The ‘art’ of gerrymandering


From the Daily Show, interesting to know that some people think of gerrymandering as a fine art – tongue in cheek of course!

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      • Malay don’t have the meaning but Indonesian say bersengkolan – meaning conspiracy Anyone more powerful can come together to make a story where the lies can be truth and the truth can be lies if this organised powerful people spread their words to their followers.

        rajraman. Like People’s Parliament Speaker can deny my posting and the other party who ask me question never get the answer from me.That’s also can be bersengkolan to deny my democratic rights because the Speaker behavior.

  1. I gerrymandering about blog.Read this.
    Hindu has easier way of cleansing ,the take a bath of milk at the nearest temple.

    December 10, 2013
    lufang, you are absurdly right but the Indian Politician rob more Indians than UMNO rob all Malaysian.In this terms Indians are rob twice if i don’t include the Chinese Political Trader.Batu Caves is rich but don’t know where the $$$ goes.
    rajraman. Indian Politician good at championing Human Rights, Dead Indians in Police custody and Temples Demolishing but when comes to Indians Economics they are silents as mouse.The other races openly ask and they get from front door and back door their $$$.
    Opps that’s include Indian NGOs who politically inclined..After that milk shower.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    December 11, 2013
    Wow…. she must be so guilt ridden that she is even now side-tracking this woman called Sharizat…..does she realize that wealth decays and will eventually control her, or has she been already controlled so wants more of it. She is really trying to feel safe with an entourage of like-minded women around her.
    She and these others she wants empowered are the Eves of Paradise.
    Let them be empowered, they can keep track of their errant husbands, IF they are clever enough…hehehehe!!!!!!

    rajraman. 4 days my comment not approve.Who is People’s Parliament? I rather choose as real democratic blog.

  2. rajraman. The best man of the year Zaid Hamidi and second man IGP and third Tengku Adnan. Even Red Lips keeping quite.

  3. “The Heat” has been issued a show-cause letter by the Home Ministry, believed to be over a front-page article on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s expenditure. Although the letter did not specify the offending article, it was a report entitled “All eyes on big spending Najib” published in its November 23 to 29 issue.

  4. We are coming to closure of 2013 and welcoming 2014. I would like to thank Anil for sharing with his viewpoints and may justice continues to flow uninterrupted…….

    We should also acknowledge that when we comments we can agree to disagree or disagree to agree later — it’s part of democracy. I suggest Anil can honour those readers who have contributed their thoughts, suggestions, anguish, tidakapathy, joy and etc.

    May be can nominate some regular commentators for 2013 year end awards (no gerrymandering just merry-merrying lah. Awards like :
    a) Most Regular Visits & Comments Commentator
    b) Most Likes Commentator
    c) Most long-winded Commentator

    I am sure the likes of ricfrancis, islandjoe, tunglang, yang, ongeusoon, stylologan comes to mind.

      • some may find tunglang’s rantings annoying BUT to be fair he should be nominated as Most Regular Commentators (anil can verify and confirm) although Yang’s anguish bursting can match tunglang in 2014 ? 🙂

        ricfrancis can be nominated for his insight into past penang rail and transport system that we can reflect and improvise ?

        stylologan a straight to the point critic and i like his postings !

        as for most long-winded endless comments, it’s known fact to most readers lah 🙂

        as for street food contributors, there are to many just and unfair just to name one.

        CHEERS & Merry Christmas & Happy 2014


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