Pas-Umno talks a bargaining ploy to strengthen Pas’ hand in Pakatan?

Going by the reports in the mainstream media, you would think that Umno and Pas are on the verge of merging.  Mustafa Anuar has a round-up of the coverage.

The latest is a Star report:

PAS proposes hudud laws if it merges with Umno

KOTA BARU: PAS will propose the implementation of hudud and qisas laws, among other things, if the proposed PAS-Umno merger becomes a reality.

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said the proposal was in line with Islamic principles and could be implemented if both parties, which were now having ongoing discussions on Malay and Muslim issues, agreed to it towards forming a new political entity.

But hang on a minute. Here’s the main story in Harakah Daily:

Cabaran perkongsian kuasa dalam pembentukan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat
Mohd Rashidi Hassan
Wed | Jul 30, 08 | 12:54:03 pm MYT

PAS tetap komited dengan Pakatan Rakyat. Itulah jaminan pemimpin-pemimpin PAS dan kehendak ahli serta penyokong PAS keseluruhannya.

Harus diingatkan, bahawa pemimpin, ahli dan penyokong PAS memberikan kerjasama yang tidak berbelah bahagi sejak penubuhan Barisan Alternatif (BA) yang menggabungkan PAS, KeADILan, PRM dan DAP semasa al-Marhum Dato’ Fadzil Mohd Noor menjadi Presiden PAS lagi.

In other words, Pas leaders have guaranteed their commitment to Pakatan in accordance with the will of Pas members. They will not join the BN. But from the same Harakah report it appears they are unhappy over a string of issues, especially in relation to power-sharing in Selangor.

The Harakah report said Chinese-based parties occasionally touched on the sovereignty of the Malay rulers, the sanctity of Islam and the interests of the Malays. So when Pas and Umno touch on the Islamic and Malay agenda, the other races should not look at it negatively.  All quarters should not stress the interests of their own races or their own political objectives without considering the interests of the majority especially the Malay-Muslims, the report urged.

The Harakah report also referred to Pakatan’s concept of equal (power) sharing. This it said should not be reduced to a mathematical formula for dividing seats.

It expressed dissatisfaction in a couple of cases: allocation of seats in the Shah Alam and Subang Jaya town councils, which it said appears to favour the non-Malays/Muslims:

Di Selangor misalnya dalam penyusunan ahli majlis sama ada Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam atau Majlis Perbandaran atau Majlis Daerah, walaupun Exco yang terbabit, Ronnie Liu mewakili DAP, beliau tidak seharusnya dilihat membahagi-bahagikan jawatan dengan melebihkan kaum Cina.

Misalnya di Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya yang merangkumi kawasan Puchong, Serdang dan Kelana Jaya, daripada 24 orang ahli majlis, hanya 8 orang sahaja yang beragama Islam sedangkan majoriti penduduk orang-orang Melayu yang beragama Islam.

Begitu juga di Shah Alam yang merangkumi Parlimen Shah Alam dan Kota Raja. Perlantikan Ahli Majlis harus mewakili peratusan penduduk, bukan dibahagi tiga antara tiga parti atau dilantik daripada NGO yang bukan Melayu/ Islam.

It also hinted of dissatisfaction over PKR’s appointments of their people to positions in Selangor government-owned subsidiary companies, which it said bore some similarity with Umno’s appointments in the past.

The Harakah report also voiced concern over the extensions and renovations to non-Muslim places of worship. These it said should not be blocked – but they should be in line with the population breakdown of the various areas. Why weren’t such requests made during the tenure of the BN government, it asked.

Finally, it said if Selangor really wanted to be a model of power-sharing that is just, Anwar should pay special attention to the situation in the state.

So it’s all about who gets how many seats…

It strikes me that the talks between Umno and Pas look more like a bargaining chip for Pas to strengthen its position in relation to the other Pakatan parties. Of course Pas itself would ascribe more “altruistic” motives to its involvement in the talks i.e. it wants to protect the “interests” of the Malays and Muslims.

Ultimately Pas’ unhappiness seems largely over the appointments to various positions in Selangor GLCs and the division of seats in the Exco and town councils. And it appears to be resorting to communal and religious sentiment to whip up support for its stance.

It appears that Pas is not satisfied despite leading three of the five Pakatan-ruled states.  It also has the most state assembly seats of the three Pakatan parties if you add up all the seats of the respective parties in the five state assemblies.

Is this quest for purportedly fair “power sharing” sufficient reason to rock relations among the Pakatan parties – especially at a time when the Pakatan is facing a concerted BN/mainstream media onslaught?

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    This are all bulls***-just terms that can never ever be implemented!

  2. Nice comments and it does reflect rule and divide policy works.pas cannot meet with umno about pkr sleeping with the enemy and try to persuade them to become part of the new government.sheeesh

  3. Go ahead Pas, go join umno, it is befitting when morons marry, in the end but will give birth to imbecciles. hasn’t Pas learnt from the march tsunami, why the people voted against bn and umno, well you can preach as much as you want to but in the end you party will die a natural death. why? because UMNO IS BECOMING IRRELEVANT, ONLY PROPPED UP BY ignorant peasents, people with vested interests and (alleged) voter fraud. the moment umno-pas merge there is going to be mass exodus of members from both parties as they hate each others guts. either they will join keadilan or they will form a splinter party. By than pas/umno will lose all trust from the non-malays and parties, MCA,GERAKAN, if they do not leave bn will lose their members. than come next election what will happen, will the umno/pas party which will by now be called apamau party or melayu tak mati party will have a lot of infighting for positions. who dies in the end, by swimming in poisened waters you end up dying. So Pas and umno please go ahead and merge, do us all a favour, would love to see the fireworks, both will self implode, one side wants to introduce hudud, chopping hands and what not, well personally I don’t mind as (some of) the most corrupt are (within their ranks) anyway, so the amount of one handed amputees in govt service will be worth watching. So go ahead morons, MERGE, hope you have a sweet honeyMOON and the best joke will be DAP WILL HAVE A STATE TO RUN without apeasing any partners anymore as keadilan would have lost selangor, and amongst MALAYS the pas/umno merger maybe in the short term a disadvantage but give it till the next elections both umno ans pas will be abandoned by the voters for the malay unity by both the non-malays and malays alike, who have had enough of religeous and corrupt fanatics.

  4. This is part of an article on how companiese merge. I believe there are some information Pakatan Rakyat can use to solve their current problems.


    The post-merger integration phase covers the operational part of the merger project. Often this phase decides if the merger becomes a success or failure. Many of the critical success factors of the integration phase are so called soft factors (compare the “soft S’” in the McKinsey 7S Model). Therefore, it is necessary to focus attention on issues like:

    ·Overcoming of staff’s suspiciousness of the other organization (‘Us vs. Them’ syndrome).

    ·Harmonization of management compensation and management incentive systems.

    ·Overcoming of language barriers and country specific cultural differences.

    ·Communication of the new strategic objectives and the new vision of the merged organization.

    ·Implementation of a new shared corporate culture and management culture.

    ·Development of a new management structure for the new, larger organization; especially overcoming of leadership problems in very large units.

    ·Bringing together formerly separate units from both former organizations.

    ·Filling of management positions.

    ·Allocation of responsibilities

    .Knowledge transfer among units that are to be integrated

    ·Maintenance of customer relationships during integration phase.

  5. Is there any strategy or action plan to solve the problems?

    If PAS, DAP and PKR wants to help Malaysian they need to read books on Team Work, Organization Behavior, Conflicts, and history books. By reading these books, I hope the leaders will get some insight on managing Pakatan Rakyat.

  6. what is Pas talking about read the article below. one question when is it enough? how about the other races, all these funding comes from govt coffers of which 45% are non muslims.. who contributed and got ???? in return for their own relegious worship allocations.
    when will their greed stop. read this article and judge for your self
    what was the total expenditure / allocation from 1990? what the hell is Pas complaining about?
    star online report.
    Thursday July 3, 2008 MYT 4:34:04 PM
    Parliament: RM428m to build mosques

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has allocated a total of RM428mil to build mosques and suraus, and RM8.1mil to build churches, kuils and temples, said Datuk Mohd Johari Baharom, deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in his written reply to Nga Kor Ming (DAP – Taiping).

    The Government spent RM3.93mil for kuils, RM3.16mil for temples and RM1.6mil for churches.

    Such allocations for the years 2009 and 2010 would be determined by the Government later, he said.

    “””Since 1991, he said the Prime Minister had allocated RM1mil for the physical development of churches and temples and RM1mil for kuils starting from the year 2000″””””

    …so to Pas I say either shut up or forever forget about any more support coming from the other races…

  7. “The Harakah report also voiced concern over the extensions and renovations to non-Muslim places of worship. These it said should not be blocked – but they should be in line with the population breakdown of the various areas. Why weren’t such requests made during the tenure of the BN government, it asked”

    In Malaysia, the importance of research has been completly ignored. Population distribution, compositon and the likes of it are NEVER looked into.

    The number of empty shoplots, abandoned houses, under-performing shopping centres. Similarly these happens to the building of places of worship. No attempt is made to look into these.

    If we were to map all the places of worship, big or small, one would see the discrepancies. For the older places of worship we need to look at their history. But for newer places we need to look at population figures. BUT who cares. I got the MONEY, i got the LAND, i BUILD. that has been the motto ever since Malaysian adminstrators dropped importance to research.

    And this goes to the private sector too. The Banks can insist on a study before the provide finding for shoplots, housing projects and shopping centres. BUT how many do…..


    So PAS and all other political parties should equally go back to the basics before making any comments.

  8. To digress a little:

    Looks like the man with ambitions to be the next Minister of Health is fine-tuning the SPINDOCTORING apparatus.

    If a neutral GP doctor with more than 15 years experience cannot be believed when he gives a clear and unequivocal professional opinion that his patient did not exhibit any symptons of rape, penetration, tear, bleeding, pus, pain or discomfort, then the time has come when there are M’sians who will not believe God when he speaks directly to them!

    Anyway, the Plot Curdles!! This is sensational:

    RPK at M2Day at

  9. It’s all doublespeak. The self-justifying action by certain over-ambitious leaders will not negate what is essentially treachery and betrayal. No matter how you spin it, it is treachery and betrayal of the non Malays who voted for PAS.

    I am sorry for those true and genuine PAS members who wrote vigorously and expressively in defence of PAS and Pakatan against wrong thinking in the press and blogs. How PAS will never trsut UMNO again after having been betrayed by UMNO in the past. But what have we here now?

    Shame. Shame PAS. Shame for consorting with a now-proven-and-openly-demonstrated-unashamedly-racist-even-criminal UMNO. You would dance with an entity like that?

  10. PAS is not good for the country’s economy… round no PAS for me here at Kuala Selangor….worse still….cannot be trusted….

  11. There is a dangerous situation developing in Malaysia now.This unwise step is divisive by practice.This will encourage fanatical religious revival of all religions in this country.

    When you talk about religion,its a global issue.If you take the muslims, they have muslims worldwide.The same with Christians,Hindus,Buddhists,Taoist,Sikhist,and all the other ist.

    Think of the consequences of our stupid actions.
    God has created us to co-habit with others in spite of our differences.Imagine,The sunnis and shiites can’t see eye to eye, how do you expect us to see eye to eye with them? Nonsense!!!!!

  12. Now, heres what i dont understand. If UMNO were really sincere, why dont they offer to merge with PAS in the states where they control! and give up the Mentri Besar-ship to PAS. Say in Johor, Negri, Trengganu , Melaka or Pahang?

    Why does it have to be in states held by Pakatan? states like Perak and Selangor ??? Why? Why??? Why??? Why???

    You can tell here its because they want to create a backdoor opening back into power, PAS should ask those UMNO … to join up first in those states and ask UMNO … to give them the Mentri Besar post and see what happens……those UMNO … will laugh in their faces!!!!!

    they will never give up their own states, wake UP PAS!!!!!

  13. This line “So when Pas and Umno touch on the Islamic and Malay agenda, the other races should not look at it negatively.”

    What the heck is this? Still talking about racial divide? Only Malays are Muslims? Really narrow minded.

  14. During the good times, treat your enemies with the contempt they deserve. Equally, in times of desperation, grovel for their friendship with pleas of kinship.

    DAP can also go overboard sometimes. We know how secular they are, so they needn’t go to the msm, knowing how the latter has a tendency for calling a spade a club.

  15. Ulasan murah olih kamu dgn menggunakan berita Star, UM dan NST pun dah tidak bolih dipakai.

    Kamu mesti mendapatkan sumber sebenar, dari mulut Hassan Ali, Khalid Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang dan Nasharudin. Juga dari sumber Ronnie Liu, Teresa Kok & Elizebeth Wong.

    Tak payah guna-pakai komen/berita dari MSM sebab memang komen/berita mereka bias untuk tujuan memecah-belahkan Pakatan Rakyat.


    Hello Anilto..bolih kamu buat home-work sikit.

  16. It’s very hard to stay in a group if there are dissafiaction. But by the way, aren’t those all Malaysian? Why wants to differentiate and play the BN rules?

    PAS has three states in hand, does that fair?

    If those non bumi/muslim guy in Selangor can’t perform or can’t take care of the muslim people, then only you need to voice out. If the reason is just simply not enough of people from your side or bumi, then I can’t hardly say anything.

    God bless.


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