Live – Kajang by-election results


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  1. Ong Kian Ming is actually talking nonsense. In fact there was a substantial swing to BN MCA The turnover drop of 15% turnout. PR Kak Wan votes compared to GE13 was down by 15% whereas BN Chew Mei Fun votes compared with GE 13 only dropped by about 5%. From here we can note that BN MCA votes increase quite substantially although they lost the by election. In fact as predicted earlier, Chew could have won by a slim margin if not for the drop in turnout.

    • Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail polled 16,779 out of the 28,314 votes cast in the by-election, obtaining 5,483 more votes than BN’s Chew Mei Fun, who received 11,296 votes.

      Although the turnout was 72% against the 88% in the May 5, 2013, general election, PR garnered a higher percentage of all votes cast in the by-election, getting 59.9% of all votes in the by-election compared with 57% in 2013.

      The shift in Malay votes should cause some concern for Umno as it showed that Umno and Malay rights group Perkasa’s scare-mongering were not a major vote-getter in the polls.

  2. with respect Kak Wan is not Mrs Yang who runs to market and change nappy only.

    She was an eye specialist before and see how she helmed party keadilan when anwar was in jail.

    Which woman in Malaysia/world can fight her ???

    a housewife and grandmother running household errands ??? So naive…

    Pakatan’s women are of substance and not like BN’s, all are Miss and Mrs Tow Truck !!!

    one1defool kangkong & 1rm chicken land!

  3. I had great respect for Kak Wan after all the trouble her husband has bestowed upon a once lovely housewife. And I wonder what she can really do as the adun running errand as a housewife and grandmother. She should have taken a rest but the over ambitious husband just coundn`t care less.

    • Although an eye specialist, she was a family woman that do errands and looking after the family when off job. She was never a politician and was thrust unwillingly and unwittingly into the world of politics by her husband using her naivety to continue his political ambitions

      It is due to the influence of her husband that she was voted in as MP for Permatang Pauh. Her win in Kajang is because the people were affected by the various problems besetting the world and country and which were aggravated and emotionalized by the opposition PR DAP, PKR and PAS. In Permatang Pauh she has done nothing but continue with the sympathies of the people towards here husband. Likewise it is the same in Kajang. riding the wave of sympathies from people like Awang, Kee and many others who because they failed in society must always let go their emotion against the govt..

  4. Dr Wan Azizah, congratulations !!!

    Ah Fun sudah bungkus and yet she was very happy….

    Bodoh memang bodoh but one or two readers here are even more bodoh, they either cannot count or too besotted with Ah Fun’s beauty !!! Ha ha

  5. A win is a win, regardless of the margin. Yes that`s right and I hope the opposition should acknowledged that they have lost in the last GE. No more babbling about getting the majority of percentage please.

  6. A win is a win, regardless of the margin.
    Also hasn’t the GE and this latest results sunk into the thick skulls of the running … the reasons why the people they are supposed to represent are rejecting them ? What have these running … got to say about the civil services where it 96% of it is given to the Malays ? Even the remaining 4% that are given to the (minorities) are positions that cannot be taken up by the Malays otherwise even these 4% would not have been occupied by the (minorities). Still what have you got to say, have you ever objected to these and the many marginalization policies ? And you still have the audacity to continue representing the people you are supposed to represent and worse of all you to continue staying in the partnership of BN ,in the name of the Chinese or the people you represent.
    The end of the road is very near for you and finally don’t represent the people you are supposed to, you are truly a … disgrace plus a running … to your people.
    We know it is hard for you to do anything else because of what you are and the abilities you have but it is about time for you to get involved in anything except to continue kissing the … and endorsing whatever policies they are coming up with. …

    • An estimated quarter of voters lived outside of Kajang, disproportionately Chinese and younger voters. With the Ching Ming festival beginning next weekend, many Chinese voters did not return for the polls. The timing of the by-election appeared to be set carefully to make it less viable for more opposition-inclined voters to come back and vote.

  7. We kajang people address with poscode no43000 kajang was diverted to bangi or else u think bn can win this percentage . In their dream.

  8. Simple mathematics !

    If there are 100 voters, 60% would mean 60 votes and the “majority” would be 20 votes.

    If there are 1000 voters, 60% would mean 600 votes and the “majority” would be 200 votes

    Looks like some people here simply do not understand basic mathematics !!

    • Really do not understand. Can you give real example based on actual votes received by both candidates. This is serious and no trolling. Please me to understand how to count majority.

  9. Based on the present 72% turnout clearly shows 59.6% (almost 60%) is a very good
    achievement for PKR. Also don’t forget I bet 99%, if not ALL, of the postal votes went
    to BN. This is a handicap – a disadvantage, PR cannot overcome.

    Seeing photos of the antics of some PR supporters imitating the Raja Bomoh and carrying
    kangkung around is hilarious. But even more hilarious when the SPRM Chairman
    advised supporters (PR) not to play with kangkung and coconuts. This chairman Aziz
    is really a kangkungnut!.

    As usual, I expected there would be a blackout, but this did not happen due to the TNB
    personnels on standby. Sure (someone) must be fuming mad over this – unable to
    put into action his (alleged) SOP to save Najib and the BN.

    Where were Najib, Moo and all the 1/2-past-6 cabinet members? None turned up at the
    counting centre. Embarrass to face the humiliation? Anyway, you don’t see Najib
    around lately. Wonder why? Hmmmm…..

  10. Mengapa majoriti PKR boleh jatuh setelah kes Anwar berlaku? Apakah maksud majoriti menurun ini? Adakah rakyat sudah bangkit membantah PRK ini?

  11. yang,

    25% support is pathetic by any standards and i seriously dont know why should someone crow about it.. anyway, in absolute terms 25% of a smaller turnout is no feat compared to 18% of a larger turnout.
    to me, key is to look at each stream for this by-election. UMNO will be more concern if its Malay votes are eroded. afterall, UMNO dont need Chinese votes to rule based on the current delineation.

  12. ok whatever good job Anil we really appreciate your quick information thanks a lot! see you next by election take care good health to you !

    • Yes, keep up the good work. Will make a contribution. BTW, do consider allowing advertising to defray the cost.

      • Thanks for the thought and the idea, though I must say, I am not too fond of corporate advertisements 😉 So many of them everywhere else, I want to find some breathing space here. 🙂

  13. The reduced majority is testimony that the people are slowly moving back to BN MCA. The people vote the parties not Kak Wan. LKS, LGE, Anwar and PR leaders must be disappointed that Chew has put a dent into PR armour. A good show by Chew

    • Just look at the mediocrity. Just look at the “not clever” analysis. Respect Yang uncle, do not wish to be outright.

      Reduced majority? If they reduced the majority on the same turnout of 88% then it is reduced majority. Now, with reduced turnout, you still consider that reduced majority? UMNObaru/BN lost so much votes compared to previously, what say you?

      What about increased percentage of votes from total votes casted? That is not important? The fact is UMNObaru lost vital Malay votes. if it is a PRU, this is going to be telling on UMNObaru/BN, because the Chinese will swing back to PR in a PRU. Just to make UMNObaru syiok abit so that they will concentrate on leading the country, and not harp on race, religion and NGOs supportive of it warning of bloodbath! Paham tak Yang uncle?

      Good show? I had mentioned yesterday, UMNObaru/BN ( sorry, MCA is irrelevant) UMNObaru will treat this as a victory, if the margin of victory is reduced, but, can they ever speak the truth? Just like Yang?

      I thought, I had to strip naked and walk the streets of Penang with Yang uncle as escort?

      Do not make yourself look like someone “not clever” Yang uncle. Hang sudah nyanyoklah!

    • Yang uncle, you and Chua Soi Lek, both of you are the same. I mean, not “that one” lah. Chua Soi Lek said Chew will chew PKR in Kajang, and you said Chew will create an upset, and both of you are proven wrong!

      Do you have contact with Chua Soi Lek? Of all people, why are both of you so alike in your thinking and taste?

      • Awang,
        Perhaps Chew & Soi Lek are right. Chew said that she would create an upset………..BY KEEPING HER DEPOSIT…….HAHAHAHAHA! As for Soi Lek wor, if chew lost her deposit, soi lek & chew would not chew anything for the next one week

  14. My calculations show that Anwar Ibrahim won 60% of all votes cast
    in Permatang Pauh during GE 13.
    So the right-wing vote in his own electoral district was 40%.

  15. In free and fair elections, the right-wing vote is usually around 1/3 of all votes cast.
    This is the experience in all truly democratic countries.

    So, votes for PR can be expected to range anywhere from 55 % to 70 % if
    voter turnout is high. Since this is a by-election, the lower voter turnout is
    not unusual (as compared to turnout for the General Election).
    Lower voter turnout always benefits the right-wing parties.
    I suppose if Anwar Ibrahim has been the candidate, the PR vote would be around 65%.
    Kak Wan’s 60% is not a surprise to me.

  16. Her record is impeccable. She has never lost in an election. This tells you how much respect and regards Malaysians have for KaK Wan! Remember, Yang uncle said the people in Kajang does not know Kak Wan in one of his comments? Apa sudah jadi Yang uncle? Hang sudah nyanyok lah.

  17. Mana itu Yang uncle? Buat Chew upset! Always give false hopes to UMNObaru/BN this bodek Yang uncle!

  18. with Pkr leading by 5, 4000 votes with about 4,ooo votes to to go to be tallied that means Pkr has BIG or small W O …..rread…..MENANG……..ribuan tahniah Kak Wan ….truth honesty integrity shall prevail…..Beliau be the next pm for sure with Abang Annuar by yr side to guide you protect you from those despicable corrupted rent seekers goons rouges ruffians the scum of the earth the “BURNT’ earth of our once milk and honey West Malaysia….period!……….

  19. I think BN cannot loose gracefully. They (might) still cheat so that the rakyat do not see how badly they have lost support.

  20. This time it must be a Malays tsunami? As the Chinese voters had apparently taken the cue from Joseph Kurup and voted for their own kind?

    • No chance, Chinese will vote for a PAS candidate than an ultramalay. Ask Mahathir, he more than any other person knows better. The votes that the MCA candidate got are from ultramalays.

  21. How come bn still ‘strongly’ supported, Tuan Anil?! we thought the Chinese hate (them) or the both chinese malays have been ‘br.bed’?!

  22. At 19.20 PKR has more votes than at 19.32 Mr. Anil? What happened to the three votes missing from earlier count?


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