Tian Chua’s car kicked; Gerakan office damaged (Videos)

Tian Chua’s car kicked; Gerakan office damaged (Videos)


A rowdy mob targeted Tian Chua’s car as he was leaving a ceramah in Penang while an unidentified man hurled a brick into the Gerakan office along Macalister Road, shattering a glass door.

A couple of familiar faces here:

And this was the scene at the Gerakan office:


  1. Anil, you are getting your priorities mixed up.Up to today no news on the so-called public consultations with the CM. Yet you deem it is necessary to talk about the Tian Chua case. There is no coverage of the thousands who protested about the lack of affordable housing in Penang. Is it becuase these people do not share the same political affiliations as you are ? Why no petition or campaigns against the tunnel mega projects like you guys did on PORR or PGCC ??

  2. talk talk talk its useless, we have seen it, we have heard it
    A hooliganism govt and the dumb Pm will not condemn it.
    Make the CHANGE at next GE

  3. Its the same guy that attacked Komtar office the other day? First LGE on “Allah issue” and now Tian Chua for “Lahad Datu issue” – Hmm just sapu anything to help UMNO/BN make noise is more like it..

  4. But did he not admit to having doctored the picture of Altantuya superimposing an image of the PM’s in a group photo of Altantuya with others? He is lucky to have only had his car kicked. The real fun now begins.

    Each of the Liars beginning with Anwar Ibrahim who have been lying to the public with their tall tales must now face the truth.

    Wong Teck cheated the public with his leadership of the greens. In fact he was profile building in preparation for a seat in Parliament for the opposition. he was not impartial from the outset. Simply blaming government using his green credentials…

  5. HaHa Sandiwara within sandiwara .Just like loony tunes these EEEEEEs {refer to tukar tuib for meaning of EEEEEEEEE.}
    Self inflicted damage to remain relevent?
    Hey bodoh gagakan ,In all the thousands of rally carried out by PR, was there just one tiny weeny bit of agression or rowdyness by PR members/supporters??????.Just name just one pun i believe the self inflicted damage as that done by a mad guy.
    I suspect it was the EEEEEEEEs whodunit. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Count the damage and agression shown to PR rallys,gathering etc by EEEEEEEs and BN .

  6. The difference is this: LGE being the Chief Minister immediately condemned this brick in the window at Gerakan’s HQ.

    But in the past 50 years has any BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC condemned any of their own kind who threatened, beaten up others, including the latest fatal accident killing an old lady? NO!


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