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Some 10,000 people turned up for a PKR ceramah at Sungai Buaya in Hulu Selangor last night, seemingly supporting the optimism in some PKR circles of a favourable result.

The crowd packed an area the size of a football field. For details, go here.

Another 2,000 turned up for a PKR Chinese dinner in Rasa last night.

A PKR MP told me he was confident of a positive result. “On paper, there is no way we can lose.” But he cautioned a lot would depend on how smooth polling day is tomorrow, especially if the 13,000 voters, whose polling stations have been changed, can find their correct polling centres.

I asked him about reports that the BN holds the edge, and he replied, “That has been our strategy (to let them believe they have the edge).” Presumably, to avoid complacency and to go in as the underdog.

His sense of the mood in the kampungs is that Pakatan is only trailing the BN marginally, but if all voters were taken into account, then victory was within reach.

But hasn’t there be an erosion in support for Pakatan since the last general election?

“Any erosion in support would be more than compensated by the gains we have made, for example, in the Orang Asli areas,” he pointed out, citing the favourable response to campaign events organised for the Orang Asli to support his assertion.

An intellectual associated with PKR, however, had a contradictory view and sounded disillusioned. “I think it (the seat) is gone. They (PKR) had two years to look into the issues, but they neglected it. They knew the guy was ill, but what did they do during the two years? Look Selangor is the jewel in the party’s crown.”

What sort of issues? “Drains, water, land titles – they have left it until too late.”

So two different views here. What do you think?