A Jewish peace ship heading for Gaza was intercepted by the Israeli navy today and towed to Ashdod, a cargo port in Israel 40km south of Tel Aviv.

The London-based Jews for Justice for Palestinians had organised the aid voyage. Among those on board were Holocaust survivor Reuven Moskovitz, 82, and Rami Elhanan, an Israeli whose daughter was killed in a suicide attack by a Palestinian in 1997. Also on board were American and British peace activists.

The Israeli peace group Gush Shalom reports on a demonstration by peace activists at Ashdod Port to protest the capture of the ship:

Dozens of peace activists gathered on the beach near Ashdod port, to which the Jewish Peace Ship is being towed by the Israeli Navy, to protest the capture of the ship and the continued blockade of Gaza, which has turned it into a huge prison with no entry or exit. The activists held signs with the captions: “Medicines – A Security Risk?”, “Let Gaza Live,” The blockade and the construction on settlements destroy us all,” “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.” Later the demonstrators moved to the gates of Ashdod Port where they currently remain.

The government does not miss any opportunity to present to the world the ugly, aggressive and brutal face of Israel. Israel’s security would not have been damaged in the least – quite the contrary – if the peace activists on the ship had been allowed to reach Gaza as the respected guests of its Palestinian residents. The sailors who are now shackled and led to detention for their support for peace, save a small measure of the dignity of the State of Israel and of Judaism, whose name Binyamin Netanyahu bears in vain.


  1. Although, we cannot condone the harsh actions taken by Israel, the Zionist Jews have found a solution to tame the “Palestinians…”. If the muslim nations care so little, why should the rest of the world of other faiths care! Surprisingly, the loud mouth M… was very completely silent on this!…

  2. I bet some bolehland ministers and DrM will dismiss this Jewish mission as staged or an Israeli sandiwara.

  3. While Datuk Seri Najib Razak was urging all nations of the world to “choose moderation over extremism” to promote international peace and harmony in his maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday 27 September 2010, it is surely shocking that back in Malaysia at about the same time, a senior civil servant spewed out one of the most extremist and venomous speeches against the Chinese and Indian communities.

    Federal Territory Biro Tata Negara (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin referred to the Chinese and Indian communities as Si Mata Sepet and Si Botol when speaking at a Puter Umno function.

    “The Si Mata Sepet who has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The Si Botol who only knows how to go up and down Batu Caves only has one vote,” Hamim was quoted as saying, when talking about getting votes from the non-Malay voters.

    It surely is most malevolent and seditious for the senior BTN officer to use such a contemptuous, pejorative and derogatory terms of Si Mata Sepet (slit eyes) and Si Botol (alcoholic) to describe the Chinese and Indian citizens.

    The flabbergasted speech by the BTN deputy director make our prime minister sounds like a first-class hypocrite at the United Nations!

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