This time it is jualan murah!

During the last general election campaign in 2013, many residents of Penang Island made a beeline for free dinners, even free beer, dished out almost every night, each time at different locations on the island.

This time, even before the election campaign, ‘excitement’ is in the air once again as folks in Permatang Pauh on mainland Penang turned up for a jualan murah (cheap sale) (see video above), which Umno is touting as a service to the people. (Is it just a coincidence that Nurul Izzah may be contesting in Permatang Pauh in the general election?)

An Umno rep there says the lower prices are possible as they are bypassing the middlemen and obtaining supplies directly from agencies.

This is amazing as even hypermarket Mydin has said it could not sustain the Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia programme (KR1M), or the 1Malaysia People’s Shop, where it tried to keep prices low. Full article on Aliran website