Romero’s shadow haunts Obama


President Obama has had to face up to memories of the US-backed repression in Central America during a visit that coincided with the anniversary of the assassination of the legendary Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero, on 24 March 1980.

Protesters in El Salvador also demanded that Obama rework or scrap the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which has crippled agriculture in the country.

On the day before he was assassinated by a US-backed death squad, Romero had delivered a powerful sermon during which he called on soldiers to stop torturing and killing their brother and sister Salvadoreans. He also ordered the US-backed regime in El Salvador to “stop the repression” in the name of God.

Today, the spirit of Romero lives on in Latin America in the struggles of ordinary people for human dignity and economic justice.

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  1. ….After waiting for good many years for the coming Elections in Sarawak, we are witnessing a fragmented Opposition screwing themselves! If they could not even agree among themselves on the allocation of seats, how could they rule the State? For once, Gerakan K maybe right!….although his prediction has a dishonorable personal motive aligned to marbles wiping creeps.
    News from home, we hear so often things are getting from bad to worst under the UMNO evil regime…but, is the Opposition Alliance any better?

  2. China “Super Performances” in her developments are most praiseworthy and efficient, simply because, she is a Democratic Socialist govt. Whereas. Malaysia is an UMNO Guided Democratic govt. China is all for the benefits of her people, Malaysia is regulated, strictly to those self-claimed Ketuanan UMNO…!

  3. Anil

    The US affairs is of little interest to Malaysians.
    We should focus our attention on the Sarawak election, and that should be your priority in educating your readers to counter the pro-BN reporting of the mainstream press.

    In the meantime, please encourage your readers to support Earth Hour – the worldwide movement to make a change against global warming by a simple action of switching off the lights for an hour.

    This year, Penang will join the rest of the world to flick the switch for Earth Hour on 26th March 2011 at 8.30pm to 9.30pm, to raise awareness regarding climate change and global warming.

    Date: 26th March 2011 (Saturday)
    Venue: Esplanade
    Time: 8.30pm to 9.30pm

    • Actually Malaysia is in the midst of negotiating a Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement with the United States – in secret. And this will also have implications for us.

    • When Pakatan show no interest in ensuring Sarawakians are registered for voting and get their birth certificate, the battle is already over. There is no miracle, nothing but a wild dream that will not come true. So much for change but all NATO.

  4. Anil

    Here is something for you to investigate further:

    It cost UMNO a walloping USD17B (RM53B) to build the Sungai Buloh MRT with a distance of ONLY 150km i.e. at a cost of USD133M per km

    The China’s Bejing – Shanghai (Fastest train in the World @ 350km per hour) at a distance of 1,318km cost ONLY USD22B or USD16M per km.

    Why so much a difference?

    Check the web below


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