Some 100000 converged at the Batu Kawan Stadium on mainland Penang to protest against the electoral process, just three days after 100000 people had thronged the Kelana Jaya Stadium in a similar demonstration.

About 50000-60000 were on the field and the athletics track, another 25000 in the stands (which can seat 40000) plus perhaps around 10000 outside or walking in and out.

Blog reader Yang reports:

Everyone from Malay, Chinese, Indian and others were there and they are all either from Pas, PKR and DAP. It tooke me three hours and I could not even get inside. My car was stuck 2 kilometres away and we had to walk to the stadium. We could not get in as the bridge and road about 1km leading to the stadium was completely jammed and full. All the way, I could see Malays, Chinese, Indians/Pas, PKR and DAP mingling without any reference to race or religion.