The ‘Petty Trader’, ‘his Ferrari’ and Umno (updated)


Update (22 May 2012): Hello, hello, turns out that our expensive cars ‘petty trader’ is reportedly an Umno member, who is believed to be close to a Cabinet Minister (see this FMT report). Just as I thought.

21 May 2012: The so-called Kuala Lumpur Petty Traders Action Council, representing 60 traders, is organising an anti-Bersih bazaar outside Ambiga’s house. The group’s leader is pictured leaning against ‘his Ferrari’ (according to Utusan) – or is that a Lamborghini? (I’m hopeless with cars.) Some petty trader.

Jamal Md Yunos with 'his Ferrari' - Photograph: Utusan

Apart from the Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant, Jamal is involved with IBM Automobiles Sdn Bhd, which deals in foreign cars.

Have a look at these flashy (in more ways than one) 2010 birthday photos here in a swanky hotel. Not bad for a petty trader/nasi lemak seller.

We shouldn’t be too surprised. Our ‘petty trader of the year’ actually owns 25 companies, by his own admission.

From Utusan on 3 September 2011:

KUALA LUMPUR 2 Sept. – “Semakin susah sesuatu itu untuk diperolehi, semakin teruja saya untuk berusaha mendapatkannya”.

Itulah ungkapan yang sering menjadi dorongan kepada Pengasas Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar (RSIB), Datuk Jamal Md. Yunos untuk menjadi salah seorang usahawan muda berjaya di Malaysia.

Walaupun pernah merasai detik hitam apabila gagal dalam peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) satu masa dahulu, namun ianya sama sekali tidak pernah mematahkan semangat anak kelahiran Sekinchan di Kuala Selangor tersebut.

“Saya dilahirkan dalam keluarga susah dan naluri untuk berniaga lahir dengan sendiri tanpa didorong oleh sesiapa.

“Siapa sangka bermula dengan perniagaan pertama iaitu menjual buah mangga yang diperoleh dari pohon di hadapan rumah ketika berusia lapan tahun, saya mampu mempunyai 25 buah syarikat pada usia 40 tahun,’’ katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia baru-baru ini.

Namun begitu, katanya, kejayaan tersebut bukan datang bergolek tetapi diuji terlebih dahulu dengan pelbagai dugaan yang banyak mematangkan pemikiran sehingga melangkaui usianya yang baru menjangkau 17 tahun ketika berhijrah ke Kuala Lumpur pada 1987.

Katanya, setelah gagal menyesuaikan diri dengan pekerjaan makan gaji, beliau memberanikan diri untuk menjalankan perniagaan sendiri dengan menjual burger di pasar malam walaupun ketika itu kawasan tersebut dikuasai peniaga asing khususnya dari Indonesia sehingga rakyat tempatan terpaksa mengalah.

“Saya pernah dibelasah oleh sekumpulan perniaga asing kerana berebut tapak pasar malam di Kuala Lumpur dan parutnya masih kekal di kening sebelah kanan hingga hari ini.

“Bagi saya tempat yang strategik untuk berniaga adalah tempat yang paling susah untuk diperolehi, oleh itu saya mempertaruhkan nyawa saya untuk memperolehnya dan akhirnya berjaya berkat sokongan rakan-rakan,” katanya.

Jamal berkata, prinsip perniagaan saya adalah tidak akan pernah berpuas hati dengan apa yang sudah diperolehi dan berusaha untuk meningkatkannya walaupun dianggap mustahil oleh orang lain.

“Jika kita dapat RM100 pada minggu ini, kita perlu berusaha untuk mendapatkan RM200 kemudian RM300 sehingga RM1,000 pada minggu-minggu berikutnya,” ujarnya.

Jamal berkata, pengalaman bergelut untuk hidup sendiri di bandar raya Kuala Lumpur telah banyak memberi pengalaman yang berguna dan banyak mempengaruhi setiap keputusan perniagaan yang dibuat.

Katanya, hidup di Kuala Lumpur kita perlu peka menghidu peluang dan pantas membuat sebarang keputusan kerana persaingan yang sangat kuat.

“Jika hati kita berkata ya kepada sesuatu, teruskan. Pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Jangan takut untuk gagal kerana tiada kejayaan tanpa disulam kegagalan,” nasihatnya kepada usahawan muda yang ingin mengecapi kejayaan.

Sementara itu, matlamat terakhir beliau sebelum mengundurkan diri daripada dunia perniagaan pada masa depan adalah memastikan nama Sekinchan terkenal seperti Langkawi di peta Malaysia dan dunia.

Katanya, untuk merealisasikan idea tersebut, nama Sekinchan perlu menjadi sebutan ramai dan tertera di merata tempat meliputi industri makanan dan minuman, pelancongan dan pelbagai lagi.

“Mewujudkan label Sekinchan dan mempromosikan namanya di seluruh dunia adalah impian saya dan ianya bukan angan-angan kosong. Saya akan buktikan!” tegasnya ketika mengakhiri perbualan.

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  1. A lot of talks and claims by government and petty traders against Bersih 3 for damages and trading failures. I see no reason why Bersih should get that pinch. Rightfully those who lost their business earning that day should sue the government. Why, if only the government allow the rally in peace nothing should happen at all. Its the government that cause the problem.

  2. Hahahaha…ini la umno, he is no doubt in umno, having top connection. Demo in front house said petty trader, how low can these people get.

  3. This Jamal guy is a living proof that NEP will be a perpetual policy.
    Many (have) become fabulously rich but choose to categorise themselves as petty traders – to avoid tax and to enjoy freebies from Giatmara, Tekun, ….(?)
    Now we know why on paper the 30% bumi equity will never be met.

  4. This moron doesn’t even have an SPM certificate. “Fine” example for our children. … will get you rich.

  5. SPM failure can own a Ferrai/Lambo.. Malaysia is truly heaven for the unscrupolous idiots. I meet so many mediocre graduates who want to work for the govt just so that, in their own words, ‘dapat cable’..

  6. Ambiga & neighbors should let loose all their dogs with lapping tongues …; we will see what woof, woof…

    • Don’t you know his style yet? Anything about LGE will secure a bitching from him…and any bitching from him will secure a middle finger from me to him.

    • Maybe GK is in the same league but 2nd class of gravy train.
      Many sundry shops where one can buy ostrich eggs?
      Can’t blame his quietness as his head is buried in Gelakan meditation!

  7. Petty trading is a venture common among people of low income earning power, people with little money to take up bigger businesses but aspire to bigger businesses. Looks like our Datuk has achieved his aspirations well. Maybe should conduct a course (for the 60 or so petty traders setting up in front of Ambiga’s house this weekend) entitled: “Petty Trading – the fast and easy road to a Lamborghini or Ferrari. My way.”

    • … Why have to set up big companies which can attract IRB’s red eyes! This Latuk (maybe) just needs to get into first tier or 2nd tier without tenders for Satu Lagi Projek to ‘masuk’ most of the contracts’ monies and distribute only peanuts to hungry contractors.
      No experience or expertise is required of him to learn the hard, slow way or to solve any nitty gritty problems related to projects. Just wash his hands cleaner than Pontius Pilate!
      … would he relinquish such easy come, easy earn way of Barang Naiki gravy trains?
      Come GE13 & after the Bersih mass awareness, many like such Latuks will have to go back to flipping burgers!

      • tunglang

        Penangites are lucky that Sekinchan is not operating in the island. You are spared of the rotten fish smell of racism and Umno’s corruption.

        Die Die also must boycott Sekinchan!

      • I love Ikan Bakar, Sting Ray Bakar & Kerang with lime+sambal! Penang’s Malay & Chinese serve one of the best in the north.
        Try one at Paya Terubong’s famed seafood restaurant opposite the Hokkien Cemetery. Many flesh & blood Tham Chiak Kui frequent there especially @ weekends.
        May try it if that Latuk’s willing to fetch me from here to there in his Ferrari! Vroooom!!!

      • Sounds like Si tunglang will gadai his soul if Si Jamal could offer him a free Ikan Bakar meal!

  8. I am particularly interested to know how much income he declared to IRB each year and how much taxes he had paid in the past 4 years. Anyone knows how to get this information? Can we write to IRB as a concerned citizen to enquire?

    • IRB isn’t attracted to nasi lemak sellers.
      But in this glaring case, should email this article with Ferrari pictures to the pegawai siasat lari tax ASAP before 30 June deadline for businessmen (in case he doesn’t have a tax file).
      Or IRB can pay a surprise visit to this Latuk on bazaar day 24 & 25 May in front of Ambiga’s house. Or help him open a tax file with backdating income declaration (if he doesn’t have a file already)…

  9. Petty trader action council, their action and mind are petty, not their car nor the trades.

    Named it ‘petty action council’ much apropriate.

    Anyway, nice cars!, …

  10. Its not about the traders that lose thousands. Its these UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gelakan etc & N… cronies that will lose millions if PR come to power.

  11. All these people who are protesting with their silly antics are products of a certain party and you know who!

    Again and again , it had been proven that people protesting are with huge interests of their own and their political masters. Without the survival of their masters they cannot survive!

    Again, guys, just where did the riches of these people come from? Through hard work? My foot!

    It is now up to us to work doubly hard to end the reign of UMNO/BN come PRU 13! Thinking back, can these people be where they are today without MCA/MIC/GELAKAN? Think about it folks, how much these sycophants had damaged the country!

    I shed my tears for the future of our children, if MCA/MIC/GELAKAN are not voted out… come PRU 13! Enough is enough!
    Without these sycophants, UMNO/BN will fall!

    Selamatkan Malaysia! Bangkit Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

    • Umno-enriched cronies are manipulating the poor malays (in this case those petty traders) to enhance their position to plunder the wealth of the nation under the guise of NEP and ketuanan.

      The poor malays should ask themselves why they need to live under such feudalistic system living on handouts while the rich cronies live lavishly with luxury pocessions (including trophy celebrity wives).

      The poor malays should ask why they cannot afford basic housing and cope with high living standards.

  12. This so called millionaire ( without working for it ) is in the circle of cronies of M…
    They have a lot to lose if Pakatan comes to power…
    Hence they resorting to intimidations,threats and others to the majority of Malaysians who want CHANGE-BERSIH .

    • Is he a trader. No he is a crony.
      Is his income from trading in food stall.
      Your guess is as good as mine.
      From being a crony that thrive …

      • This Jamal Md Yunus is the owner of Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant chain.

        All Bersih supporters should boycott his business!

      • Ikan Bakar are usually from fish that are not fresh – burnt to mask the rotten smell.

        We should go for steamed fish, to be assured of freshness!

        That’s what I have learnt from my chinese friend.

      • His current supporters fro the nasi lemak business were not from Bersih supportes after all..

        Nasi Lemak cinta Sayang Shah Alam makes good money too…no need to be a crony…

    • Malays in Msia are divided btwn the filthy rich (umno connect) and the rural poors (whose silly support to bn make the former even more crazy about power, money and sex).

      • The silliest support ever given to a ruling party was to Pakatan for Selangor…..

    • This Jamal guy is really manipulating the gullible and emotional malays. Ask yourself why he did not operate his Sekinchan Ikan Bakar for sale at Ambiga’s housing area? Afraid to lose money? It is using this issue as a publicity to sell more Ikan Bakar at his restaurant!

      Ask yourself why he targeted only Ambiga, but not the malay poet Samad? A strong hint of racism and those gullible supporters are applauding his antics.

      Another reason to support ABU.


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