‘Independent panel’ … really?


Former IGP and Genting deputy chairman Hanif Omar will head an ‘independent panel’ to probe the incidents of violence at the Bersih 3.0 rally.

Other panel members:

  • Former Chief Judge of Borneo Steve Sim
  • Sinar Harian managing editor Hussamuddin Yaacub
  • Media Chinese International (part of Sin Chew group) legal adviser Liew Peng Chuan
  • Petronas corporate affairs senior general manager Medan Abdullah
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia psychology professor Ruszmi Ismail

I am just amazed that the government can be so out of touch with public sentiment to think that this panel would be perceived as ‘independent’ in the eyes of the people. Especially after Hanif’s recent remarks about communist sympathisers from the 1970s being involved in the rally on 28 April.

If this is Hishammuddin Hussein’s idea of an ‘independent panel’, he might as well include Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali in the panel.

What can you say? I am stumped. They really don’t get it, do they?

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  1. Isn’t the ex-IGP in question also a member of the Genting Bhd (Highlands, as in the casino) Board of Directors??

    So much so much at stake for him!!

    And being an ex-cop in this Panel who said he recognises a few ex-Communist faces means he will not be impartial.

    • Hanif’s Genting connection is it rezeki halal ? Ma be his income derived from Genting ‘halal’ business like roller-coaters rides and not from the chips.

      • Hanif gets the contract … at Genting, just like the ex-PM (relative) gets the contract to provide food for MAS catering.

  2. If l want to be a winner in a game (let say badminton), l wil ‘want’ my opponents to consists of a 6 yr old child, a 81 yr old aunty/uncle, a patient from a hospital.

  3. When people are in extreme denial mode, they only believe whatever rubbish they come up with. Our ruling regime, especially the cowhead supporting Home Minister thinks that whatever he espouses will be acceptable to the rakyat. He fails to realize that the Malaysian voters have become better informed via the alternate media. No amount of media controlled propaganda is going to convince them Malaysians that the panel is truly ‘independent’.

    The tsunami of 308 shook the regime up but it did not do enough to make them realize their mistakes in under estimating the intelligence of the rakyat. The recent 408 Bersih 3.0 too did not drive some sense into their numbskulls.They are fools and expect everyone to be like them. Hishamuddin might as well include all the racist, religious fanatics and other divisive elements in the panel so as to completely cover up all the wrong doing of the police force.

    In this globalized world where information is readily available through multi-media, no cover up is possible. The rural, uneducated people without access to alternate media might believe Hishamuddin and gang, but can they fool the international community?

    The very fact the regime is opting for a panel and not a full fledged RCI makes it obvious that they are up to their usual sandiwara. This panel with a biased ex IGP at the helm need not even meet to draw any conclusions. As usual he and his panel members will vilify and make the peaceful and non-violent BERSIH participants as monsters.

    The PDRM would be absolved of all their dastardly acts of violence against unarmed civilians who took part for a CLEAN AND FAIR elections. Ex IGP Hanif Omar has already gone on record as saying BERSIH 3.0 was being infiltrated by communist elements form the 1970s. Where the hell did he get this intelligence when even the present IGP is not aware of such a thing.

    If the ex IGP has any integrity left in him, he should NOT accept to head the panel which is already partisan without the other stakeholders.

  4. Many don’t expect any real independent panel; many also don’t expect such ‘honorable man’ as ex-IGP to lead either.

    Since bersih 3.0, BN has displayed the utmost arrogance against the people. BN do not care about Bersih’s demand nor its 428 protest, prior, during and after.

    More like a plan, the plan is to push bersih and its 428 protest into a corner and whacked it off with BN controlled media. Look at the spin-off, from pre428 of ‘not a security threat’, to post428 of ‘coup de tat Egyptian style’. While during428, the police ‘professionally’ brutalised their duties for a role-play assigned.

    The only thing BN interested is: screen those edited clips on-and-on thru tv1,2,3 at full advantage. Like another ‘honorable man’ ex PM said “If you tell a lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. BN believe whoever controls the media, EC and PDRM, owns the country.

    Hosni Mubarak shares the same though, the power and arrogance has blind him from seeing the disappointment, helplessness and anger of the people. Yes, Malaysia is not Epygpt, Merdeka square isn’t Tahrir square, Bersih is not Jasmine. More importantly, we don’t want you to be Mubarak, don’t shadow Mubarak’s actions here.

    We know, for you, politic is about perception, more like a game. We know you need only that 18% of voters to be at majority. We know you can spin anything thru media for your advantage for that 18%….

    But for once, can you be serious?. No! .. You are winning the election at all cost!

  5. This is how he got his diploma in irrelevantology. Paul Augustine would have been proud of this law student.

  6. Have any panel of this nature appointed by the govt have come up with reports against. They are all one-sided … It has so much of proofs featuring the atrocities done by police in Bersih. Go to all the web pages of individuals,you can see the latest pictures. I saw a video clip showing a traffic policeman pointing his gun towards the crowd. Oh GOD….The crowd luckily waved their hankerchiefs at him.

  7. You think we want to ‘gamble’ with this ex-IGP with his nightly Genting phobia of dead communists terrorizing his dream in his suite?
    Such nightmare guy is not fit to be in the probing panel of impartiality!

  8. Jadi anil, siapa yang paling ideal dalam panel tersebut ??? LGE, LKS dan karpal singh tak boleh sebab mereka orang pakatan.

    Pada pandangan saya, panel tersebut adalah terbaik kerana ada: bekas polis, hakim, ahli pendidikan, ahli perniagaan, ada orang dari media bercetak, ada cina, ada melayu (opss tiada India tetapi sepatutnya tidak menjadi masalah).

    Jangan sedih kerana tiada orang dari aliran kerana mereka pro-pakatan.

    Jadi, kita tunggulah keputusan panel tersebut. Sabar dan jangan buat spekulasi dongeng.

    p/s: Apa pandangan pembaca terhadap website ini http://www.dearambiga.com ??? Some interesting excerpt from that site:

    We are angry. Why? Because Bersih should be an NGO by the People for the People – of all races, areas, and political views. But in Bersih 3.0 some Pakatan Rakyat bosses took advantage of our noble cause for their own political interests and benefit!

      • Anil,

        You are very patient with Gerakan K! He never fails to amaze me with his remarks, sometimes making himself a laughing stock

        As for the list of panel, I’m lost beyond words. It’s unbelievable, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. Our govt really takes us for idiots.

        They should have accept that UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, Frank La Rue to regain credibility amongst the civilians.

      • Re GK, it takes all kinds.

        As for the panel, I think they are just going through the motions. Few people will be holding their breath.

    • Hei man!. PR bosses took part not as politicians but as supporters of the noble cause of Bersih. You must understand that friend.

      • Hello, kawan. Jangan tembak jika tidak tahu perkara sebenar.

        Sila lihat kembali video youtube BERSIH 3.0. BERSIH 3.0 adalah kempen pakatan. Sila perhatikan laungan mereka. Sila lihat pemimpin pakatan bagaimana memberi arahan / mengerakkan perserta-perserta demonstrasi.

        Sila lihat di mana ambiga. Lihat Ambiga pada ketika itu sedang bersama dengan siapa? Hmm betul, sedang bersama dengan pemimpin pakatan. Jadi, tak lain, tak bukan, BERSIH 3.0 adalah aktiviti pakatan.

        Jangan tipu. Video tidak akan menipu tetapi manusia mungkin.

    • Gerakan K,

      Ani macam mana boleh. Semua semua orang kerajaan atau bekas. Kalau mau fair, cari lah orang orang yang tak pernah berkaja dengan kerajaan.

      Ada banyak orang yang kita boleh pakai.

    • Gerakan K. Your are fortunate enough to troll around here without much of a shoo-shoo from others! Just accept your fate and be more ‘gentleman’.
      I suggest you drink more Kopi-O kau kau to ‘right’ your senses.

      • Regarding to who actually trolling, well your mileage may vary. The point is many pakatan supporters (including anil and his warlords) now are sad and angry.

        As I have mentioned previously, the momentum, purposes and impact of BERSIH 3.0 is unlike the previous one. BERSIH 3.0 “sudah panjit” even before it has started the protest.

        Angry right ??? Feel sad right ??? Got the feeling that BERSIH 3.0 failed to do anything useful against BN right ???

        Hmm, take it easy. I expect 1Malaysia PM Najib will stay there for few terms before retire as the best PM of Malaysia. Accept pakatan fate as the government in-waiting. Consider yourself lucky if pakatan able to defend its states in next GE.

        Enjoy your kopi-O and witness the whole episode as an adult. No childish troll labeling, please. To many, your ‘tutup satu mata’ pro-pakatan writing = trolling as well. Remember the phrase, “your mileage may vary”. Thankyou.

      • A few terms. You should see your 1clinic quack and get more medicine for your hallucinations.

      • I don’t know how to troll. But you sure troll like an expert taught by Ostrich. What sense got you but the lowest of trollers, even willing to bad-mouth an old lady who saw what’s wrong with our system of samseng & Kotor.
        Cheat your way, troller.
        Unless Kopi-O kau kau can heighten your sense of righteousness away from dirt lies, murders & violent propensity, you better save yourself … in the last days.

        The Day of The Lord is approaching not too long!
        Be fearful like the samseng of 428.

    • With the ‘honorable’ ex-IGP leading the investigation panel, the probe is over before it gets started.

      Independent panel is part of governance process with a specific purposes; BN is turning that into another political ‘ritual’….

      Finally, just a ‘ritual’, where BN is concern. What substance it carries?, whatever outcomes the panel have, it fails, is meaningless from the start, failing the trust and faith from concern parties. The consequences are high.

      BN systematically turned many governing processes into ‘ritual’ without substance. A ‘conveyor belt’ way of governing, you get thru A, then B, then C. walla! your justice if served!, substance! who cares! as long the controlled media casts ‘the best part’ as per Rais’s standard.

      Look at the reforms, where are the substances? If it works, why don’t BN walk with Bersih? why honorable ex-IGP?


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