BFM Uncensored interviews Tariq Ramadan


Visiting scholar Tariq Ramadan made heads turn with his elucidation of Islamic principles, and his call for justice, non-discrimination and ethics in public life.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Muslims and non-Muslims should listen to this BFM interview! Prof. Tariq Ramadan reasserts that Islam is not just about structure and form as only Muslims who are defensive and not confident would resort to it!

    The good professor refers to Islam as about justice, dignity and equality for all, irrespective of being Muslims or non-Muslims! Islam is against discrimination of its citizens within its state!

    • A novel take on a religion by someone who simply advances a particular point of view. Very shallow and provocative. he does not cite any particular authority other than to make bald statements as being conclusive about Islam. Islam is also about peace. Islam means peace. Perhaps a little less controversy may have given him the credibility he craves.

      No one can avoid discrimination. Even Islam discriminates. In fact Islam supports discrimination of women and children if you read it the way you want to read it. The same too can be said about Judaism and Christianity, about Buddhism, Sikkhism and Hinduism.

      Discrimination must have a purpose for it to have value. There is nothing wrong in a government having regard to the wishes of a majority that were discriminated for centuries by outsiders who continue to attempt to assert a right over them in their own land.

      Positive discrimination exists everywhere. Long may it thrive in Malaysia.

      Its called perspectives.

      • Hi Gopal Raj Kumar,

        What Professor Tariq Ramadan refers to about discrimination is on ‘negative’ discrimination.

        At the Penang in Asia Lecture III in July 2012, the good professor asserted that he is not against positive discrimination which helps to enable target group to fulfil their potential!

      • According to your logic, we should stop buying Japanese and German goods due to the atrocities they committed during WW2, or are those debatable for you?

        Their aim is still to be economically dominant. So, we need to stop buying their goods because if we don’t, they have won the war.


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