Angry group bangs glass doors of Penang government office (Videos)


A group of about hundred people marched to Komtar where some of them rattled, shook and kicked the glass doors of the Penang state government office, alarming security personnel and nearby shop-owners.

The public entrance to the Chief Minister’s Level 28 office in Komtar is via the lifts located inside the state government office at Level 3. The nearest ‘pondok polis‘ is at Level 4, overlooking the open space at Level 3. It is not known if there was anyone in the police beat base at the time.

The protesters reportedly included members or supporters of the National Silat Federation, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islamiah dan Dakwah, Penang Muslim Network, Federation of Peninsula Malay Students, Penang Pencinta Malaysia Association, Perkasa and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Ehsan.

Unhappy over the Chief Minister’s remarks on the Allah issue, they had marched from the Masjid Jamek Banggali in Leith Street to Komtar after Friday prayers and demanded that they be allowed meet the Chief Minister. Unnerved nearby shop assistants rolled down their shutters.

Guan Eng for his part later condemned the aggressive behaviour and their use of allegedly racist language and asked why the police had not taken action against the group.

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  1. BN people are disrupting Pakatan ceramah with loud music and motorbike noise, yet the police close one eye!

    • Habis duit Rakyat dipergunakan UMNO – BN untuk kepentingan politik dan kuasa mereka… sudah jelas kelihatan strategi UMNO – BN…… kekacauan di ceramah-ceramah PR oleh penyokong-penyokong UMNO tak diperdulikan oleh PIHAK BERKUASA…. malahan (nampaknya) ada pihak POLIS yang MERESTUI kekacauan yang sengaja mendatangkan PROVOKASI dan menimbulkan KETEGANGAN sehingga sanggup membuat huru hara…

  2. Gerakan’s Teng CY is now collaborating with Perkasa in the latest rally against LGE.

    Why should Penangites who are peace loving want to vote for Gerakan for its association with racist Perkasa?

    • Seems like Gerakan Penang is courting malay votes and given up hope on Chinese votes?

      Meanwhil MCA is adopting panda as mascot to signify its endangered species status?

    • Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he feels sorry for state BN chief Teng Chang Yeow who claimed to receive a threatening text message from Perkasa.

      • LGE vs TCY in Padang Kota?
        I suppose TCY will back off as he is looking for safe seat with more malays as he is now depending on Perkasa to pull in votes for Gerakan.

  3. Bersih 2.0 yesterday launched its “Reject Political Violence” campaign urging Malaysians to condemn acts of political violence either through intimidation or physical violence. Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson S. Ambiga said the electoral watchdog was alarmed to see an unprecedented escalation in political violence.

    It highlighted nine instances of violence and intimidation, including incidents from both sides of the political divide, which have taken place since early this year. They include, among others, tossing of eggs, stones and pieces of wood at party headquarters, verbal abuses at ceramah and attacks on cars of political leaders.

    • Very stupid for Gerakan Teng CY to lead the NGO protest knowing that Penangites detest that Komtar troublemaker that claimed to be NGO.

      Teng could possibly be hoping for malay votes with such act?

      • What Perkasa has done has hurt the feelings of most of the chinese. These perkasa folks stomp on pictures, burn pictures and hold funeral rites on living chinese people i.e. LGE and few ors. and these perkasa people give white packets to the poor innocent chinese old folks. And until today they keep playing up tian chuah’s issue and have gone overboard by condemning people who eats babi. and the list of the wrong doings of perkasa can go on and on. Where is the nilai-nilai murni? The strange thing is when others speak these perkasa people gets offended but for them to offend people to the extreme is alright. It’s not fair, right?

  4. The reason why the culprits are bold is because previous incidences are brushed aside by police. They assume immunity from investigation. (Then there are) culprits … who’re burning the church, thrown and splashed the paints to the church, Mosques, throwing the pigs heads to the mosques and (stomping on) cow’s head….The protected species will continue to resort to violence. The rakyat will suffer as innocent bystanders.

    Najib-BN has allowed such atrocities to continue for the longest time …. This simply says Najib is uninterested to take care of the nation and prevent such thuggery. Not only does he not care, it would appear increasingly that Najib is instead willing to allow such violence to escalate with the hope that the anti-BN rakyat will take to the streets and wreak revenge on BN supporters and property thereby providing the excuse for another May 13 when BN thugs come out to slash and burn as they did in 1969. NO! No, the rakyat and all sane people will not react with violence to such despicable acts. We will cast our votes. I have one vote for parliament and 1 vote for state. And I will cast them for PR. I am just waiting for that day.

  5. There is no greater sin than pretending to be pious while serving the Devil’s Agenda. Let this be a warning to all Umno samseng and Perkasa goons: for your refusal to follow the path of decency and righteousness, you will be rewarded after your death with being deleted as individual souls. You will literally become “dust in the wind.” I speak with absolute certainty.

  6. More threats, more samseng behaviors from the ruling party the more sympathisers from Fence sitters……..continue the actions with those pea brains supporters you have.

  7. Nah, I don’t think they are gangster. Just dumb and think there is at least others just as dumb or dumber than them. The police didn’t act because they knew if they acted they group would have been made to look like the fools that they are.

  8. With supporters with such low quality no wonder we have been sliding down a downward spiral with BN as government. These people cannot be given anymore trust to run the country.

  9. Are they from sulu? Mahathir said those sulu intruders are non islamic, how about these perkosan try intruding the cm office?

    Recently, politic hooligans, movie exclusively malay only, FAMA events exclusively muslim only not even for reporters. Najib keep mums and silence 1 malaysia style on these, but dare ask ‘are you ready for bn?’ …

    ‘Najib will bring m’sia into greater height’ mahathir said. Yes, he does! On silence of real issues, on extreme racial and religious politic! Great height of apartheid standard by 2020.

  10. I have also maintained these morons from Umno are innate to use vulgarities and violence as their ways to demonstrate and vent their frustrations. This is a typical proof of what they are except now they are joined by members of their kind from other parties like Perkasa.
    …. not every other people have the tolerance of the Orang Asli !

    • Their true colors are beginning to show as the GE draws near. Best democracy. More like best samseng. A caveman in a suit is still wild.

  11. I thinks memang betul la cakap-cakap si Khairy Jamaluddin tu. Mereka2 yang buat demo ni macam … baru keluar hutan.

  12. LGE is right. Can we trust BN UMNO and the Cheap PM that uses gangster, racism, thuggery and violence. And can we support their sycophants from MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP that are so meek as a mouse (boh hood at all)

    • These sycophants MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan are not just meek (boh hood)
      They are also impotent (bey ngeh liau) against UMNO and their mkutty allies

    • When a government condone any form of hooliganism, violent acts against the citizen, when police turn a blind eye to any criminal acts, when a home minister plays “make dunno” to any crinimal acts, it is time to change the entire government.

      All those in government who realized that these are real things happening in the country, should resign and have nothing to do with this type of … irresponsible government. The rot would have gone too far in such a arrogant, irresponsible government!

  13. These … have gone too far. BN UMNO and the Cheap is going too far.
    The cheap PM is really one useless PM including their sycophants from Gerakan, PPP & MIC
    Let us continue with PR and LGE and kick out UMNO BN and their sycophants from Putrajaya.

    • Yang,

      Don’t be so stupid & fool by the Tokong’s side. What’s wrong with this tiny protest as we are the leading democracy country in the world and 1Malaysia has been proven so successful. An acceptable protest, since nobody got hurt , glass not broken, peacefully end. Close 1 eye u will feel better. And why police didn’t take any action on this? U tell me, if u were police, what kind of crimes / damages they have done? How to charge them if noone die / no property damage? Police has done a good job in this action.

      I should remind u, if u support the Tokong then Penang will end up with more cars, more pollutions and most important is the value of your house will fall like Niagara Falls. Think carefully.

      • SL Wong, do you mean to say that as long as your family is not hurt in any way, it is fine with you? If your wife or daughter or son is working in the same office, I’m sure you would not have sung the same tune!

      • Most Malaysians ar peace-loving and they will not stand any thuggery and hooliganism that UMNO seems so keen to promote. Sadly they are not limited to that for there are also pirates, embezzlers and pornography makers, to mention a few. Pakatan should hold to the high moral ground because when people choose an alternative government it is mainly because they are fed up with corruption and racialism. PR must offer the rakyat what UMNO by their nature, could not.


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