Mat Taib speaks good English after all…


… so how come he didn’t understand airport currency regulations when he was caught bringing in hard cash, lots of it,  into Australia?

Adds blog reader Sam who spotted this report:

If you had observed during the weeks and days leading to the Umno General Assembly and elections, Dr M continued to push delegates not to elect leaders who have a very poor command of English. From nowhere, a deputy president aspirant, Mat Taib, comes out defending that he has an immaculate command of the English Language.

Mahathir was quoted in Malaysiakini as saying:

“One of the candidates couldn’t write in English, he couldn’t speak English and therefore (that was why) he did something wrong in Australia because he could not understand English. My choice is Muhyiddin (Yassin).”

This excerpt from The Star

Published: Saturday March 21, 2009 MYT 7:58:00 PM
‘I can speak in English,’ says Muhammad Taib

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno deputy-president candidate, Senator Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, is aware that there are people talking about his apparent lack of fluency in English.

In answering questions at the Umno overseas club leadership course yesterday, he not only took a swipe at his critics but also proceeded to list his achievements to prove that he had a good grasp of the language.

The question posed to him by one of the students was that Muhammad’s credibility was doubtful considering he was not fluent in English.

“I am aware that there are people talking about it. But this is just a script that normally comes out and it will change when someone supports a certain party.”

Muhammad said that he was the only Malay who graduated from Universiti Malaya with a first class honours in History in 1979.

“All my previous exams were also conducted in English – the London Cambridge Examinations and the Malaysian Cambridge Examinations.”

Muhammad added that when he was the Selangor Mentri Besar, he had managed to produce dozens of millionaires and was also responsible for bringing in investments from Taiwan, Korea and California.

“The thing is, I am only the Rural and Regional Development Minister now which is why you would only be reading small stories about me.

“Try and give me the International Trade and Industries Ministry and you’ll see,” he quipped.

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  1. I did read sometime back that the presiding judge erred in his judgment when he found Mike Tyson not guilty. Hence it could be hard to pursue this case and why Tyson is still so arrogant but he is unlikely to offend again in Australia as the next judge will be under more stringent scrutiny.

  2. Didn’t Mahathir spin the catchphrase “bersih, cekap, amanah”?

    And isn’t that why you now see those UMNO/BN cups (and many others too) running over with such an abundant overflow of that Mahathirian “ethic” of bersih, cekap and amanah-ness?

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes.


    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  3. With all that paper qualifications & “No speaking the England!”
    It must be sooo……………. malu lah !!!

    Only in Malaysia can speak English. When touch Australian soil, he couldn’t speak a word of it…!!! We all ‘stupid’ or what…??

    Just look at ALL our local grads lah…! Can’t even speak English at all. That’s one of the many reasons they are NOT hired..!

    And the goverment is forever telling the foriengers to invest in Malaysia & hire locals.

    M2 Taib…! Better you teach them how to converse in English rather than our local lecturers yah……!!!

    You are the expert…!
    The unemployed ratio is very high. And…… getting higher !!!

    What are you going to do about it..?????????????????

  4. What does produce dozens of millionaires got to do with resume? I believe things like improve transportation system, utilities, eradicate poverty, and lots of public service help you advance your political career.

    Do you still want BN/UMNO politicians that are proud of their ‘get rich scheme’?

  5. …I no speaking english then in Aussie Court but now English Top form……..Cukup lah … MAT TAIB Rakyat TAK BODOH LAGI !
    The Rakyat of Malaysia are SICK of …. Opportunists like you and … Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud… REFORMASI !
    Hidup Keadilan-Pas-Dap ! Hidup Rakayat !

  6. He must have taken English tuition after the Australian episode.My son couldn’t speak and write in English when this chap was cought in Australia but now my son can speak in English already.

  7. Any Malaysians living in Australia, or Australians of Malaysian decent? Anyone prepared to lodge a report with the Australian Police, cause this MM Taib guy clearly purgered himself in court! Theres no way he wasnt lying becuase he said so himself:
    1) He did Cambridge Examinations and so on
    2) He got lots of investors from abroad during his tenure as MB

    personally I think the Aussies let him off for diplomacy’s sake…

  8. G’day Mates! On behalf of the Austriaiaaan government, I wish to staite that we Aussie-types are diplomatic kangaroooos when it comes to eeeleeeegaaaal cash in the hands of a government minister. Besides, like Mr. More Hammered More Hammered Tayeeeeeb, we don’t spaike Einglish either. We just spaike Austraiaaan. So, we did’na whort Mr. More Hammered More Hammered Tayeeeeeb wuz saaayin when we nabbed him! Anyway, good on him, oei?

  9. Why M2Taib was appointed as the Mentri Besar, Selangor by Mahathir during his time if he can’t speak English?
    Maybe M2Taib was “released” in Australia then and they want to see how the Malaysian Government going to act on him under Mahathir’s Government? Any action………………………taken………..
    M administration…………… it under CLEAN EFFICIENT & TRUSTWORTHY ?
    Your guess……..

  10. Anil,

    Mat Tyson did not address the issue on how come he didn’t understand airport currency regulations when he was caught bringing in hard cash, lots of it, into Australia? Be a first class honours gentleman and admit that we was hiding something.

  11. Wait a minute,,,,,I sincerely believed the Aussies simply turned the other way because of diplomacy pressure from our PM at that time.Don’t tell me that they believed that we voted a stupid moron to lead the richest state in Ma;aysia!!!!!!!

  12. Readers pls forget about his english ,n its not inportant in malaysia now,no one care of him too
    The question is ?
    Do these politician declare their assets ,which they keep piling up during in the power

    Where he got that tons of money to bring to australia.For what,i think to keep it safe there.
    Do u think hard earned money ?…

    Still can become a minister n got face to bid for no 2 post

    That is (whose) money?

  13. Interesting….Can someone post to the Aussie court this article and he sure be charged for lying in court. God bless him…

  14. English proficiency is a criteria to be a DPM or PM, in Australia he only pleaded stupid. How can you inspire to be a PM and can’t speak English like Ali?

  15. Many of the UMNO politicians are nothing but …. of the earth. … they will meet their fate on judgement day.

  16. Perjury on March 30th, 2009 at 3.10pm

    For your information, last week, a famous judge lied in court for just a 75AUD traffic fine, he was sentenced to three years in jail.
    Australia is not Malaysia, he (Taib) better not try his luck too far!

  17. The Australian Court already declared that it cannot recharge anyone for the same offence if found innocent earlier. So what is the recourse?
    Any idea?

  18. Bro Anil, (and also others reading this little piece of my “mind”

    Sorry for the typo-s and incorrect spellings! In a haste-mien comrade! Sorry again! I would get Hell from the Editors at the desk if such mistakes do happen in my writings or work! Believe me! I would be intercommed and given a bashing!

  19. Good afternoon, Bro Anil,

    What do you say if most of us agree with Sdr Richard Lo? Would the Australian police consider that they had been had? Or will they re-open the case by charging “Mike Tyson” with perjury? I think, perjury is sesrious offense. Don’t you think so? Why people in our country are slapped with jail terms for a very low-grade perjury? maybe you’re gight also that Mike Tyson had taken an intensive crash course in English. Hey!!! I was an English tutor for some Univ graduates under the Human Resources Ministry program for unemployed graduates in Bali Ha’i! South Pacific. Seriously, I was an English tutor with a teaching and journalism background (the latter with a very good, esteemed and respected international news concern) Hasta la Vista, Senor Anil! your comment, please?

  20. Hi!! the diff.are here,the Aust.judge speaks (Aussie) English and whereas Mad Taib only know kampong English.

  21. Is there any penalty act for perjury in Australian court for lying?

    To be charge again is not double jeopardy for perjury!

  22. Mat Taib better stay off Australia, I will make sure you will have the media haunting you. Australia is not that stupid, they just let this … off…out of goodwill to Malaysia.

  23. dah kalah tu. undurlah and hilangkan diri!!!

    dare to ask for the International Trade and Industries Ministry some more!!!

  24. “One of the candidates couldn’t write in English, he couldn’t speak English and therefore (that was why) he did something wrong in Australia because he could not understand English. My choice is Muhyiddin (Yassin).”

    Mahathir didn’t see it fit to investigate whether he did something wrong in Malaysia – else how did he come up with RM2m in a briefcase?

    UMNO standards are defnitely different – if u question why UMNO politicians are corrupt they will accuse of being anti-Malay.

    Much like Americans and Zionists who accuse anyone of highlighting the transgressionn of the Israel as anti-semites.

    They must be cut from the same cloth !

  25. See, I always believe that whatever things you do or say will always come back & bite you in the a*** when you least expect it.

    Let’s play a game here. I will list a few names & you list down the issue/s that comes instantly to your mind that is so..synonymous with these famous names.

    1) Muhd(x2) Taib
    2) Najib
    3) Hishamuddin Hussin
    4) Ahmad Ismail
    5) Bung Mokhtar
    6) Azalina (of what she said lately)

    My answers:
    1) Me no spekee inglis in the debacle where huge sum of cash illegally siphoned out of country
    2) keris (issue)
    3) keris issue
    4) pendatang issue
    5) bocor issue
    6) single woman mah, cannot walk alone, you know

    Some politicians are stupid in the sense that they think people forget & forgive easily. Not me but do you forget & forgive easily??

  26. He’s such an idiot. Evryone knows he knows english. He can’t tell sarcasm if it bit him on the nose. Does that mean that if he goes to Australia now he could be charged for lying in court?

  27. Well, Andrew, he could have enrolled in a crash course since then! 🙂 – Anil

    But he said all his exams were previously taken in English – that was years before the infamous trip!

    So nope, this doesn’t quite cut it ! 😉

  28. How much did you pay Anil for his reports that put to shame many Malaysian paying media? Is Anil an elected official in any manner who would be compelled to speak in the national language.
    It does not seem to affect you, but this Muhd(x2) is an official rep of the Malaysian people. He should be scorned by all Malaysians for the image he is giving …

  29. Well, Andrew, he could have enrolled in a crash course since then! – Anil

    Then again…

    “All my previous exams were also conducted in English – the London Cambridge Examinations and the Malaysian Cambridge Examinations.”

  30. “zainala abidin ahmad on March 30th, 2009 at 11.40am
    Dear alinetto,
    What about u yourself, how are your Bahasa Malaysia? Just asking.”

    Dear Zainal;

    your attitude reflects the Malaysian authorities under BN. Do not blame the culprit, blame the whistle-blower. So long as we behave this way, we fully deserve the BN and the way it is leading this country to the brink.
    Remember what they say: “when the wise man shows the moon, the fools see his finger”…

  31. Hi everyone,

    From his assertion that “All my previous exams were also conducted in English – the London Cambridge Examinations and the Malaysian Cambridge Examinations.”, obviously this fellow Muhd Muhd Taib had lied to the Aussie court about his ability, or rather inability, to read instructions in English!! …

    So now the last laugh and joke is on the Australian Govt and authorities. So, would the Australian Embassy in KL care to comment on this issue? Or just bury your head like an ostrich?

  32. Mat Taib speaks better English than Muhyiddin, certainly a lot better than the botak Syed. I have heard him speak a few times, few in the cabinet now speaks better English than him, he blatantly lied to the Australian authorities about his English language inabilities, approved by our govt under Mahathir….

    The moral of the story, Don’t lie, it will come back to haunt you!

  33. Well, its not about his choice because the UMNO delegation would decide that latter. But then the way he said. Its straight to the point, or in other words he tried to say that Muhammad Muhd Taib is a …

    If Chedet really meant that, by right Mat aib should be sacked long time ago. Even so, he should not be allowed to contest now or not even be elected to become a Minister during Pak Lah era. He should have done something he did to Anwar long time ago.

    This is all c… and what I see Chedet is trying to cover up his mess during his era by putting Najib as PM and pushing Muhyiddin as assistant.

  34. Hey, he is an UMNO Baru man and that gives him the right to say what he likes and get away with it. It is all about staying ahead of the game. Only fools believe in ethics, integrity, honesty …. We should be proud that he managed to con the Aussies. Malaysia Boleh, any which way, is the New World Order ……..

    Sayyed Alif Khan

  35. Can someone email the news report to the police in queensland for them to investigate this joker for misleading the court?

  36. Aha..! Does this mean that Muhd(x2) Taib lied to the Australian authorities about his English language inabilities when he was nabbed with all that dosh in his bags? Does this mean that the Malaysian Government under Dr. Mahathir which provided Muhd(x2) Taib legal and diplomatic assistance to extricate him from his Australian predicament also connived with Muhd(x2) Taib to lie to the Aussies to get Muhd(x2) Taib off the hook? Does this not also mean that Dr. Mahathir has “selective vision” as to who is “corrupt” and who is not when he talks about UMNO? ELementary My Dear Watson – unless you are Dr. Mahathir, of course.

    Well, Andrew, he could have enrolled in a crash course since then! 🙂 – Anil

  37. I had been following the court case during that period in The Age, Melbourne. No reports in our local papers, if I am not mistaken. When asked by the Prosecution, on the level of command of the English Language, the response was, “Bah-bah Black Sheep, Have you any wool?.. That is all he had learnt in kindergarten and that’s where it ends…

  38. Really? So his newly declared “strong point” should have seen him convicted in Australia.

    I don’t think this new revelation would put an end to my favourite parody of M2Taib in Australia (courtesy of Hishamuddin Rais)

    Me no spekee English… me no pil pom…..

    Ha ha ha ha ha !

    God save us if he got the MITI position!

  39. Dear alinetto,

    What about u yourself, how are your Bahasa Malaysia? Just asking.

    Saya rasa boleh tahan! – Anil


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