10,000 ceramah crowd boosts Pakatan hopes


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Some 10,000 people turned up for a PKR ceramah at Sungai Buaya in Hulu Selangor last night, seemingly supporting the optimism in some PKR circles of a favourable result.

The crowd packed an area the size of a football field. For details, go here.

Another 2,000 turned up for a PKR Chinese dinner in Rasa last night.

A PKR MP told me he was confident of a positive result. “On paper, there is no way we can lose.” But he cautioned a lot would depend on how smooth polling day is tomorrow, especially if the 13,000 voters, whose polling stations have been changed, can find their correct polling centres.

I asked him about reports that the BN holds the edge, and he replied, “That has been our strategy (to let them believe they have the edge).” Presumably, to avoid complacency and to go in as the underdog.

His sense of the mood in the kampungs is that Pakatan is only trailing the BN marginally, but if all voters were taken into account, then victory was within reach.

But hasn’t there be an erosion in support for Pakatan since the last general election?

“Any erosion in support would be more than compensated by the gains we have made, for example, in the Orang Asli areas,” he pointed out, citing the favourable response to campaign events organised for the Orang Asli to support his assertion.

An intellectual associated with PKR, however, had a contradictory view and sounded disillusioned. “I think it (the seat) is gone. They (PKR) had two years to look into the issues, but they neglected it. They knew the guy was ill, but what did they do during the two years? Look Selangor is the jewel in the party’s crown.”

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What sort of issues? “Drains, water, land titles – they have left it until too late.”

So two different views here. What do you think?

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  1. long time never hear from K, why you delete your Gerakan. You should be Gerakan k…
    I think you are the one who ” syiok sendiri” and “rindu bayangan”. I think Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock will tell you why BN going to lose.
    Sweet dream tonight….

  2. This should have been an UMNO seat considering the demographic composition of the constituency. Had BN fielded Mike Tyson, it would have saved us the anxiety and monies. No campaign by UMNO Baru is needed, but because the petulant weakling MIC is fielded, we have to go through so much trouble and waste of public funds.

    MIC should look for winnable seats to contest come the next GE. They should not contest and let fellow members of the coalition, in this case UMNO doing all the canvassing. As it is, this MIC candidate will not be able to serve the Indians but will ‘screw’ them even more. What hurts is that even before being elected he had resorted to the unthinkable, the alleged degree controversy, his support of Perkasa, being a phantom voter in Sungai Siput. Should not vote this guy, do not know what to expect from him!

    Hope the works of the UMNO warlords who are secretly meeting Zaid on the sideline, as allegedly reported will work. These UMNO warlords have land in Felda areas, they are unable to get legal ownership of it as yet, and knowing that Zaid is incharge of land matters, they are secretly meeting Zaid and in a hush hush manner had been telling their members to vote PKR. They also want to ensure MIC’s defeat so that MIC will never set foot on Hulu Selangor, never again! UMNO Baru will get the right to contest this seat if MIC loses in this by election! How excellent a strategy! Killing two birds with one stone!

  3. Anil Anil

    You are an experienced political observer to be fooled by some spin put up by PKR spinmasters.

    MI put the crowd at 5k as was Mkini. People on the ground told me it was around 3 to 5k. And most of these people (estimated 70%) were non voters from PAS and also Pakatan supporters around Klang Valley and even as far as Penang.

    If you check around, you know that there were convoys of DAP and PKR supporters in cars and buses headed to HS last Friday.

    Also you know if you check that there are thousands of PAS (supporters) from Kelantan are camped at HS.

    It is amusing to read all these “syiok-sendiri” and “singing in the dark” comments from our usual resident Pakatan fanboys and gals.

    But what is unamusing is the racist remarks on Indians which seemed to indicate that Indians are stupid and naive.
    This only goes to show that pakatan and their supporters preach democracy when it serves their need. But they don’t walk their talk or respect the democratic choice of people.

    If Zaid get thrashed today, Pakatan will surely say that BN bribed and cheated their way to victory. Their blinkered supporters will claim that Indians and Malays voters are naive and stupid.

    I predict Kamal to win handsomely and haste the demise of Pakatan. In fact I expect Pakatan to drop even the Chinese support.

    I would like to reactions of these pakatan fanboys and gals in your blog. It would be fun to see their desperate
    and cheap excuses for the crushing defeat.

  4. “Saya sudah check depan dan belakang, sampai seluar dalam. Kita tak nak orang yang suka enjoy … Kita nak orang yang bekerja,”kata Najib.

    WOW..Najib has checked thoroughly on this kamal. Previous experience checking on saifool prevails..(?)

  5. Hulu Indian and Malay,

    Please wake up after 53 yrs BN rules! There are so many corruptions going on, high crime rates, racism, and etc would you still want to continuing support BN? Don’t you want to have better and clean polician like Zaid? It is sad if you still want to support BN!! Maybe PKR need to find a better way to educate and make those living in rural areas have better understanding.

  6. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if there is anyone working overtime tonight preparing (any) fake votes for tomorrow night count, just in case? Perhaps a simple black out will all they need…?

  7. This is like a battle of good over evil, a small band of rebels against the evil empire, Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Jedi knights battling stormtroopers. May the good guys (PR) win!

  8. Latest survey shows that PKR is narrowing he gap. Lets us all continue with our effort even until tomorrow to convince the people in HS to vote Zaid at whatever means we can. And good luck to Zaid….. Lets us all bring down that down trodden corruptible BN UMNO now and in the next GE

  9. The Malays in the Felda schemes must be very cautious with najib’s “promise” of settling the felda compensation issue. This issue has remained stagnant for years and only now when there is a by election they talk about settling the issue. It sounds exactly like samy vellu talking about settling the Maika issue. See if this issue will be settled if bn wins..ha..ha..
    What is important now is the big picture of a political and social reform to save our nation and the future of out children. We must vote in favor of restoring true democracy, eradication of corruption, upholding human rights, ensuring the prosperity of the rakyat (not the prosperity of bn leaders and their cronies),eradication of race based politics, eradication of power abuse and for the well being of all Malaysians.
    I urge all the voters of Hulu Selangor to vote for a leader with principles and dignity like Zaid Ibrahim. I hope the voters will not accept election goodies aka bribery and be fooled by umno & bn. The future of our country is now in the hands of the HS voters. Please don’t let us down.

  10. Don’t be misled by the 10,000 ceramah crowd. Remember that there are about 5,000 PAS supporters from Kelantan in HS now who are not registered voters there. They might be making up the big numbers in the PKR ceramahs.

    I think all must be done to make sure PKR registered voters in HS go out to vote tomorrow. Such as providing transport, etc.

    However, having said that, I think that some of the MIC indians(Palanivel’s camp) might sabotage….. to vote for PKR.

    Some Umno people also might not go out to vote bcoz they were not given the seat.

  11. Tonight at Stad KKB, the crowd could be 20 – 30K. Mark my word. Seems outstation voters hv come home in droves.

  12. Bismillah irahman irahim,

    Aha folks, surveys conducted by Zentrum Future studies confirmed my datas as at 23/04/10

    PR in the lead at 51.7%
    UMNO Baru at 48.3%

    Press home the advantage Pakatan Rakyat!

    Zaid Ibrahim to Parliament, and help the folks regardless of race and kindly look into the sufferings of the Indians who had suffered for the past 53 years, because they trusted MIC.

    Insyallah, may PR build on the lead!

  13. Have to say, this contest better than a EPL game. Its better World Cup games.

    The sampling does not take into account the cheating of moving 13,000 voters. If its that close, PR can still lose..

  14. We pray for PR to win this by-election for the sake of our future generation. Even if PR loses, it is no big deal what not with the millions of dirty money thrown in by UMNO. GE13 will be the real gauge when BN just cant throw money or give instant mee at every constituency. If PR loses by 1000 or less votes, it is already a victory of sort.

  15. Despite all the analysis, Zaid Ibrahim to win.

    Why? Latest turnaround, UMNO members are reportedly sabotaging 1PMs efforts. Those in Mike Tyson group will not go out to vote, similary those associated with Zahid and Mdin will refrain from voting come voting day. Because of internal strifes within UMNO, they are willing to lose this seat, only to “win” it back during the next GE. Those UMNO warlords fighting for Mike Tyson have lost tremendous face in the eyes of their supporters and that too, they lost to the irrelevaant weakling MIC. They want a Malay to represent them, and Kamalanathan is an Indian, and looking at the sufferings of the Indians in Hulu Selangor, (this group of) UMNO members just dislike the Indian candidate. Being racist, it is not surprising. By the way, anyone seen Zahid campaigning? The Minister in charge of defense whose Ministry allegedly “leaked” the missing jet engines fiasco to the press? Those UMNO warlords are not happy with Najib’s NEM which will take away their tongkats, and they are hell bent on ensuring a Najib defeat, in the process ending MIC’s chance of ever contesting in Hulu Selangor again. Killing two birds with one stone! MIC can go fly kite and beg for another seat, perhaps it will signal the end of MIC, and the birth of HRP with their 15/38 formulae?

    Najib’s entry into the fray is a wrong political move as PM does not interfere in by elections, he is entrapped this time around and those out to get him cannot have a better opportunity than to make him look lousy, and also a referendum on his 1 year in office as the PM.

    And within MIC, the Sam group and Palanivel group are fighting each other for political survival. If Kamalanathan wins, it signals the end of Palanivel and whatever hopes he harbours of being the MIC chief. Some MIC operations centres in Hulu Selangor remained closed as at yesterday. Each are out to finish off the other, and it is not surprising, as these connected Indians (seem to) only want to use the poor Indians to enrich themselves.

    This is a seat for BN to lose and the above infightings will ensure that.

    PR is working so closely together and they will receive support from at least 23,000 voters. Zaid should scrape through and being a Malay is a distinct advantage, as you can see the Malay villagers saying, tentu, calon Melayu lah.

    So we have reasons to cheer folks. Let us hope for the best, and hopefully an MIC defeat will signal the end of MIC, and the sufferings of the horribly marginalized millions of Indians will be slowly alleviated.

    MIC Marginalised ( the poor) Indian Community
    MIC Milk (the poor) Indian Community (eternally.)

    106 million Maika funds after 25 years to be returned to the Indians, without dividends. Just imagine what kind of interests accrued on the principal sum after 25 years is like, folks?

    That is MIC for you, will the Indians ever have a chance under MIC?

    • will the Indians ever have a chance under MIC?

      O, come Monday morning please remember to ask the Indians the above question.

      I like to know the answer too.

      I like to know why in the world they still so loyal to the one political party which has cheated them for so long.

      You see the Chinese already deserted MCA. But the Indians? Still hot hot for MIC.

      • Iron,

        Check with your friends what the reading is like for Indian votes. I can safely tell you at least 40% are with the PR now. The youths are with PR.

        It is the same with the Chinese, the older generation will vote for MCA.

        Anyway, if there is no sway in Chinese votes at 78%, and if Indian votes stay at 40% and Malay votes at 40%, Zaid should be safely through.

        The Indians are with PR too. Only the poor community always hero worship heroes, and the educated like Uthayakumar, Kamala are manipulating … them. Look at what Thaneithiran thinks he is… He hijacked the rallying cry “Makkhal Sakthi”.

        And whom did you learn that Indians from PR are not allowed to enter estates? … Unless, MIC is thrown out by the Indians they will continue to suffer.

        Hope the Palanivel and Sam fight will prolong which will ensure the demise of MIC.

      • “The older generation will vote for MCA”

        Hey O, my mum has been voting for the oppositions since Mederka, first PPP and then DAP. Many of the older generations relied on the young people for advise.

  16. i sense BN will win this round. and majority is 1000 to 2000 vote. of course they wining is not cause they done a good job or changed. but only money politic.
    they can win by election and cheat themselve in short term. when GE 13. its wont easy for them to use 10 cover to close 1000 holes.

    • Depends on today.

      It would be close.

      Excluding the possibility of phantom voters – even if BN wins they gonna win by only a few hundreds votes.

      And if things go well today PR *could* win – that is, if PR can turn out the Malay votes.

  17. Trekked down to Hulu Selangor from Ipoh to observe the ongoing campaign by both PAKATAN and BN. Given a free Utusan newspaper at a petrol kiosk in Ulu Bernam. A flyer was slotted in this newspaper that urged Hulu Selangor voters to support BN.
    Normally, only the Chinese voters are smart at concealing their ‘true feelings’. They can be seen to support BN in the open but only god knows their choice when voting comes.
    This time, I was impressed by the Malay voters in Hulu Selangor ability to play along with what the BN campaigners wanted i.e. to show their liking to the BN candidate.
    They grabbed all the goodies given by BN(read Us, the rakyat) but the votes will go to PAKATAN RAKYAT as I was told.
    The Malay, Orang Asli and Chinese votes are safely in the bag but Indian votes may be 50-50.
    Verdict: PAKATAN’s seat – hands down!

  18. pkr lies a lot.nothing tangible in selangor,just
    give aways.what developent?

    they will not have my vote.

    • My vote will offset your vote. So it is even.

      Yes, BN is the saviour of the country. They never lie. Politics young boy, is a game of deception!

    • you mean there’s development by BN the previous 50 years? you mean the estates there have actually develop?

  19. The turn-out crowds does not guarantee a win.

    Crowds love to attend opposition gathering cos it’s more interesting as compare to the regime.

    End of the day, the race sentiments and $$$$ power and the result is in favour of BE-END.

    Honestly the have won , they have won honestly???

  20. I hope PR and Nik Aziz will campaign all the way until the end. We want to say no to this corrupted BN Govt. Enough us enough!

    • I hope PR and Nik Aziz will campaign all the way until the end.

      Can you spare some mercy on the old Tok Guru, please?

      The frail Tok Guru is doing everything he can to help the Pakatan. Even with his frail body – plus the fact he just came back from Mecca – he came to Hulu Selangor.

      Do not expect Tok Guru to continue doing this forever.

      PR has to carry on the torch.

    • True !

      With frogs emerging from under rocks everywhere, there are Rakyat’s who are fed up too.

      Don’t forget that !

    • Good point Ahmad….

      10% of the crowds were plain cloth cops; 10% are just curious on lookers. 10% are not old enough to vote. 10% didn’t even bother to register to vote; 10% are non HS residents; 10% are PR volunteers; 10% are fence sitters; and the reminder could be locals that perhaps half of them are PR and the other half are not, give or take. Hmmmm, number don’t tell you a correct picture!

  21. Win or loose…..the advantage is that PR has managed to spread its ideology of being clean and fair. As for BN, it has just proved how dirty it is and with the age on the internet, they cannot hide their misbehavior anymore. Come GE 13, they will loose more seats and votes.

    So BN may win HS, but in the eyes on the general public in the country, it has just proven how corrupt and low down it can be. Enjoy BN , bask in this shortlived glory…..i still pray PR wins HS..and yes i am a Malaysian first and then only a Malay, a Muslim and a follower of Allah…may peace be upon him!!!1

    Ho Chi Minh City
    Socialist Republic of Vietnam

  22. It is very simple to gauge…hard cores on both sides of the political divide will remain the same. It is the fence sitters and ‘moving voters’ that will determine the final result.
    If the Indian electorate remain faithful to the color of their skin and do not think Malaysians, they will be doomed!…so bite the bullet my Indian brothers, your lives will be stagnated again for the next half century, marginalized!…if you returned to the UMNO-BN mafia!

    • Intimidation.

      Photochopped pictures of Zaid drinking bottled beer.

      More intimidation.

      Transferring 13,000 voters out of (their usual polling) district days before the by-election.

      Even more intimidation.

      Linking the raising of horses to gambling.

      Even much more intimidation.

      Illegal arrests of students of political science stream learning the political process.

      Even much much MUCH more intimidation.

      It already stinks to high heaven mon !

      By GE 13 the stench will rise way above heaven.

  23. I would like to ask all the Chinese voters here in the blogs and in HS, can you trust a President to deliver when he has committed adultery, lied to his family on this matter and done an immoral sex act. So go on and convince the people in this last moment to vote PKR using whatever means available. It is 50-50 so give your all out

    • No, no need to get to that level. I have spoken to many of them today, and i can say 80% chinese votes is achievable. but again, lets not let our guard down. Actually the chinese in the area are very politically conscious, no matter how many $$$, hampers, rice were thrown in … it’s futile effort, no thanks to PERKASA. i hope they will continue their racist nature and i’m sure PR will have an easier job next GE.

  24. Had a chat with Gobind and later spoke to Zaid. Pakatan Rakyat is very confident. Our Pakatan Rakyat leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz is also very confident. I can confirm that when Zaid wins Hulu Selangor real and practical developments will happen in state and federal politics for all Malaysians. They will be very positive changes.

    Surprisingly we received many good wishes from several senior BN politicians, even UMNO politicians who are happy with our reform program.

  25. Pakatan victory will only be denied if there is cheating in postal votes or when people cant find their names after they have been moved away fr their previous voting centres.


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