When moral outrage is misdirected


This is something I wrote a week ago:

As I write this, the large Pas rally in support of Hadi’s bill was scheduled to take place in KL on 18 February 2017.

While it is well within Pas’ right to hold this rally, its private member’s bill (Hadi’s bill) has raised uneasiness, especially in our plural and multi-religious society.

Many of the older generation can recall a time when religion was not such a divisive subject in the country.

Ideally, everyone should be equal before the law, so that there is one set of laws that govern the nation and not different standards.

Universal values – such as, natural justice, solidarity, fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related international treaties that should govern the nation – have evolved over centuries to form the basis of common law.

What has happened over the years is that certain quarters appear to have exploited religion for their own political ends. The changes they are seeking could alter the character of the Constitution, which was designed for a plural society of many different faiths and ethnic backgrounds while acknowledging certain local realities.

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  1. Sharia showdown. Whipping… for dating in Banda Aceh, Indonesia


    Akan Datang in Malaysia?

  2. Fiesta

    Macc gerakan n mic?
    Known to be subservient to umno
    When umno asks them to jump
    Their response?
    How high?

  3. putting things on kski lima is like parking cars on the verge. cat and mouse game. only cars are more difficult to locate owners

    • Off topic, 5 footway belongs to public not owners of the shops suka hati blocking passage!
      CAT admin must have political will to stop such kiasu act.
      By the way, the heritage alleys to be lighted up for pedestrians and may be can get kopi o kau kau cafes while pedestrians use the alleys ad part of new proposals hopefully Anil can update on outcomes. Thks!
      P.S. Faiz Subri the Puska FIFA winner finally scored for Penang tonight in Kedah but still Penang 6 games without a win with zero point in Liga M. NGOs to stage protest this Friday at Komtar?

    • Hadi Awang s bringing his own personnel laws and also to show the less educated Muslim society that his laws are the Holy ones. This … Hadi is very far far down the dirty drain. Just the outward dressing of Arab is all out mislead the Muslims. How pious and religious is this … Hadi. The laws proposed are nowhere mentioned in the Holy Koran. … Those who read the Koran in Malaysia most do not understand the exact meaning.

      The Muftis and the Mullahs are just getting gaji buta from the taxpayers, just like … Hadi who receives each month RMxxxxx/ per month….

      Now Muslims you are judge yourself, is this … Hadi a true Muslim?

  4. Instead of focus on development to improve the lives of the poor, PAS choose to step backwards. Trying to pursue past glory days ofIslamic caliphate when cannot cope with modern world? Too bad too many uneducated folks are manipulated by religion.

    • KOTA BHARU: The Kelantan government has been urged to take responsibility over the rising number of HIV cases in the state, triggered as a result of increased heterosexual and homosexual activities.

      Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister Datuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaacob said the Kelantan government must be responsible for the development and not leave it in the hands of the Federal government.

      “The rise in these cases is a very serious development. All this while, we thought sharing syringes between drug addicts were the main causes of HIV but suddenly, this came up.

      “Kelantan is supposed to be the ‘Corridor of Makkah’ and the state leaders are all ulama, so these incidents should not be happening,” he told reporters after launching the Kolej-Polytech Mara (KPTM) Open Day, here today.


      • The more you cover up (the flesh), the more you ‘gian’.
        How to numb the desire?
        Btw, who created the breast-stroke swimming X & Y chromosome of desire?

  5. Umno leaders also lent support to PAS at the recent Act 355 rally, wonder why MCA, Gerakan and MIC dare not question Umno and threaten to walk out of BN?

    • same with tua pek kong and orgsnised ngos. talk about hills and seas rich man’s topic. hospital bills big impact on seniors snf retirees.


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