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Hadi for PM? Here’s what he really said …


The Star has been going to town with Pas president Hadi Awang’s purported ambition to become Prime Minister. So I contacted Pas central working committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad to find out what was happening.

Listen from 50:45

It is not difficult to understand why The Star is playing this up. The MCA paper obviously wants to unnerve those who might be concerned about Pas leading a new federal government.

Dzul sizes up what Hadi really meant. “I was there when he touched on the subject,” says Dzul, “and I was listening carefully to every word he said.

“When Hadi welcomed the proposal by the ulama wing chief, he was talking in jest in a cynical way. ‘Syiok juga sepintas lalu (A fleeting thrill),’ he said.

“But he immediately added, what he asks for is for Islam to be victorious, and then he would be ready to die.(‘Tetapi saya kata di sini, saya minta Tuhan jadikan cita-cita saya ini biar menangkan Islam, kemudian kalau nak mati, matilah.’)

Dzul says Hadi followed this statement with an anecdote about the perils of being overly ambitious and counting (fish) eggs before they are hatched.

Apparently Kedah MB Azizan had invited Hadi for a fishing trip when the Pas president visited Kedah. Before they heading out to sea in Yan, Azizan asked his family to prepare spices for his favourite fish recipe. But as it turned out, the catch was dismal, and all those premature fantasies of a sumptuous fish feast was just idle talk. (Kind of reminds you of the ambitions of the three Gerakan candidates for Penang Chief Minister ahead of the 2008 general election, doesn’t it?)

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Immediately before touching on the PM proposal, Hadi had stressed the importance of making proper preparations for the coming election.

The excerpt of Hadi’s speech in Malay:

Kita kena hadapi pilihan raya dengan yakin, ikhlas dan ilmu dan bijak.

Saya alu-alukan nak lantik saya jadi perdana menteri. Syok juga sepintas lalu. Tetapi saya kata di sini, saya minta Tuhan jadikan cita-cita saya ini biar menangkan Islam, kemudian kalau nak mati, matilah.

Saya tak mahu macam cerita saya dengan Ustaz Azizan. Ustaz Azizan tahu saya minat memancing. Saya pergi Kedah, dia ajak saya memancing di laut Yan.

Sebelum pergi, dia berpaling ke anak buah dia, dia kata, tumbuk rempah siap-siap. Nak masak ikan tenggiri, ikan jenahak. Saya pun pergilah, dia pun pergi juga ke laut. Bila balik, boleh ikan belukang sebesar kelinking je. Ustaz Azizah ingat tak peristiwa itu? Saya tak mahu jadi macam tu lah. Belum apa-apa dah tumbuk rempah.

Kita kena belajar dengan Nabi SAW. Bila Nabi nak berhijrah ke Madinah, Nabi berjumpa dengan pemimpin-pemimpin kabilah yang bersedia menawarkan negeri dan penduduk mereka untuk menegakkan Islam. Allah menjanjikan kemenangan.

Nabi jumpa satu-satu kabilah ini. Masa jumpa kabilah Bani Amir, Nabi tawar Islam, Allah janjikan kemenangan, boleh tegakkan negara bila berjaya. Tiba-tiba pemimpin mereka bertanya, “Kalau menang siapa jadi raja, jadi ketua, jadi menteri” lalu Nabi jawab, “Kemenangan itu bagi Allah, Allah beri kepada siapa yang Dia kehendaki” Itu jawapan Nabi.

Jadi kita PAS ni kena ajar begitulah. Itulah caranya.

Earlier, on 18 November, Harakahdaily had reported:

Nov 18: PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang said vying for positions should be the last thing on the minds of those who struggle for Islam. Responding to some delegates who argued that Hadi should be the prime minister should Pakatan Rakyat win the next election, he brushed it aside saying it was not part of his wish list.

Hadi reiterated that the focus now was for PAS and Pakatan Rakyat to occupy the Federal seat after the 13th general election, and not who should be the prime minister.

“As someone trained in the Islamic mould, I cannot ask to be a leader, leadership is a huge trust and a big responsibility.

“What is important is that we step into Putrajaya. The prime minister will be from among those who qualify, who can unite and uphold justice to the people,” he said.

Hadi again expressed his intention to return to his life as fisherman. “At least, I can teach (Islam) to people,” he said…

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  1. Strangely I do not see any PAS leader comment on the unisex hair saloon issue in Kota Bahru. Therefore BN especially MCA are gaining points by capitalising on it.

  2. Deal All,

    I hope this forth coming election would benefits all “Rakyat of Malaysia”. The whatsoever “ism” (i.e. cronism) should be thrown out. Enough is enough. Let the opposition takes over and sweep the dirts.

    I have no problem for our honourable Hadi Awang to lead the country as prime minister of Malaysia nor the non-malay PM as allowed in the Federal Constitution but not again for BN. May be, in BN there are some good apples are there but they are not strong enough to handle or tackle the ruthless one.

    I think the effected Malaysians pains are still a fresh as what the former leaders have done for the nation. So we have two kind of people to tackle and how are our honourable opposition leaders going to overcome this obstacles?…

    I would still prefer the honourable Hadi Awang to be the first PM from the opposition, atleast for two (2) years in order to control the defiants. I knew many are scared of him. May be because of his principal and desire to implement the HUDUD LAW.

    The nation had very high hope on previous leaders credibilities but all are went failed due to their neglegence in administrations.

    Only one thing that I could suggest to the Malays, the Indians, the Chiness and others. Be united into ONE and work hard for the families and for our country and choose the virtues leader and this time don’t make mistake as our children need to excel in studies for their future and our family needs reasonable daily needs and previlages in order to live with dignity as Malaysians. We and future of our children are not going to live here for another fifty (50) years but for as long as our country exist in this world. So plan carefully.

    Too many things happened, if i ever write this I may be in Jail. So never mind, forget about those leaders who have betrayed us. The time will come to punish them for their deadly deeds against us.

    God bless Malaysia!

    William Eethiah

  3. I am non muslim, not a Pas member neither their fan. But I don’t see any problem during PAS’s muktamar, their members propose PAS’s Hadi as the PM and push for Hudud.

    Each political party fight for party ideology and objective, that is politic, what is the problem with this? PAS member can demand and express what they feel fit to their objective.

    PAS must bring these to the PR and discussed this with their components parties. Follow the adopted democratic processes, if Hadi wins the support from PR to be the PM, what is the problem?

    Should PAS win the majority seats, abiding the democratic processes, they success in getting approval for hudud, what is the problem?

    To agree but dis-commit is BN, hopefully PR operates differently.

  4. What can we expect from sleaze balls running The Star when their chief adviser is none other than the MCA porn king? WCW gave up true journalism on being awarded a datukship. The runup to that occasion was his virulent diatribe against the Opposition.

    The Star and the other MSM know very well that they are the only media in the country propagating lies and half truths as a service to their masters in UMNO. The other online alternatives do not count as only the urban and some rural people have access to computers for alternate views of what is going on in the country.

    The Star and the other MSM are nothing but minions of the corrupted government which squanders the rakyat’s money to stay on in power.
    Whether the PAS president or Anwar Ibrahim becomes the next PM is a moot point. Both are hundred times better than the corrupted racists running the government. Since PAS, PKR and DAP are equal partners in Pakatan Rakyat, any decision as to who is going to be the PM when PR takes over Putrajaya would be made only through consensus among the three political parties. In politics, given the chance all parties would like to have their man as the PM but in reality it is not as simple as that.

    As a Malaysian I would not mind any capable and non-racist leader from any of those Pakatan Rakyat parties to take on the mantle of PM of the country.

    My only wish is that he/she must be the leader of all Malaysians, not just the leader of UMNOputras. He should not be a racist and a religious fanatic per se.

    He should be bold to bring about a paradigm shift from the gutter politics of today. He must be able to bring about true and sincere transformational changes to the PDRM, MACC, JUDICIARY and the ELECTION COMMISSION to put the country back on the right track for progress and harmony.

    Apartheid policies and the desire to divide and rule must be rooted out completely. If Pakatan Rakyat can do the above any chosen leader by the three parties would be most welcome in place of the corrupted, arrogant and racist leaders in UMNO/BN.

    The leader from Pakatan Rakyat should abolish any form of the draconian ISA, OSA and any act that impinges on the freedom of speech and assembly of the rakyat should be done with as soon as they come to power. Those racist and arrogant leaders who stole from the rakyat and who cannot account for the billions in their accounts should be charged in a court of law ( not the kangaroo courts ) and be punished severely as a deterrent to anyone thinking of abusing power to become outlandishly wealthy.

    So, whether it is Tok guru Hadi or Anwar Ibrahim or even a Kadazan or Iban, it does not matter. What matters now is to wrest power from UMNO/BN.

    ABU is the perfect vehicle to make that change.

  5. and the star chief editor will on sunday behind the pulpit talks down to you to live God’s way. what hypocrisy.
    gelakan, you hv good company.

  6. Another evidence that The Star is twisting facts to suit its master’s agenda.

    By the way, the free weekly chinese tabloid ‘Red Tomato Weekly’
    (红番茄) is another MCA mouthpiece out to influence young voters with its anti-DAP articles. ‘Red Tomato’ was originally a lifestyle magazine until it was bought over by The Star under MCA to reach out to young audience.

    • yes b4 MCA bought Friday’s free in circulation “Red Tomato”; this paper is critical of political misdeeds (mainly from you know who).

      So in the guise of lifestyle paper, the editor ala that “The Bintang”, there are hidden message to try to influence the thoughts of young readers away from their various exploits….

  7. There is no doubt the PAS leadership is highly practical – at unimaginable pressure. I doubt even DAP and I am sure PKR cannot withstand the kind of pressure they are under.

    But what you see is what drives a lot of rank & file of PAS which is really not that different than UMNO except the cover is Islam..Its still ambition, its still gains in this life..Hence the likes of Hasan Ali, Nashruddin etc. should not come as a surprise.

    You have to wonder, if PAS gets into power and make no progress at some point or start to lose ground, are they any different than UMNO maybe even worst?

  8. So The Star was, yet again, just doing its usual dastardly deed? As in spinning facts into propaganda, and serving its politicial masters?

    Trying to drive a wedge between PAS and PKR – DAP, as well as fanning the islam-hudud fears of some non-Muslims?

    What else is new?

  9. Why don’t all readers understand that pas hudud is non-negotiable ??? Now Hadi wanted to be PM. So, pas hudud certainly will be implemented by pakatan when they win federal gomen.

    Pas hudud implementation roadmap is loud and clear. Let’s vote BN and KASI pakatan bungkus !!!

    • Every Malaysian should realize the lies and half truth of Ah Cheap, pornstar adulterer CSL and their sycophants from Geelakan and MIC.

      Why the Cheap will not come out to deny or confirm it when UMNO from Perlis to Puteri and Johore and now former PM Mahathir Ma kuttyi keep calling for the implementation of hudud for all. Why did the pornstar not objected to it.

      Could we take a chance with such perception when it has happen that for 53 years racism and religiouism have been used to make them stay in power

      At least PAS and Hadi are sincere. They tell the truth. They want hudud and its hudud for Muslim only. Do the Chinese and non Muslim hudud have an issue with it. Surely NO.

      The pornstar adulterer leader keep on spinning lies and half truth on PAS hudud is to divert attention from Ah Cheap and UMNO corruption and scandals and HUDUD FOR ALL.

      We cannot take that chance anymore. We have already given the corrupted UMNO Barang Naik 53 years. Lets give 5 years to PR. They have proven right in the 5 states

    • PAS want to implement Hudud… they speak, whole BN, PR and M’sia talks and debates about it. Karpal said ‘over his dead body’. But they stay PR, disagree on issues.

      Remember CSL, no.1 enemy of Pas Hudud, caught off-handed when Umno said “umno also hudud”. He is anti PAS-hudud, but when Umno hudud, CSL said “Maybe he did not do his homework”. Again, KTK was hibernating then. They are in BN, disagreement is not allowed, silence is diamond.

      PAS-hudud since day 1, Islam is PAS main objective. They never lie on these, they wanted hudud and seriously thinking of chopping off arms of corrupter.

      Umno-hudud, like, islamic and secular states, flip-flops to political needs. Putrajaya is Umno’s main objective not hudud. Will they risk their arms?

  10. It is very clear hear that Tok Guru Hadi Awang never said he accepted the proposal of him being PM in the event of a PR victory. ” Syiok juga” he said. But, he would rather a victory for PR than anything else.

    Such a humble man, such an honest president.

    But, the sad thing is the Kapitan Lim had shot his mouth again. Unlike Mr. Anilnetto, he took the trouble to find out and learn the truth he again shot his mouth saying that DSAI is the PM should PR wins. Counting the chickens before they are hatched.

    And what purpose does it serves for Pakatan and Kapitan Lim for openly coming out with a statement, that not only creates discord amongst PAS members? Won’t Hadi feel hurt by such blatant snub?
    Sometimes, success can get into a person’s head, it clearly is not good. This Kapitan Lim had been shooting his mouth far too often of late, let us hope, he consult PR partners before making statements that may hurt.

    Well, he may feel by doing so, he is able to placate the Chinese community and to pre empt MCA/GELAKAN’s attempts to exploit this issue, but, he forgot that 85% of Chinese voted PAS in Bukit Gantang to put Nizar Jamaluddin into Parliament.

    The Chinese does not fear PAS anymore, infact they fear MCA/GELAKAN/MIC more! PAS had proven itself over the years, and their sincerity is most felt in semi rural areas.

    Politicians are all the same, ” Cakap tak serupa bikin, Bikin tak serupa cakap”! Just do not trust them too much, we got to get on with our lives, just do our part, vote OUT UMNO/sycophants come PRU 13 and move on with our lives.

    Selamatkan Malaysia!


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