Namewee’s moving Mother’s Day tribute goes viral


The angry young man comes good and shows his softer side. Namewee, along with his mother, has outdone himself with this lovely Mother’s Day tribute. Over 800,000 people have already viewed it.


  1. Fellow Muar boy blogger NKKhoo once rrgular commentator on, dislike him like many out of envy?

    Though namewee may be controversial to many, he is creatively daring to speak justice via his video so that once taboo subjects have now being openly discussed to overcome mental barriers on deemed sensitive issues e.g. TNB blackout and Negaraku.

      • with it loud mouth anti malware and umno finally toned down, or rather clamped down, to become health (licensenced yo speak?).

        Latest is that namewee has just been nominated among Hong kong and Taiwan artists as best singer awards. A truly contrasting fortunes for these 2 Muar loose cannons.

    • He is more talented than even the non-Malay artists. No point racial profiling artists. Talent transcends race, culture and religion. He is simply a talented artist. Period.
      He can sing, write his own songs, act, write and direct his own movies and is actively involved and vocal on social /political issues.

      Yes he may be crass and crude sometimes and I disagree with some of his ways, but he speaks his mind. He is someone Malaysians can be proud of.

      Don’t forget that he has fans overseas as well, esp Taiwan where he is quite well known.



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