Teluk Intan DAP ceramah disrupted by pro-BN mob (Video)


A DAP ceramah in Teluk Intan two nights ago was disrupted by a pro-BN mob of about 40 youths and teenagers.

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  1. I have just suggested to my friend in PKR to consider printing banners/posters with “Ummm…NO !, not going to vote for you !”. DAP and PAS should consider the same.

  2. While the Cheap begs for vote, the pornstar cry for votes
    Sorry that will not work, 8 good personnel have died.
    The people will vote for competency, no corruption and fast and decisive leaders

  3. “We are so KESIAN please vote me” tactics no longer work !!!

    If I were DAP guys, I will put up “No hudud, No Tokong, No tunnel” banner each time there is DAP event. At least it will retain some fence sitters votes !!!

  4. Everyone is aware the (alleged) financier behind all the anti-PR protests using thugs and gangsters is no other than … who has swindled the rakyats money during his tenure as PM. Their … aim is to deny the pro-CHANGE message of PR reaching the masses, especially the rural voters.

    This relentless and barbaric attacks on the PR is not going to make any difference to voters who have already decided what to do with their voting rights. On the other hand these uncivilized mob violence will only spur the undecided and the fence sitters to vote for the Opposition. Nowadays people are not cowed easily. Even the scepter of 513 which is rehashed every election to frighten people is just like the ‘momo’ story told to scare young children into doing the bidding of their parents.

    Instead of wasting manpower on unarmed civilians at PR ceramahs, why don’t the BN clowns send those brainless zombies to confront the armed intruders in Sabah? Who knows these clueless and cheap fellows might be able to fight or negotiate with those who have encroached on our soverignity unlike the cousins who can only take action against their own unarmed Malaysians at BERSIH gatherings.

    The Sabah militant episode has clearly shown the bungling nature of our leaders. Those militants should have been arrested or shot the moment they set foot on our soil. Any survivors should have been grilled by our special branch or military intelligence experts to learn the true story behind the bungled expedition.

    It looks like our security personnel and their masters are only good at picking up unarmed civilians who have gathered peacefully to send their message to the government, such as the BERSIH rallies and the candle light vigils.

    Anyway the reported deaths of eight of our security men at the hands of those militants was unwarranted. Those brave guys died unnecessarily due to the inefficient and indecisive way the whole episode was conducted. What a sheer waste of human lives!

  5. We have seen the action of Ah Cheap and BN UMNO gang and their sycophants once too many. Using thuggery and violence against our own people but tried to negotiate with armed intruder and unable to defend our dignity and sovereignty that resulted in 8 unnecessary death of our soldiers.

    Decisive against our own unarmed people but coward against armed personnel that armed personnel intruded on our sovereignty. The worst is he is so undecisive on the election.

    Can we have a govt with such leader from UMNO and their sycophants that cannot make fast and reliable action and who (condones) .. lies and deceits to achieve their aim.

    Change is what we need now. Vote PR.

    • Now you know why Umno Youth has been ‘breeding’ theose mat rempits by encouraging them to own motorbikes (BL1M) and providing racing circuits.

      These mat rempits sre simply balas budi Umno to disrupt Pakatan ceramah.


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