Nurul Izzah vs Raja Nong Chik debate (Video)


This video clip shows Nurul Izzah crossing swords with Raja Nong Chik in Parliament. You be the judge as to who makes more sense.

Thanks to blog reader Malaysian In Action for the link. MIA adds: “We just cannot afford for her to lose. They will do whatever to try stop her political career. She represent the future. Our Malaysian Light of Hope.”

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  1. Damn Nong Chik is no gentleman. How can him bring himself so low with his response to Nurul? It is mind boggling that these people whom represent us as menteri do not know how to behave. 80 ringgit from the poor is a lot of money. Even 10 ringgit is a lot of money if you are very poor.

    These people are out of touch and have been using rakyat money to fool the rakyat

    … and then enrich themselves…

  2. Pakatan’s chances of regaining Lembah Pantai has been complicated by the dubious policies of the Election Commission. The EC, which is widely regarded as a branch of UMNO, has been (allegedly) complicit in the alleged registration of thousands of non resident voters ( some of them foreigners) in the Lembah Pantai constituency. Also, a pro BN area with about 5,000 voters, in the Seputeh Constituency, has been incorporated into Lembah Pantai. The predicament of Nurul Izzah, is a direct result of (this) …

    All young voters must support Nurul, as Raja Nong Chik … is outdated.

  3. Acara,
    Now you can compare whether the govt loan and interest rates are reasonable compared to commercial institution. ?????

  4. If we performed some research and understand how loans works we will understand why lower lower amount loan will result with higher interest rates. In fact, if we compare a loan for a 90% of a 1.5 Mil House and a loan of 90% on a 300K house, the interest rate for the lower priced house is higher than the interest rate for the higher priced house.

    The % of interest that a lender sets for a loan is an indication of the risk the company feels it is taking and of the likelihood they think they have of getting their money back. It could be that loan companies see the need to borrow smaller amounts as an indication that the borrower doesn’t have any savings to fall back on, and is therefore less responsible with their personal finances. Banks also charge higher rates to people they consider riskier.

    Comparing the % of interest alone without comparing the loan amount is not looking at the whole picture. The best way to understand whether the 6.5% is reasonable or not is to compare the interest rate with other lenders for the same loan amount.

    • On the other hand, we have seen how many big values loans were written off. Think of the bank bailouts during the 1997-98 financial crisis. Banks stand more to lose a lot more from huge loans for dubious projects; so in that sense such loans are riskier.

      • Anil, the topic whether 6.5% for a small amount loan is reasonable or not, We might not want to go off tangent with this topic. If you could provide data whether based on the loan amount given, the 6.5% is actually an exorbitant rate, please provide data on the interest rate given by other money lenders for the SAME loan amount.

    • acap. Agreed with you that the higher the loan the interest will be lower. But if you compare the loan between the banking institution and the loan by the govt as stated by Nurul, it is way too high at 6.5%.

      Just check with a commercial bank for loan below 100k is about 4.8 – 5% the most. Loan above 100k – 400k ranges from 4.2% – 4.4%.

      Don`t you think that 6.5% is sucking the people blood. Even commercial bank don`t suck that much.

      And yet the Ah Cheap UMNO BN govt say that they are helping the poor people. It is all lies and bluff as portray in the Ah Cheap 1 Malaysia UMNO BN media.

      I have always said that don`t believe in all these lies and deceit. Just like the PRIMa affordable houses. Do you believe 2 miilion affordable will be built. It would means that on the average every state will have to build 200,ooo houses. My foot it could be done.!!!!!

      Check out the facts before believing in the Ah Cheap UMNO BN 1 Malaysia lies.

      Chose Pakatan Rakyat. It better to trust the Angel we do not know than the devil we know

      • Yang, here is the facts
        1. The scheme is for proving loans for people that are not qualified to appky loan on conventional banking. Why? Could be black listed or bad record in bank negara
        2. The loan ammount is rm 36,100 for 25 years and at 6.5% the monthly repayment is rm 243.
        3. Now Yang, please let me know if any conventional bank, that can provide loan of rm 36k for 25 years and intrest rate less than 6.5% for unqualified borrowers by other conventional banks..

        Let me know if you need any clue 🙂

      • Acap,
        Yes conventional bank are providing loan for less than 100k and that also include 36k at an interest of ONLY 5%. Conventional bank can even give you loan of up to 30 – 40 years depending on your age and qualification (Currently it tighten a little bit)

        Of course you must be qualified but then in govt loan they also have to vet through your qualification. Not all govt loan are simply approved let alone conventional bank. If you want I can recommend you a few.

        Remember the PRIMA 400k 100% loan for 30 years for those earning RM3k and below. Its all a bluff. Not a single loan has been approved. Even if it is approved at 4,2% you would not be able to pay off the monthly installment of about RM2000 – 2300 with a salary of less than RM3,000/=

        So you see at 6.5% its a rip off by the govt of the poor rakyat

      • Yang,

        recommend to me,
        Loan Rm 36K
        Payment length : 25 years
        Interest rate : 5%
        bank contact number :

      • Acap, Forgot to mention with reference to your black list or bad record in Bank Negara. You see the poor rakyat will also be subjected to these conditions whether they apply for govt loan or from conventional bank. The govt don`t give it to any Tom, Dick and Harry of the poor rakyat

        With the EXCEPTION OF any Tom, Dick and Harry from BN UMNO CRONIES.

  5. This … $ fella is comparing the 30million (contract) his daughter (allegedly) got to the poor guys earning 1000rm/month.
    6.5% interest is along rate. … $ uses dbkl to pull down PR banners and mini flags and (allegedly) abuses dbkl properties for his political work.
    By looking at the comradeship of the people of lucky garden, lembah pantai, we can conclude raja nong cik is hero to zero come ge13 5may.
    Vote nurul izzah and ABU ABU ABU

  6. Our country DON’T need people like Nurul and other brainy towering malays…..what we really need is more cowgirls, more lady land deal makers, more back room deal makers,more money friendly independants, definitely more yesmen, and of course many more clowns to crack dirty jokes in the august House to cheer up the otherwise dull, serious atmosphere inside.

  7. Nurrul Izzah is clearly a smart and competent winner. Nong Chik is ducking around to ge tout of the shame … that he himself sat on for far too long.
    Time has come for the country to get a change of guard in GE13 !

  8. All comments detached from reality. That is KL, brothers. And what Nurul did after GE 2008 is mostly MIA (Missing In Action). Where are you beauty ??? When most KL beasts wanted HELP but only RNC there available. And I predict RNC will win with at least 10 000 majority.

    … lazy + all talks + no service MP. We need MP who can do works for people and not press-addict.

    • Agreed with GK
      Nurul lazy in hookwinking the people (no wonder just be able to survive)
      Nong hardworking in hookwinking the people ( no wonder so rich)

      Maybe all of you can google and check the wealth of Nong chik and where it come from. No need for me to tell you.

    • Lets see.
      1) They refuse to give opposition the 2 million allocation to help the Aduan to do the work but give all to the unelected Minister.
      2) She is a MP hence has a MP duty in Parliment.
      3) The FT area do not have state aduan to help her.
      4) She is also VP of PKR ( A role model for all young Malaysian to take up the challenge as a wakil rakyat, hence she is in great demand as speaker all over Malaysia to inspire the youth)
      5) She is a very popular speaker oversea to talk on Malaysian politic cause she make sense. Plenty of you tube video on this.
      6) She is a young mother of 2 ( Please dont insult the female gender with any unnecessary on this point)

      How did she finance all her work. From her allowance and donation from the rakyat.

      Please do not slander her. She given up her young live to fight for us Malaysian.

    • Do you want to put your money where your mouth is that RNC will win by more than 10K votes? I say that being a backdoor Minister he can kiss his chances goodbye. So many import and phantom voters in the constituency but more genuine voters will be around to ensure that Lembah Pantai will remain with PR.

  9. He did not even answer professionally the question posed to him but instead divert to other issue. What a hypocrite

  10. Hey she asked an honest question expecting an honest answer. Instead…. cheap skate answer from him!! And he is expecting a standing ovation from his ‘gang’????

  11. Hi everyone,

    In Parliament, this Raja Nong Chik fella did not address directly the proposal to reduce the loan interest of 6.5% to 2.5% for housing loan for the poor with income less than RM1000 a month. He indirectly indicated his reluctance to do so as he quoted that it is only an RM80 reduction involved! To RNC, RM80 is mere chicken feed, but to the poor this RM80 is actually 8 % of those earning RM1000, and even more than 8% for others earning less!!

    RJN talks of roadshows and invited YB Nurul to present her points at such roadshows, again in fact challenging her to a debate/discourse on housing for the poor in front of the public! But when a debate is fixed to address this issue, he chickens out and never turns up!

    Voters of Lembah Pantai should view this video to see who is the better MP, Raja NC or Nurul I, to represent you – just see for yourself this telling video!!

  12. A fair assesment?

    Nong Chik is a real politician – the ruthless attack, opportunistic, rules bending, etc. and that is also his problem – as a leader he is likely not that good and even on execution its not really high calibre as indicated by making light of RM80 (which in percentage term is 1/3 of the total) when talking payment. He is in fact very much an UMNO product and fits right in – which is the problem..

    Nurul on the other hand clearly a better personal character as a leader. But character is not the only thing that determines a leader especially in competitive politics which is always dirty.. You can’t flinch and you need to learn to face down these run-of-the-mill that fits in right in BN cesspool world. She should have said saying 1/3 of the total is NOTHING only comes from people who fails mathematic and complete detached from real number of poor people where RM500 can purchase their citizenship right to vote.

    • Here is another way to put it.

      UMNO/BN says RM500 BR1M is so much that people should sell their precious vote for it, but then says that RM80/month for those that make RM1000 or less per month is nothing? Which is it?

    • Debate = brain = threat.

      No ministerial position for you. Ask OTK.

      Just one letter shy of otak, or else he’d be in PR by now.


  13. Whoever vote Nong Chik must have been an idiot.
    From what we can see, UMNO and the govt are (hoodwinking).
    Even bank charge only 4.2 – 4.4%.
    And he has the nerve to say its only a difference of RM80.00 only.
    Khalid was right to retort. RM80.00 is a big sum to the poor.

    With these type of people around, the people will definitely suffer.
    Let us make the CHANGE before its too late


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