Tanjung Tokong, Gurney Drive land reclamation

Gurney Drive today - Photograph by a concerned Penang resident

Never mind that the tunnel controversy continues to rage on and the tunnel project is only expected to be completed in 2027, the relentless reclamation along the Tanjung Tokong and Gurney Drive coastline continues.

In the distance, you can see the first part of the 760-acre island taking shape, and in the foreground, the 131-acre Gurney Drive reclamation, which would include large-scale property development on reclaimed land in front of Gurney Plaza.

As I blogged before:

From what I gather, the 131 acres for Gurney Wharf comprises:

60 acres – ‘Park’ ie green strips running parallel to the highway
18 acres – Eight-lane highway
20 acres – ‘Government reserve’ land (for Wellness City project?)
4 acres – ‘Government reserve’ land
8 acres – (Next to government reserve) ‘Future use’ including underground car park
21 acres – Others (not sure what this is for – for Wellness City project?)
131 acres

I can only wonder how they are going to sell all that property given the damp property market these days.

The state government should also clarify whether new reclaimed land is going to be leasehold or freehold and on what legal grounds.

And who bears the long-term cost of any dredging that might be necessary as a result of this project?

A couple of residents – one at Tanjung Tokong and another at Gurney Drive – have complained to me about the noisy reclamation work – and the smell at the end of Gurney, close to where the tunnel is supposed to be.

Meanwhile, the Gurney Drive seafront continues to be caged up by strong metal fencing – a metaphor suggesting that we are somehow locked inside these grandiose ‘development’ plans.