MH370 and those mangosteens


Many Malaysians are curious to know more about the off-season mangosteens said to be in the cargo of MH370. And they continue to wonder why mangosteens need to be “collated” in Muar before being sent to KLIA.

The website reveals the following info:  There are two mangosteen seasons in most of the states in Malaysia. Trees that bear fruit in the main season (July to September) do not fruit in the off season January to March.

A book called Mangosteen Cultivation by Othman Yaacob, H D Tindal tells us more about mangosteen seasons: The main harvesting season is from June to August, but this is variable since flowering is linked to the onset of the dry season. Harvesting is also influenced by altitude and shade. There is also a small second crop in Malaysia from November to January. This is also the main harvesting period in Sarawak.

And the following info is from a blog called Anim Agro Technology: The main growing areas are in Perak (Batang Padang district 340ha), Selangor (Hulu Langat district 300ha), Johor (Segamat district 288ha) and Pahang. Three main varieties of mangosteen are grown: Seedless mangosteens (GA1), Mesta (GA2) and Local Mangosteens.

And from the book Fruits for the future 9: Mangosteen Garcinia mangostana by Mohamad Bin Osman and Abd Rahman Milan published in 2006:  About 90 per cent of exports of Malaysian mangosteens go to Singapore, and the next most important market is Hong Kong.

But according to an FAO document, China does import mangosteens from Malaysia: in 2009, it imported 1224 tonnes of mangosteens worth US$2.1m. Mangosteen imports into China require a phytosanitary certificate.

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Now, Johor Fama says the mangosteens are not from any orchard in Johor, while the IGP says he did not say the mangosteens are from Johor. He said the mangosteens were packed into crates by a supplier in Muar (Malaysian Insider).

Several questions spring to mind:

  • Where did those off-season mangosteens come from, if not from Johor?
  • Who is the supplier/packer in Muar? Why is the supplier reluctant to be identified?
  • How many crates were the mangosteens packed into and how big was each crate?
  • What was the exact weight of those mangosteens? We were told it was 3-4 tonnes. Could we be a bit more precise?
  • Where is the phytosanitary certificate for the mangosteens?
  • Who handled the transport to KLIA?
  • Who handled the loading on board the plane? Were the mangosteens loaded on aircraft pallets or in a container?
  • What kind of security check/screening is carried out on such cargo?
  • Is it common to send 3-4 tonnes of mangosteens on a passenger plane? (A Boeing 777-200ER plane can carry about 57 tonnes of cargo.)
  • Who in China ordered the mangosteens and where were they to be delivered?
  • Crucially, why has the cargo manifest not been revealed? (I believe some of the info above would be found in the manifest.)

If you have any other relevant information about mangosteens, drop me a line in the comments section below.

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    • So why didn’t they just say the mangosteens were from those two states, reveal the address of the orchards and show the relevant supporting documents.

  1. The rumour mill is that the mangosteens may not be actually mangosteens anyway. The rumour from my pilot friend that fly a Boeing 777 said that there were a lot of money that (allegedly) has to be transported to Beijing on that flight. The money may have not gotten into the plane but replaced by fake Mangosteens instead. Or maybe the Mangosteens (could be) money being transported to China and (this could be) illegal outflow of money. We have billions of illicit outflow of funds as reported in the past …

    All straight factual answers that can be provided by the authorities have been withheld and that just make all theories more plausible.

  2. mangosteen can grow all year round in different locations. In Bangkok Thailand, a central transport location, with consumers able to pay, you can buy durian, mangosteen, most of the year at a reasonable city price. Mangosteen in container means the weight is less precisely known. Like our luggages. So long as they don’t exceed certain limit per container, they may not know precisely immediately – incompetent but not sinister. Like the lack of air force interception.

  3. Can mangosteens to explode or produce toxic gas at low presure, especially in the presence of lithium? Perhaps some of our many universities can research this.

  4. Since its off mangosteen season this can be ruled off & I suspect its the king fruit with its pungent smell knocking off the crew?

  5. Forget about the mangosteens. It doesn’t exist. It is a figment of their uncreative imagination
    created to deceive us in order to conceal the TRUTH:

    1. Mangosteen is off season.
    2. MAS CEO Jauhari was precise when he disclosed the quantity of the flamable lithium
    battery was 200kg, but “unsure” about the quantity of the mangosteens cargos – 3 or
    4 tons (a huge difference). Don’t tell us he didn’t read the cargo manifest?
    3. The keystone kop IGP Khalid says based on the police investigation the fruits were plucked,
    packed and transported from (an undisclosed) Johor orchard to KLIA. Why the secrecy?
    4. Suddenly this keystone kop chief changed the story telling us the fruits were plucked in
    Perak (where?) and sent to Muar (why?) for packaging and transported to KLIA.

    My o my…! God Must Be Crazy – remember the movie?
    God must have made a mistake in his creation to have created a bunch of idiotic imbeciles
    in our midst who bring nothing but embarrassment to this country. And what is even more
    unfortunate is that these imbeciles, by accident of fate, happen to hold positions of authority
    in our country.

    A person’s credibility is measured by his words and deeds. The only people who believe their
    stories are those who have a mile of empty space between their ears.

    • God never make mistakes……but there are evil forces as well! without a heart they dont care for people they only want mighty power, so we the creations of the Almighty are here to wake up the sleeping beauties who still believe the lies and letting themself controlled by governments and religions. Nothing wrong with religions but much evil as well in all religions
      Nothing to do with God’s creation….God has no religion, God is love
      Empathy is missing in this rat-race world……

      Be love, do joy, have peace
      always keep your eyes and ears open and listen to your heart…it will give answers
      also about missing planes!!!!

      There is so much we do not know…but there are so many people all around the world who serve for humanity and believe me… will become better….

      enjoy every moment and have a good day

      with love,

      • Nice words. The present world of covetous culture of consumerism is taken for a long, long ride by materialistic Me-culture USA. We are still believing/worshipping this god of modern hifi lifestyle concocted in a make-believe perpetual wealth creation, never mind that the stock market is going on a downward spiral, never mind that jobs & salaries will not come back to the level of good old days. And never mind that the shackles of lifetime slavery is waiting at the doorsteps.
        Unfortunately, many are bathing in sheer delirium of post-modern economic pursuits not thinking for a moment what will be the consequences of over-consumption that will leave this earth barren of natural resources in the near future. It seems corporatisation is a golden mantra for many facets of life from government, public utilities, health care, education to land use.
        And now, military hardwares + softwares are sold like branded goods in carefully crafted marketing & publicity, & even timed to strategic events. MH370 is not a mystery to these purveyors of evil tools of destruction & mass killing, but may even help to sell what they show-off as the ultimate weapon.

  6. Hi Anil, the mangosteen is not suspicious. Malaysian wholesalers have been collecting mangosteens from Sumatra in the past decades, then containerize them for China. This is in the same trend as more coffee buying, clown-fish buying, grouper fish, lobster, etc buying from Sumatra after the fall of Suharto and rise of the China market. I have read such reports in the Chinese agricultural magazine published by the Sin Chew group. But I can’t remember which old issue from the past 15 years. This is the web site Perhaps you can interview one of its editor who has worked there for a long time.

    • Thanks saengch. What raises suspicion is the unwillingness to reveal the cargo manifest. If only they would release that, people won’t be wondering what is in the cargo.

    • But these are suspicious: the lack of specificity of the cargo list, the refusal to release the cargo list, the weight of lithium battery (200kg?).

  7. I really do not know if it is that important to answer some of the questions raised. Exactly how many tonnes of mangosteens…

    What I felt more was that it was the IGP, hoping to impress maybe, should not have blurted out that the police had traced the mangosteen shipment down to the minute details of who had plucked the fruits, and so started off this mad chase when it became known that it was not even the mangosteen season downin Muar.

    The same IGP, who had made his entrance on the MH370 stage by “thanking the MC” of the Press Conference, and followed it with so any confusing statements on points ranging from the fake passports to no-show passengers and their luggage to “passengers cleared” as threats.

    That the cargo manifest is still being with-held is a mighty big reason to ask “WHY?” though. Hisham and the Malaysian government owes a quick and honest answer to not only us, but especially those linked to the 239 people on board the missing MH370.

  8. Dear Johan, Malaysians will not get a bad name…the government is not the people. That is the same all over the world. Tourism will be less and hopefully Najib’s Masterplan for Langkawi will fall into pieces in the ocean because of the strange vision of Malaysian politics, warlords are all over the worlds they are puppets for the cabal. We rather say……Malaysians be aware before Malaysia becomes a part of US like they try to do with EU.
    It is all part of their game. The game will be over soon…..1% cannot win from 99%.

    Even a big part of the 99% is still sleeping….love always prevails!

    Living in Malaysia for nine years….I have seen the changes and thise are not for the good.
    Everything has a reason….finally for the Higehest Good….but, we have to understand!

    Enjoy every moment…
    With love,

  9. Other than mangosteens and 200 Kilo of Lithium cells and/or Lithium batteries ( revealed much much later).
    Note- The authorities did not specific “cells” or “batteries”.
    What else? The authorities decline to reveal the entire cargo list.
    And does our POSMalaysia & other courier companies items are on this flight to Peking.

    And yes , where did the “mangosteens” came from.
    or was it something else but were declared as fruits in order to escape ……
    Have to check the Jabatan Kastam as well.

    Mohammad Najib’s administration is either slow or concealing info .
    Accusation stands as long as the govt is unresponsive.
    Malaysians are getting a bad name because of this govt.
    Hopefully China and other foreigners understand this.

  10. The mangosteen story told me from the beginning…..the disappearance from the MH 370 is another false flag!

  11. The longer PDRM is taking to investigate such matter without disclosing details, the more likely are there issues to be concealed from the public. Likely response eventually will be ‘tak cukup bukti’ as per usual.

  12. Mangosteen Garcinia, Diego Garcia! Am I seeing a hint of connection for coded counter-espionage activity?

    A highly valued military cargo (allegedly) lost to enemy fighters (& allegedly resold to 3rd party) while in transit from Afghanistan airbase also weighted 3-4 tons. A mere coincident?

    Note: 3 cuppa of Kopi-O kau kau can give ‘alternative’ insights of surprising connectivity & coincidence.

    • Tunglang,
      Don’t jump to conclusion so quickly. However that doesn’t mean we should stop asking questions but are we asking the right questions? I heard that till now the Tanjung Kupang crash incident still remain classified

      • Just to share another ‘reality’ hidden from the common people.
        Sit tight & listen to Leuren Moret what she knew/suspected from her own professional analysis of geo-political, military & financial events linking to MH370.
        Be prepared for surprises:
        Leuren Moret: Flight 370 was US demo for Putin; Patent scam; Payback for Tribunal vs Israel, US/UK


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