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Live – Anti-GST Workers’ Day rally in Butterworth

A Workers’ Day gathering is scheduled to begin at 10.00am in Butterworth. Workers are expected to register their opposition to the impending Goods and Services Tax. I hope to bring you some live updates.


Solemn farewell for Karpal Singh’s loyal assistant Michael Cornelius

  • Michael Cornelius farewell
  • paying respects to Michael Cornelius

Over 200 people turned up to bid farewell to the late Karpal Singh’s personal assistant, Michael Cornelius Jayakrishnan, who perished in the road accident along with his employer. (more…)


Tribute to Irene Fernandez

Irene Fernandez passed away today from heart failure at the age of 67. Details of the wake and funeral service below.

Irene Fernandez

In James 5:4, it is written: “Can you hear crying out against you the wages which you kept back from the labourers mowing your fields? The cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord Sabaoth.” (more…)