Save Pulau Jerejak from ‘redevelopment’ #SaveJerejak


Penang Forum is concerned to hear about extensive ‘redevelopment’ plans for Pulau Jerejak, a prized natural asset and green lung for the state.

It was only in May that Penang state exco member Phee Boon Poh had reportedly assured the public that Pulau Jerejak would be gazetted as a permanent forest reserve.

Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd (TIRSB) has reportedly entered into a joint-venture agreement with Q Islands Development Sdn Bhd (QID)to redevelop the Jerejak Rainforest Resort & Spa and the 80 acres of land owned by TIRSB on the 895-acre island. Q Islands Development Sdn Bhd is reportedly a subsidiary of Ideal Property Group.

Ideal Property is currently involved in the RM2.2bn Queens Waterfront project (near Queensbay Mall facing Pulau Jerejak) on a 36.5-acre site (including 25 acres of land presently being reclaimed). Ideal Property also holds a 20 per cent stake in SRS Consortium, which has come up with a RM46bn transport infrastructure proposal for Penang.

TIRSB, a 51:49 joint-venture between UDA Holdings Bhd and PDC, had previously appointed a firm to manage the resort from 2004 until the resort closed in May 2016. Uda will eventually control 100 per cent of TIRSB.

Under the new joint venture agreement with QID, the operations of the resort will be handed over to QID, the subsidiary of Ideal Property. The state government must be accountable and explain how Ideal Property has come into this agreement to ‘redevelop’ Pulau Jerejak.

We take issue with the state Town and Country Planning Department (JPBD) for including several representatives from Ideal Property and Gamuda (both parties in SRS Consortium) in a 27 June planning workshop to review and streamline the draft Penang Island Local Plan. Why were they included? What about public participation in the review process?

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The redevelopment masterplan, reportedly approved by the state government, includes luxury hotels, a bridge linking Pulau Jerejak to the main island, 1,200 homes, a marina, a theme park and an 11.5km round-island cycling track.

Given the pledge to gazette the island as a permanent forest reserve, we are shocked to hear about this extensive ‘redevelopment’ for the following reasons:

The public should have been consulted before the agreement for such a mega project was signed. When was this done?

Shouldn’t there be a detailed environmental impact assessment for an area of this magnitude (80 acres)? Where is it? Who carried out the study? Was it put on public display?

Is this development proposal in conformity with the gazetted Penang Structure Plan, which is the legal planning blueprint currently in force? If it is not, it may be challenged in court.

If PDC is exiting the deal, this would be another case of handing over a public asset, part of The Commons, to private interests to reap huge profits. Why are we surrendering such a natural treasure?

In any case, do we really need more luxury hotels and expensive homes in Penang at a time when the high-end property market is slowing and experiencing an oversupply?

Save Pulau Jerejak; preserve it as a green lung for Penang.

Penang Forum steering committee
9 November 2016

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    • If not jungle and rustic where their citizens under NS can get world class military training and jungle environment? Makaysia?

      • Pulau Ubin also got Orang Bunian. Mau jumpa mereka kah?
        Fact: Pulau Ubin is one of the top places in SingLand to go for fishing as well as jumpa Cik Pon (Pontianak). There is a nocturnal legend of a small British girl who died in Pulau Ubin & often wanders near a lakeside. But Cik Pon is more terrifying than the small girl!

        Malam, Malam. Jika kau rasa ada bau cukup wangi, lebih baik simpan joran & balik segera! Jangan nanti Cik Pon sampai!!!

  1. Penang Gerakan demands transparency on Pulau Jerejak deal

    GEORGE TOWN, Nov 11 — Penang Gerakan Acting Youth Chief Jason Loo today claimed the state government has secretly sold its share in Tropicana Island Resort Sdn Bhd (TIRSB) held by the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) to UDA Holdings Bhd.

    Claiming that PDC could have obtained a better price for the land in Pulau Jerejak, Loo questioned why an open tender was not called for the 49 per cent stake in TIRSB.

    “If there was an open tender, which are the companies that had participated in this and how much did UDA offer to get the shares?” he asked.

    TIRSB was a joint-venture company set up between UDA and PDC, with the former holding 51 per cent shares to develop 80 acres of Pulau Jerejak, a small island off Penang island.

    Loo also asked why PDC did not buy out UDA, despite previous claims by the state government that it would do so.

    He then accused the state government of deceiving voters with promises to gazette the forest reserve on the island that covers 295ha first made in 2009.

    Yesterday, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said his administration planned to gazette the forest reserve once the state settled the development plan for the island.

    Loo today pointed out that the development plan for the 32.3ha island does not affect the forest reserve portion so it should not hamper the gazetting process.

    “Why is the chief minister linking the gazetting of the forest reserve to the development plan? Unless he has plans to also develop the forest reserve, there was no reason to wait till they settle the plan to gazette the forest reserve,” he said.

    Yesterday, Penang Gerakan chairman Teng Chang Yeow also questioned the Penang state government on the development plans for the island.

    Lim had responded that the development will be undertaken by UDA Holdings and since it is a federal agency, he told Teng to question the federal government instead.

    • Gerakan have not done anything to benefit the average income Penangites during its reign.
      So please do not try to be hero here.

    • GEORGE TOWN – Pengerusi Barisan Nasional (BN) Pulau Pinang, Teng Chang Yeow diberi tempoh sehingga hari Isnin ini bagi mengemukakan bukti bahawa Ketua Menteri menolak usahasama transaksi Pulau Jerejak yang berpotensi meraihkan keuntungan RM220 juta pada 2013.
      Ketua Menteri, Y.A.B. Tuan Lim Guan Eng ketika ditemui selepas merasmikan Program Pendidikan Kebudayaan dan Warisan (CHEP) di Lebuh Kimberly berkata, beliau sebelum ini telahpun meminta supaya Chang Yeow menunjukkan bukti bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Harapan Pulau Pinang melalui Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang (PDC) menolak transaksi melibatkan pembangunan kawasan seluas 80 ekar di Pulau Jerejak.
      “Saya minta Teng (Chang Yeow) tunjukkan bukti…tapi nampaknya media massa tidak berminat.
      “Saya berasa sedikit hampa, walaupun saya minta supaya kenyataan saya (sebelum ini) disiarkan, tetapi media massa di Pulau Pinang tidak berminat mencari kebenaran.
      “Sekiranya kami (Pakatan Harapan) diminta tunjukkan bukti, media massa akan siarkan, tapi bila minta Pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang tunjuk bukti, media massa tak mau siarkan,” ujarnya yang mengulangi tempoh masa diberikan kepada Chang Yeow.
      Jelas Guan Eng, pembangunan di Pulau Jerejak bukan diluluskan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Harapan, sebaliknya diluluskan semasa pentadbiran Kerajaan BN pada tahun 1997 dan 2001.

  2. Now I am very upset each time I see the Ideal Property name on the roundabout!

    I will not vote for DAP in the next election.
    I will get my friend o do likewise.
    This could be Waterloo for Pakatan in Penang.
    Suddenly Gerakan has become a lesser evil!

    • Very good with UDAng, gilakan will be forced to developed more if there is real power … Then Penang forum had to content with gilakan amno in power. Penang forum try to bark more? Penang lang no brainier. How many has stepped into pulau jerejak? It is better for them to develop the black dot island than to touch the main island. Let them do what they want and leave main island alone
      You want to go to pulau jerejak? What is there,? To be bitten by mosquitoes and get dengue or zika? Food and drinks will be expensive as transport fees to be added.

    • Be careful, some don’t like their CAT Hero kena hantam for a reason!
      One Hero is all they care to worship, also ‘it’ can do no wrong.
      Hope their generations will sweat buying a house in Penang.

  3. I suspect it could be redeveloped as ‘retirement village’ for the rich and those foreigners who make Penang their second home for retirement.

    • japs stupid to conquer se asia buy starting world war. china smart by being rich. conquer by buying land. even our kl airbase as being bought over by china.
      what can you do if do not have $¥£€ to pay fot bus fare? still want to take bus? WALK! or depends on charity thumb a lift.

    • Now you realised Niao Kong’s penchants!
      Better be objective than to worship blindly!
      Think for your future generations.

    • Remember MAS will have direct flights for Penang-Shanghai and Penang-Shenzhen from next year.
      Expect more PRC Chinese to come to Penang, to buy properties or to retire comfortably with their black money.

  4. What happened to Wet World Wild (WWW) water theme park in Batu Ferringhi?
    Has not the CAT gomen learnt a lesson?
    Still meowing for another theme park?
    Furthermore, can a small island such as Pulau Jerejak physically support such ‘playground’, logistically & still being environmentally sustainable from huge daily human footprints & their waste by-products?
    This is truly Absolute Vodka Madness of Niao Kong on the verge of development suicide – all in the craze for Money & political portfolio.
    Time to exorcise this Deity to where ‘it’ came from comes GE!

  5. Come clean on Pulau Jerejak development plans, BN tells Penang
    GEORGE TOWN, Nov 10 — The Penang state government should reveal its full development plans for Pulau Jerejak, Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Teng Chang Yeow said today.

    The Penang Gerakan chairman said the recent UDA Holdings Bhd’s announcement of plans to build residential units and a bridge to link the resort island were not the initial plans for the small island.

    “The previous Barisan Nasional state had identified the whole back bone of the island to be gazetted as a forest reserve and only allowed the fringes of the island for development of eco-tourism,” he said.

    He said the original plan was only to develop an eco-friendly resort and to keep the island as natural as possible so as not to affect the forest reserve.

    “Even then, UDA had wanted to build residential buildings and we had rejected their application because we wanted to keep the island car-free and free from other pollution,” he said.

    Two days ago, UDA Holdings announced in a statement that it had entered into a joint-venture agreement with Q Islands Development Sdn Bhd to redevelop Jerejak Rainforest Resort and Spa.

    They also planned to build a mixed development project on the 32.3ha (80 acres) of land surrounding the resort that will include 1,200 residential units, a theme park, a marina, hotels and a cycling track.

    According to UDA Holdings, the Penang state government had already approved redevelopment master plan and that work is expected to start in late 2017.

    Teng said the construction of a bridge will only mean cars will be going into the island that will cause noise and air pollution and affect the pristine forests on the island.

    He also questioned the Penang state government in the delay of gazetting the forest reserve on the island that covers 295ha.

    Back in 2007, the state legislative assembly passed an enactment for 80 per cent of Pulau Jerejak to be gazetted as a permanent forest reserve.

    “Till today, the current state government has not gazetted the forest reserve, why are they delaying it? Is the delay caused by any plan to redevelop Pulau Jerejak?” he asked.

    Teng had also pointed out that initially, Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and UDA Holdings set up a joint-venture company, Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd, with a 49:51 share to develop the island.

    “Now UDA had announced that it is taking over 100 per cent of the share so we want to know what happened to the 49 stakes held by PDC,” he said.

    Later, when asked to respond, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Teng should be asking UDA for the details of the project.

    “UDA is under the federal government, he is part of the federal government, why don’t he ask the federal government?” Lim said in a brief press conference.

    He said the island will remain car-free despite a residential project and the bridge that was planned for it.

    “There are other modes of transport like buggies and electric motorbikes so it will remain car-free,” he told reporters at the PDC Deepavali celebration today.

    He confirmed that PDC sold off its stake in Tropical Island Resort to UDA and that it was a government-to-government agreement between the Penang state government and UDA Holdings.

    “We definitely made back a lot more by selling it to them, we will announce the figure in a statement tomorrow,” he said.

    As for the permanent forest reserve, Lim said it will be gazetted once the whole agreement with UDA is settled.

    “We will gazette it once everything else is settled,” he said.

    (So, it’s still all about “Got Money, Can Even Sell Grandmother”! What a … recalcitrant CAT).

    • Lim Guan Eng has asked Gerakan not to pretend that they do not know about the transaction for Pulau Jerjak.

      Lim said, “The sale of Pulau Jerjak 51% to UDA was approved by the previous Gerakan state government. Penang through PDC only has 49% shares. We want to save the situation. How do we solve the problem? UDA is Federal Government. PDC doesn’t have majority control. The Federal Government wants to develop and make us an offer of more than what we can get. Once the whole thing is done, we can gazette the area as forest reserve.”

      Members of the media told the CM that Gerakan claimed that the island will not be car-free with the development. “Building a bridge still can be car-free. We can have other types of transportation like the electric motorbikes, buggies and bicycles. It is an alternative lifestyle. It can still be car-free,” Lim asserted.

      He further added, “This is a Federal project. Fifty one percent of Pulau Jerjak is owned by UDA. If another company show interest to us, it is different. UDA is involved, and we get more than we expect which will be paid over 8 years.”

      Lim said, “We want to resolve the problem of an abandoned project. Who created the problem? The Federal. Who resolve it ? Pakatan. For example, Komtar was abandoned. Who rehabilitate Komtar?”

      Lim assured members of the press that a full statement will be issued tomorrow with the full details of the transaction and value. “This is definitely done in the interest of Penangites. The main thing is we limit the development to what was given by the previous government. The Penang state will gazette the area as forest reserves,” he reiterated.

      He also challenged Gerakan, “If BN is not happy, ask them to ask the BN government. Gerakan is part of the coalition, the decision was made by UMNO, so don’t pretend that they do not know it is a BN coalition’s decision. Why attack us?”

  6. Check with your buddies about Pulau Jerejak, Guan Eng tells BN

    So, this Niao Kong is trying to say this Pulau Jerejak development is initially BN’s & is beyond control?
    That ‘it’ has to go along with it, more so to reward the contract to ‘it’s’ favourite developer?
    And what is PDC’s role as a state gomen arm doing, to go along as per opportunistic penchant of CAT?
    What a load of s… to preach Greener & Cleaner Penang when ‘it’ is an opportunist to ‘piggy-ride’ on BN unpalatable development plan for Pulau Jerejak.
    Ini lu cakap UBAH? Nyiamak..
    Cakap tak serupa bikin!
    Karma is watching you.

  7. From Botak hills, reclaimed coastal seas & now a small island not spared.
    The extent of thirst for uncontrolled & unsustainable development is beyond belief.
    This Niao Kong will someday pay for all these unpalatable development which brought about environmental disasters & loss of earnings to coastal fishermen. Not to mention the loss of species of Nature which ‘it’ as an animal itself couldn’t see the value for long term sustainability of people, nature & land.
    Karma is waiting to strike this CAT.

    • no worries as long belum is not sudah still a place for refuge. not happy? go there often and drown your sorrow. stay put there

    • Why many kampong folks leave their close to natural jungle for concrete jungle. Why those in concrete jungle bark and snap when they can trade places with kampong folks. Country folk are deserting countryside at an alarming rate. Please go and reverse the trend otherwise homo sapiens will become extinct in countryside. Less countryside people more animals will flourish.

  8. Poor Penangites witnessing playgrounds for the rich sprouting out in every corner of the island. Simply depressing if you do not have the money to join the elites?

    • also why the loudest blamer dont blame owners selling heritage to singland and hongland? only blame buyers? just because tokong buy bung alow so now blame buy ers?

    • poor and free things from gomen? go back to days of old mao and meow. they tried the great leap and fail until deng comes. now china in short time sent spacemen and start to build space station.
      in china old people gets concessions when for you as foreigners. are you at retired age? here you can always go to pg hill as you get concession if you are a retiree but not when you are taking ferries or to visit pulau jerejak. anyway are public ferries to pulau jerejak?

    • If you are a Penangite, you should have realised earlier.
      This Niao Kong is not what ‘it’ claimed ‘it’ is.

    • why dont ask buy ers the developers? what is their plans dizzyland or treetop house no need to go to belum

  9. It has already premeditated long before hand by Ideal group in that Pulau Jerejak project.
    It’s not wrong to say Penang’s DAP govt is highly pro-developers than its people’s welfare !

    • DAP will lose votes over this issue in the coming GE.
      The average income folks in Penang are not amused that Penang is now being developed for the rich to enjoy at the expense of environment and the poor folks.

      • then what development you have in mind? silence means no ideas. education? opposition cannot officiate in sek kebangsahan. many are control by the commonwealth gomen.

      • Hassan, not the time for knee-jerk reaction.
        Is this the type of CAT development that we want?
        Quietly contemplate this issue in the absence of ‘noise’ of some Knee-Jerks.
        If not for yourself, at least for your next generation.

      • There will be more development. The real power is no gilakan … Anil admitted gilakan give land and sold land chrip chrip when they are in power. Look at how British sold raffles place for rm1 and gilakan sold it off. better to have gilakan in power and see if pg forum forum more worried and dr lim may be replaced.

    • if there are buyers then penang should be proud. look china fsctory production is down and there sre few buyers. the factories cannot incessantly keep producing if there is no demand. lucky malaysians are rich except penang woner dap state gomen s doing somwthing. please ask some shiek to donate like top official

      • The next manifesto by any political party for the coming state election must clearly define the new vision for Penang as MNCs are closing their factories in Penang (eg. Seagate will be history in Penang after 22 June 2017) as to what kind of new jobs and industries that could sustain jobs and prevent outflow of young Penangites to KL or Singapore for jobs.

  10. People have choice. Don’t like one can go to belum and live in tree tops rather than to press hard against glass window. Mega cities? Penang just become a city and for mega city wait for a thousand years

  11. A ride in hell? An up-close look at real life in megacities
    “It’s horrific” says photographer Michael Wolf, describing scenes from his “Tokyo Compression” photo series.
    The images — nameless faces pressed up against windows, their expressions frozen in visible discomfort, the glass around them wet with condensation — are snapshots of everyday commuter life for many of Tokyo’s residents.

    Michael Wolf:
    “There are cities around the world that are planned more sensibly. There is rent control, there is city planning, there are height limits to buildings.
    The issue is that in some cosmopolitan cities, there is more interest in progress than in the people who live there. It seems to me like everyone is too greedy, regardless of how this greed affects normal people, and essentially in the end they’re harming themselves.
    Progress can be positive, but it has to be done properly”.

    “I want people to wonder: is it worth it to live like this?”

  12. news break. fmt reported in uk tram become turtle. Many killed and 50 injured. worst than bus accident.

    Playing Hide & Seek with such an important state plan + guide for controlled + responsible + sustainable development is highly repugnant of a state gomen loud-speaking its holier-than-thee CAT Mantras on others at every opportunity.
    Unless DAP ala Developers’ Associated Politicians is hiding unpalatable slippery development intentions from concerned Penangites until the first hour of publicity becomes irreversible. ‘Accountable’ – my foot!
    Note: The majority of public has not seen the extent of dire damages to Ground Zero Botak Hill due to irresponsible entities & sandiwaras of state gomen to play the fool with us.
    (The photographic exposure of environmental crimes will come in due time).

    Pulau Jerejak is the next playground of greedy-not-enough developers.
    Kindly, with a-dare-to-defy-Penangites admit it, Developers’ Associated Politicians (DAP).

  14. Penang Forum can be a true champion of the people if they can get developers to build walkways along the perimeter of the Jerejak exclusive to commoners.

    • Pulau Jerejak, if developed, should cater for the leisure escapade for commoners, and not become the exclusive area for the rich. OK for a theme park so long as its admission tickets are affordable for Penang commoners.

      • You got a point. Unfortunately the developers are eyeing the rich for such project. The poor can look at Jerejak, from Queensbay Mall, with envy in the future as the place would be too expensive for them to set foot there.

      • You think Niao Kong will listen?
        From PTMP to hill side rezoning to land swapping + sea reclamation, nothing’s changed in Komtar’s plan for frenzied development.
        ‘It’ got 9-lives top play the fool with Penang, we don’t have that luxury!

      • you want to go there for what? you can drive or kapchai to there. or show you are a channel swimmer. no rapid boat like rapid bus. pg ferries sure close shop early just to ferry few people. if everyone goes there. pf and tun lang will write pulau will over populated.more homo sampiens than monkees.

  15. Why save Pulau Jerajak ? With Ideal Property’s world class experience in resort development with many such projects in the past that we can look and see first hand their experience, surely Penangites are in good hands. Add on to that their world class expertise in transportation having built transport systems all around the world, which no doubt qualified them to be part of the SRS transport system which won the Penang Transport Masterplan scheme, no need to worry.


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