First, storm lashes Pas assembly; now lightning disrupts major Pas gathering


Just five months after a thunderstorm wreaked havoc at a Pas annual assembly in Alor Star, lightning struck during a ceramah at a major Pas gathering, ‘Fastaqim 2.0’, in Pantai Tok Jembal, Kuala Nerus in Terengganu on 29 September.

The lightning at 10.50pm disrupted power supply and plunged the area in darkness while the Kelantan Pas information chief Mohd Nassuruddin Daud was delivering a speech.

In his address, Nassurruddin reportedly denied that the party had any discussions about cooperating with the BN during a Pas event in Pangkor Island early last month. In fact, he said, “The Syurah Council had decided we will not cooperate with Umno and we won’t join the BN. Any discussions held regarding RUU355 were only to provide an avenue for Islamic Sharia to be implemented.” This was in line with the party’s struggle to further its religious agenda, he said. He then began reciting a verse when lightning struck before he could finish.

As Malaysiakini reports:

Gangguan mula terasa selepas angin kencang bertiup bersama hujan serta kilat dan guruh.

Selepas guruh berdentum kuat suasana menjadi gelap gelita apabila bekalan elektrik terputus.

Dalam kelam-kabut itu dapat didengar kanak-kanak menjerit menjerit dipercayai kerana terkejut.

Bagaimanapun keadaan kembali dapat dipulihkan kira-kira 10 minit kemudian.

Mohd Nassuruddin kemudian mengetuai bacaan doa meminta perlindungan daripada malapetaka selepas itu.

Sebelum ini Husam – yang kini menjadi Naib Presiden Parti Amanah Negara (AMANAH) mendakwa ada cubaan membawa PAS bekerjasama secara rasmi dengan Umno.

The previous thunderstorm in April 2017 came hours after Pas president Hadi Awang had said the party would go ahead with a “green tsunami” at the right time to bring about change in the country. A big canopy and several others were blown away by the strong winds. Many smaller canopies were ripped off and crumbled. The supporting steel structures could not withstand the force of the wind. Lights went off, and everyone was in a state of panic and rushed for cover inside a nearby building. (see video below for the storm in April 2017.)

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Is this a sign?

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  1. Discriminatory practices could lead to suspicion and prejudice among followers of different religions, and they have no place in Johor, said the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

    Sultan Ibrahim said the Muslim-only launderette represented an extreme way of Islamic life.

    “Such narrow thinking is not the way of Muslims in Johor.

    “For example, all of us carry currency notes that change hands all the time. The same money could have been handled by pork butchers, alcohol sellers, and may have come into contact with a lot of filth.

    “Will the government know come up with Muslim-friendly notes? Think for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen,” said the sultan in a video of his speech on his Facebook page.

    “What about seats in public places that may have been licked by dogs, or pillows and blankets at hotels that may have came into contact with filth?

    “This never ends. If everything is to be prohibited, we might as well live alone in the cave and not live in society,” he said to applause from the audience.

    The ruler said it is his responsibility as the state’s religious head is to ensure peace and unity among the various races of different faiths in Johor.

  2. An officer attached to the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is to be investigated by the authorities over a speech in which he criticised the Sultan of Johor.

    A video clip which has gone viral online shows Zamihan Mat Zain making unsavoury remarks about the Chinese during a religious lecture at the Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jemaah in Shah Alam.

    The video shows Zamihan saying it is wrong of Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar to prohibit a Muslims-only laundrette from operating in the state. He also labelled the Chinese as “unhygienic”.

    “It is a norm for the Chinese to not wash themselves after defecating and urinating. What about menstrual blood in their undergarments? Or what if they hugged a dog, drank alcohol, ate pork,” says Zamihan in the video.

    • KS
      If you said that or i said that … we already inside the Prison.

      rajraman. If UMNO MULLAH said that … under investigation.

      Jamal … was released the next day…

      • Clothes are laundered because they are dirty. And the purpose of washing them is to remove the dirt whatever the source. All humans will be exposed to the elements and to matter in the environment that will soil their clothes. So soap, water and the tumbling tubs of laundering machines will cleanse them and render them dirt free. Will faecal matter or dog saliva or the sweat of a pork eating person linger in the machines? Should a good Hindu worry if the guy before him eats beef? If the machine is well maintained and the launderette a good one there should be no problem. Water and soap will do the trick.

      • KS
        The water in Malaysia polluted by UMNO and their Mullah.

        rajraman.They use the UMNO soap which contaminated their brain.Years of UMNO using this kind of soap to brainwash their own race in the name of race and religion unity.This one of their sucessful trees that start to bear fruits.

      • Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin lecturer Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah said it was wrong for preacher Zamihan Mat Zin to make sweeping statements about the “cleanliness” of the Chinese community.

        In an article today, Ridhuan argued that the Chinese community are known for keeping themselves and their environment physically clean and urged readers to examine the restaurants, homes and workplaces owned by Chinese.

        He added that it was rare for him to encounter Chinese homes that are dirty.

      • Is Riduan “T” came to defence is race finaly?
        Is a good news for me.Hope he have repented.

        rajraman.Most Chinese Restaurant or hawker food much cleaner and fresh… Even the Chinese Restaurant toilet much cleaner than Malaysia Airport.Always have the urine smells in Malaysia Airport.
        Happy Deepavali and Halloween Eric.

      • Agree about years of brainwashing – on blind obedience, hatred and entitlement. Actually, it has been going on for decades, and is now at the fruiting stage. Bolehland now imports and exports (a) finance for terrorists (b) terrorists themselves.

      • Free lunch provided by Jamal. Reminds me of those free meals in Penang before the last PRU.

    • Happy Deepavali to readers who celebrate this Light shines over evils occasion.

      Also a joyful not get drunk Oktoberfest and thrilling not Pontianak provoking Halloween.

      Also, freedom of choice whether use water or paper to clean after big “passing”.

    • His Majesty Sultan Johor has severed ties with Jakim. A good start. Jakim need to do deep soul searching and do not be (allegedly) used as a political tool by MO1. Do you agree Mr Scheiss?

  3. The Malay Rulers today expressed concerns over the eroding unity and harmony in Malaysia, in light of racially controversial issues that had taken place lately.

    According to Star Online, Keeper of the Ruler’s Seal Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, in a statement, said: “In recent weeks, the actions of certain individuals (Jamal Yunus?) have gone beyond all acceptable standards of decency, putting at risk the harmony that currently exists within our multi-religious and multi-ethnic society.”

    “The Rulers are of the opinion that the damaging implications of such actions are more severe when they are erroneously associated with, or committed in the name of Islam.

    “As a religion that encourages its followers to be respectful, moderate and inclusive, the reputation of Islam, must not ever be tainted by the divisive actions of certain groups or individuals, which may lead to rifts among the rakyat,” the statement read.

    • The Malay rulers should know that Umno is playing racial politics blaming non Malays now that the Malays are fragmented supporting different parties not just Umno.

  4. Nik Aziz’s PAS is PAST, finished – all for RM90 million as alleged. Hadi’s PAS contains party hoppers looking for a seat from UMNO. Opportunist who have no ideology save to play the race and religion card. God forgive them; UMNO will only take advantage of them, as indicated by Anuar Musa, in the short term.

      • Annuar Musa tried to deflect attention from his Mara Aussie properties woes? MACC now busy with Warisan folks to give him some breathing space?

    • Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki has stated that Federal BN is committed to establishing an Islamic state in Malaysia (hint if alliance with PAS?).

      So far I have not heard any response from MCA, Gerakan or MIC. If they cannot even come out with a statement to refute or shut Asyraf up, it could mean they agree. So how my interest as a non-muslim is being protected by MCA?

      • MCA please note this will affect racial and religious stability. Please speak up else you will lose your 7-11!

  5. Only an idiot will continue making speeches on a wide open field during a storm instead of chaperoning the crowd to move to safety zone and shelter.
    Also more amusing are adults with children wandering in the rain.
    Are they not aware of potential danger and the high risk of lightning?
    Not a single one of them studied science?

    • Mind over matter. They tell themselves they are exempt from natural laws, like the US Taliban who deny climate change. The latter too are partial to long beards, excessive meat consumption and gun violence. They too deny or shout down any evidence that does not suit them.

    • “New norms are… being created to manufacture fear and insecurity for political gain. Just look at the seminars organised by various units under Jakim [also BTN] on the threat of liberalism, pluralism and deviant thought. Taxpayers’ money is being used to preach intolerance and hatred, and no one in authority is monitoring this, not even the GMM Secretariat that wants to export its moderation.” – Zainah Anwar, column in Star, 1st. Oct. 2017

      • Many things we cannot say or write in this country.
        As many of them are “sensitive”.
        All i can say is Democracy is under siege.
        As they don’t even know or understand what is Democracy.
        More to worry of is (if) our cops taking orders from religion.

  6. Eric SeeToe, BeEnd deputy director of communications, could be engineering more cybertroopers to counter many arguments in, be prepared for new twisted logic!

  7. Property Bubbles a reality now? 42% Malaysians can’t afford homes cost more than RM250k (affordable bracket), market overflowed with unsold overpriced properties?

    The Star does not report as they are property agent via its exhibition programs to push sales.

    Read Chinese papers to learn more :第二财长首季13万单位滞销br-房产供需错配恐成泡/

    The worse for properties sale yet to come per China Press report yesterday大馬房地產-最糟糕時刻還未到!/

    • More than 10 fingers to get burnt for the massive greed to grab sales tinged with kia-su syndrome loud-speakered by property gurus & prophets of “Greed is Good” investment strategy while the sun shines (brightened by developer-friendly gomen) created by surreal property push – The ‘Serengeti’ Property Rush of wildebeest, crocodiles & lions! Now, whose turn will be the crocodiles with tears & the lions with the lion share of cheap sales purchase?
      They greedy developers never seemed to learn from past lessons of the 1986 & 1997 Property Bubbles.

    • Nowadays difficult to get housing loan from the bank if your monthly salary is lower than RM5000.

  8. There is a Hokkien caution saying:
    Luan-luan kong ua, lui-kong ka lu!
    (For reckless speech, get strike by thunder!)

    God (or God of Thunder) is not sleeping but watching our every word & intention, regardless of who you are, what you profess or what robe you wear.

  9. Dramatic. If it happened to DAP they would say God is telling them to repent. It’s one of their advantage they can manipulate their followers blind faith. But facts and best logic by critics do not budge them

  10. Climate change? For sure, Najib/UMNO’s continual efforts to woo Hadi and his ever escalating extremist Islamic bent to sway Malay votes, in a desparate attempt to avert political doom, have made legions think about regime change.

    Some have commented about how many rural PAS members are very angry with Hadi for being in cohort with their sworn arch-enemy UMNO. And Hadi has been reported to have said that his game-plan with respect to Najib is actually his strategy to tear apart UMNO. I certainly would celebrate Najib and Hadi getting their just desserts should their vile tai-chi end up with disasters for them both.

  11. Is the copyright common names for GOD in Arabs world called “Allah” showing his displeasure with the God Party who betray Pakatan and works with UMNO?
    The God Party closed one eye on MO1 abused of power make their almighty angry?

    rajraman.I will never know because i not a followers of Organised Religions since this same Organised Religions split the mankind.
    Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian….

    • You may not have a religion, but do note that the default religion in your IC would be ‘Islam’ unless you indicate otherwise. Malaysia under BN do not recognise atheists, quoting the first verse of Rukunegara.

      Happy Halloween to all.

      • Who care about rukunnegara Eric.
        The word Tuhan in rukunnegara might change one day when UMNO AND PAS works together in name of Malay and Islam unity and bring HUDUD LAW.

        Someone ask me why Indian in Malaysia still call themself as Indians (except few like the Kutty) and Chinese in Malaysia still call themself as Chinese but the Bugis and the Javanese call themself as MALAY?

        rajraman.I wish happy Deepavali and you wish Happy Halloween?Is it forbidden for Christian to wish back Happy Deepavali – Eric?
        Anyway Happy Halloween Eric.

      • Try to make everyday’s a happy occasion.
        Also, be prepared to greet: “Happy UBAH Malaysia” after GE14.
        No need to debate on this possible GE outcome with Eric See To!

      • I do not duplicate your Deepavali greetings to readers. Halloween celebration could be banned soon like Oktoberfest, so have fun while we can. I do not subscribe to any religious sect, more important is share the festive spirits and enjoy the public holiday, no single belief is above others. Cheers!

      • This Halloween after Deepavali a thrill to watch classic horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street or Child’s Play (Chucky series).

        But I recommend 1976 The Omen, a revealing moment when actor Gregory Peck shaves the boy head to discover 666 number on it, to realize too late hence more sequels for next Halloween moments.

        Not sure what are Anil’s favourite Halloween moments.

        As for Deepavali, I hope to watch Amir Khan’s Secret Superstar if it’s shown.

      • Do Pontianak and Dracula count? Scared the wits out of me when I was a kid.

        Nowadays, wasteful mega projects by the greedy and their cronies have the same effect.

      • Anil, you’d better believe in Pontianak (Kuntilanak).
        There is a tree supposedly favoured by Pontianaks i.e. Pokok Kekabu (according to Malay superstition) near a river off Jalan P. Ramlee. On certain flowering season, you can see lots of cotton hanging from the branches & littering the ground, which makes it appears all too surreal, scary to see or to approach (try watching the white fluffy thing swaying at night!).
        Wanna try, just go to:
        Jalan Ismail Cik Mat (off Jalan P.Ramlee, opposite SMK Abdullah Munshi). Go straight to the dead end where you meet a river, take a right turn into a back lane & immediately you see this tree on your left. The flowering season is off right now.

        Seram : 10 Jenis Pokok Tempat Hantu Suka Bertenggek

  12. It is convenient and even amusing to conflate this with evil intentions of the party. On a more serious note, what is its view on climate change and the impending climate apocalypse? What is the view of the ruling coalition – other than lip service for a foreign audience? Even more seriously, what is the average, “cepat-kaya” Malaysian’s view? Just don’t think about the subject?


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