you want to win rural votes, be careful to select someone they can identify with. Zaid is more of an urban success story. If he was a kampung boy to riches story, there was little meat to chew on.

    3. PKR did not respond strongly to the character assasination of drinking alcohol. So what if Hishmamuddin or other members of cabinet drank in the past? They are not standing for election in Hulu Selangorlah.

    3. The New Economic Model, even if it is a PR ploy, was good PR for BN. The Opposition could not counter with a simple counter punch but instead responded with several disagreements with the thick report. Fence sitters throughout the nation are still waiting for the NEM Part II and may be willing to give the benefit of the doubt until then.

    4. Is the name of the game among Islamic conservatives still: who is a better Jew basher? Anwar seemed to have gone overboard by calling the head of APCO a Jew. Wonder what the Christian Malaysians thought about that when majority of them love the Jewish people. We know that God hates and judges countries that condemn the nation/people He loves.

  8. If we read all the comments here and elsewhere, we come to a general conclusion. Whether it is Pakatan or UMNO-BN, it is about strategies or failures in getting the Malay votes, Chinese votes and Indian votes. Both are selling the same thing with a different sale pitch. So is it really wishful thinking on my part that we have changed after all. What is a few defeats and a longer wait for a good cause? What we need is a Malaysian class political leader who is large enough to unite Malaysia; not a better salesman.

    • I read through all the replies, even those from me, and I just have to reply to this.

      If we read all the comments here and elsewhere, we come to a general conclusion. Whether it is Pakatan or UMNO-BN, it is about strategies or failures in getting the Malay votes, Chinese votes and Indian votes.

      Let me be very frank. In the Peninsular, which group has the most number? The Malays.

      Whoever has the support of the Malays will win. Whether or not the Chinese or the Indians support you, doesn’t matter, as long as you have the support from the Malays.

      That’s exactly the strategy used by UMNO.

      And they are smart – yes, I am saying that UMNO is smart because PR is too dumb to understand this concept – that they also identified pockets of non-Malays which they can gain support.

      They allow that MIC circus to continue and Samy Vellu to be the chief clown for so long, for one purpose, and one purpose only – There are many Indians who will vote for whoever Samy Vellu tells them to vote, period.

      Same thing is true for why UMNO allows MCA to exist.

      All boils down to this — UMNO doesn’t have to worry about the Chinese votes nor the Indian votes, they concentrate on the Malay votes.

      So in HS they canvassed the Malay areas thoroughly, 3 to 4 times, to make sure that the Malay people hear about what UMNO has to say.

      As for the Indian votes – UMNO has Samy Vellu and that fake Makkal Sakti party to do their job for them.

      As for the Chinese votes – Whether or not the Chinese wanna vote for UMNO is inconsequential, they already have enough votes to outbid the Chinese in HS.

      So you see what happened in the HS by-election.

      UMNO never hold any “ceramah rasaksa” since there is no need to do such a thing. They hold little ceramah here and there, go to every kampung to meet the people, telling them what they (the kampung folks) want to hear, and that is enough.

      On the other hand, see how the Pakatan Rakyat has fumbled.

      They never care about the Malay votes. They let PAS taking care of all the Felda district (it’s HUGE !) and where was PKR all the time? PKR was trying to woo the Indians !!!

      For crying out loud ! Look at the numbers !!!

      The Malays have the most number of people, the Chinese have the second largest with the Indians a distant third.

      And yet PKR wasted almost all their time on the Indians !

      What the hell is wrong with PKR? Don’t they know how to do math???

      Even if ALL the Indians vote for PKR, they are going to lose also. Why? Because UMNO has homed-in the Malays.

      That is why time and time again I stressed the importance of the Malay area but you see the people here (and the PKR HQ), always argue that the Indians are important.

      Really? Indians are important? So where are the votes from the Indian community?

      There are those who claimed that once Pakatan Rakyat can get the Indian lawyers like Gobind or Karpal or whoever to go to the Indian community the Indians will be syok and they will vote for the Pakatan.

      CHILDISH la !

      The Indians in three piece suits are not the same Indians living in the estate.

      You do not see Samy Vellu wearing three-piece-suit walking into an estate to meet his Indian supporters. No, Samy wears traditional Indian costume.

      And the Pakatan Indian professionals? What type of attire they wear when they go to the Indian communities? Western clothing !

      Tell me, how can the Indians living in the estate accept those “professional Indians” as their “own kind”???

      They can accept Samy Vellu because he came as an Indian.

      The estate Indians simply can’t accept Gobind or Karpal because they are NOT Indians. They are someone who look like Indians, speaks like Indians but they ain’t Indians.

      And so, on the 11th hour Pakatan had ONE ceramah rasaksa for the Malays. And there were like 10,000 people there, and you see how the people write?

      Oooooh, we gonna win because so many people came to listen to Lim Kit Siang !

      Oh yeah? Most Malays don’t like Lim Kit Siang, just in case you guys still don’t know this.

      Wanna get the Malay votes, talk to the Malays AS MALAYS, not as someone from KL who talk AT them.

      Malays are nice folks – I ain’t a Malay but I do have a lot of Malay friends. They do not like people to talk AT them but the problem with big shot politicians in Malaysia (BN and PR) is that they do not understand how to have a nice conversation with the Rakyat, rather they go to there and start “Let me tell you this”, “You need to listen to me”, “I know things you don’t know”, and so on.

      How can the Malay people (and all other Malaysians as well) accept this type of “talk” ?

      It’s not a conversation anymore. The ceramah has become a “LECTURE“.

      So what you have ONE gigantic ceramah? So what if 10000000 Million people show up?

      You guys ain’t doing the listening. You guys just do all the talking.

      The kampung folks politely listened, went home, and then they cast their votes for BN.

      That is what has happened.

      You know what UMNO did? They listened.

      They listened to the Malays in Felda, they knew they screwed things up, and they offered their apology and their promise to straight things up.

      Whether or not UMNO will honor their pledge is another matter. What matters most is this – UMNO gains the trust of the kampung folks by LISTENING, and the Pakatan has lost the trust of the kampung folks because the Pakatan is only interested in “LECTURING”.

  9. Well, congrats to BN. And now hopefully they fulfill whatever their promises to the ppl there.

    This election can be lesson learned for both BN & PKR, to take stock in the coming 13th General election.

    PKR need more work on the rural votes, BN need to satisfy the urban votes.

  10. Dear All,

    There’s a little greenbox in the middle of the screen “Support Independent Journalism.. , please click and do the necessary. Thank you Anil for keeping us far and near updated.

    • At least two clear cases of vote buying from BN.

      – 100 Felda household receives RM50,000

      – A Chinese school receives RM3,000,000

      if BN win the election.

      I doubt MACC and SPR got gut to take Najib to court.

      Chinese voters did the right thing by one hand receiving money while another hand is casting for PR.

      Indian voters still being fooled by UMNO and MIC although they were sidelined by BN for last 50 years in every aspect.

  11. Its a fabricated win for the big guns BN coz u have the monies to close the mind of the uneducated!!! well one day the nation will come to know the truth of the unworthy BN!!!

  12. That’s a meaninglessly small change in fortunes at the polls, even if first-past-the-post turns the result upside down. With last time’s hair’s breadth win, and no game-changing local developments in the meantime, the by-election must always have been something of a coin-toss.

    I still don’t think people should read much into a shift toward BN at by-elections. With absolutely no chance of realising the benefit from voting on principle, the only thing to vote for is a little ‘pork’ from the barrel..

    BN weren’t the only ones to promise benefits in the last few days, were they? I hope PR move quickly to deliver their promises, despite their loss. Any delay on their part is sure to be capitalised on by BN’s Marketing Department.

  13. Like I said earlier, Hulu Selangor will be fluid while Sibu will be 99%. Don`t worry we will win back this Sibu seat to make it 1-1

  14. No, BN has lost ! With so much money pouring in, with advantages of rural area folks who are not exposed to the internet media, with millions of TV/MSM media advertisements and all kinds of dirty tricks they played, they only managed to get a majority of 1,725. 160 million divided by 24,997 is RM6,400 per vote, LOL !

    HS voters don’t forget to claim what has been promised to you, whether you voted for BN or not, makesure they fullfilled their promises !

    Those who voted for BN will be among the Malaysian victims who have to pay back what has been spent by BN on this election ! Shall I congratulate you for your choice ???

    Datuk Zaid, PR team and PR supporters, thank you for all your effort, in fact you are the winner of this by-election.

  15. It’s official.

    Hand-kisser wins !

    Justice takes yet another tumble.

    But I ain’t gonna be sad, Anil. All of us should learn a lesson – and I ain’t trying to be racist here – we can only help those who want to help themselves, and for those who don’t want to help themselves, let them rot.

    PKR better understand this – or it will fail again and again if it relies on those people who don’t want to help themselves.

  16. I foresee UNLIMITED COMMENT here by tomorrow morning & the IRONIC thing will be that 99.9% of these comments will be….

    EXCUSES, EXCUSES & EXCUSES on why ZAID IBRAHIM lost. I hope all commentators will NOT behave like some SORE LOSER crying & blaming others for their own defeat.

    Take it like a MAN, ok????


    Nice try PKR but too bad….try harder next time.

  17. Congratulations BN!To all future voters, vote BN if u want allocations(money) and developements in ur area.Oppositions don’t have money to carry out any development projects.

  18. BN is always using dirty tactics in any election because they lack confidence. This is not a real win. They wrestled the votes by force. Shame

  19. Lim Guan Eng.. apasai senyap saja ? ini indian vote swing back to BN because need to teach u guys a lesson.. still wanna deny ??

    • Who kenna taught a lesson? The Indians or LGE? Still can’t get over KBP thingy right.

      I susgest you open your eyes & read the results carefuly

      Is it the case of Menang sorak kampung tergadai? With 60 million promised by Najib, what Zaid got to do is to hold Najib/Muhyiddin & the gang accountable? Remember 2 years only to fulfill the promises

      Fair deal,
      See! Same tactic can be used against BN

      • KBP issue has pissed off many Indians. 20% Indian votes flow back to BN is undeniable signal to LGE that do not take Indian votes for granted.

        If 60% indian votes go to BN, Anwar can say sayonana to Putrajaya forever because 70% Chinese votes is the highest votes PR can get.

        Do not expect 80% Chinese votes to PR…that is surreal in Malaysia politics.

        LGE, be humble and stop talking (rubbish).

  20. BN has won but not the hearts and minds of the people of Malaysia. PM, DPM with the support of SPR has robbed the people of HS of their democratic rights. The amount of money and promises made are all against the election laws but what is SPR and SPRM going to do about it. Nothing, yes nothing….

  21. What can I say except many many Malaysians are a bunch of dumb…. Perhaps we will have to wait until our country goes bankrupt and when there is no food left on the table, we will finally see that BN is no good for us.

  22. With that much of money they have poured in, this slim majority is indeed pathetic. The rakyat is at the losing end after all because this is their money, not from these goon’s pocket.

  23. Our congratulations to BN. What was encouraging for Pakatan however was the younger urban voters including the younger educated Malays voted for Pakatan Rakyat.This bodes well for Pakatan Rakyat.

    Certainly PKR was damaged by the recent incidences involving some high profile PKR leaders but this was not unexpected.
    In defeat however PKR also gave the DAP and PAS alot of encouragement to watch Zaid Ibrahim of PKR and Anwar Ibrahim rise up to the occasion despite the heavy odds stacked up against them.

    BN has won Hulu Selangor and for that salutations to them are in order. There were complains of phantom voters, voter intimidation, bribery, vote buying and ‘pengundi hantu’ etc. but Zaid Ibrahim however can walk tall because of the endorsement he got from the non-malay voters. That is saying a lot in Malaysian politics for a Malay politician.

    Zaid Ibrahim is here for the long haul as we predicted. If anything his reputation has been enhanced. Come another elections and we think he will win handsomely.

  24. Tomorrow all the people of HS can bank in their bank drafts, Rasa representative can go to Putrajaya and claim their 3 million ringgit for the Chinese school. In any case, it’ll be a win for the people, even a short term monetary return is still good for them. Then, list out all the long-standing issues and sit down with Kamal-Alan-Nathan to solve for them, including the housing promised by Khir Toyo. Kamal-Alan-Nathan can go ask Toyo for the money to build those low cost houses…

  25. Anil,

    I can’t say I am surprised at the result. BN wins big in the Felda area !

    PKR has screwed up big time, Anil.

    They wasted much too much time on the Indians while BN canvassed the Felda area.

    Report is that Najib is on route to the vote counting center as they are expecting their hand-kisser gonna win with a 1500 to 2000 majority.

    My friend was right ALL ALONG !!!

    Instead of giving you guys all the false prediction, I supplied very accurate information but sadly the PKR election HQ never get the chance to hear the REAL NEWS – all they got are fake news from those fakers – PKR gonna get 55% of Indian votes, blah blah blah – so they kept on wasting time on the Indian areas, precious time that they could have used to convince more Malays to vote for them !!!


  26. Anil,

    I can’t say I am surprised at the result. BN wins big in the Felda area !

    PKR has screwed up big time, Anil. They wasted much too much time on the Indians while BN canvassed the Felda area.

    Report is that Najis is on route to the vote counting center as they are expecting their hand-kisser gonna win with a 1500 to 2000 majority.

    My friend was right ALL ALONG !!!

    Instead of giving you guys all the false prediction, I supplied very accurate information but sadly the PKR election HQ never get the chance to hear the REAL NEWS – all they got are fake news from those fakers – PKR gonna get 55% of Indian votes, blah blah blah – so they kept on wasting time on the Indian areas, precious time that they could have used to convince more Malays to vote for them !!!


  27. All my beers are cold already and I’m ready to party. My instinct tells me that Zaid will win, thus giving najib a (blow)…. becos he said this election is a test of his 1year administration.This lost in this election shows that his 1malaysia is a failur

  28. Pakatan Rakyat has failed to mobilize the Malay votes, especially from the Felda area. BN is enjoying a comfortable lead.

    Most Indian areas go to BN also.

    The Chinese have voted overwhelmingly for Pakatan.

    As for mixed area it is on case by case basis.

    My worst nightmare may have come true: PKR has wasted too much time on the Indians who are staunchly pro-BN and failed to convince the Malays.

  29. Win or lose, the fight continues until we throw out all the rotten manipulative, conniving, sleazy corruptors from our federal government and restores back true democracy and mutual respect for all people in this country as envisioned by Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dato Oon Jaafar. Long live to all the Reformists!

  30. From the pessimistic Unker Zorro:

    I have this feeling that if Zaid makes it IT IS DIVINE INTERVENTION

  31. PR must win to show BN that money can’t buy everything. But all PR soldiers must keep close eyes on the counting…..

  32. OK..WE win big in HS. Now get packed and we are all going full force to Sibu…here we come and we shall win much much bigger….

  33. victory against this might but flawed najib administraion and blatant abuse ofgoverment machinery will be sweet.. i keep my hopes intact for mrzahid

  34. Whatever the outcome tonight, one must thanks those tireless volunteers and members of PR in making this by-election possible, including the bloggers too. Without them, this election could be as good as gone before even started.

    Well done, and good luck for tonight counts.

  35. WoW! Khairy tweets make sense for an idiot!

    I am hoping Zaid will win. A yard or a vote, a win is a win… Had enough nonsensical comedies from the ruling party.

  36. Ooooh, kung fu fighting !

    Unker Zorro’s report — “340PM

    SRJK(C) What started with BN-PR fracas has now turned into a BN/FRU fight..

  37. Reading some of the things said in the news..looks like your PM is very confident of winning .Your DPM also seems to predict that.

    The way i see it they must know something the rest do not know to actually come out so vocal in predictating they will win.Most likely guaranted votes that no one knows.I think they would not want to have their reputation dented bu so vocally saying that the win is in their hands unless they are pretty sure of that.Remember the PM said that it is a referendum for his administration.

    The EC have reallocate voters at the last minute is a good strategy that the BN uses .Another reason why they are so confident.I am sure they remove (some) opp voters out.

  38. Anti climax la Anil, why did you disable reader comment?

    As at 2pm, voters turnout at 64%, exit polls shows that PR is ahed by 3,700 votes.

    Anything can happen between 2-5pm.

    Let us hope it will not turn out to be one where there will be 102% turnout and a 6000 majority to BN.

  39. Politik Kebencian!! KJ, are you giving us a crash course on Mahathirism, who is after all your arch nemesis

  40. Apparently that hand-kisser isn’t the only one predicting victory.

    The guy whose hand was kissed by that hand-kisser is claiming that BN would win by 6,000 votes, using their self-styled “KPI“.

    The 6,000 vote victory is based on the total majority that BN received for all three state seats under the Hulu Selangor constituency two years ago.

    Should we Rakyat be joyous we have such brainy guy as our dpm ??

    Meanwhile, Zaid Ibrahim is saying that it would an uphill battle for PKR to retain Hulu Selangor.

  41. Wonder why KJ is wasting his time trying to comment …. We who use this blog are not “on the fence” but die hard Pakatan supporters. You are not that stupid, or are you to be wasting your time trying to convince us BN has any morality. Come off it, will ya?

  42. If the orang sali are prevented from voting, it could go BN way as this by election is too close to call. PR people must go into the orang asli village and make sure all they come out to vote.

  43. Latest at 2.30pm,

    While Zaid remains very cautious his opponent from BN is predicting victory.

    With only less than two and a half hour to go … let’s wait and see if that hand-kissing guy is right or not.

  44. With this turnout I do hope that Zaid of PKR will come out TOP at the end of the day. May GOD bless PKR and all those who support PKR.

  45. Unker Zorro’s reported this – “Hulu Yan Lama … a voter reported that out of the 766 registered voters, almost 200 have already died or moved away

  46. Latest collection from my leads who are stationed at HS:

    Chinese and Malay districts voting very heavy.

    Indian district voter turnouts very disappointing.

    Mix areas – less than 30% turnout, but still mostly Chinese and Malay casting their votes.

    No news on the Orang Asli area yet.

    1.30PM onwards voter turn up again. There was a lull between 11.50AM to about 1.30PM. Perhaps everyone go makan lunch.

  47. Dari pengamatan saya Pakatan bukan sekadar boleh menang di hulu selangor tetapi sebelah kaki sudah berada di putrajaya.

  48. Is Eli being a bit optimistic? “a battle between youthful change and the corrupt old order”. In the photos I see a lot of middle-aged PKR supporters and a lot of very young (mostly male) BN supporters.

    I realise the photos might be selective, but they suggest to me that BN is doing a better job of putting young people in their shirts than PR is. I think it all boils down to clear platforms – BN’s is very clear, be a racist, we give you money. PAS has the clearest platform on the PR side (if you discount Chinese chauvinism and celebrity cults). I think PR should give something specifically to Malaysian youth, such as lowering the voting age to 18 and setting up a Youth Parliament.

  49. Bas bawa keluar ‘pengundi hantu’ dari IKBN?

    HULU SELANGOR, 25 April: Beberapa bas telah membawa keluar penyokong Umno/BN dari Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN) Pertak kira-kira jam 3.00 pagi tadi.

    Bas yang sebahagiannya penuh dengan penumpang yang dipercayai ‘pengundi hantu’ itu berjaya disekat keluar dari IKBN oleh petugas Angkatan Muda Keadilan.

    Keadaan menjadi kecoh dan hampir mencetuskan pergaduhan apabila penyokong Umno/BN tiba di kawasan itu, disusuli pasukan polis tidak lama kemudian.

    Walaupun begitu, bas-bas berkenaan akhirnya bergerak keluar meninggalkan kawasan itu kira-kira jam 6.00 pagi dengan diiringi pihak polis ke destinasi yang tidak diketahui.

    Harakahdaily difahamkan, selain bas, berbelas buah kereta juga digunakan untuk membawa ‘pengundi hantu’ dari IKBN.

    Dipercayai, mereka dihantar ke beberapa daerah mengundi dalam pilihan raya kecil Parlimen Hulu Selangor yang sudah mulai dibuka sejak jam 8.00 pagi tadi.

  50. According to Unker Zorro …

    Kg Baru Cina, KKB…..situation hot….voters delayed by 1/2 hour to accommodate Najib’s car.

    So the voters aren’t king on voting day, eh?

    Najib is still ‘king’, apparently.

  51. Oh wow, Anil, now the election fever even reaches the NS crowd – National Service, the brainchild of Najib, that is.

    KERLING: MIC Youth held a special event with a political twist for a group of national service trainees at a temple in Kerling yesterday.

    The organisers played a VCD which contained several popular Tamil songs. A few minutes later, there was a clip on the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco in Penang.

  52. I just want to say a BIG thanks to you guys. If not for Malaysians like you we will not know what’s going on. Keep the faith…God will not abandon us in our hour of need…the corrupt, crooked & racist BN Govt will lose this by-election!


    Orang Asli villages ‘barricaded’, police report lodged

    Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong lodged a police report early this morning at the Kuala Kubu Bahru district police station against what she claimed were attempts to bar voters from two Orang Asli villages from voting at the Hulu Selangor by-election.

    In her report, the Bukut Lanjan state assembly member claimed that she had received complaints from Org Asli friends that they were not able to enter their villages by ‘gangsters’ who were blocking the entrances to their settlements.

  54. UMNO/BN is really an evil, they spend million of our money just to ensure to be in power so that they may launched more more evil acts to plunder the nation wealth and to TIPU the rakyat.

  55. As long as there are no busloads of “foreigners” going to voting booths …

    As long as there are no “surprises” in the “mail votes” …

    As long as hantu tak undi …

    PR gonna win.

    But if any of the above happens … tak tau what the outcome gonna be.

  56. dear Anil,
    so many BN pppl are tweitting….why these morons are silent on orangasli barricades…buses entering into estates…..HYPOCRITES

  57. Wish you guys all the best. If this slogan can be used..”WE ARE ONE , BUT WE ARE MANY. I AM , YOU ARE, WE ARE MALAYSIANS’ Its what the kids sing here down under except that we are Australians.
    Looking forward to a new dawn in Malaysian politics.

  58. It’s time for your first ground zero report. What’s the mood like? How’s the weather holding up? Expecting to rain today? Thanks


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