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  1. Ong Kian Ming is actually talking nonsense. In fact there was a substantial swing to BN MCA The turnover drop of 15% turnout. PR Kak Wan votes compared to GE13 was down by 15% whereas BN Chew Mei Fun votes compared with GE 13 only dropped by about 5%. From here we can note that BN MCA votes increase quite substantially although they lost the by election. In fact as predicted earlier, Chew could have won by a slim margin if not for the drop in turnout.

    • Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail polled 16,779 out of the 28,314 votes cast in the by-election, obtaining 5,483 more votes than BN’s Chew Mei Fun, who received 11,296 votes.

      Although the turnout was 72% against the 88% in the May 5, 2013, general election, PR garnered a higher percentage of all votes cast in the by-election, getting 59.9% of all votes in the by-election compared with 57% in 2013.

      The shift in Malay votes should cause some concern for Umno as it showed that Umno and Malay rights group Perkasa’s scare-mongering were not a major vote-getter in the polls.

  2. with respect Kak Wan is not Mrs Yang who runs to market and change nappy only.

    She was an eye specialist before and see how she helmed party keadilan when anwar was in jail.

    Which woman in Malaysia/world can fight her ???

    a housewife and grandmother running household errands ??? So naive…

    Pakatan’s women are of substance and not like BN’s, all are Miss and Mrs Tow Truck !!!

    one1defool kangkong & 1rm chicken land!

  3. I had great respect for Kak Wan after all the trouble her husband has bestowed upon a once lovely housewife. And I wonder what she can really do as the adun running errand as a housewife and grandmother. She should have taken a rest but the over ambitious husband just coundn`t care less.

    • Although an eye specialist, she was a family woman that do errands and looking after the family when off job. She was never a politician and was thrust unwillingly and unwittingly into the world of politics by her husband using her naivety to continue his political ambitions

      It is due to the influence of her husband that she was voted in as MP for Permatang Pauh. Her win in Kajang is because the people were affected by the various problems besetting the world and country and which were aggravated and emotionalized by the opposition PR DAP, PKR and PAS. In Permatang Pauh she has done nothing but continue with the sympathies of the people towards here husband. Likewise it is the same in Kajang. riding the wave of sympathies from people like Awang, Kee and many others who because they failed in society must always let go their emotion against the govt..


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