Update on MH370

Update on MH370

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Sad, distressing scenes before the press briefing in KL today. A couple of distraught Chinese relatives demanding more information and trying to speak to journalists were carried away by police.



  1. This is happening on the 40th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic ties.
    It is reported on CTI (Taiwan TV) that Malaysia will see a drop in Chinese travellers in the Visit Malaysia Year of 2014 due to this adverse publicity.

  2. While I agree with your view and compassion for the relatives of passengers on the lost airliner, I think the press should partly be blamed as well, not just the police. They also created a chaos by hurriedly dashing over to and swamping the Chinese nationals creating a stampede in the making that got the security to respond but in an unnecessarily forceful manner. Even CNN reporter Shubert commented that the press did not help the situation. In other words, in this particular instance, I don’t think the police was guided by the instruction (if there is one) of denying the relatives from ever speaking to the press.

  3. It was so sad seeing the woman wailed and screamed for his son…

    On one hand they hope their loved ones are still out there but on the other hand their senses tell them how remote their chances are… This kind of first degree torment is indeed unbearable…

    Can we trust Bernama?

    What to expect when the country is run by a group of clowns ???

  4. Affected familiy members in Beijing were unhappy that most of the MAS staff sent to Beijing could not converse in Mandarin. Wonder why special BN envoy to Beijing Ong Ka Ting did not step forward to face the grieving familes in Beijing?

  5. It is all over the BBC as well.
    The victims families just want to talk to the press and medias.
    And this is how the Barisan Nasional treated them.
    Also clearly shown are male plainclothes cops removing a female by force.

    The scene made me angry too. Not sure about the rest of you readers.
    If the families want to meet the press and medias, arrange for it.


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