Bakun emergency response plan?


The mistakes, cover-ups and profit-maximisation/cost-cutting of the past in Japan have come back to haunt us.

A General Electric Co engineer said he resigned 35 years ago over concern about the safety of a nuclear reactor design used in the now crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan. Dale Bridenbaugh said the “Mark 1” design had “not yet been designed to withstand the loads” that could be experienced in a large-scale accident. Read the full Reuters report here.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is the conglomerate at the centre of Japan’s nuclear radiation emergency at Fukushima. Its operations over the past several decades epitomise the government-backed pursuit of corporate profit, at the direct expense of lives, health and safety. It’s a familiar story. Read the full WSWS article here.

While we are reminded about the cover-ups in the past in Japan, let’s look closer to home. What about our emergency response plan (ERP) for Bakun — is there any? Even while the dam is filling, the people have been told nothing about an ERP. Since Rosmah is so concerned about environmental issues now, she should ask some serious questions about this!

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  1. Anil Netto, I like to ask this question to you and all those anti-nuclear doomsayers:


    Where is that “China Syndrome” that guy was so loudly proclaiming ?

    You want to believe something that doesn’t exist, that is your business.

    But please, Anil Netto, please stop using your blog as a tool for your fear mongering agenda.

    There is no meltdown in Japan’s nuclear power facility.

    There might be some radioactive leakage.

    There might be some cooling tower / containment dome blew their tops.

    But all that do not add up to “MELTDOWN !!!”

    All you are doing, Anil Netto, is fear mongering.

    You are spreading unnecessary fears to the visitors of your blog.

    You are spreading UNTRUTH RUMORS.

    You are spreading LIES, Anil Netto !!

    Is this who you want to be, Anil Netto, a liar ?

    Be a responsible human being, Anil Netto. Stop spreading lies on the Net. It does nobody any good !

    And if you want to censor this message again, Anil Netto, one advise – do not censor it to suit your agenda and then put it up, and then think that you “win” this game.

    Doing so will only make you a more pathetic liar than you already are.

  2. Anil,
    One lovely environmental song in the 70s. Great, if you use it as theme song. It’s by Albert Hammond. here comes the lyrics

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    Pitched a tent on a patch of ground down by the river
    Lit a fire and drank some wine , you put your jeans on top of mine ,
    You said ,’Come in,the water’s fine!’ down by the river.
    Didn’t feel too good all night , so we took a walk in the morning light ,
    Came upon the strangest sight down by the river.
    Silver fish lay on its side , it was washed up by the early tide,
    I wonder how it died down by the river.
    Down by the river , down by the river ,
    A silver fish lay on its side down by the river.
    Doctor put us both to bed , he dosed us up and he shook his head ,
    ‘Only foolish people go,’ he said ,’down by the river.’
    ‘Why do willows weep?’said he ,’Because they’re dying gradually,
    From the waste from the factories down by the river.’
    Down by the river , down by the river,’Why do willows weep ,’ said he
    ‘down by the river?’
    In time the riverbanks will die and the reeds will wilt and the dust will
    There’ll be a tear in the otter’s eye down by the river.
    The banks will soon be black and dead and where the otter raised its head,
    There’ll be a clear white scum instead , down by the river.
    Down by the river , down by the river ,
    The banks will soon be black and dead down by the river.
    Down by the river, down by the river,
    The banks will soon be black and dead,
    down by the river

  3. ——————————————–
    “Mark 1″ design had “not yet been designed to withstand the loads”

    Anil, please get your fact correct. Falsifying the truth will do you no good.

    Actually, the reactor itself is OK. Only cooling systems got problems due to tsunami.

      • “Anil, please get your fact correct. Falsifying the truth will do you no good.”

        A bit rich, coming from you.

      • Gerakan K just like UMNO & BN goons will ‘shoot’ (criticise?) anywhere they like and they will still get off scott free. Thats the folly of our government and 53 years of UMNO arrogance.

    • “Actually, the reactor itself is OK. Only cooling systems got problems due to tsunami.”
      Interesting argument. If the Bakun dam should fail, sending an unimaginable huge wall of water down the Rejang basin, you could use the same argument to say that the damn is ok, the problem is due to the water behind the dam.
      Like Anil asks where is our response plan in view of the huge population living downstream from the dam?

      • Japan and Sarawak is different. Jap is so populated and Toyko with 12M people is also close by. Radiation is depend on angin and angin is angin – gila blowing here and there. But when Bukun dam burst – only one direction – big longkangs and low lying areas populated by orang utans. Animal lovers should be more concerned as orang utans cannot heard RTM news and run for their lives.

        The designers of the dam must have done the dam break analysis but it is the UMNO/gerakan Government FAILS to educate and laid down the ERP to the people…

      • It’s usually old news by the time it gets to us (for filtering purposes so as not to confuse and alarm the rakyat, as you may well appreciate), so a good guess would be it’ll be even older by the time it gets to them.

      • Please re-read again the article. The article particularly that statement in question tries to imply that it is the design of the reactor that caused the problem.

        But in fact it is the failure of cooling systems due to natural disaster and not inherent *DESIGN* problems.

        p/s: Don’t be a trigger happy zombie when facing with any Gerakan K comment. Thankyou.

      • Yes, thank you, Gerakan K. We can all read.

        The statement above has a link to the full article. Your assertion that it implies anything therefore does not arise.

        The last sentence of the article was also qualified:

        “… and the fact the Mark 1 containment is less forgiving than some of the other reactor versions.”

        Stop your conspiracy accusations.

      • What is “less forgiving” mean?

        Does it mean that the reactor will blow up every single time something happen?

        Does it mean a guarantee “MELTDOWN !” every time the moon rises?

        Come on !

        Where is the so-called “MELTDOWN” ???

        Just where is it?

        You guys are lying to the world when you shouted “MELTDOWN !!!” as though it is the end of the world.

        Where is that so-called “China Syndrome”? Did it happen?

        Where is all those “end-of-the-world” scenario you guys were predicting?


        Show me the proof that a meltdown did occur.

        Show me that the “China Syndrome” did happened.

        Show me, if you dare !!!

        If you can’t show me any of that, instead of asking me to “shut the eff up”, do that yourself.

    • Anil Netto is a liar, plain and simple.

      He uses this blog to spread his own version of “truths”, which turn out to be heresay, half-truths and outright lies.

      Check the “facts” Anil Netto has given his readers, if you have the time, and then compare those “facts” to the real world we live in.

      And you will discover that Anil Netto Just isn’t capable to handle the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

  4. Why ask Rosmah when Bakun is not a Permata program?

    Anyway, she should go to Japan now to show her care and concern to the Japanese kids.

    • Rosmah would say Bakun was conceived and built during Hasmah’s time. So Hasmah must speak for her hubby.


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