Protesters call for Isa Samad’s resignation from Felda


About a thousand protesters yesterday called for Felda chairperson Isa Samad’s resignation.

Another video clip of the rally, which moved to Wisma Felda along Jalan Semarak:

The demonstrators were led by Persatuan Anak Peneroka Felda (Anak) chairperson Mazlan Aliman.

The protesters were confronted by a smaller pro-Felda group. Keadilan Daily, however, claims that this group was bussed in.

Police separated the two groups and they later dispersed peacefully.

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3 Comments on "Protesters call for Isa Samad’s resignation from Felda"

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I have yet to see any 1 Malaysia Boleh minister who is willing to resign although found guilty of corruption or money politics. This is 1 Malaysia Boleh UIMNO where corruptible or scandal tainted people will be field to stand for election.

Vote ( X ) PR for a new era and corrupt free govt


What took them so long? What did they expect? What did they think Isa Samad was brought into FELDA for? Yes, to help distribute wealth, …the common wealth and make sure FELDA settlers goes ‘melatah’ in Gangnam-style kissing their money/cheques! 😀


He will not resign willingly. He have to be forced to step down. He was found guilty by UMNO disciplinary board, yet was made chairman of Felda.
If you can’t get at him, vote for Pakatan.