Showtime begins in Sabah? (updated)


Update (11 August): At a PKR ceramah last night in Lenggong, Perak PKR chief Muhammad Nur Manuty said, “Sabah BN is rattled (sedang bergolak); we will know more by Sunday.”

Najib’s move to appoint former Borneo chief judge Steve Shim to head a royal commission of inquiry into the Sabah immigration issue also hints of desperation in his bid to shore up Sabah BN. This initiative is unlikely to please Mahathir either.

10 August:

Popcorn ready? Political theatre may be unfolding in Sabah soon.

On Sunday, Anwar, Saifuddin Nasution and Beaufort MP Lajim Ukim are expected to be present at the residence of Senator Maijol Mahap in Kampung Kokobuan, Kota Marudu at 2.00pm. Maijol is expected to make an announcement.

Maijol is one of nine vice-presidents of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko). The Upko president is Bernard Dompok and until recently, the deputy president was Wilfred Bumburing, the MP for Tuaran.

(Incidentally, Maximus Ongkili of PBS-BN holds the Kota Marudu parliamentary seat, which he won by a 4198-vote majority over a PKR candidate. Where does PBS stand in all this?)

At 8.00pm, after prayer-time, Anwar, Lajim, Maijol, Saifuddin, Tian Chua and Sabah PKR chief Ahmad Thamrin Jaini are scheduled to speak at a restaurant in Kota Belud.

A source familiar with PKR informs me that the defections of Umno Supreme Council member Lajim, the Beaufort MP, and Wilfred, the MP for Tuaran, may not be the last; he predicts that there could be a further little string of defections of elected reps soon. This was the same source who tipped me off about two impending defections, though I didn’t report it here at the time as I had no means of verifying it. Turns out he was right (it was Lajim and Wilfred) and now he is telling me to expect more. Let’s see if he is right again.

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The bigger question for Pakatan is, how reliable are all these defectors or Pakatan-friendly independents? What do they actually stand for? Are they defecting on a matter of principle (if so, they should spell it out clearly) or out of political expediency? If it is the latter, will they just as easily bounce back after the general election?

You can see what Anwar is trying to do here. By luring defectors, he is hoping it will strike a demoralising blow against the BN in the heart of one of the two ‘fixed deposit’ states. And that might encourage others to jump ship. This time, though, he seems to be holding his cards close to his chest.

There are 25 parliamentary seats in Sabah, of which Umno now holds 12 (after one defection), PBRS (1), LDP (1), Upko (3, after one defection), PBS (3), DAP (2), Sapp (1) and independents (2).

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  1. Gerakan K may well like to be reminded, if he does not already know, that the party’s struggles and aims were hijacked as early as 1980 in Port Dickson. I know this. I was there. Where were you? Still a sparkle in your Dad’s eye?

    It took Penangites nearly 20 years, from 1990, to realise that they have got a raw deal after Tun Lim was finally ousted in the 1990 general elections.

    The antics of the present Gerakan man as the Penang BN chief nail the truth that the Gerakan is no longer the robust and evangeical party it once was in 1969, with its determination under the late Tun Lim to get Penang out of the political and economic inertia that he succeeded with his team of sincere leaders such as Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Por and Datuk Khor Gark Kim. Of course, the dynamics of politics being such, Datuk Khor was virtually forced to leave the Gerakan despite a New Straits Times writer warning that the Gerakan will be busted by its fractious and debilitating internal politicking.

    • What are you trying to achieve by twisting the fact ??? No matter what, Gerakan is part of federal gomen and part of cabinet.

      And DAP remains as opposition and never have to chance to administer EXCEPT they have to accept pas and pas hudud. In Perak (before famous defection), DAP can’t lead the state even they have the majority. MB post for PAS. Even Tunku Aziz has to quit DAP… !!! LGE has quiet since then. No more reaction to Tunku Aziz statement. Berani kerana benar, malu sebab salah. RM50 000 lagi ???

      • Yes, Gerakan become part of the government from the backside. From now onward where can it go except from this side.

  2. Gerakan K

    You seem to have your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich
    or your brain has been washed very effectively by the company you keep.

    May the Lord preserve your objecrtiveness or whatever is left of it. I fear for you. From my observations of your input so far, you need help.

    • His objectiveness is subject to which way the wind blows. Sometimes, he kena wind shear, like hudud for all support from his party.

      • I have interacted time and again with very senior Gerakan leaders, including the late Tun Lim Chong Eu.

        Tun Lim’s last request, before he sustained a stroke that incapacitated him till his unfortunate demise for a few months later was to ask for the setting up of a panel of lawyers and accountants to look into the finances of the Gerakan.

        Only the Chinese papers reported his request which was made through an intermediary.

        I am sure the Tun did not ask for such a thing if he does not know that something was not right.

        I am sure Gerakan K knows about this but he is not talking about it. Instead he exposes his great need to see a shrink.

  3. Anil, I believe this to be the real thing. Those who know what is going on are at least coming to the party.

    Behind all the slogan shouting, there is really no real plan for this country as we see its currency going consistently south.

    We expect foreign direct investment to continue dropping, more capital flight and unemployment going up as the goods and services tax bites and as other measures contemplated prove detrimental to our economy as it shrinks further.

    That we turn into a net oil importer in two or three years’ time is going to beg the question as to how this country is going to be run as the Petronas billions is not going to last us for a long time.

  4. SABAHANS ARISE !! We sabahans have been taken for too many rides for too long already where 3 generations of families have to experience poverty! We cannot allow our grandchildren to continue poor too.Enough is enough!!. Those sabah politicians who still support amno to enrich themselves are (betraying) our beloved land. Kita tak mahu BN lagi faham tak!?

    • Sabahan warriors,

      Did you hear what those well-fed … that took your 3 generation for rides, said?
      Joseph Pairin Kitingan the ding-dong katak-tua believes the govt(Najib) is doing its level best while Bernard Dumpok said, “He got GUTS to tackle the issue”!

      I nearly fell off the chair!!!

    • Najib’s RCI is too late for Sabahans.
      What can the RCI do when all those illegals have been given blue IC to vote for BN?
      About time for Sabahans to give BN a lesson.
      Not to worry, see what progress Pakatan has brought to Penang!

  5. If an opposition member jumps ship and joins BN like in Perak then it is for personal gain and/or political expediency because by jumping ship, BN forms the new government and they will potentially be rewarded. Of course Sabah is also famous for their frogs, some of which caused a change in govt like what happened in Perak a long time ago. But now, I don’t see how it is politically expedient for Wilfred Bumburing or Lajim to defect. They are in the govt and Wilfred is even a deputy minister. They have all to lose and nothing to gain because at the end of the day, I highly doubt that PR will be able to take over Sabah. There are just too many rural seats and there is rampant gerry mandering. I am sure they know how slim their chances are.

  6. Its a very different thing when you are talking about ‘frogs’ when going for Putrajaya..If these frogs help you get to Putrajaya, then they can be controlled. No frog is that foolish as try to defect to the losing team even if there is a pile of cash and house in a non-extradition treaty country which none of these people are..

    From Anwar point of view, it does not matter if these frogs are unloyal if he does not get to Putrajaya this time as it really could be his last chance.

    • Exactly. Anwar will agree pas hudud because next GE is Anwar last chance.


      After his epic failure in September 16 nationwide frogging project, pas hudud is Anwar last secret weapon !!!

      A vote to pakatan is a vote for pas hudud !!!

      • Like the pornstar & adulterer and Ah Cheap, now Geelakan is in desperation.

        Hahaha PAS hudud is no issue
        UMNO hudud is the real issue.
        HUDUD for ALL (Muslim & Non Muslim)

      • Why don’t you speak for your party that supports hudud for all? How come your sex legend isn’t denying it?

  7. This spells the end of the scumbags … of Umno and most of all the end of the road for … the shenanigan Mahathir. He is now (worried) that his … (alleged) deceits to remain in power for 23 years as P.M. of Malaysia will be exposed.
    Consequently he is now more proactive than ever since his ‘retirement’ from politics, almost daily he is spewing out his excuses before his (alleged) deceptions are being exposed. He is trying to fool everyone but with access to the internet these days more and more … are being exposed.
    He is fighting for his live but the ends must justify the means, he is now beginning to show what kind of a muslim he is. Very very unforgiving when a true muslim is supposed to be very forgiving just look at him and his constant attack on AB. A colleague for decades and also his very own personal choice to be his successor yet he is saying that AB is responsible for the state that Umno is now in.
    That is not the actions of a good muslim !
    He is, of course, trying to divert all the blames to AB when the truth is everything in Malaysia started to decade were started by him. just like everything else, the decade took time to be seen or smell.
    It is only in recent times more and more of what Mubarak and Gaddafi did were exposed so will the foul deeds … of this shenanigan are also slowly being exposed too. He has nothing else to loose now, so he thinks, but the shames, the blame and the truths are only starting (to emerge)… It is better late than not ! …

  8. Anwar going to announce pas hudud implementation promise for Sabahans ???

    Hmm, I’m so excited !!! Teh tarik satu !!!

      1. GK, Just like the pornstar, adulterer … from MCA you are just drunk or simply moronic, don’t know what you are talking. Simply no issues and bankrupt of ideas.

        Utusan say don’t vote DAP because it is against hudud.
        So also don’t vote MCA, MIC & Gerakan becasue they are also against hudud. Also don’t vote Najib (UMNO) because he is against hudud. So don’t vote BN, UMNO, MIC, MCA, Geelakan

        Issue settled VOTE PR.

    • something is brewing and u still talk hudud this huddud that ?

      Muhidyin flied to Sabah last weekend but could not stop the defection.

      Today Najib flies to Sabah and we shall know the outcome soon upon Anil’s update.

      Fixed Deposit gone with Cash flowing out now ? Sabahans have finally awakened by 308 tsunami now sweeping across the coastlines ?

    • Yeah excited huh? …hold tight to that cup dear, with hudud you may soon lose those dirty corrupt hands!


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