Live – Permatang Pauh by-election result


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  1. The opposition ask Najib & UMNO to resign because they got only 497% of the votes. Cameron should also resign is it not. Look like the British are more stupid than the Malaysian.

    In the UK, 13 parties contested the elections and the Conservative Party won 51% of the seats on 37% on the votes. And the Conservative Party government is considered the legitimate government. In Malaysia, Barisan Nasional won 60% of the seats and 47% of the votes and it is not considered a legitimate government.

    • Did any other party win more than 37% of the votes in the UK? Just asking.

      In Malaysia, Pakatan won more of the popular votes than BN.

      • Anil ; Good, now that you have brought up this question, it has come to my mind that Pakatan did not really won the popular votes. The 52% include those from the independent and other smaller parties especially in Sabah & Sarawak. As such Pakatan popular votes could have been 52% as made to believe and could be less than 47% as the other smaller parties especially from Sabah & Sarawak garnered about 3-5% of the overall votes.. This is the greatest distraction or deception that have been played by the opposition to the people

  2. Dear DSAI

    This proves that you have not been forgotten although you have been
    unjustly thrown into prison by the racist, kleptocratic regime currently seriously
    misgoverning Malaysia.
    Keep on serving progressive Malaysians
    as our beacon of hope and our equivalent of the great Nelson Mandela.

    • Phua, I think you are still shioking sendiri despite the fact that Azizah vote has slide from 59.2% to 58% and could have been worse if not for the rescue from PAS. You also can`t digest the fact that Chinese votes have swung to BN substantially and Azizah or PKR own supporter base or vote have indeed slide very substantially. It is PAS that win for PKR. Without PAS, PKR is really poochit. Wake up from your slumber or am I a bunny. Think hard. I would rather have Lynas than PAS or POTA, ISA or Sedition Act than hudud and an Islamic State.

      • Dear B. Yang,

        1. A bankrupt Malaysia under Najib does not worry you ? It certainly worries the Tun.
        Economic collapse and hyperinflation may also wipe out your life savings i.e.
        if you unwisely continue to keep them in RM under an UMNO Baru-BN regime.

        2. As Cavin Sankaran wrote, a slight decrease or increase in % is
        statistically insignificant.

        3. PAS is internally divided, it is not monolithic.

        In the next GE, if the Hadi Awang camp persists in its treacherous behaviour,
        I would ask Chinese voters to vote for a PAS candidate only if he/she is
        a progressive like my Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, but turn up and spoil the vote if
        a Hadi-type person is the PAS candidate (in a two-person BN versus PAS race).

  3. BN retained Rompin with a smaller majorities.
    PKR retained Pmtg Pauh with a smaller majorities.
    The winner is PAS

  4. The results both at Rompin and Permatang Pauh was as I had expected. Where is Yang? He appears to have lost more than his objectivity.

    Read together, they show a serious loss for the Umno-BN coalition. It seems to be caught in a downward spiral authored by itself. It is also a serious spell that will have implications for the entire country.

    The high Gerakan expectations clearly shows the party to be out of touch with the electorate and means the Bin Cheng (swollen face) to be utterly unable to wrest back even one single seat in the very womb of the state which gave it birth.

    I have always said that collectively, the Penang electorate is a different kind of animal. In 1969, it voted out the Alliance, leaving it with only four seats – all from Umno. It gave the Gerakan 16 out of 24 seats in the then Assembly, or a comfortable two-thirds majority.

    In the 2008 election, the Gerakan lost every seat it stood in. And the two-thirds majority went to the Pakatan coalition of DAP and PKR. Pas only came in with a seat after a by-election.

    So tell me, Yang, what you make of the Penang electorate. Do you see a horn in front of its head and then conclude it is a unicorn? Or do you see a man’s head on its four-legged head and conclude that it is a centaur?

    Let me tell you this, Yang: After more than four decades as a professional observer, I know for sure that both the unicorn and the centaur do not exist. So, what kind of animal is the collective Penang electorate?
    An animal with five legs and four tails?

    • Michael, why should I be lost for word. After all its not PKR or DAP that won. Its PAS that won. PAS contributed more than 5000 votes out of the 8841 majorities. The 2 by election Rompin & PP have shown to us very clearly that the Malays are now moving over to PAS with hudud and Islam. If you take of PAS 5000 votes, PKR would have lost by 1000 votes. And in Permatang Pauh the Chinese have swing to BN. You should all be very afraid instead !!!

  5. “Mr Pro-BN” Yang is like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going and going and going ………… 🙂

  6. Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim has also made similar allegations of phantom voters. He said Rafizi had shown how voters were registered to addresses where they were not resident. Reports have now been lodged with SPR.

    Why Pakatan DAP, PKR are always using deception to deceive the people. If Rafizi and Sim want to take example of the above case they should have reported me and many others to SPR. You see I was registered in certain areas but move out time ago but I continue to vote under that same constituency. The new owner of that house would have receive the sample ballot bearing my name when political parties post it over to me.

  7. I believe the campaigners have turned on the Penang voters with the classic call of the parochial. We shall not be bought. This was shown in the 2013 election when amidst all the promises of so-called progress and cheap housing, the people of Penang rejected the Umno-BN candidates in the urban areas.

    The results in Permatang Pauh will show another rejection of Najib, especially his ill-advised forays into the IMBD and the dogged implementation of the GST – against all advice.

    Don’t get me wrong, the GST is good as a user-pays taxation measure but the people do not enjoy the high income levels to sustain this measure. So, in the end, it was the timing of the measure, not the measure in itself, that was opposed.

    Additionally, it was opposed because the people, strapped with their low-income, just could not afford this measure which effectively means a drop in the quality of their life. Quality of life was something that even Tun Razak Hussein, Najib’s father, promised the people way back in 1974!

    I know because I was there!


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