Live – BN wins in Tenang


BN has defeated Pas in the Tenang by-election with a larger majority of 3,707. Voter turnout was revised downwards to 67 per cent. Live updates and discussion of the Tenang by-election outcome.

Photo of the day: A man said to be Muhyiddin wading through knee-deep floods in Tenang today as an aide shields him with an umbrella in case he gets even more drenched - Photo from twitpic

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    • The most sophisticated you say? Perhaps it is so for you. Sophistication does not lie with the pompous language employed but on the quality of analysis.

      For me, she’s a joke. Just compare her “before” and “after” analysis. Her thought process revolves around her narrow political views ( that is pro-PR and anti-BN) and some bookish political theory.

  1. Ong Eu Soon, you need not be too concerned with LGE and DAP…dig a big hole ready, Malaysians next GE will bury MCA and Gerakan for good!…the writing is already on the wall!…goodbye to all cherry pickers…

  2. I have always said that PKR must concentrate and win the hearts of the rural Malays and Indian. The Chinese votes is not just enough. They must also be able to crack Sabah and Sarawak before they can march to Putrajaya. I cant blame the Malays for supporting UMNO but the Indian is a great disappoinment despite the facts that they are being in the poverty cycle for the past 53 years. They never change and will always accept pittance for their votes. As for Penang urban areas, the Indian Muslim and the Malays in Seberang Mainland Penang are solidly behind UMNO. LGE & PKR must concentrate on these 2 areas. Nationally PR must concnetrate more on the rural Malays and Indian.PKR mst also crack open the heart and minds of the local in Sabah and Sarawak.

  3. I had already warned the brain-dead PR supporters here than their beloved PR candidate the Cikgu Mala is doomed and doesn’t have a ghost of a chance. Yet, aided and abetted by the syiok-sendiri press reports of people ready for “change”, these naive supporters had been hoping against hope.

    As such, today’s result came as a hammer blow. Instead of reflecting on the loud and clear message by the electorate, DAP leaders are taking pot shots at MCA for losing the Chinese votes.

    Merlimau too will be a disaster for PR and let’s see what kind of excuse they have there.

    It would be interesting if there will be a by-election in Port Klang. That will be a heavyweight battle in PR’s homeground. But the result will be the same….another UMNO win.

    PR now can kiss their Putrajaya hopes goodbye.

    • Enjoy the goodies from BN in this buy-election and then vote them out in the next GE.

      Anyway those Felda fellows have got windfall from the rise of rubber price. So they prefer status quo to safeguard their income.

      As for the chinese, maybe they are succumbed by the charm of Cua Soi Lek and the Australian PR ng yen Yen.

  4. The by-election was a good gauge of things to come. Worried that everyone is harping on the Chinese vote issue. Personally feel that you can’t win an election with just one race and neither can you govern a country with one race too.

  5. Election is more important than rescue flood victims.

    Bolehland is destined to a bankrupt country with BN world-class corruption and election “diutamakan dari rakyat”.

  6. PAKATAN RAKYAT especially DAP seems a bunch of SORE LOSERS. DAP never fails to have EXCUSES for each & every defeat they suffer. Why can’t they just accept reality with sheer maturity???

    They blame the RAIN, the blame the FLOOD, they blame selective assistance to voters & amazingly they are saying the BIGGEST LOSER is CHUA SOI LEK instead. GOSH!!! Can they please “Wake up”??? Blaming this & that will NOT win votes & can some … please tell them this???

    DAP ought to take the blows like a MAN (a real MAN, I mean). Blaming the sky or the rain like some OLD AUNTY in the pasar only put DAP in further shame.

    • Wake up MCA machai, the majority of Chinese NEVER support MCA for sure.

      Except for my old mum, my four siblings all voted opposition (PAS) from the day we registered as voters.

      • Well Khoo, that’s their choice voting for PAS.

        But I would hardly think most non Muslims who vote for PAS because they approve PAS’ policies or think the party’s clean. But more as a vote against BN or as a proxy vote for DAP.

        However by voting for PAS, many Malaysians are indirectly feeding a Frankenstein that will one day will be strong enough and then will show its true face.

        It is easier to reform a corrupted party by purging the corrupt leaders but you can never change a party like PAS who is fanatical and self righteous in their beliefs.

        PAS has been and always be the most dangerous political party in Malaysia and my biggest worry is that in their eagerness to punish UMNO, the non Muslims will in the end punish themselves by voting in PAS.

        And you can bet that I won’t be around to be governed by these Mullahs, if and when they come to power.

      • I don’t think the danger in PAS is the prospect of an Islamic State directly, but what will happen if they get into a federal government and table their Islamic State Bill. DAP and PKR and their supporters can chortle “we have to let them do what they want, but we won’t vote for it” all they like, but DAP/PKR’s attitude is irrelevant.

        I believe if PAS table their Islamic State Bill from within a PR Federal government, the UMNO-led Opposition will vote for it *unanimously*, as simply the easiest and quickest way to bring down the government. The Pakatan won’t survive as much 6 months under the superior affiliation of an Islamic State enactment.

        There may be 2 voting options at present, but I believe as long as PAS maintains it will press for an Islamic State, there is only one long-term outcome: UMNO in control, either by winning the next GE or after a short delay by supporting PAS’ Islamic State Bill. Chua Soi Lek (may) be among the first to vote for PAS’ Bill – he can’t restrain his glee at the prospect of the mud that will be on DAP supporters’ faces after their government will fall when CSL and his chums in UMNO play the “Islamic State” card.

        Unless Pakatan Rakyat can find a “Muslim Democrat Party” who are committed to secular democracy … for guaranteeing that Muslims can practice their faith free from interference, manipulation or exploitation by the state, then I think all that voting PR in the next GE will do is delay the inevitable: UMNO back in power again.

      • Sean

        Interesting reply and thought-provoking too. This is the kind of debate and discussion I would rather have it here than the mindless and half-baked posts that sadly have become the staple of most Malaysian blogs.

        My views differ on the issue of PAS as I have lot of first hand experience in attending their ceramahs, listening to their speeches of their leaders and knowing some of their mid-level leaders as friends.

        My advantage that though I am an Indian, I could easily pass off as a Malay Muslim. I always been fascinated by PAS and their supporters and I had been attending their talks since my Uni days.

        The biggest danger the non Muslims face is their slower population growth rate and the ratio is becoming smaller and smaller. As such we are losing our voting power. Even in Penang, the advantage that DAP enjoy will be wiped out soon and it is not inconceivable that PAS could one day in near future, rule the state.

        In the Malaysian context, the only party that will matter are UMNO, PAS and may be DAP. The rest will only be there to make up the numbers. Even DAP’s influence will eventually dilute and become also-run.

        The stronger PAS becomes and the more Islamic UMNO will be forced to be. In the beginning PAS will need the support of DAP to defeat UMNO but once the party is strong it will go on and establish a theocracy ala Taliban. That will be the end of democratic elections and the start of Mullah led rule.

        You can hate UMNO as much as you want, but there is no one else is standing between Malaysia and the wahhabi style Islamic Republic. To me, I would rather put my money to reform and purge UMNO than take my chance on PAS.

      • Kometenmelodie
        As you said PAS has been and always be the most dangerous political party in Malaysia but UMNO is will to cahoot with PAS for unity talk. So that make it 2.

      • Use your brain, most Chinese voters are rational and no hesitate to punish those extremist and radical party before they are growing too big and too far off from the middle path.

        UMNO is simply too big and powerful, they have to be tainted.

        Even PR wrest control of Putrajaya, Chinese will not vote PR to win 2/3.

  7. This by-election will make LGE very happy, but Anwar very disappointed. The Chinese is still with DAP, but the voters is not with PR. LGE can win all the Chinese votes and lost the state government in the next general election. Over dependence of Chinese votes will kill PR, like the previous few by-election the focus is still on the Chinese votes which proved to be a formula for disaster. Wake up now before it is too late, PR need to make in road to Malay heartland, it need other than Chinese votes.
    The Chinese votes is just a illusion of victory. It give LGE a false sense of confident that will eventually caused him the state government. The trend is worrying, but still continued unabated. DAP is going to be a liability for PR as it can’t help Keadilan to win the heart of others. DAPs focus on the Chinese only serve as distraction. Bad bad strategy! Formula for disaster!

    • LGE role in Kampung Buah Pala scandal (miffed) the Indians. I told DAP and PR supporters in this blog a year ago, with Malay and Indian votes are siding BN, Anwar and PR can say sayonara to Putrajaya forever.

      The best scenario for PR is 70% Chinese votes and 35% Malay votes.

      PR needs at least 70% Indian votes to win marginally in West Malaysia.

      With 30-40% Indians behind PR now, PR may lose 2/3 majority to BN in the next GE.

      Who want to bet with me for RM1?

  8. One good outcome came from Tenang buy-election was MCA lies on PAS extremism no longer frightened away Chinese votes. PAS on the other hand, should reciprocate the good wishes and strong support the Chinese have given them…using a softer approach to accommodate the non-Muslims in their belief in Islam.

    • Inilah gayanya banga kita, rahimah, kalau sudah nampak duit ringgit dan suapan habis segala-galanya. Syg sgt syg ………… tak berkiran jauh hanya kaut pagi makan pagi ……….

  9. Strange but true. PR supporters are celebrating BN missed target of winning 5k majority. People have spoken. BN is their choice. Stop degrading those voters that have supported BN.

    Also stop singing the same song: 50++ years of corruptions, cronyism, nepotism, plundering, etc.

    People have spoken. Majority of them trust BN more than PR. Understand?

    Moral of this byelection: Shaking hands are all time important.

  10. Heard that UMNO provides boats to Felda folks to vote and no transportation to Chinese and Indian voters for those affected by flood

    • Well Tenang people are more comfortable with floods and low living standard, so we don’t disturb them, let them be like that for generations and we concentrate on those who wants to change

  11. Tenang by-electon is nothing much to talk about, it is just a by election, moreover Tenang is BN stronghole, if BN cannot win this DUN, then It tells us people power, people want “change”. If BN won, it must win in bigger majority compare to 2008, otherwise consider BN defeated again.
    Rakyat is waiting for 2nd coming Tsunami again, this time will be giving other state a chance to show their PEOPLE POWER…
    State under PR is doing great except some YBs problems! you know I know…hehe!

    • I believe other countries will postpone election in such flooding situation. Rescue the rakyat should be “diutamakan”.

      But Malaysia is Bolehland, defy logic is a norm.

  12. Hopefully the flood would kept most of the Felda voters away thereby giving PAS a chance for an upset victory.

    • The BN win is inevitable, thanks to th by PAS.

      This election illustrates one thing – the lack of understanding between the races.

      It is one thing for the Muslim women refusing to have any “skin-to-skin” contact with “stranger men”, but it is another thing if the Muslim women decide to become a candidate for an election.

      If the Muslim women don’t want to have any “skin-contact” with any male then they should turn down any nomination offer to be an electoral candidate.

      They should understand one thing – that when they are elected they do not only represent the Muslims.

      This country – whether they like it or not – still have sizeable non-Muslim population.

      Anyone wants to become a politician better be prepared to become representatives for ALL PEOPLE, Muslims _and_ non-Muslims.

      By refusing to shake hand with anyone – or by wearing gloves – the PAS candidate left a very bitter after-taste to the non-Muslim voters.

      Shaking hand is a basic human gesture – even if any religion forbids hand-shake – human-nature still takes precedence, whether you like it or not.

      Hopefully PAS will learn the lesson and stop sending candidates who are deemed “too radical” by the populace at large.

      • What do you mean by ‘shaking hand is a basic human gesture’?

        I can argue that practising yoga is also a very basic human exercise that should not be barred in the name of religion.

      • I know Buddhist followers do not see shake hand is a basic human gesture. Clamping both palms is their natural way of gesture.

        While Chinese traditional way of gesture is one palm holding another fist.

        Do not take stuff from the Western civilization as the basic human gesture, shake hand is one of them.


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