Who turned up for Najib’s visit to USM?


Some 15000 people turned up for Najib’s visit to USM today – but who were these people? And why did they come? The photos below tell the story.

Many of them were bussed in from all over the state. Scores of blue factory worker buses and orange school buses were seen entering USM. The vast majority of the passengers alighted from the buses already wearing orange ‘Janji Ditepati’ T-shirts.

Quite a few people were seen wearing black Pekida T-shirts.

The person who received a letter from Telekom to collect a loyalty gift turned up in the afternoon to collect an Aztec DTEC cordless phone and a TM mug(!). Plus half a dozen RM3 tickets for the month-long Pesta Pulau Pinang held nearby.

Children could participate in games and activities and win prizes. No fees charged.

SPR officials were on hand to register people as voters. Would the Election Commission folks turn up at opposition-organised functions to similarly register people?

Those attending could collect a goodie bag. Ever wondered what is inside a goodie bag? Look at the slideshow above to find out.

Apart from litter all over, pages of the Malay Mail were found strewn on the grass near the venue. Yesterday, the Malay Mail was supposed to have distributed one million free copies nationwide.

A whole range of cabinet ministries had set up their booths all around the big central tent showcasing their services.

This was a thinly disguised abuse of government machinery and property for election campaigning. Indeed Teng stood on USM grounds to campaign for the BN using the issue of affordable housing. (I left before Najib could speak as it was hot and I was sweaty and thirsty and cheesed off by the blatant abuse of government machinery.) The BN had correctly identified affordable housing as a key issue for Penang. That’s fine. But to use the university grounds – government property – to campaign for the BN … That is blurring the line between government business and political party interests when there should be a clear demarcation.

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Unless you want to expose students to views from both sides of the political divide for their all-round education. But will opposition politicians – indeed even Penang state government leaders – ever be invited to USM?

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  1. @calvinsankaran:

    Yes, anil is very BIAS. He is A.B.U. guy at any cost. Maybe anil will contest 1 or 2 seats under DAP banner ???!!!

  2. Anil you claim to be nuetral but articles such as this makes a mockery of your claims.

    When Anwar has a big ceramah or when PAS holds a huge gathering in Kota Baru, I did not see you putting on your detective hat and try to see how so many people turned up.

    I was there during the BERSIH 3.0 gathering at Penang and it was the same too with factory and school buses with Kedah number plates ferrying people from outside of the state. Why didn’t you analyse that?

    You reported the Anti-Lynas march but you did not mention most of the crowd came from outside of Gebeng and Pahang.

    So much for your nuetrality. You might as well change your masthead and put up the Pakatan logo instead.

    Frankly I am disappointed by your transformation- from such a courageous human right activist to a Dear Leader apologist.

    • Factory/school buses at the Penang Bersih 3.0 gathering? You got to be kidding me. How many? Who paid for the buses? Got any photographic evidence?

      • It is hard to see anything if one doesn’t want to look. Those buses were everywhere in Padang Kota and even up to the Market Street. Probably you guys were too busy entertaining the Dear Leader to notice such minor stuffs.

        OK, next time I will note down the bus number, driver’s name and IC no, house address, the names, IC no and address of the passengers as well as photos and copies of payment receipts. You then can table them at the next Aliran AGM and then issue a gentle request to Pakatan not to indulge in such minor acts of corruption or even if they do it, not to get caught.

      • No need for all that. Just show us a photograph of this fleet of buses at the Esplanade.

        You don’t have to wait for next time. Lots of people were taking photographs and videos. Look up Facebook and Youtube and show us a photograph or video clip of this fleet.

  3. Believe (him) at your own risk. Just for wanting your vote, he would promise every one sky and heaven. He conveniently forgets the many “janjis” that he didnot “dapati”. Just one example, remeber when he was DPM and petrol subsidy was withdrawn, he asked the rakyat to “change lifestyle” (as if the rakyat at large have a “lifestyle” like his to talk about) as the government need to “save” the subsidy to improve the public transport system. Have there been any improvement at all? May be he would claim that that was a “legacy problem” from the Pak-Blur era?

  4. BN had not been fulfilling their promises over the last 40 yrs.
    In today’s The Sun, 1200 houses will be given FREE to Malays in Kg Tanjung Tokong.
    Wonder, what had BN been doing during their tenure.
    Out of a sudden, when the state is under Pakatan, only they want to fulfill that promise.
    As usual, after they win the elections, they wave goodbye,(5 fingers) ‘see you next five years’.
    The Malays in Kg Tg. Tokong should thank Pakatan for the FREE houses. If not for PR, BN will not give them.

    • Yesterday Najib was nambikeing the Indians of MIC, live on TV1.

      The gullible Indians will vote for Najib as they will feel syiok being kingmaker every 4 years.

    • Kg Buah Pala 24 units now worth 750k is free.

      Tg Tokong units of flats by UDA is not free
      Cost about 50-70k. Now maybe higher

      • Yang

        You are smart to realsie this, although ‘prominent’ but naive bloggers like nkkhoo still insisted that kg Buah Pala folks got a raw deal.

  5. It is UTTER NONSENSE, Najib’s BIGGEST, that he need the people’s mandate in order to reform UMNO..In Malaysia, change comes through the party first. In Tunku’s word, “mereka menjaja lampu baru, untuk mencuri lampu lama yang ajaib” – meaning the party first before the nation..

    The fact of the matter is UMNO gets to pressure its President constantly while the people got to elect only every 5 years. In 2004, the people made it clear to Badawi and punished him in 2008 for failing. There is no mystery about what the mandate is and has been for nearly a decade.

    Najib had 4 years to reform his party. If he can’t do it. Its simply CONFIRMED failure.

  6. The dark lord pledges
    “I will keep my promises to you
    I will make your dreams come true”
    The people gathered to hear in the park

    The dark knights hide among the trees
    Listening to their leader speaks……
    “I can only help you
    If you help me to stay on my throne”

    The supporters shouted
    “The dark lord wins
    In any contest he will!”
    The people only whisper

    “He lives in huge mansion
    Across the country he has his henchmen
    They have plundered the wealth of the Nation
    And we are living from our daily existence”

    “Listen to me
    I have never failed to deliver
    The cash handout and transformation programmes
    I want you to believe in my mission”

    The applause rises high
    The supporters dance in the park
    The dark knights listen hard
    They know they will be troubles

    The people whisper among themselves
    “Our Nation debts run over $500billion
    He allegedly has no programmes to pay the debts
    In time we all have to pay”

    “Listen to me
    Our debts are manageable
    We aren’t facing any financial difficulties
    I have never failed to deliver!”

    Banners put up by the people
    “We want our say
    We want our destiny
    We decide what is best”

    The dark lord gets angry
    His eyes raise up in surprise
    His dark knights slowly appear
    The people stand their ground

    The horses of blue, red and white
    Slowly they came out from the darkness
    Breathing fire and lances drawn
    The trooping of black knights came

    The people knew what the Dark Lord would do
    He gave his usual honey coated speeches
    Laying out his traps to fool the people
    He was only interested in his throne and power

    The Dark Lord stood at the stage
    His eyes glued to the banners….
    He forgot what he was suppose to do
    He waved his hands to his henchmen

    The dark knights came from behind
    The fierce looking soldiers of fortune
    They knew of wealth to be made
    “The fools the people are!”

    The Dark Lord stood at the stage
    He raised his voice loud and clear
    “I came with good intentions
    You help me I help you”

    The people voices ring
    In the park of the moonlit night
    “We hear you
    We have been listening for ages!”

    “You are not helping me?”
    The Dark Lord got angry
    “We have enough the like of you
    We want our own destiny”

    The dark knights marching in
    The horses of blue, red and white condoned the park
    The people stood their ground
    The Dark Lord waited…

    The dark knights squeezing in
    The people knew they were cornered
    The Dark Lord seemed to smile
    Then he heard the battle cry

    Beyond the park
    The waves of humans came
    The sea of hands carrying placards
    The Dark Lord knew he lost the game

  7. Don’t be taken in for a ride by the lies and deceits of the Cheap … He said that the govt will build 20,000 units of Prima houses for Penang.

    According to the Guru website, under the PR1MA, 80,000 affordable houses will be built in 50 towns and cities over the next three years at the cost of around RM10 billion. On the average only about 1600 units will be built for each town. Wow how generous or how deceiving the Cheap can be for Penang with 20,000 units. You may get no houses at all just like the monorail.

    • Hi Yang,

      You are right – I read somewhere news that for these 80000 PRIMA affordable houses to be built over 3 years in some 50 towns and cities, Penang was allocated much less than 100 units, not even an average of 1600 units!

      Now, Ah Cheap Gor promises 10000 houses PRIMA affordable houses for Pg starting next year!!?? Still wanting to insult the intelligence of Penangites and all other Malaysians with his empty and insincere promises!

  8. Najib is taliking bull. I am from Kuantan and in Kuantan Najib could not afford to build affordable houses, why go to Penang to offer affordable [email protected] RM300,00, anyway are not affordable to the needy but to the rich man children, YES. In fact Najib has not built affordable houses in all BN ruled states. This shows his hypocrisy. For 50 years they ruled Penang, where were the affordable houses. All the poor left Penang, the poor Malays left Penang. Now talk about ‘give me back Penang, I wil do this and that’. Thats bull…. Hidup Pakatan! Hail Pakatan!

  9. BTW.. looks like a lot of people will suffer cleaning up the rubbish !! Today is Sunday.. unlikely to be any cleaning done, unless it was cleared up yesterday, Saturday..

    If not, on Monday, the undergraduates will be greeted by “Tinggalan Pencinta PM”

  10. While all the brouhaha was going on at USM at the back gate where the event took place at their huge parking lot.. we, the Rakyat, were TRAPPED in a long JAM along Jln Bt Gambir as cars + BUSES were DOUBLE-PARKED along the road heading to Bayan Baru !!

    Traffic was reduced to just 1 lane passing through the 2 traffic lights near the USM back entrance & the turn-off to Sg Dua. I called Polis Kontingen to inform them that with no proper police presence.. (which there were NONE along the road, policemen were only present at the Traffic Light intersection).. the road will get choked up quickly and imagine how anyone heading to the Airport or even a Hospital will get caught.

    I was heading to a Hospital to see my wife who was waiting to for me to bring her home after discharge, you see.. so you can imagine how I felt then.. stuck in the traffic at approx 10am onwards..

  11. What do people think politicians are like? Do they believe that even PR is not guilty of such things just to a much lesser degree. UMNO/BN is guilty of being ridiculous and certaintly should be out of office but all politicians, when faced with losing power, will do whatever they can get away with it no matter how bad it is..

    • Hi bigjoe99,

      You are spot on as we are dealing with politicians dubbed by Makmathir as the “devil we know”!

      This devil has been around for more than 55 years, only now conditionally promises (and on the eve of GE13?) the 2 projects of affordable houses and monorail, when they now realise their rule as the federal govt is under threat! Such projects are the responsibilities of any Federal Govt, be it BN or PR, to carry out, especially not just before and for the sake of an election!!

  12. Hi everyone,

    The Federal Govt is supposed to build affordable homes in all states.
    State Govts though can play a complementary role to also build affordable homes in their states as well. The question is why only when nearing the 13GE, the PM suddenly volunteers to build affordable homes in Pg! It smacks of “gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua!” – such HYPOCRISY! Also, don’t forget that Penangites contribute a relatively big portion of taxes to the federal coffers!

    Next, the monorail was promised Pg State by none other than by PM Pak Lah at the time when he was still the PM. This is one promise that has been unfulfilled, Janji TIDAK DItepati, by BN. Again, why on the eve of the 13GE, Najis is promising to build the monorail, provided BN wins Pg State in the next GE, again smacks of “gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua!” – no sincerety!

    The premise that if BN wins the next election, then these 2 projects, affordable homes and monorail, would be carried out is a form of threat and bribery! A PR federal govt can carry out these projects, and many more, at a price that is worth every RM spent! If such projects are done by BN, then it would be exorbitantly priced, and only benefits and enriches UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies!

    Vote in PR for both the State and Federal Govts in the 13GE! Such projects would then be carried out at a price that can only be fair to the taxpayers!

    • Don’t be taken away by the Cheap and Cheat and UMNO BN and their sycophants. They will build some or no housing once you voted them in. Its just like the monorail and the Boh Hood Zero KPI KTK who so por lam pah wholehearted thank Pak Lah for it but finally get nothing. Yes did get something, PITTANCE. Just like one poster here

    • Agree 100% with ‘tan tanjong bungah’ .
      However, monorail not very practical.Spoils the view. Slow and cannot move masses. Like in Paris and Amsterdam, they preferred tram.Pakatan to bring it back
      to Penang. Bring back nostalgia as an
      attraction.Monorail is common, more suitable
      in theme parks.

  13. My 1Malaysia PM Najib is so adorable !!! Well loved by everyone including many pakatan fanboys and girls. Let us give him strong mandate in coming election.

    • Hello, Gelakan K,

      You again !!!!

      Since you love Najib so much please go and carry his …. and bags just like reject KTK. Both was at USM and looks like you did not render your …. carrying services to them.

      In other words Najib, KTK and YOU are “birds of the same feather folks together” In other words all of you have no b….s…

      Remember what I told you earlier, you have very little time left because after GE 13 there will be no bags or …. to carry anymore.

      For this I would like to dedicate this “special song” to you Three Musketeers :
      “JINGLE MY B…” by Peter Chao. — click/copy below link

    • The only words I can describe of the Cheap … is DISGUSTING.
      Using govt machinery and rakyat money and expecting 50,000.
      Its a total failure with only 15,000 that are being brought over to attend

      Disgusting, Cheat and Cheap.

      We cannot have a CHEAP … manning our govt.

      Get them out of Putrajaya. Vote Pakatan Rakyat (PR)

      • Yang

        Since you have been desperately looking for affordable house, did you register for Pr1ma at USM?

        You will need at least RM300K.

      • Adiba,
        Luckily I have purchase affordable housing many many years back when it cost slightly more than 100k. Middle of this year bought an affordable house (second hand) @ about 235k now worth 300k. Just brought a new sub sale LMC unit at 330k, the original price is only 180k. Log on to PRIMA website but could not find any news of registration although it was reported by the Guru property and news media that they are registering online for Penang. Actually I don`t need one. Just trying to do it for those that are not familiar with govt agency or how to register.

        What a load of lies and deceit.


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