After Hadi predicts ‘green tsunami’, storm wreaks havoc at Pas assembly


Hours after Pas president Abdul Hadi Awang predicted a “green tsunami”, one main capony and other smaller tents out of some 30 tents collapsed or were blown away by a storm that lashed the venue of the party’s annual meeting in Alor Setar, Kedah earlier tonight.

Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim said the tents were mainly used for food stalls and sale of paraphenalia and were located near the building where the Pas meetings are being held this weekend.

Seventeen people were injured of whom 10 were rushed to hospital, he said, citing a report from Kedah Pas chief Dr Fakuruddin at the Kota Sarang Semut Pas Complex, where the meeting is being heldm.

The big canopy and several others were blown away, said Fakuruddin. Many smaller canopies were ripped off and crumbled. The supporting steel structures could not withstand the force of the wind. Lights went off and everyone was in a state of panic and rushed for cover at the main building nearby.

Many volunteers stepped to helped and Unit Amal played a major role in getting things back to order.

Rahman said the turnout at the gathering has been more encouraging than the last meeting in Kelantan. Some 5,000 to 6,000 delegates have converged for the assemblies of the various wings of the party, he said.

Ironically, in his opening address earlier today, Hadi said the party would go ahead with a “green tsunami” at the right time to bring about change in the country.

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Parti Amanah Negara had also come under scathing attack, with cries of “Jahanam PAN!” raining down at the Pas ulama assembly a couple of days ago.

After the storm, Amanah president Mat Sabu issued a statement expressing sympathy for the storm victims and prayers for the safety of the Pas delegates.

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  1. As a Muslim, I cannot understand why there is a need to go the extreme way when interpreting the teachings of the religion. Our country is diverse with multicultural and multiracial composition, no need to use one’s religion to dominate others with your practices. For that I do not support having the likes of Zakir Naik coming here to preach the extreme way, not suitable for our country.

  2. PAS’ decision to terminate political cooperation with PKR was reportedly based on 3 reasons – the failure by PKR to show support for PAS’ Islamic agenda, including the tabling of the proposed Bill to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965; PKR’s attack on PAS leadership; and its decision to work with others who want to topple the Kelantan government, besides going against PAS in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections.

    But the ‘… dedak’ could be the main reason to ditch PKR on the day Umno became 71 year old?

  3. The Muslim majority in Malaysia are “increasingly imposing restrictive views and norms” on minorities, impacting freedom of religion, said a United States government report.

    The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) 2017 said there is a “heightened fear” of the government’s pro-Malay Muslim policies and its effect on the daily lives of minorities.

    It said this in the report ranking Malaysia on Tier 2, alongside Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cuba, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Khazakhstan, Laos and Turkey.

    “Majority Malay Muslims increasingly impose restrictive views and norms upon ethnic and religious minorities that not only impact these groups’ ability to practice their faith freely, but also constrain their everyday lives.

    It is happening with or without green tsunami.

  4. KUALA LUMPUR: Students on Public Service Department (JPA) bursaries stand to lose their sponsorship if they are found to have criticised the Government, says its director-general Datuk Seri Zainal Rahim Seman.

    In a telephone interview with Sin Chew Daily, Zainal said that it was justifiable to withdraw the bursaries offered to such students if they were found to have issued remarks which would dent the country’s image on social media sites such as Facebook and blogs.

    He said scholarships were given to outstanding students to help them focus on their studies, not to distribute inaccurate information detrimental to the Government.

    “The Government provides financial assistance to these students to allow them to focus on their studies to acquire knowledge and become professionals in the future.

    “Their mission is to concentrate on their studies. Why do they spread lies without supporting statistics to taint the Government’s image?” he said.

    – Sin Chew Daily/Asia News Network

  5. If they believe what they say, then they are one short fuse from being a violent terrorist. If it’s all bluster and determined to play spoiler for UMNO, the merger with UMNO is for certain and end of the founding principle of this country, the end of the Malaysian experiment.

    Either way, PAS must not only lose, they must be wiped out even if it’s just end UMNO rule.

  6. Bad Moon Rising?

    Anyway, WhatsApp group admins could find themselves in trouble with the law in Malaysia, if the people in their groups spread fake news over the popular chat app. Deputy communications minister, Johari Gilani, has warned that existing media laws could be used to prosecute WhatsApp users for the links they share, if they “jeopardise national security.”

    • To all WhatsApp users, be careful when you comment on Malaysian public officers & the one who is deemed not a public officer!
      Anil, is MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) a public officer??? Since MO1 is still a mystery persona until presented in the high court of law.

    • BN knew WhatsApp will be a tool that rakyat could disseminate information better than the controlled media, as GE is looming.

      • The Battle of the Minds has begun, but the fearful choose to stymie the democratic process & path to self-determination.
        Karma is watching closely after a weather storm has just been unleashed.

  7. To put myself in someone’s shoes, I would have to go back to the holy book to search for spiritual answers as to why this force of Nature (to wake up the souls?) has to happen.
    No straight answers as long as they are to be interpreted by human minds.
    The same with Karma Laws (of the Much Bigger Universe).

    • Read more on “karmic debt” if you believe in past, present, and future, the merits of which in line with Newton’s Law of Forces in the universe of bigger realms.

      • Read why MadHatter of Helang Island has to desperately undo his Legacy of Disunity & Bumi Supremacy Gilded with NEP Forever.

        Karma is indeed Just & Fair.
        See why the non-bumis can still progress despite the many apparent discriminations started by MadHatter since the early 70s.
        See why the private sector prefers to employ more of the non-bumis.
        And see why there are others choosing Chinese schools for their children even though they as parents don’t speak Mandarin.
        And see why the sons of the 70s Leadership now seek & beg the PRChina for economic & financial help, knowing their forefathers had done the unthinkable in today’s economic + political power shift to the Red Dragon Of Asia.

        One lesson: no one nor one race is above others in this transient world of uncertainties under Karmic Laws.


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