With a few loud responses, the crowd at the Gangnam gig in Penang this morning told Najib exactly what they thought of his attempts to milk Psy’s performance for the BN’s political advantage. See the video link below.

Come to think of it, Psy’s Gangnam has played no small role in moulding public reaction, first through the “Ubah rocket style” and then in provoking the above reaction from the crowd. Let’s not forget the “Listen! Listen!” dance remix video set to Gangnam music.

Najib foolishly thought it was safe to mix Psy and the BN together and hope that the BN could bask in reflected glory. Perhaps he thought it was safe seeing that there were not many green- and yellow-shirted people in the crowd.

So now, this spontaneous reaction will go viral and set tongues wagging in coffee-shops and homes across the country. It is nothing short of a public relations disaster for the BN boys. All the BN’s hard work in bringing Psy to Penang undone in one fell swoop. This is one of those instances where the viral possibilities of social media can expose unforeseen loopholes and unexpected gaffes in the best laid plans. This was a public relations disaster.

Even the emcee was too ‘shy’ to pronounce Psy’s name (pronounced ‘sai’, which means something else in Chinese! If you don’t know, just ask around). Instead, he kept referring to the artiste as P-S-Y (i.e. spelling out the name)!

Even the 1Malaysia flags (in BN blue – not exactly the most auspicious colour for Chinese New Year) put up all over the place in conjunction with the event irritated many Penangites. A source said that the organisers had received permission to put up a certain number of flags (1000 or 1500) along certain routes. Instead, many routes in the island were swamped with these flags, apparently well over the permitted number. Respect for the rule of law?

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The crowd in Penang (not more than 50000 – though TV1 reported in its 8.00pm bulletin it was more than 80000!) told Najib in no uncertain terms what they thought of his attempts to marginalise the real issues in the campaign. The people of Penang have spoken.

How much did it cost per minute to bring Psy in? Was it worth it from the BN’s perspective?

Milking Psy’s presence in Penang for political advantage. Epic FAIL!

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  1. Two different headlines on the same event:

    Singapore Straits Time:
    “BN gets Big No from crowd”

    Malaysia’s NST:
    “Najib wins over crowd in Penang”.

    As the eye-witness to the event, I am very sad that Malaysia’s newspapers are reporting lies!


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