New blogger on the block

New blogger on the block

A long awaited entry into blogosphere: you would have seen his writings all over the place including his contributions to Aliran Monthly and the Aliran website. Now, veteran political commentator Martin Jalleh has a brand new blog.

And judging from the masthead on his blog, he looks like he means business!

Martin certainly doesn’t mince his words in his writings, and he has an impressive filing system of past press reports as references to back up what he says.

I will only be able to update my blog intermittently over the next seven days or so. Comment moderation over this period might take a bit longer as well.

In the meantime, check out Martin’s blog and see what you think.


  1. For someone who professes to write freely, it’s amusing how Martin Jalleh’s every post is about UMNO and nothing else. I’ve yet to find a single observation or criticism of the opposition’s shortcomings or even any other BN component party for that matter. After all, MIC and MCA are complicit in preserving and advancing UMNO’s hegemony and corrupted absolutism. UMNO could never have come this far without them. Even the opposition is rife with ex-UMNO/BN politicians who still think and behave like they were originally programmed. Yet Jalleh seems to think that only UMNO deserves to be crucified. So much for objectivity and a realistic, macro view of the country’s ills. Disappointing.

  2. We can live with more of such blogs as Martin Jalleh’s.
    But Barang Naiki will feel the heat each time such a blog is born.
    Gerakan K will have to consult his political master for more
    untruths to spew out and dirty the online discourse of freedom, justice & fairness, righteousness and equality.
    More Wifi should reach the kampung areas with Google Search giving priority search for such blogs as &
    Now I love more chilli added to my Mee Goreng, Char Koay Teow or more cabai burung to my Asam Laksa! Also to my Kopi-O kau kau.
    “The Heat Is On”…The Heat’s On You!

  3. Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

    😆 B-eNd bumNO think most Malaysians are WEAK ….n that’s why they always play dirty politics by using their Perkosa@perkasa,cow head goons,… 513 to threaten the minority,ISA n many many more evil 👿 tactics to BULLY all of us n ….also (squander) all us us dry n ….predictable that …there will be INCREASE in price of everything soon ….under this ‘BARANG NAIK’ regime….. 😆

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆


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