Pas makes courtesy call on new Penang bishop


A delegation of about a dozen representatives from the Islamic party, Pas, made a courtesy call to the new Catholic bishop of the Penang Diocese, Sebastian Francis, at his office at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit yesterday to congratulate him on his recent appointment.

Penang Pas ulama chief Soib Mohd Amin saying a prayer of peace together with Bishop Sebastian Francis inside the bishop’s office at the Cathedral

The delegation comprising mainly Penang Pas representatives was led by Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa.

Also present were College General seminary rector Fr Gerard Theraviam and Cathedral parish priest Fr Bernard Paul.

Ustaz Soib Mohd Amin said a prayer for peace and for closer Muslim-Christian relations.

Bishop Sebastian reciprocated by saying the Bapa Kami (Our Father) as a prayer for the nation. The new bishop also stressed the importance of cultivating a deep spirituality – an aspiration shared by people of other faiths – in forging closer Muslim-Christian ties.

Both sides pointed to their common Abrahamic heritage, which could serve as a foundation to promote better inter-religious understanding.

The Pas delegation then presented the Bishop with a book and a ‘good luck’ cake.

congratulatory cake from pas to new penang bishop sebastian francis
“This is specially baked for you”: Mujahid Yusof Rawa (left) and Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim presenting a cake to Bishop Sebastian.

Bishop Sebastian later hosted tea and refreshments for the visitors.

The meeting yesterday was initiated by Mujahid and Pas representatives, who had sent a letter to the bishop informing him of their desire to make a congratulatory visit.

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    • Malaysia is probably not ready to separate religion from the State. Meanwhile, this effort of religious tolerance goes a long way in establishing a peaceful coexistence.

  1. I visited Kelantan and spoke to Chinese Shop-keepers and most of them are happy with the PAS State Government. Infact, they say its more peaceful than the capital. My Chinese friend from Sarawak did the same and shared my views.

  2. Good sign and its only just begun.

    We can live with differences though the idea will need to go through slow passage.

  3. Whether there is sincerity or not does not matter on this occasion. Let us not make judgment.Its a good beginning and lets move forward one step at a time to better religious tolerance and understanding.

  4. Now, MSM can spin this n go public with how PAS supports Christianity
    , conversion………….blah, blah
    Why don’t u guys ever learn?

  5. It is so refreshing to read news like this. It gives us hope that Muslims and Christians can live in harmony. Kudos to the Pas representatives.

  6. This is the answere the world is looking for. Exactly the antidote so needed to Innocence of Muslims furore. Well done PAS delegation and Bishop of Penang.

  7. Hi everyone,

    Respect for one another’s culture, religion, race, etc. is a very important ingredient for Malaysians in a multiculture, multi-religious and multiracial society in Malaysia!

    The majority should never sit back and allow the extremists within their ranks in hijacking their religion to play party politics!

    Religious extremists, like those who made the Anti-Islam film should not be allowed free reign – not withstanding the freedom of speech, other Christians throughout the world should condemn in no uncertain terms their abhorrence of such extremists propagating their own agenda! All followers of other religions should not hesitate to condemn the makers of the film! At the same time, Muslims should not fall into the trap of such despicable characters involved in making the film! Voice your protests, send your protest notes to the US authorities, but don’t fall into the trap set to hit back in a violent manner! The film-makers will be gratified then that what they set out to do is achieved!

    • Quite true. I think it is high time religious leaders in our country stand in solidarity with Muslims in condemning bigotry around the world. But first of all, non Muslim leaders in Malaysia should reciprocate the olive branch extended by PAS leaders.

  8. Nice gesture but honestly, I was turned off by Nik Aziz’s recent call to boycott USA and Jewish products. In this day and age, calling for boycotts is immature and uncalled for. Everything we own and use are linked to these communities one way or another.

    We should promote love and forgiveness..after all, that’s what religion is all about. Hate only breeds hate, which is something that needs to stop.

    • Perhaps Nik Aziz is mistaken in calling the boycott of US products. However, we have a national policy as with many nations to boycott not anything to do with Jews but with Israel. Not all Jews are Israelis. There are a number of Jewish organizations, mostly Rabbis that are against Zionism. It is a form of racism. Zionism is like Perkasa. On the other hand, the US is the foremost supporter of Israel. That is most unfortunate because progressive Americans especially academics do not support that policy too. Amazing though it may seem, Israel has got elected officials of the US in their pockets no matter which political party they come from. Thus far, we have continued to trade with the US and it has favoured us.

  9. Just do it sincerely, and everything will be fine.
    One telephone call, and we can have a Padri (Bishop)and an Ulamak, siting together and having ‘teh halia tarik’ at the nearby mamak stall. That is more sincere friendship. What religion? Not important. We are all human. As long you do not force it upon another human being, we can live peacefully. Why must humans kill one another?

  10. Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa and also his father are TRUE muslims. They have always engaged with the Christian and especially with the Catholic Communities. Not for any political reasons, but for the betterment of both communities, and to to promote harmony between both groups.
    The Catholic churches with crosses in every corner of the church compounds did not have to remove any of these symbols during the visit by PAS. The church which was burnt down in KL, was (allegedly) asked to remove the cross, as a criteria to get financial aid from the Government.
    Tok Guru MB of Kelantan, gave approval to build the Catholic Church when it was on HOLD for 10 years under BN rule. This guy is definitely Genuine..

  11. No matter how insincere or superficial, we need more dramas like this one to ensure those anti-hudud guys vote pakatan.

    • Why question the sincerity or judge the action to be superficial? UMNO/BN has been feeding us a steady dose of anti-PAS propaganda in the mainstream media to the point where few really understand the party. Until we know them, we should not judge. Accept the gesture at face value and celebrate because of it.

    • Hey UMNO, aren’t you leader are racist? MCA MIC Gerakan maybe you should distance your relation from racist UMNO. As the saying goes ” PAS for All”


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