Blog reader Ah Chuan shares his memories of Sungai Ara.


I am Penang born and I have migrated to another country for over 25 years. I am a technical consultant for a leading Bank.

I can still remember vividly living in Sungai Ara hills with my grandmother in the early sixties and seventies. There were no proper roads leading up the hills except a jungle path with stepping rocks and gravel.

There was no electricity at that time and we used to burn a type of carbide and kerosene lamps for night light.

We got water supply from a water source up in the hill and used bamboo sticks as a pipeline to supply water to the house for cooking and bathing.

The hills were surrounded with rubber trees amidst which my mother worked as a rubber tapper; also there were plenty of fruit trees.

I miss Sungai Ara hills very much and I hope it stays as beautiful forever.

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