Historic day as Pokok Demokrasi is officially recognised


The morning sunlight filters through the branches, lending an enchanted and mystical aura to the fabled tree

It’s official: The marble plaque beneath the Democracy Tree (Click to enlarge) Photos by Kinta Kid

Kinta Kid reports from the Democracy Tree, Ipoh:

Perak leaders gathered at the base of the ‘Democracy Tree’ this morning to officiate a plaque highlighting what transpired on 3 March 2009.

The black marble plaque with gold-plated inscription starts off with two quotes during somewhat similar episodes that occurred in France and the UK and then goes on to explain the events of the morning of 3 March:

…when 27 state assemblymen were locked out undemocratically from the house by the police and the FRU under instructions of the State Secretary… At 10.00am the Speaker of the House YB V Sivakumar then instructed the assembly to adjourn to the tree to deliberate the motions of the agenda… By 10.35am all motions were passed following full traditional procedures….

Another five raintrees were planted this morning and each sapling had a title, Amanah (Trustworthiness), Adil (Justice), Telus (Transparency), Kebajikan (Welfare) and Wibawa (Integrity).

“On 3 March, history was made. Five days later. on 8 March ada lima anak (it has five ‘children’),”  Nizar quipped, to the laughter of all present.

One for the album: Pokok demokrasi and its five saplings are already inspiring Malaysians

The ceremony was also attended by MP Lim Kit Siang and Sg Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj. All in, there would have been 300 people, mostly press and assembly members that turned up. After the ceremony though, families were already taking photos with the tree and saplings in the background.

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  1. Now this “PHD” want to chop down the trees. Isn’t this the irony of tyranny. … You arrogant BOY. It is the usual way out for tyrants, customarily rebelling against nature and Allah/GOD…

  2. lucifer had just assumed that we are all supporters of PR…he had so furiously defended himself …can’t even take a light hearted joke …maybe thats why “she” was never accepted in the first place…maybe thats why even when the alphabets “A” (Angel or does “she” means ALTATUNYA?) and “N” (Numbskull or does “she” means NAJIB?) was mentioned…”she” got so berserk and became agitated….hmmmm….ooppss…maybe it is just “her” PMS again….ahahahahah…siapa makan cili “dia” yang rasa pedas…

  3. Man of many ‘nothing’ Lucifer. Its better to know oneself where he is than not. Go ahead, make my day.You need to try harder, sweat more like you used too. By the way, don’t get 3rd party involved like susanloone’s blog. She is miles apart from you. To begin with, we don’t hide ourselves behind some funny ‘Lucifer?’ Ha ha, its like the ‘small boy’ issue. Thought I soften ur ego bit and move on. Its not about just u and I. More important things to share.
    My apology to Anil in exhibiting these exchange with this Know all Lucifer chap. I rest my peace for now.
    CL Wong

  4. CL Wong if you feel insulted by my comments you should knock yourself up from your dream. Who and what I am is established? You only saw 2 comments and you want to judge me? Good lord another “gloomy” Malaysian. Oh you are one of those …. that judge people by their names too? You are not thinking with a clear mind aren’t you? You start bashing people when you see them talking against PR and yet you have no proofs that PR has done a good job. Anyways, if you want to bash people who go against PR you should start by bashing susanloone’s blog which is the blog that triggered me to make comment about PR’s inefficiency.

    Impress my opinion? Showing off? If I want to do that I would have posted my opinion somewhere more popular and no, the purpose for sharing my opinions is to wake people up, people who have very very low experiences and knowledge just like you CL Wong, not to impress and give entertainment… I can tell you that I have sweat more than you eat rice and cookies. If you are still young and immature kid, I suggest you shut up and listen.

    Talk about insulting others, have you read the comments from the people that tried to degrade me? Do you know how to see the time and the sequences of the comments? Do you want me to teach you how to read?
    quote (CL Wong) – “insulting others, like what I’m doing to you right now”.
    You? Insulting me? Not even near feeling insulted and I am actually feeling funny and dumbfounded by the large numbers of idiots coming to me and try to anger me. LOL. Where are my “destructive comments” anyway? I was just saying PR is not doing well, “waste time to construct a useless memorial marble” and “PR so far has done nothing impressive”. Where are the destructive, aliens + beasts mixed comments, where? Are you so sensitive to the extend that just by saying you wear pink clothes is considered destructive comment? Holy Cow!!

    I’ve been watching PR doing their jobs, with my eyes, directly, face to face, looking at them, not through TV screen or computer screen. Not like you CL Wong, I assumed that you only read news from blogs, articles and TV. You didn’t even experience the real thing like talking to them and here you want to praise them as if they are your new king just like how UMNO …. lick their masters’ feet. What PR is doing right now has short-term results, but they have neglected many crucial keys for success in the long-term which is very important to reform Malaysia and Malaysian’s mindset altogether. PR may have done better than BN but better here doesn’t mean better. Of course PR cannot govern Malaysia like how other western countries govern theirs given the time they are in power, but why don’t PR learn from Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. When I say Indonesia and Thailand, I mean the good things about them. This is where Malaysian’s arrogance comes into play again. You will think “why should we learn from countries that are suck and low class compared to Malaysia” but what you have failed to see is that their people are more united than Malaysian, their cultures, attitudes and mindsets are more approachable by many, all because of the way they are educated and groomed by teachers and parents that respect others, honorable, humble and most importantly, they like to talk to people, exchange knowledge and discuss everything openly.

    Malaysian, pride themselves of being “kiaa su”(hate to lose). They wont swallow criticism without a fight, yet sometimes after the fight they still wont accept it which is very unbelievable and appalling. Wake up you babies. Putting pressure to someone not necessarily translates to ruining people’s work or demotivate them. Do you think that you can score straight As in your exam without a single pressure? Do you think that without pressure the PDRM (Polis Di Raja Malaysia) will do their work more hastily and efficiently?

    Man… you should take a look at how westerners pressure their governments. The way Malaysians pressure their government is not even 0.1% of how the westerners pressure their government. No one wants to demotivate anyone, no one is stupid to ruin people’s day. No one can be so stupid to tell the pilot of a plane to go to hell when the engine goes off and prepare for a crash landing. You? CL Wong?
    “shift their attention to serve the public and get everything to start working again, do not waste time constructing a useless memorial marble” positive pressure or negative pressure? Let the public judge and you CL Wong, shut up.

    quote (CL Wong) – “If you are in PR controled State “Down with Opposition!!”.” Isn’t this one-sided?? Anyone that doesn’t agree with PR must go down?? *shake-head. Stupid kid. Let the public judge you.

  5. I am surprised no police and watercanons were summoned to prevent the plaque from being placed and the sittle saplings planted.
    I think perhaps there is hope yet since police brute force did not go to the extent of preventing this show of the power of the people.
    It is no shame to have the assembly under a tree, it is to show the powers that be that they cannot prevent people from wanting and enacting their rights . There is no shame in the plaque , it shows that there the will of the people . Pakatan Rakyat are the people and we are the people. They did do the best job they could under very trying circumstances in Perak and in the other states

  6. Lucifer, Who and what you are has been established. Need not go around trying to impress your opinion by showing off what little you know and insulting others, like what Im doing to you right now. Its not fair and its not right. So, pls stay focus and move on?
    Constructive feedback is good but not destructive comments pls.

    All rakyat has to be patient and allow PR to do its work. The key question here is not just how much better PR can do, immediate benefits are, IT MUSN’T BE WORST, This have already been evident and proven. Look at Penang and Selangor, the savings they get from prudent spending. Mid and Long term will see improvements for sure.

    People can understand the impatient and frustration the rest of us feel but loosing one’s head and screaming out loud at the PR will not help but put on unnessary pressure for both PR and rakyat. Its only Yr 1.

    Pls stay focus everyone. What they need now is Encouragement,Lots of it!!! YES!! PR can do it! Yes! PR has done well!! Now, lets get better!!! If you are in PR controled State “Down with Opposition!!”.

  7. I apologize for my outburst of indignation, I am in rage of not getting some important messages through a few days ago, and looks like my previous comment had uncovered a few colours of Malaysians.

    First of all, I am no supporter of BN which is a government that has to be incarcerated for what it has done. Any person who has IQ more than 80 can understand this. As for people who has IQ lower than 130, you can only hope that PR will take over and govern Malaysia because you only have two choices; BN or PR. You have never or unable to think outside the box all because of your (so-called Malaysian) selfishness and arrogance or simply stupidity.

    PR so far has done nothing impressive just like what “susanloone” has written in her blog and she has to put in “I mean no offense to any PR supporters out there” WHY?? because some of you are so close-minded that you go around teasing, taunting and beating out people that do not give you sweets or do not say something that only you want to listen. Do not deny that PKR bodyguards had beaten up reporters because that was the truth, do not accuse BN for plotting a trap. BN did plant some traps but not all came from them. I have lots of ideas and suggestions that can improve PR’s way of governing a country, but I have to put it on-hold until Malaysian can start thinking more open-mindedly and accept criticisms when necessary.

    Oh… and I am not going to let these little lucifers (gloomy, kenny, joshua) get away scot-free. I’ll start with Joshua. I’m not going to go hard on you Joshua because I know you are a good guy but hey you start talking about god just because of the name I put here. I did not even think about it when I picked a name. I just picked a temporary identity to make a comment that’s it. You better go say sorry to god.

    Kenny. Hard core BN supporter? How low can human go? People who support BN are literally insane with limited intelligence which prevents them from climbing up a one metre well.

    Where do you stand Kenny? hmmmm…

    Gloomy… what a name. If your limited IQ only permits you to assumed that I am one of Mr.N’s … I feel sorry for you because with that IQ of yours, no employers will ever give you a good job assuming that there is even one that suits you. Please respect a person that has “pass-on”, do you really think Ms A likes to visit people in their dream?

    quote (gloomy) – “I just hope the is really something called ghost….so that Ms A will come into your dreams and take you back to where you belong to…hahahahhaa”
    I suggest that you go back primary school to re-educate yourself and stop watching so many cartoons.

  8. Can’t help but to take a cheap free pot shot for a cheap comment by cheap devil “Lucifer”. The devil usually knows only one thing, that is to cast doubts and divide people in the house of common.
    Whatever Anil stood for, its the fruit that tells the root. Fortunately Lucifer have its tree planted upside down showing off its roots for all to see. Bless You and may you remain where you are for human and God sake.

  9. I hope the tree will not die of shame that Perak has been made the laughing stock of the world. And that marble plaque will be its tombstone.

  10. it’ll definitely be a very famous tourist spot. no doubt about it


  11. Sorry to digress from topic.

    My view is that the real Lucifer (chief angel of God before being…er…booted/cast out from Heaven?) only wanted his/her powers to equal that of God’s, and not I think, to be “like God”.

    I could be wrong of course but I think that had angelic Lucifer merely wanted to be another God, God would not have minded at all.

    Now does that fall within the ambit of that manipulative man-made definition called “blasphemy” and which is, as we all know, the more religious sibling of that other secular one called “sedition”?

    I know it’s the ISA for one and, although not sure of course, isn’t it excommunication and damnation in that afterlife called eternal hell for the other belief? Smile.

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  12. wuahahahah
    Man proposes
    God disposes
    He also disposed Lucifer…
    Lucifer, you could have just called yourself ‘god’ coz Lucifer wanted to be God…

    Pokok Demokrasi! What a name! Marble plaque or no marble plaque, the generations to come will remember always remember ‘March Three’ under the tree.

  13. Lucifer, you said you’re starting to lose confidence in PR govt. I suspect you’re a hard core BN supporter who never had any confidence in PR in the first place.

  14. lucifer…what a name…and what nice language that you used…your name…your language suits just those who are with that N guy….or maybe you are just another ghost of that N….I just hope the is really something called ghost….so that Ms A will come into your dreams and take you back to where you belong to…hahahahhaa

  15. believe me, the trees (could) be uprooted soon…. reason?

    no locus standi!

    The water cannons (could) be on standby as the goons do their dirty work. For good measure, it (could) be legalised by an intellectually challenged person who happens to be on probational duty.

    … wither you trees like the constitution being trampled by power crazy and corrupt politicans.

  16. I hope someone watches over these trees. Otherwise, they could be killed by the very people who killed democracy in Perak on 3 March 2009.

  17. This gotta be some kind of a joke.

    instead of shifting their attention to serve the public and get everything to start working again, they waste time to construct a useless memorial marble for that tree?

    I’m starting to lose confidence on PR government.

    and for **** sake do not keep deleting my comments just because they go against your ****ing ideas Anil. You are starting to act like BN government that single-handily destroyed freedom of speech.

    Hey, if I ever deleted your comments, they must have been really terrible – or it could have been deleted by the automatic spam filter because it thought it contained x-rated material or language! Critical views are more than welcome. – Anil

  18. I don’t know if it sybolises the rotten state of our democracy or not but the tree looks a bit unhealthy. Someone should see to it that it is pruned and perhaps some top soil to nurse it to health. I get the feeling that some (people) will cut it down just to spite the opposition.


    It is now left for the other Pakatan Rakyat members – whether Parti Keadilan Rakayat, Parti Tindakan Democratik or Parti Islam – to plant the seedling of this particular tree in every state where they operate.

    Let this seedling of democracy grow into the giant tree that it promises to be and let it provide the shade for all Malaysian democrats from Perlis to Sabah.

    Preventing the Perak elected representatives from meeting must remain the wrong throw of the dice for the Barisan Nasional.

    The rakyat jelata must wake up and take note before it is too late for ordinary citizens to do anything.


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