Angry group bangs glass doors of Penang government office (Videos)

Angry group bangs glass doors of Penang government office (Videos)

A group of about hundred people marched to Komtar where some of them rattled, shook and kicked the glass doors of the Penang state government office, alarming security personnel and nearby shop-owners.

The public entrance to the Chief Minister’s Level 28 office in Komtar is via the lifts located inside the state government office at Level 3. The nearest ‘pondok polis‘ is at Level 4, overlooking the open space at Level 3. It is not known if there was anyone in the police beat base at the time.

The protesters reportedly included members or supporters of the National Silat Federation, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islamiah dan Dakwah, Penang Muslim Network, Federation of Peninsula Malay Students, Penang Pencinta Malaysia Association, Perkasa and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Ehsan.

Unhappy over the Chief Minister’s remarks on the Allah issue, they had marched from the Masjid Jamek Banggali in Leith Street to Komtar after Friday prayers and demanded that they be allowed meet the Chief Minister. Unnerved nearby shop assistants rolled down their shutters.

Guan Eng for his part later condemned the aggressive behaviour and their use of allegedly racist language and asked why the police had not taken action against the group.

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