Mahathir’s emergence a morale booster for opposition


This was the scene in Penang last Friday at Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s open house.

Meanwhile, the Invoke Centre for Policy Initiative’s most recent survey found:

… 36% of Malay voters polled leaning towards PH, while support for BN was 35%.

As for Chinese voters, 53% supported PH and 22% said they would vote BN. Meanwhile, 42% of Indians said they would vote for PH, while 44% favoured BN.

The remainder supported PAS, had yet to decide or had decided not to vote.

The survey was conducted through telephone interviews with 17,107 respondents from June 5 to July 14.

As expected the cost of living, especially the GST, topped the list of voters’ concerned.

In an interview with a Thai journalist, Mahathir said one of the first things a new federal government under Pakatan would do is remove the GST, perhaps in stages, and go back to what we had before – the more targeted sales tax – which seemed to work well in the past.

The removal of this regressive tax, which has hurt voters, would be a positive move.

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  1. When Dr Mahathir was Umno president, Dr Zahid’s personal wealth was never put in the spotlight. Why did he keep it a secret?

    Why did the BN government take three decades before agreeing to investigate Dr Mahathir for his alleged involvement in the 1987 Bank Negara Malaysia foreign exchange scandal, which led to the country losing about RM30 billion?

    Plenty of secrets in Umno to be unearthed?

  2. Attack on Dr M’s ancestry belittles Indian M’sians

    Belittling Indian Malaysians is an affront to Malaysia’s claim as ‘Truly Asia’.
    Not only that, it implies that only a certain race is held supreme / unblemished in BolehLand which simply is blind to contributions by others to nation building.
    Take out the diversity of race (or to be blunt, remove other races from homeland) & let’s see what will happen to Malaysia.

    FYI, the old Srivijaya Empire controlled modern-day Indonesia and much of the Malay Archipelago from the seventh to twelfth centuries.
    The Srivijaya Empire: trade and culture in the Indian Ocean

  3. This blog should start report on the coming GE, let us know the potential candidates and their achievement in Penang.

  4. Zahid, looks like Mahatir has got you by your short and curly when he revealed your approach to him. It took you a few days to come out and deny it. By then the damage has already been done. Najib and his camp will never trust you any more. Before this they suspected that you cannot be trusted. Now they have the confirmation. Don’t bother trying to deny it until your face turn blue. For sure you cannot be trusted. From the point you said you have met the Arab donor. Or even before that when you turned your back on Anwar. Traitor!

    • Zar …s not pure Malaya Malay.
      Malam Keliwon is a good night burning keminyan for reminiscing or regretting past ‘deeds’ to the demons of Nusantara Indonesia.
      What’s the use of being vocal & jaguh kampung when the shifty opportunist .. brain was not reined in?

  5. Tun Mahathir today said the government’s failure to repay the 1MDB debt on time is a sign that it does not have sufficient funds, questioning where and how the money was spent.

    He said Malaysians had the right to know how the US$600 million (RM2.6 billion) owed to the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) was used and invested as the country’s debts would eventually trickle down to the people.

    “Najib thinks that Malays are stupid. Just give Malays money directly, and they won’t question where the US$600 million has gone,” he wrote on his blog, chedet.

    “And, Najib believes that Malays will continue to support him. But, Malays are not as stupid as Najib thinks. They have begun to see that the money that has gone missing is their money. The debt will be paid by them, their children and their grandchildren.”

    • MO1 is dangling bumi status to lure Indians to become mamaks only for his Deputy to spoil the plan.

  6. Gobind accuses ROS of dragging its feet over DAP’s re-election

    DAP legal bureau chief Gobind Deo Singh has accused the Registrar of Societies (ROS) of dragging its feet despite the party already agreeing to hold a re-election.

    “We have contacted the ROS but they are hesitating to meet us,” he told a press conference at Parliament today.

    Gobind questioned why the ROS had no problems meeting with Pakatan Harapan when it submitted its registration on July 28 but is dragging its feet when it came to DAP…

    Note: Smell something fishy? This is not what a Anak Jantan will play dirty.

  7. The secret of Umno’s failure? Arrogance

    Today, we learnt that nothing has changed.

    Arrogance is still the calling card of an Umno politician.

    It was arrogance that drove Pasir Salak Umno chief Tajuddin Rahman to dismiss the theft of billions of ringgit from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) as a small matter. He likened the losses chalked by the government-owned entity to the expensive privatisation failures during the Mahathir era.

    “His mega projects like Proton and others suffered losses, yet we did not ask him to step down but continue to solve the problem. It is just money,” said the deputy agriculture and agro-based industry minister.

    What arrogance to try and pass off the biggest theft in Malaysian history as a commercial venture gone bad. Yes, Proton was an ill-conceived project but the venture did produce a tangible product: millions of cars.

    In contrast, billions of taxpayers’ funds from 1MDB were used to buy a super yacht, palatial homes in the US and UK and jewellery and fund a couple of movies. The beneficiaries were Najib’s son and inner circle.

    Until today, no one has been charged in a Malaysian court. Not the 1MDB management. Not the board of directors. Not the chairman of the board.

    Tajuddin compounded his arrogance with another self-serving observation.

    ‎He said the 1MDB probe was ongoing and the government was still chasing the culprit.

    What arrogance to believe that Malaysians should embrace such a cavalier statement.

    But Tajuddin is in good company.

    Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi never misses an opportunity to talk about embracing diversity in Malaysia.

    His advisers must be telling him that he has to sound prime ministerial in public so that his jarring statements when he was the Umno Youth chief are nudged into the distant memory.

    But he reverted to his usual self before his own party members at the Kelana Jaya Umno division meeting. He attacked Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Indian heritage and then had the temerity to say that it wasn’t a personal attack.

    Here’s the thing: please attack Dr Mahathir on his track record as PM or his decades of doublespeak as the Umno president.

    But don’t pretend to be an inclusive Malaysian leader when you address Malaysians as the DPM and then play the insidious race card when you speak from the rostrum as an Umno leader.

    It is this kind of rhetoric by politicians that drives the wedge between Malaysians of different races and makes talk of national unity hollow.

    • Just look at Zahid Hamidi – arrogant to the core.
      All Umno lineup is ridiculous with the likes of Tajuddin, Sabri Ismail, Jamal Ikan Bakar Yunus (next Youth leader?) – vote BN to bring Malaysia to downfall!

  8. After denying fear politics, Najib now warns of disaster if BN loses

    Just a day after saying that Umno did not engage in fear mongering, party president Najib Abdul Razak has raised the spectre of an Arab Spring-type revolt that could lead to a worse replacement government.

    Speaking at the Lipis Umno division annual general meeting today, Najib warned a change of government could lead to disaster, reported Bernama.

    “Changing the government is not a solution, if it is better, then it makes sense … if worse, more disaster and more uncertainties … that’s a stupid thing to do … Sorry, have to say it.

    “My doctor at the IJN (National Heart Institute) informed me about this Iraqi patient who when asked if it was better then or now, he said even that even under hated President Saddam Hussein, at least they had food on the table, children could go to school, and the country was safe.

    “However, look at it now, it’s all destroyed.

    “Changing an existing government does not guarantee better governance,” Najib was quoted as saying by the national news agency.

    Yesterday, the prime minister told the Parit Umno division annual meeting that only powerless parties that wanted to topple the government engaged in fear politics.

    The national news agency cited Najib as saying Umno, as the ruling party, did not need to play “politics of fear” as this would only destroy the people’s hopes.

    “We will be in disarray, disorganised, uncertain, aimless (if resorting to politics of fear), Umno will continue to give hope for the people because it has been proven that for the 60 years Umno has been in power, we are the party that has done a lot of deeds and brought changes to Malaysia,” he had said.

    In his speech today, Najib also emphasised how Malaysia was not a failed state contrary to claims by the opposition.

    Thus, he said there was no need to change from a government that could ensure development for the people.

    THE TRUTH: Rakyat want UBAH. To UBAH the present status quo of massive corruption, leeching, … & bluffs still denied by irresponsible, malevolent entities in the face of ‘evidences’. And not least of all, the worsening racist taunts by irresponsible quarters.
    Comes GE14, Rakyat want to change the present gomen. Sorry to say, that’s the Truth.

    THE FAIR PLAY: Win or Lose, Rakyat hope the sore loser will not resort to another 513. Pls learn from Gentleman Koh Tsu Koon. The world is watching via YouTube, Twitters, etc. Nothing will be hidden from views if the Nak Cheat want to try something illegal.

    THE VOTE OF UBAH: Remember to cast your last chance by VOTING Pakatan Harapan.

    • Remember, don’t vote for the ‘running …’ of UMNO – MCA, Gerakan, MIC.
      At least we don’t see any running cat of political regime, not in Pakatan Harapan.
      Niao Kong? He’s is not an idiotic servile ‘running …’ of the Gelak-Gelakan Era.

    • If Malaysia is not a failed state, then why should there be “disarray, disorganised, uncertain” when there is a change of government as claimed by MO1?

      Any chaos when France, Taiwan, US, Japan (non failed states) changed government?

      Fikirlah sendiri. Umno likes to compare Malaysia with failed states like Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Eqypt etc…

      • Fear tactics and very good use of religion and race. But is our life getting better? Teach rakyat that we pay taxes and gomen is to provide service. Not as a gift from them when we pay gst.

    • Zahid Hamidi’s comedic attack on Tun Mahathir’s Indian lineage could backfire on Umno’s attempts to win a segment of the Muslim vote at the next elections just as the government is trying to woo Indian-Muslims with possible Bumiputera status.

      Will the Penang Mamaks and KIMMA folks stage a protest at Komtar this Friday?

  9. Zahid hamidi questioned Mahathir’s Indian heritage. However, we should be proud that despite all the present racism we have had a rich mix of leaders since independence : PM 1 – Thai ? PM 2 – Bugis ? PM 3 – Turkish /Arab ? PM 4 – Indian ? PM 5 – Indian/Chinese ? PM 6 – Bugis ? Many in Malaysia are of mixed ancestry though some may deny . We should be proud of our rich heritage . It is really so low life to attack the person who was our leader for 22 years based on race. Is the party he once led saying they did not know if his ancestry? Hopefully the others in the party will clearly show that they do not agree with this unacceptable racism from a national leader. Let us be proud to be MALAYSIANS despite whatever ancestry we may have. Let us reject all forms of racism , bigotry and extremism. Let us work together a beautiful nation moving away from corruption & abuse of power. MO1 must go since 1Msia is a bluff.

  10. Tun Dr Mahathir today reiterated that he would not rejoin Umno even if his successor Najib Abdul Razak steps down.

    In a video that he uploaded to social media, he explained that this was because he rejected Umno, which he claimed had become a “rotten” party that was focused on obtaining “dedak” (bribes).

  11. The government has banned the book “Breaking the Silence: Voices of Moderation – Islam” which was authored by G25 – a group of 25 prominent Malays – as it was deemed to be prejudicial to public order.

    G25 must now throw it’s support for Harapan, as BN has no place for moderate Islam? Is Najib not promoting Wasatiyyah?

      • G25’s Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin was baffled by the book ban:
        “How can a book containing articles written by respected academics, progressive Islamic scholars and social activists, promoting a moderate approach to Islam and discussing the place of Islam in our Federal Constitution, be considered a threat to public order?”

        DPM Zahid care to respond?

    • The book was endorsed by Pak Lah.
      Hadhari OK but Wasatiyyah not OK?
      MO1 do not want rural Malays to adopt progressive Islam in order to control them with regressive brand of Islam?

    • A real contradiction of Najib’s so called moderate Islam. Possibly Zakir Naik’s book is more welcome here.

    • PSM can uphold its idealistic vision and stay the same politically for the next 50 years without making any new political headway since the Indian population is so small.

      Meanwhile the poor Indian community will continue to live in shambles while beginning to think that their fortune could only be improved by the ‘being mamak to be bumiputera’ carrot dangling in front of them by MO1.

  12. MO1 is scared stiff of Tun Dr Mahathir and his alliance with Anwar and Lim Kit Siang. Harapan has hit the right cord. It creates pressure in MO1 artery.

    The Nation needs a change of Government. The Rakyat at large are wanting it. With time tested Tun Dr M in the lead, this is going to happen. MO1 is already throwing money and promised future through BN Agents. They are now madly coiling out all NGOS to try and influence the votes. Now,THE PM and DPM areready to inaugurate even a small NGO! Harapan, take note.

    • The rakyat are fed up with MO1 and his kleptocrat UMNO party of abusing all the government bodies at MO1 disposal in his office of Prime Minister cum Finance Minister to use AG Apandi, PDRM Chief Khalid, MACC, JASA and all the ministries to protect his corrupt practices, lies, cheating and stealing the rakyat hard-earned savings from Felda, KWAP, KWSP, Tabung Haji and GLCs treasury The current UMNO government is more interested to protect their political survival forever even after GE14 rather that come up with good national policies on education, affordable housing and alleviating the hardship of the poor rakyat with good economic developments rather than relentlessly and unproductively resorting to lies, cheating and stealing the rakyat’s fundamental right to a free, fair and clean election by using Election Commission(EC) to sanction gerry-mandering, validating phantom voters and phantom ballot boxes as well as intimidating opposition parties and silent political dissidents.

      • Umno said Pakatan is controlled by DAP.
        Like that MIC and MCA should ask themselves if they are controlled by Umno.

    • Najib’s accomplishments:
      – 1MDB scandal;
      – 6% GST;
      – mysterious US$681 million that found its way into his’s private bank account;
      – the phenomenal rise in the cost of living;
      – the removal of oil (fuel and cooking);
      – the depreciation of Ringgit Malaysia;
      – the … depletion of the Mara scholarship;
      – the drastic cuts in the subsidy of academic studies;
      – the reduction in the value of bargain with foreigners over the sale of Bandar Malaysia;
      – the drop in the Malaysian’s reputation abroad.

  13. The conspirators in BN/UMNO BARU have decided that the only way to divert attention of the Malays from BN corruption and theft of billions by MO1, is to frighten the malays with ‘Lim Kit Siang’ becoming PM.

    • The more Umno hate & victimized DAP, the more Chinese will support DAP. How silly & foolish of umno, instead of working & engaging with the Chinese, they victimized Chinese instead, too late now damage done. Chinese the race that contributed highest in taxes will all vote for DAP come GE14. MCA & Gerakan will both close shop after GE14, this 2 party are obviously a liability to umno.

      Sorry I have nothing good to say about MIC and PSM either.

  14. It’s quite impossible to dismantle GST/VAT.
    Maybe PH can lower the GST rate.
    And the saggy Ringgit need to bounce back .
    Freezing civil service recruitment and trimming the civil service is no longer an option.
    But can PH make a bigger pledge?
    Bring back the local council election and dismantle the NEP.
    Time for Malaysians to moves on.
    And do contest in every seats in Kelantan.
    As most Kelantanese do not want their county or city to known as Banda Acheh.

    • Kelantan is a good place for sociological research – not that this “science” has done us much good. Theocracy gained the upper hand without violence, despite the populace not subscribing to its fantasies. Was it due to the sheer venality of the other side? The losers responded by witholding funds even for essential infrastructure, such as clean water to reduce rampant, water-borne disease. This ensured that they continued to loose. Malaysia Today had an essay on the subject about a year or so ago.

      • Kelantan has recorded high cases of HIV, rape, drug use and single mothers. Is this because of too much religious indoctrination and moral policing until Kelantan youths and adults have had to sneak behind the bushes as a form of rebellion against the system?

  15. Anil, looking forward for your live results feed coming GE..was very helpful during the last and keeps the tension going.

    • greg,

      Many of the illegals employed by big Public Listed Company or GLC. The more illegals workers the more $$$ the cronies make.The bottom line is the illegals workers after some time become a wild ….( sorry to used this terms buts it’s true )They run freely doing any business including sundry shops. Every other year (the govt) will try to legalize them for $$$.I legalized few illegals workers 2 years ago. The moment they get their passport with permits they disappear.

      Meanwhile, the genuine small time contractor who pay good salary plus accommodation can’t get permits to bring their own workers.Standard salary for unskilled workers around RM50.00 and skilled workers with free accommodation and transport they can earn up RM3,000.00

      Since the red tape of hiring legal workers, there is a shortage of construction workers. Unskilled workers asking rates RM80.00 per day and skilled PR workers from Indonesia around RM150.00

      rajraman. I got the job but no workers.As good as no job.Their asking salaries now I can’t make profits.
      Temporarily closed shop, stop paying GST and ask Inland Revenue to refund access tax I paid last year.I not going to pay income tax next year since I don’t have income.There will be more request from me next year for a refund. I am not alone in this situation.I was forced to retire early.I will never legalize illegals workers.

      • Raj
        You should encourage others to employ the locals to see the nation being drowned by the flooding of foreigners legal or illegal.

      • Amarjit,
        How can i encourage others to employ locals in contruction industries when the locals refused to dirty their hands,works in hot sun and rains.
        Even the young chinese inherited business from their fathers don’t know how to lay bricks.They just sub the job to foreigner.

        rajraman.No need to talk about Malays and Indians.The foreigner learn from us but now they run the business since our goverment themself ALI BABA.

      • Foreign labour cheap.
        Local bosses like them.
        Locals suffer as wages are suppressed.
        Umno cronies lagi syiok can get $$$ on foreign workers import permit.

      • Pinky,
        Foreign workers never been cheap and more expensive if the employer follows the rules.If you added proper accommodation, utilities bills, transport and basic pay minimum of RM1,500.00 they are more expensive than locals.
        You add in the levy, agent fees, and unknown sum for red tape their salaries above Malaysian workers. I am writing here on behalf of small contractors who require 3 to 4 foreign workers. The housing provided not a room but a house with a maximum of 4 or 5 workers.

        The abuser most of them is GLC and Public Listed Company who hire them by hundreds.Accommodation at constructions sites with tiny cabins.

        rajraman. Anyone here running a small construction company and pay minimum basic pay?

    • 2 million guest workers. See how much pasar traders can make. See how many years for famous cendol to sell 2 million bowls. Permit has to be renew regularly too

    • PSM cannot convince the poor to take up construction job?

      Further how to survive on 50 bucks per wk His income is 300 per WK or 1200 per month. If raining days, then poor worker has to goyang kaki. His about his expenses like breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 breaks and transport which is say 25. This means only 25 bucks left only or 600 bucks left to pay room rent and less during raining days. His job requires him to stand in hit sun, risk of nails and falling objects. He has to buy safety shoes and other equipment as subcontractors are not safety first in mind.

      Many chinamen will go to sing land or other countries to work as they get better rates than 180 per day. Sin$ is x3 ringgit. In Sin, they work 1 hr, in ketuanan, they have to work 3 hrs for the same pay. They went there even the risk of overstay. After 3 to 5 years, they come back and do small business.

      • Stop comparing Sing land and Malay land.Even in Sing land foreign workers paid 17 to 19 sing lang $$$ for 8 hours works.You time by 3.Almost equal or less since Sing land is expensive place to stay.

        rajraman.Even alots of Malaysian get con by Sing land employer.
        Google for foreign workers salary in contruction industry Singapore.

      • Many young Indian Malaysians are now working in Singapore, in retail and F&B/fast food sector, although their mothers are more likely employed as factory workers. This is where MIC has failed them, as many Indians no longer live and work in estates and find city living expensive without S$. Go to causeway to see for yourself.

      • Ask khaw why not come back. Why must google? Workers in Sin land better protected. Here subcontractors have to fork out money for main contractor to do the work first. Then he get paid by main contractor who earlier get advanced payment from client.
        In Sin land, do you get projects abandon by developer? Here there are thousands of abandoned projects or delayed projects but centralised gomen okay not problem you can delay. Even Malaysian subcontractors do not get paid promptly and have to barter trade. Different
        In Sin land, foreign workers get better protection if not paid.
        Malaysians get slightly different rate and usually they are supervisors or subcontractors. Otherwise they may as well work in johor or penang. Like khaw, he is sure his life is much much better in Sin land and thousands commuting the causeway everyday. We have been telling khaw to come back.

  16. Honestly, getting tired of Harapan constant 1MDB devil preaching and harping 24/7. When will they actually list down their framework and constructive policies for the betterment of the nation instead of referring to the non-reliable source – Buku Jingga.

    Jurong East

    • Are you not tired of BN-Umno deflecting issues surrounding 1MDB scandal?

      Are you not tired of corrupted practices of BN-Umno?

      Buku Jingga is from Pakatan Rakyat.
      Now we are looking forward to Pakatan Harapan.
      It shows that you are ill informe.

      Under Najib, Malaysia achieved: Highest Debts in history, Household debts breached RM1 trillion for the first time, 2nd highest rating for most corrupt nation in the world, brain drain 2nd highest in the world, No 5 for illicit outflows, cover up of the highest order on 1MDB, Asia worst performing currency, 10 nations are investigating the biggest scam of the world 1MDB, education system that rot to No 52 out of 76 OECD countries while Singapore top OECD global education ranking & etc etc…

    • Khaw, did you notice the big news? PH youth will create 1 million jobs. Will you come back? Or prefer to stay in Singland or compete with Malaysia?

      • Zoro bro, dont be like most Malaysian Chinese who are over-obsessed or envy with us Sinkies and think highly of our SG Gahmen.Our gahmen can do what they wish. They control every aspect of our lives including cpf birth etc. If you are naughty they punish you like how the oppositions constituencies are. No upgrading no library and tear down hawker center. No child care etc. They will make your lives miserable. Not to say the recent water hike of 30% despite water consumption going down steadily. That’s why it’s abuse of power. Fake democracy

      • Unlikely for him to return as Sing$ is still very strong vs Ringgit. Khaw has to be realistic.

      • Zorro must analyse reasons why most Malaysians in Spore reluctant to return to Penang.
        Among strong factors :
        1. Exchange rate of x3.1
        2. English education for children
        3. Safe n clean environment
        4. Meritocracy over ethic supremacy.
        5. Penang food can be found in Singapore easily.

    • Not me who analyse but khaw himself as he made the decision to go down. Johor Lang understandable as it takes 1 or 2 hours but what if is pg lang?

      • Penang lang like Khaw can buy house in JB to shuttle to work in Singapore, yes daily 2 hr ‘OT’ at causeway jam to and fro all because of 3x wages in Singapore Dollar. Tough life but is one way to combat high cost living in Bolehland.

      • I think khaw lives in industrial area rather to commute daily. Otherwise have to pay toll, vehicle permit, petrol and time. He has to get up early before sunrise.

  17. Ibrahim Suffian of independent opinion polling firm Merdeka Centre, believes that the Proton issue will be used during the upcoming general elections, pitting the National Front against an opposition helmed by Mahathir.

    “For the last three decades Proton has been sold to the Bumiputras as an economic coming of age, our move from an agrarian economy to an industrialised one. It was the embodiment of the technological progress acquired by the community. Domestically, the narrative was that the children of farmers are now carmakers,” he said, adding that while perceptions of Proton as a brand and product may differ – complaints of poor quality are commonplace – but as a national project it remains a symbol of pride and progress.

  18. I am curious Anil why there’s no coverage on your PSM compatriots? Maybe they are better alternatives since the rakyat are fed-up of too much politicking on both sides?

    • Arutchelvan revealed that PSM is expected to lock horns with Pakatan Harapan in the next general election. Is this a signal to MO1 for dedak?

      • PSM is selling out rakyat’s interest by splitting opposition votes to the advantage of BN-Umno. No achievement from PSM so far, so we should not waste our precious votes on them.

      • PSM all the time trying to be a part of Harapan but the last election PSM was kill by PAS in Kota Damansara, PKR kill PSM in Semenyih and DAP kill PSM in Perak.

        PSM fights for the poor but label as trouble maker.
        Is there anyone knows Pakatan don’t even bother about PSM since its a small Political Party.

        rajraman.Looks like anyone don’t suscribe to Pakatan they are dedak addict.Too many Dimentia Politicals Traders working together but PSM was ignored totally by this new Dimentia Leaders of Pakatan Harapan.

    • How to fight for the poor when there is no political power and central gomen give peanuts to opposition held gomen? Better to be non Chinese or non Indian. S. Siput finds very very tough w/o finding. Money talk and one can contribute. Further why go and get cheap labour from so many countries. You name them. Viets, North Koreans, Indon, bangla, nepalese, Indians and Chinese. How to teach the poor to fish? Uni grads are provided with other skills after subsidised eid. But form one to six dropouts get nothing. What are vocational and community colleges been doing? Lastly better stp students are asked to study subjects which are not in their list. I know one who gets into public uni the one choice is zoology. Animal farm.

      • The lower income group must practise birth control to have better quality of living focusing on good education so that the next generation can secure better paying jobs to improve their household income. Do not hope for handouts that continues to weaken you in the long term. Unfortunately PSM cannot accept this simple reality.

      • Do PSM led by Dr.Jaya Kumar never preach openly not to wait for handout?
        He is educated enough to teach his voters not to wait for hangouts even though Pakatan never help him.He have taken out his own pocket money to service the peoples who trusted him by voting him 2 terms.PSM unofficially alliance to Pakatan from beginning but Pakatan betray PSM.Even PKR say Sungei Siput is a loan to PSM.Since when PSM loan the seat from them? Pakatan as greedy as UMNO.Act like big brothers without helping.

        rajraman.Birth control and education by now everyone knows for better future except PAS AND HADI.

      • In jepalang, PSM was trying to snatch the deputy speaker seat Yit Fong who frog jump to BN… PSM lost badly.

    • George Lee in future can update fellow readers Liverpool FC progress in Premier League and Champions League.

    • But MO1 has intensified demonising Tun M in Forex issue on TV3 Buletin 8pm showing desperation indeed.

  19. Many young eligible 1st time voters still have not registered for GE14. They are critical just like fence sitters who could swing the results.


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