Old Penang: The Sook Ching massacres of World War II


More than 5000 people were massacred in Penang under “a purge through cleansing” by Japanese forces during World War II and their bodies buried in mass graves including the site of the Rifle Range flats, Bukit Dumbar, Batu Ferringhi and Coombe Hill (the site of the former Teachers’ Training College/the present Recsam premises). A National Geographic team interviews World War II survivors and local historians.

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  1. Talking about sufferings of human beings as the results of greed, temptations, hatred etc, i recommend you all to watch this 2011 movie called Samsara. It highlights the root cause for all those evil things on earth and how we can live in peace and more fulfilled just being SIMPLE.


    wiki : Samsara is a 2011 documentary film, directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson, who also collaborated on Baraka (1992), a film of a similar vein. Samsara was filmed over four years in 25 countries around the world. It was shot in 70 mm format and output to digital format. The film premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and received a limited release in August 2012.

    • Thank you for the link and good video.
      Yes, be contented with what you have is the way to curb sufferings.
      Stay away from materialism, you cannot bring your possessions to afterlife.

  2. And the worst is the govt in trying to please some extremist, it is trying to rewrite history by making some to disappear.

  3. I reckon that we should communicate with sr citizens to know of the Malaya REAL HISTORY.
    I heard vivid recounts from different senior citizens – retired educationists, professions, etc.
    Source: breakfast-time gerai.

    These “genuine narrators” will not be with us for a looong time.. so make hay while the sun shines.

    • Yes, we have to record our real history, the people’s history, especially from oral traditions, before they completely disappear. And yes, a good source would be the senior citizens.

      Also take photographs of historical sites and places before they are swallowed up by property development.

      • We all are living in the present. Bombarded by many modern day distractions that seek to satisfy, coax, influence & change our present senses of permeable perceptions, reasons or even reality (e.g. what’s there may not be real, what’s imagined may be true). Too busied by these distractions, our minds tend to dilute the essence of what, when, why & how of past events that collectively shaped the world to this day.

        History is one purpose of capturing what’s actually happened (in truth) that we can learn from. But history could also be changed at the stroke of a pen or by a zealous mission of spinning or misinformation / misinterpretation or be rendered irrelevant thro’ mere apathy / indifference for the sake of modern day conveniences & instant gratification of ‘me-now’ – why take the trouble?

        Don’t you feel why time flies so fast now compared to the times of the 50s & 60s? And why we can’t even capture the moments – the essence of our own recent history (the last 40 yrs), notwithstanding the past 300 yrs of recorded history of Malay Archipelago.
        B’cos we don’t live the moment but are so preoccupied with – money makes the world go round, social status, Bing Chui, office politics, poor health >>> expensive health-care insurance, traffic jams, Kia Su, etc.
        Do remember each one of us has our own unique individual history – long, short, good or bad: & not just eat, eat, eat & forget (that’s one unhealthy>selfish aspect of individualistic post-modern lifestyle). Individual history, that from a social species, collectively influences the passage of time – that shapes & makes the world go round the past 6,000 yrs since Adam & Eve.

        Imagine a world without history, not even a second of being aware.
        That’s not life at all.

      • Anil, good intentions, but relying entirely on the memories of senior citizens who were supposed to be eyewitnesses is still dangerous in the Malaysian context. From interviewing dozens of senior citizens, once I ask them in-depth questions, they start contradicting themselves and sometimes even retracting their original premise (!) and sheepishly admitting they actually heard the story from other people and only merged the accounts together! Getting someone like Robert David is rare. He was already an adult when he witnessed the Japanese atrocities and he understood what he was witnessing. You would find that many of the living witnesses today were young children during WW2, and lacked the background knowledge to make full sense of what they were witnessing. All eyewitness accounts should be corroborated by documentary evidence.

  4. That’s where you are wrong! If you don’t learn from history you are doom to repeat the same mistake again. What the Japs did were abhorrent beyond human comprehension. Maybe its God way of punishing them with the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

  5. Its not about past is past. It about learning from history to make sure that it does not happen again. Let us not make history repeat itself again and again. We have seen how corruption, lies and deceits of its leaders can destroy a nation. Let us get rid of these people before its too late.

    We cannot just live on with Brim 3. Let us make sure athat the people do not keep relying on crutches and after that complain that the people such as the Malays are so poor that they cannot catch up just like that idiot Perkoosa leader Iboham who has been harping on the issues day and night. Let us make sure that the people especially the Malays and Indian can stand up with dignity and said that I can do it and rely on myself not crutches. OMOO keep giving crutches to make sure that these people continue to rely on them. Let us get rid of the deceit, lies and corruption and not let history repeat itself..

  6. WWII Japanese brutally tortured and killed thousands of Malaysians (Malays etc) and KITA MUDAH LUPA ?
    These 40’s & 50’s Japanese very cruel and some say worst than Komunis Malaya; and hence the latter fought against them to protect the villages from massacre.
    However, our Perkoso demonise Chin Peng yet ironically love LOOK EAST to support Japanese products ???
    Don’t know what is the true justice ?

  7. The past is past. No point harping on past thingies unless you have some hidden agenda. People now not only accepted the peace agreement but also already moving into new chapters long long ago. When talking about war, the ancient China had more war than any others. The point is valuing peace and moving on from terrible mistake of war and aggression.

    I see lots of people embracing the Japanese culture eg using and learning Japanese language, idolising Japanese animation (Totoro, anyone ???), adult drama and movie, even interracial marriage with the Japanese. Japanese girls are patently beautiful. Also given a choice when the pricing is not an issue, lots of Malaysians will prefer Toyota/Honda over Proton/Perodua. Who cares about WWII when picking a Toyota/Honda ???

    Life goes on with BR1M 3.0 is coming soon. Let’s moving forward ~

  8. My late dad who was an ex-Chung Ling High School student spoke of how the Japanese took out the school year book and started rounding up the students .. for interrogation and eventual execution if found “guilty”..

    He had just completed his Senior Middle Three Exam then.. terrible times indeed.. with real terror in the air.. 🙁


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