Guan Eng’s arrest


Chow Kon Yeow’s response:

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    • Compared with 1MDB, LGE’s bungalow case is like a grain of sand in the ocean. And yet, the full might of the AG office is stacked against him without mercy while the known perpetrators of the biggest robbery in our history are not even hauled in for questioning. What a great nation we are!

  1. Singapore has the reputation of being the least corrupt country in Asia. Thanks to an incorruptible govt and an incorruptible culture. After visiting Singapore so many times and so many exchanges and retreats with Singapore govt officials, something good must have rubbed on to the Malaysians. They are becoming incorruptible, especially the ruling govt.

    So far no govt official has been arrested for corruption, not from the ruling party definitely. The only people that are corrupt are likely from the opposition parties and their members. The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, has just been arrested for corruption.

    This is how serious Malaysia is about stamping out the scourge of corruption in the country. And they have set a very good example with the ruling party members all being incorruptible. And they will not be kind to the opposition parties or anyone that is corrupt.

    Malaysia is becoming another shining example of a country that is free of corruption and very firm against anyone that is corrupt, regardless of race or position. Now Asean countries have two shining examples to emulate, Singapore and Malaysia, the two most incorruptible countries in Asean and Asia.

    Najib is setting a fine example of honesty and incorruptibility.

    * article by Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean who blogs at My Singapore News.

  2. Interesting to see a regular commentatorwho appeaf to have awakened from magical charm to kiss LGE instead of the usual niaokong curse?

    Truth prevails.

    • Awakened??? Sorry, I don’t spin around in a dizzy Kapchai.

      The indecent political persecution + the Rm1 Million Bail is anything but unpalatable.
      Anyone with an honest sense of justice will get disgusted (irrespective of victim of which political affiliation).

      But this doesn’t mean Niao Kong is all absolute vodka angel to be worshipped beyond common sense apprehension, in particular its handling of land development that has repercussions on the environment. If you see that angelic way, you are not helping Niao Kong to be a better leader but ensure its fallible on the CAT ego way.

      The issue here of corruption is just a ‘gut feeling’ that is not substantiated by any indisputable evidence. Let the court of true justice takes its course.

      For the time being, Kapchai can pray with joss sticks + cat mantra facing Komtar until the end of case. Oh, have you dare to donate Rm10 for Guan Eng? I have done my honest part without the need to be perceived as awakened.

  3. #Solidariti Bersama Guan Eng – Suasana Solidariti Bersama Guan Eng di Lebuh Pantai, Pulau Pinang, Sunday 2 July 2016.

    • Probably the Umno folks do not understand that the rakyat do not trust any of the government instituitions as they are all under the control of PM and UMNO to keep them in power and on the gravy train. The last straw was when a Federal Court can accept tempered evidence in Anwar’s case. Any civilized nation would have thrown the case out. So sad we are on this slippery slope of abyss. It would take a generation to start fixing the wrongs UMNO has done over the last 5 decades. The people who will really suffer are the Malays and UMNO would continue to rob and steal in the name of race and religion.

      We marvel at the hypocrisy of Rahman Dahlan of going after Guan Eng, but remaining completely dumb on the RM2.6B found in his boss’ PERSONAL bank account.

      • Well said singkapenanglang !!!

        When race and religion are mentioned [some] malays lose their minds, they strip all and give all their votes to umno/bn. That is why in every election umno will not fail to play up race and religion since the reign of dr m.

  4. There are those who question our donations towards Rm10 in Solidarity with Guan Eng.
    Can’t they see the genuine human hearts for the money?
    Our hearts felt the Rm1 million bail is too excessive, too humongous that will bankrupt a politician or burden his party that can only dream of Rm billions in ready cash donation for any purpose. Maybe this Rm1 million bail should go to the Guiness World Record for the highest bail in any country!
    If you ask what will happen to the Rm1 million donation should the case results in the returning of the bail money, I have this to suggest: “Just keep it for the next GE. If you need some more, just advertise”.
    Good night.

  5. “A free Malaysia, a fair Msia, a prosperous Msia for all is worth fighting for!”- LGE

    Kenapa perlu ditahan seorang KM untuk 1 malam, Gobind pohon penjelasan AG

  6. I am the one that provided the information regarding the application of planning permission for lot 436 & 437 which led the MACC to find out about the application for land rezoning by Magnificent Emblems.
    I realised that the Taman Maggis and the worker village projects are too hard to establish a direct link to the bungalow sales. In order to nail down Lim Guan Eng we need a simple evidence that easily establish the connection with the bungalow sales. Too bad you guys never willing to heed my warning.

    • Now, i see you are the running … for nacheat !!!

      If you are ever so righteous, please nail 1pm for his 2.6 that has enslaved the rakyat with the 1mdb scandals. Please also let us know where is jho low hiding, he needs to answer to the public.

      Proud of yourself… !!! Your face tells you are a no good person !!!

    • Suggestion: ask Buddha/Allah/God/Supreme Being for forgiveness for your act.

      Hatred is a very negative emotion, my friend. It damages you more than the object of your hatred.

      Wise Czech poet-intellectual Vaclav Havel said
      “Truth and love will prevail over lies and hate”

      • Ah Soon now got an orchard to spend time tanam ubi and reflect on his “heroic” act to sustain be end reign. Why still need so much money to go heaven to betray the community?

  7. Less than 24 hours a million ringgit raised by the people without any Arab donggeng at all, people give it willingly la !!!

    The trumped up charges by the evil 1pm and his gang have been obviously backfired. I have never seen the people esp the chinese so united as it now. The penang chinese cant bought with rice cookers like those in sg besar, teruk intan, etc.

    If a snap election is to be called now in penang, i can assure you DAP pakatan will win
    more handsomely like it never before.

    Therefore, to gelakan mca n umno bn, please dream on…

    Well done to all malaysians, congratulations !!!

  8. Liew Chin Tong in his blog entry:
    Just like Dr Mahathir Mohamad made the biggest blunder of his life when he vilified and prosecuted Anwar Ibrahim, which galvanised Malaysians, the arrest of Guan Eng and charging him will galvanise the opposition once again. Even PAS has said Guan Eng is innocent until proven guilty. Guan Eng’s arrest will remind everyone that a strong opposition is crucial, those who were exasperated with the recent twin by-election opposition defeats will have a new bone to chew on. If there was no common cause among the opposition, Umno and its PM have just given a fresh impetus to the opposition movement.

  9. DAP Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng says this is a case of ‘willing buyer willing seller’.

    “We don’t see what is problem with that. This is an overplayed drama and we know that it has only escalated because the general election is around the corner.

    “It will dent the party no doubt, especially with the rural areas as they rely on limited sources of news such the national television channels and government affiliated newspapers and this is how the voters will be influenced.

    “This whole bungalow issue is just another ploy to put DAP in bad light. We don’t see why else they are pulling so much fuss over the bungalow issue.

    “Because the Barisan Nasional has control over television channels and newspapers, people who follow these mediums will believe what is aired or published and will think that the Opposition is equally corrupted,” Lip Eng lamented.

  10. Hello developers who have profited from pro-property development policy of state gomen in Penang.
    Do your part in the ‘RM10 in solidarity with Guan Eng’
    The Rm 1million Bail is excessive. Help by donating to DAP to ease the financial burden.
    Do it with a heart.

    I sincerely hope Anil won’t censor this.

  11. ATTENTION: RM10 in solidarity with Guan Eng
    DAP Penang condemns the politically motivated charges against DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Saudara Lim Guan Eng, as well as the heavy-handed manner in which he has been treated.
    Saudara Guan Eng was arrested in his office in the evening of 29 June 2016 after chairing a State Exco meeting, and was then held in detention overnight by the MACC. This was unnecessary to say the least, especially when Saudara Guan Eng has given full cooperation in the investigation thus far.
    Furthermore, Saudara Guan Eng’s bail amount was set by the High Court at RM1 million, an amount that is extremely excessive, given that bail is simply meant as a mechanism to prevent an accused person from absconding. Clearly, there is no such risk in this case.
    Following this, DAP Penang has received many requests from the public who wish to contribute to the bail amount of RM1 million.
    For all Malaysians who wish to help and stand in solidarity with Saudara Guan Eng, we encourage you to donate RM10 to:
    DAP Penang
    Maybank Account Number: 507013014596
    We thank you graciously for your contribution in this collective struggle against injustice and abuse of power.
    DAP Penang
    Maybank Account Number: 507013014596

  12. DAP will accept RM10 donations after footing Guan Eng’s RM1m bail

    Penang DAP has urged members of the public to donate RM10 each to be in solidarity with Lim Guan Eng after depleting all its liquid funds for the Penang chief minister’s RM1 million bail.

    “DAP Penang has received many requests from the public who wish to contribute to the bail amount of RM1 million.

    “For all Malaysians who wish to help and stand in solidarity with Lim, we encourage you to donate RM10 each,” Penang DAP vice-chairperson Zairil Khir Johari said.

    Lim was today charged with abuse of power and corruption at in the High Court in Penang, with bail set at RM1 million on one surety.

    The bail for Phang Li Koon, who was charged for abetting Lim, was set at RM200,000.

    Zairil criticised the bail as being excessive.

    “Lim’s bail amount was set by the High Court at RM1 million, an amount that is extremely excessive, given that bail is simply meant as a mechanism to prevent an accused person from absconding.

    “Clearly, there is no such risk in this case,” he said.

    Penang DAP chairperson Chow Kon Yeow said today the DAP headquarters had to chip in in order to raise sufficient funds for Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general.

    “We had RM890,000 in our DAP Penang funds and we did not have enough liquid cash in that instant to achieve RM1 million so DAP headquarters had to top RM110,000 to get the amount,” he was quoted as saying.

    Penang DAP is expected to return the RM110,000 to the DAP headquarters soon, so that its account will cover the entirety of the bail.

    Q: What is the account number or where to donate?

  13. I must say that this is certainly not a development that is positive for the country or politics. I concur with Tunglang that the general perception is that while whales have escaped while the tuna has been reeled in. This is not kind of news that will assuage the future investors about the state or Malaysia.

    However it is highly disingenuous of the Opposition to suggest that since the guy accused of Rm2.6B is free so the Tokong likewise should not be charged. It doesn’t matter it is Rm2.6B or Rm2, corruption is corruption.

    I find it highly perplexing that while the Opposition has been demanding for an independent and free MACC that can act without favour or fear. As such, they should not undermine this organization by making a corruption / criminal matter into a political football.

    Unlike in Anwar’s case, the law in this instance is fair and transparent. And if he’s innocence then he will be able to defend himself with the help of the best legal minds in the country. So he should not be worried about proving his innocence.

    I think DAP made a big blunder by letting the Tokong remain as the CM while the case is on-going as they will lose their moral ground. That claiming since this is a conspiracy so he has no reason to step down is downright idiotic and silly. I can tell you that no foreign investors will respect LGE while dealing with him. He will be heckled every he goes.

    While I don’t profess to know the details about this case (though quite a lot has been shared on the social media), I can make a prediction on his innocence in the way he conducts the trial. If he keeps delaying the trial by using minor technicalities then there is a high chance that he has something to hide. If he speeds up the case to clear him name, then we can be confident that he has the evidence to defend himself.

    This is not a trial of Lim Guan Eng but rather a trial for Pakatan on their principles. If they are willing to stand by their principles when the stakes are against them. I can tell you that now it doesn’t look too good.

    • I would say it is idiotic and silly if guan eng takes leave for now as those who have eyes and a bit of otak can see that these are trumped up charges against pg cm. To do so will fulfil the wishes of nacheat and gang. Why you need to be so stupid to nail yourself ???

      See how they nailed anwar in sodomee episodes 1 and 2 !!! The courts upheld justice in anwar’s case ??? Answer yourself.

      • Take leave = score own goal.

        The sunday morning crowd and the whole nation want fairness.

  14. LGE wrote this:

    The two charges against me under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act and the Penal Code for corrupt practice are a clear act of political persecution motivated solely to destroy me as Penang chief minister.

    I had explained to MACC that the purchase of the bungalow from Phang Li Koon is above-board, an arms-length transaction on a willing buyer and seller basis without any coercion or special favours granted from me or the state government.

    Phang is a friend of my wife and has no active business relationship with the state government. She is not a housing developer and the bungalow she sold me for RM2.8 million was built in the 1980s.

    There have been attempts to draw similarities between my case and former Selangor menteri besar Mohd Khir Toyo. This is wrong.

    Unlike Khir Toyo’s case, Phang did not make a loss of RM5 million but recorded a small profit of RM300,000 from her original purchase price of RM2.5 million.

    Unlike Khir Toyo’s case, Phang is not a housing developer that has to be reliant on state government to continue her business.

    On the second charge relating to the approval of Magnificent Emblem Sdn Bhd’s (MESB) application to re-zone its land from agricultural to residential use, MESB did not succeed in re-zoning its property to residential (purpose). The property still remains an agricultural land.

    What benefit is there to MESB when it could not get final re-zoning approval to agricultural (use) from Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang?

    I am also puzzled by what started off as a vicious political attack on me selling out Taman Manggis land meant for the poor has came to nothing. Why all the hype about Taman Manggis land by BN ministers then?

    Clearly, there is nothing wrong with Taman Manggis land sale and instead I am charged with making a decision for MESB that finally did not gain them any benefit.

    Sadly, there is no corruption with huge RM50 billion debts or RM2.6 billion or RM4 billion in your personal bank accounts. But it is now corruption even when the alleged corrupt party did not gain any benefit.

    I will not submit to such dirty and vicious political plays to destroy my reputation or Penang’s image as the cleanest and best-run state in Malaysia.

    We are proud of our open competitive tenders and proud of our accolades from Transparency International and the annual Auditor-General’s Reports.

    We will not allow BN to throw mud to hide its own corruption scandals. We will prove our innocence in court.

    We will fight to prove that the Pakatan Harapan government is a people-centric government that upholds its principles of integrity, justice, freedom and democracy.

    There is still hope for a Malaysia that is clean and free from corruption, abuse of power and oppression. We must not allow BN to steal our children’s future as they have stolen ours.

    What type of country do we want our children to grow up when those who gained benefits and donations amounting to billions of ringgit are not charged with corruption while those who gained no benefit are prosecuted for corruption?

    BN can prosecute me but it will not kill my passion to free Malaysia from corruption.

    BN can victimise me but will not crush my spirit to free Malaysia from those who steal our children’s future.

    BN can even humiliate me by unnecessarily detaining me overnight but will not succeed in changing white to black and black to white. Right cannot become wrong and wrong cannot become right.

    BN will not break my party’s unity – we stand together as leaders and members to battle for reforms towards a better Malaysia with freedom, justice and democracy.

    If BN feels that they can bend or break me by arresting me, they are wrong! I will die standing (rather) than live on bended knees. A free Malaysia, a fair Malaysia, a prosperous Malaysia for all is worth fighting for!

    Read more:

    • There is no need for LGE to resign as he is not part of the government in power and cannot by any means use his office to interfere or impede justice against him. LGE did not appoint AG, neither did he reshuffle the MACC and replace Abu Kassim. LGE as opposition leader is powerless to influence the instruments of the state. Besides the whole world, including kindergarten children know that this is political persecution. It would be instruments of the state. One time in an Afrikoon country a PM dismissed his AG knowing that the AG was going to execute a warrant of arrest against him. LGE has no such power, is a victim of political persecution and is not a government leader and does not have to resign. BN leaders charged have to resign as being part of the govt they may have the power to influence decisions.

  15. Najib with his trusted Four Horsemen of Apacalypse (IGP, MACC, AP, Mufti Pahang) is riding high now that this is just a prelude to the GE14, as 3Ms have been neutralised (RPK has silenced Muhyideen with the SD on his alleged mistress).

    Meanwhile we have to ask Apandi why he has no guts to take on Jho Low?
    Abu Kassim quit MACC as he knows more …. is coming our way!

    Gerakan has started the dream of recapturing Penang while LGE is put in jail.

    • Actually the original 4 Horsemen of Bugis Warrior are: IGP, AP, MACC and EC. The Mufti Pahang is the 5th one. More to come to help the insecured

      ‘Mengapa 118,774 nama pengundi dipindahkan DUN, Parlimen secara senyap?’

  16. While there is a lot of drama, arresting LGE will not change the fortunes of DAP and its partners significantly UNLESS they get rebels within DAP to aggitate and distract the party.. Even then, it will not do that much compared to splitting the opposition Malay votes.

    So what is the point of all the drama? Because its what the hard right in UMNO wants to do. This is all about machosismo. Satiating the … hordes in UMNO and PAS. THIS is why Pahang Mufti and Ammar Wan Harun did what they did, why Ridhuan Tee, Hassarunni Zakaria etc do what they do, and even why Hadi and Nik Abduh do what they do..

  17. Arrest at night so that TV3 8pm Buletin could capitalize for major breaking headline news, after buka puasa?

    • Yes, it is manifested in the rm1 million donation, less than 24 hours without any cerita cerita donggeng, one day one story his ministers take turns to spin unlike 1m donation, we, the rakyat, are the witnesses, and we have bank in slips to prove. How about you, mr 1pm, where is/are your arab pay-in slip(s) ??????????????????????

      • Another running … PCM Huan padan muka a disgrace to the clan to appear on TV3 as if speaking on behalf of Penangites to serve his own political agenda licking like a …

  18. This is SHOCKING!
    Catching a suspected small fish is fast & furious, but to arrest some highly suspected big fishes is not forth coming at all. Especially big fishes with all the barnacles of Arabian Sea some of whom dare not come home.
    Fast & furious selective punishment for some reasons?
    My hunch – a snap election may be on the way. But then, people have hearts & emotions to feel angry (again) not to change state gomen of Penang.
    Remember: CM Lim Guan Eng is still innocent until proven guilty with real evidences (not concocted ones) in a decent court of decent law.

    No Cheers for the coming days.

      • We not might agree with a leader’s policies or direction, but it doesn’t mean that we want injustice to befall him.

        This is blatant double standards from the AG.

        The outcome of this case will show whether our court of law still upholds justice or has fallen further into the pits of darkness.

        *Also, does this have anything to do with the resignation of MACC chief last week? Perhaps he was against this and voluntarily (or forced to?) resign.

      • Good observation.
        Keeping Calm & introspective will prevent one from jumping into the longkang of subjective conclusions.

      • Stylo Logan, what is this?
        I am giving our CM my earnest full benefit of the doubt & that I am convinced he is innocent of these charges. And I believe it is politically motivated.
        Is that feeling sorry out of emotion or objective assessment?
        Let me ask you, do you want us (which means me, you & decent Rakyat) fight against the corrupt still walking free?
        Pls lah, don’t act like Georgie Bush’s (the father of murderous Iraqi War) political witch hunting of “you’re either with us, or against us”. Grow up.

      • Maybe one day we have 1Bersih Malaysia, we will all Cheers Kopi-O kau kau together in Penang Road kopitiam.

    • The fact that AG has to lead this case is Najib and UMNO are scared stiff of LGE and DAP! LGE/DAP is Najib’s nightmare! May UMNO FALL, come GE14!!!

  19. Malaysia no more law only Najib law now . Soon or later all PKR will be arrested if against him except . So sad …

    • Sad that Regime Najib is able to influence voters with empty promises and chicken feed dedak as in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. Malaysia is doomed … . Soon all Kafirs according to Najib’s mufti (may) be purged before GE14. Be very afraid as Extreme Islam is emerging, scarier than IS.

      • Remember the Bangladeshi terrorist who killed foreigners in Dakka was once studying in Malaysia. Many radicalised Muslims around ready to strike in the name of IS.

    • najib will resort to dirty means to crush the opposition before the next ge.
      this is just the beginning.
      rakyat somehow could not wake up, having been drugged by br1m.


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