PGCC: It’s 40 towers, not 37


So the latest count is 40 towers of more than 10 storeys each, higher than our earlier estimate of 37 towers.

This is the count, based on the permission plan. Download the plan below by clicking on the link and note the 5-storey podiums for car parks in this “zero-carbon” city.

PGCC permission plan

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I wonder why do you people stop your city from developing? It is a good sign that a city is developing. Stop being sarcastic and support your own city. It’s a shame on you that you are an obstacle to the city’s growth! Buggeroff!

All air-conned I believe? And unless I have totally misunderstood my friends in the M&E industry, Malaysian Aircon units still use the Euro banned CFC gasses due to the fact that they are 30% cheaper to manufacture and purchase – mm does this make for a Karbon 0 city? Its also an interesting idea to get foreign architects to design a new city with their foreign consultants friends and no doubt to attain the quality required with foreign contractors. All this is to be financed by foreign money and to encourage foreign visitors. WIll someone please tell me how this… Read more »

Unplanned developement, same old story-lah. Penang will be Parking Lot of the Orient