1. Why Saiful brought and used jelly/lubricant on the alleged sodomy scene? Pre-meditated?

    If he is forced into submission, how could he have the time to apply the jelly?

  2. Anil,
    Deleting off what I have to say of AI will not help get him off the hook, all along I thought what all of us are fighting for is a Malaysia free from Umno. Believe me, Malaysia will not be any better off with AI as the PM, just remember AI was a mentor of what Umno is to day.
    All I am advocating for it is time to look around for the right and dedicated opposition and most of all to remind everyone that no one is dispensable, Malaysia, without AI, will still be around and the world will surely be a better place to live in. Have you given any thoughts as to where AI is getting the funds from for him to move his ‘coffee boy’ abroad just to make his daily cup of coffee and also the money from to pay for the numerous litigations ? Do you want to have a leader with these many doubts about him ?

  3. “I do not want to go jail but if I am forced to, I will go fighting a corrupt government. It is a small sacrifice I have to make,” Anwar told the crowd at UM.

  4. They say PR self-inflicted their problems but UMNO/BN clearly one-up on Pakatan as far as self-abuse. They only made the problem bigger doing this..

    When PR self-inflicted their problems, the Selangor voters did not go back to UMNO/BN – it simply does not work the same way with over-entitled UMNO/BN. The feudal appetite of UMNO/BN means that with a shrinking pie and already too abusive narcotic they take, they will turn on someone and sooner or later it will be on their own borned – and it will turn to Najib eventually…

  5. I salute all of you courageous young men and women of UM (and those from other universities). Tonight, I am proud of you for having the guts to stand up to tyranny! You give me much hope for the future of this country.

    For 57 years now, we have been and continue to be oppressed by this ruthless regime which claimed to be the defendant of Islam. Instead, they have plundered and looted the country with the help of their cronies.

  6. pinkbacks,
    ya, samseng govt under Pakatan.
    at least, they dun threaten to burn bibles and have minister and AGC to defend it.
    and they dont blame tornadoes for dog show and oktoberfest
    go pinkbacks for a few dollars more, sell your dignity away. hope, you dun sell beyond that.

    • And you forgot that the Selangor State govt under Pakatan DAP PKR confiscated the bible and disallowed the use of Allah to be used. Same as in Penang when the DAP govt also passed an enactment that disallowed the use of Allah and 35 other words. And in Kelantan male and females were segregated and PAS within Pakatan will be implementing hudud soon. PAS said I am for hudud and DAP and PKR also said they are not against hudud but………………..I think I have forgoton >…..Maybe you can enlighten…. .Why are you Pakatoon and DAP PKR so quiet on this.

  7. Is this the example we set for the people or democracy. Is this the human rights and democracy that Pakatan is talking about. If ever Pakatan come to power, sure we shall have a samseng govt

    • You have a problem with this?
      The right of the people to listen to a politician whose coalition won
      at least 52% of the votes in a General Election?
      Within the grounds of a university financed by tax-paying citizens like me?

      I don’t.

      This is what UMNO Baru-BN fears the most,
      students (especially Bumiputera students) who don’t believe their
      you-should-be-grateful-to-the-government propaganda.

      • Don`t you think that this is the problem. Yes you have the right to listen to a politician but you do not have the right to enter illegally when permission is not granted, worse still gate crashed. The ground of the university is financed by tax payers but not the majorities of tax payer condoned and allowed such illegality in its premises.

        This is what Pakatan wanted, to use the young and naive students just like in Hong Kong protesters that were planned and used by the Western NGO and human rights group more than 2 years ago.

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