Sicko, ‘Health Care America’ and Apco


Did you know that Apco was created in 1984 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Washington, DC-based law firm of Arnold & Porter?

Now, it has been reported, Apco played a behind-the-scenes role in the debate over universal health care vs private health care/private health insurance in the United States.

When award-winning film-maker Michael Moore came out with the acclaimed documentary Sicko advocating universal health care for all, the health insurance industry in the United States panicked.

Enter ‘Health Care America’, a front organisation set up to churn out propaganda to counter Moore’s documentary. This organisation was touted as a consumer health care group and quoted by the New York Times and other publications and the media. But who was actually behind Health Care America?

Democracy Now! interviews a health insurance industry whistle-blower here. Notice his mention of Apco.

Now, go to Source Watch to find ‘Bill Pierce’ listed as a media contact for ‘Health Care America’.

And then, meet William Pierce on the Apco Worldwide website here.

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  1. Want to know why health care insurance industry want you insured?
    Reason: Spiralling health care costs. Ditto?
    It depends on what is the TRUTH or hanky-panky behind it.

    Insurance agents would want you insured to the max of your earning ability’s disposable income based on this ONE reason – spiraling health care costs.
    BIG QUESTION: Why is health care cost spiraling? Why spiraling so fast?

    Increases in specialists’ salaries, pharmacists’ salaries, nurses’ salaries, clerks’ salaries, medicines, Medicare, ambulance vehicle costs and maintenances, TV sets, meals, toilet rolls, dustbins, plants, death cert claims, etc, etc.?

    But the rate of increase in medical charges is still mind boggling to say the least. And these increases go hand in hand with health insurance costs! Now, which is increasing in the first place? This is suspicious and beyond the layman’s understanding who continues to pay thro’ his nose beyond what he actually will benefit from health care insurances. Imagine if you are greedy for being well insured and buy more than one health care insurance policy.

    The insurance agent will say his company helpfully pays for all the claims we incurred, so it is fair to charge at a ‘nominal’ rate. But he will not tell you that in any claim, your coming insurance premiums will be ‘adjusted’ higher. Even for those who don’t claim at all, their premiums will still be adjusted! Now who is on the losing end. We dunggu think by claiming on our health insurance(s), we don’t have to pay excessively in the long run? Get your calculator.
    The specialist hospitals. The first thing you get admitted, they will ask if you are insured. What a strange question you might think. And of course you have to pay a deposit. Now don’t be too happy if you are insured to their knowledge. The hidden fact is your profitable bill will be at exponentially higher charges. If you don’t believe, the next time get a friend admitted on no insurance claim. See the exponential differences at much lower rates!

    The above 2 examples of a HIGHLY POSSIBLE work-hand-in-hand industries (insurance companies and specialist hospitals) stink like nobody’s business. No wonder these industries can prosper even during recession times. If you are sick or injured and get admitted into private hospitals, be prepared to pay exponentially high charges regardless whether time is bad or wonderful! The reason is spiraling health costs.

    My ONE suspicion is this:
    Everyone needs health care in his/her lifetime. These ‘bus-egg-tards’ know for sure and to create a spiraling costs effect base on the FEAR FACTOR (Spiraling health care costs) will ensure legitimate continuing increases without decreases in health care costs and the merry go round insurance costs. To say which causes which is needless as they are in the same steam. The more you claim on health insurances, the better for these 2 bandits.

    Still want to know why spiraling health care costs?
    Get a health care insurance and get admitted into a private / specialist hospital.

  2. You can fool some of the people some of the time.
    But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    • The problem is how many of us care or dare to dig out the truth?
      Most would prefer to be ‘chin chai’ (being ignorantly indifferent) than to take the trouble to fight for one’s consumer rights.
      The high percentages of timid ignorant consumers would encourage any wayward insurance and health care industry to indignantly leech us dry of our money, savings and lives.

      Michael Moore is the few exception – a thorn in the side of insurance and health care industry.

  3. Off topic Anil but please follow up on the plight of K. Selvach Santhiran (please check spelling), the brave soul who would have stood witness to another sad case of a detainee meeting his maker while under custody.

    It has been almost a week now, the poor bloke being abducted in front of the entire family, while breaking news as of now, has Selvach being placed under 60 day detention (emergency ordinance).

    We can only suspect the worse, –

    Whatever the case, such brazen act of intimidation must be STOPPED – no matter, the media silence – the IGP, Home Minister, Chief Police Officer in charge of ‘balai’, judge that conducted the inquest into the wrongful death (that Selvach witnessed), the entire cast of sinister personnel are all in deep … – big trouble in Little Sentul – where all the drama first started, the false arrest under the old bodhi tree providing shelter for patrons of the toddy shop – I kid you not.

    Thanking you in advance Anil, as I hold out that there aren’t too many broken bones inflicted onto the brave soul.


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