Anwar and Shabery shake hands at the end of the debate. So what do you think? Who was the more convincing? Respond to the poll on the sidebar.

2151: Why don’t you give your ideas without talk of changing government, Dato Seri?

Anwar: If they accept our suggestion, we will support them. In Feb 2006, after an earlier price hike, there was 4.8 per cent inflation. Now, after the price hike, inflation has soared to nearly 8 per cent in a month. Venezuela and Iran may have low oil price and high inflation, but we now have high oil price and high inflation! Look at the countries around us – how we have lost out to them in competitiveness. I still believe Malaysia, with its resources, has the potential if it cleans up its act.

Shabery: Mahathir has been blamed for the IPPs, but Anwar was once singing the praises of Mahathir. He should have resigned back then. Why is he only talking about a 50-sen reduction now when the oil price was RM1.92 before the election and he promised to reduce it then? We will only burden the country with high subsidies and could end up in debt to international “money lenders”.

Petronas alone (not the group) gives 91 per cent of its profit to the government. What else is there to give? Petronas is strong because of the government of Umno and BN. We do not burden Petronas but allow it to reinvest. About this talk of abuse of power – we are not alone in raising prices; it’s a global problem.

Anwar: Among oil producers, our price is high. If we want our economy to be strong, if we continue in this direction, our economy will be severely undermined. That’s why I am committed to explaining to the people. I will not respond to Shabery’s personal attacks. I don’t have space on RTM after this. I give you my assurance that i will contest in a by-election in the shortest time.

Shabery: Anwar hasn’t changed much. Those who built Petronas – Razak, Mahathir, Abdullah – Anwar has opposed them. If we continue to ask more money from Petronas to subsidise the country, we could end up poorer and Petronas could end up being taken over. Our GDP growth is 6 per cent, much better than many others. The debate now shows how open the government has become.

2140: In a few years we might not have enough oil. What do we do then? Should we continue the subsidy, or are you going to have a sharp price rise then?

Anwar: Who gave the figure of oil depletion in a few years? That assumes there are no further oil discoveries. Some 30 years ago, our reserves were supposed to last until 2005. Petronas then went abroad to explore. I defend Petronas but I criticise the BN.

The mismanagement of the government, the leakages… It’s true, the IPPs were during my time, but look at the record. Ani Arope was opposed to the EPU and the Prime Minister’s Dept over the IPPs. That’s why he quit.

The IPPs have made billions but those on the losing side are Petronas and TNB. We could plug the leakages and cronyism and save a total of RM3 billion. Who’s idea is this of a sharp oil price rise? This is a IMF-World Bank prescription! It is slanderous to say that I bowed to IMF wishes back in 1997-98.

Petronas said there was a special dividend for the government of RM6 billion this year. Can’t we take RM1 billion of this to reduce the oil price? It is not an issue of Pakatan Rakyat. It is for the people. We are staring at economic recession and unemployment.

2132: Why do you focus on the price of oil and not talk about income tax or reducing inflation?

Shabery: We are not a major oil producer. We are just a minor producer. We are just a small net exporter. Only 26 per cent of Petronas profit is from domestic sources. Petronas has to use its profits to find oil abroad. We now have a world renown oil corporation. Don’t make Petronas too poor.

Anwar: Shabery, who compared Malaysia to Venezuela and Iran? We should look at Malaysia as an oil exporter. The sharp rise has caused economic deterioration. Why did the government break its pre-election promise not to raise oil prices? Who is saying anything about taking Petronas money? My argument is to look at the IPPs and wipe out corruption. Why don’t we manage our treasury better to ease the suffering of the people?

Shabery: This is a populist argument. We can accept it if our oil is isolated from the world or if our oil is the only one that is expensive in the world. The IPPs existed when Anwar was in government, and he defended their contracts back then. Anwar used the methods that the IMF favoured to try and resolve the 1997-98 crisis. It is easy to talk when you are outside. Even with their difficulties now, believe me, the people have enough to eat. Show me a country which gives cheap oil without high inflation.

2128: When you were Finance Minister you sent up a Tabung Warisan. What was the aim?

Anwar: The idea was to keep part of our earnings for the future, but that was not maintained. The sharp price now has led to spiralling inflation. It will have adverse effects. But each rise of US$1 in the price of oil actually results in RM360 million income for us. Right now, the sharp rise in inflation will lead to a deterioration in the economy.

2125: In 2006, when there was a price hike, the government said it would improve public transport. Now they are saying that they are going to use the substantial savings for the benefit of the people. Can we believe that?

Shabery: All the countries that have cheap oil – look at Venezuela and Iran, look at their high inflation rates. We can now overcome our food price crisis. Our rice is cheaper than Thailand. We don’t have to demonstrate on the road or hold indecent concerts.

2120: Your premise of a 50 sen reduction is because Malaysia is an oil producer. But your points about IPP had nothing to do with oil. Are you going to distribute what has been collected through the hard work of others so that you get a good name?

Anwar: IPPs are also involved with oil and gas. Petronas has made a huge profit; its profit ranks it among the top 10 oil companies. We will definitely ask Petronas to reinvest. But Petronas is the right of the people. Are we just going to look after the tycoons and the cronies or the people? The 50 sen reduction is just the first step. The extreme price hike has won no support. The only ones supporting it are the BN MPs..

2111: Would the government have to subsidise foreign oil companies in retail sales if there is a price subsidy as Petronas alone does not control the retail market?

Shabery: If subsidies are given out, it would benefit the rich and foreigners as well. Why don’t we give the money straight to the people who need it? Finland and Norway etc do not have subsidies and have shown good economic performance.

Anwar: If you want to compare with Norway, it has 10 times the per capita income of Malaysia. The petrol price is hurting the poor and marginalised groups and aggravating their suffering. It is our responsibility. Such a sharp rise is burdening the people. If Umno and the ruling coalition don’t realise this, then their future is bleak. What about infrastructure spending – isn’t that a form of subsidy for companies? But we call that “incentives”. On the other hand, aid for the people is called “subsidies”, which are given a negative connotation.

2107: Shabery responds that the government would have to incur a subsidy of RM50 billion if it maintained the price at RM1.92 and that would affect development. He said that global factors also influence the oil price. He recalled the first global crisis in 1973-74, which worsened inflation including in Malaysia. Petronas was formed back then, which wasn’t easy. The people supported Razak’s move. Anwar protested against Razak back then. And Anwar was now doing this again.

2102: Anwar kicks off with his opening statement. He insists that with proper economic management and eradication of corruption, an immediate cut in petrol price of 50 sen is possible. He speaks of the suffering felt by many, particularly the Malays and bumis in Sabah. He points out that TNB has to pay for 40 per cent excess capacity and how Petronas has made an excellent profit of RM100 billion – which could enable the government to raise RM3 billion for distribution to the people through a price reduction.

2100: The one-hour live debate gets underway at Balai Budaya. The moderator warns against raising irrelevant issues. Both speakers receive decent applause.

Share your comments on the debate over TV9, Astro Awani and Bernama TV from 9.00pm. This live write up is specially for those of you who don’t have access to these three stations and those abroad who would like to follow the debate. Please note this is not a verbatim transcript; it just covers the main points raised or emphasised and paraphrases much of what was said.

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  2. … How long can Malaysia survive over its reliance on motor vehicles, and such poor public transportation systems when compared to other oriental neighbouring countries?

    How can Malaysia survive, relying on government subsidies being haemoraged from the rakyat…

    Proton and Cyber Jaya and Putra Jaya?

    How long can Malaysia survive with inequity in rights and divisive clicks amongst the races.

    If the government can only look out for the majority race, and provide them with a safety net … do you expect the chinese or indians to open our arms in sharing the wealth despite being disadvantaged, and treated as second class citixens, not to have to mention being marginalised and constantly whinged to because we have “more” because we work harder? How can the majority blame the wealthy minorities for being able to accumulate wealth…

    Malaysia is littered with failures.

    Its failure masked by the rubbish slogan Boleh!… If it were boleh.. you’d think the economy would have outgrown tiny miniscule Singapore or even Hong Kong by now… 2008.. still doesnt pose a threat.. pathetic.

  3. When is the debate he said he wanted to debate someone on the IMF? Come on!! Be a sport.

    All the comment above cant magically make the blueprint or action plan from Anwar to appear. There is no solid information from our esteemed ex DPM.

    Step one how?
    Step two how?

    What will we need to do? Did any one catch which part of the debate he was pointing out how to decrease fuel prices? Which PART? Which MINUTE?

  4. i hope in future datuk seri abdullah and datuk ser najib will face the debat with dsai.dont think you can push here and push there.

  5. i strongly supports DSAI , we cant compare norway and malaysia in terms of income per capita.lets talk about our neighbor singapore,the production operator earn $1000 as basic pay and only pay $ 1.80 per litre.But we as oil produser paying rm 2.90 per liter and our basic pay is rm450.our spending power is extremely poor.BN please dont blintly give statement.wake up.

  6. now the fuel price is going to be like a yo-yo. This show how deficient our leaders are. How can a man like Shabery
    without political history personally attack Anwar as he cannot attack Shabery personally?

  7. madu_tiga

    get a second hand economic book and learn about national income and expenditure and come in this blog and comment about things you know. If not sure consult an economist even from PKR they would have to tell you that the debate had nothing to do with politics but with economics (which is much much more important). There was NO clear and defined way that Annie could get away with the promises he made. There was no blue print or plan of action. Even if he were to mention one or two solid economic plan (that he was thinking of) he would have been overwhelmed with support in the economic community.

  8. Correct me if I am wrong at one point in the debate DSAI said something about the IMF and he was willing to debate any economist regarding the validity of IMF. I completely agree and hope that he would once and for all debate on the issue to clear his actions in 1987. What you guys think?

    Back to the subject at heart I think:
    So in your oppinion would oil prices go down if DSAI was PM? After hearing the debate I hope that I would be able to drive to work and not feel stressed about it just like the rest of the world is doing now (because it is a lie when we say that the whole world is in an energy crisis). I think that he would ride against the global economic tidal wave of energy crisis and lead us to cheaper fuel. 1.92 – 0.50 = 1.42 come on guys… I dont care how he do it he promised us cheaper fuel in September 2008, and darn it he will give us cheaper fuel even if it mean he must piss the petrol from his own body into my petrol tank.

  9. During the debate, I don’t think Mr shabery cheek explain to the rakyat well enough to return them to power if there is another election. Forget about the calculation, RM5 billion or above RM15 billion for the subsidy, who cares?, all I know is the government didn’t keep their promise of not increasing the oil price.

    Sabery did not answer one question from the panel, CAN WE TRUST the government with the big big saving from the abolishment of oil subsidy this time, when in 2006 only some part of the saving from subsidy reduction were utilized for the supposedly public transportation system upgrading? The point of the question was “can we trust the government?”

    Now the question about 50 sen price reduction on the current price of oil is more acceptable than the incoherent explanation by the info minister ON WHY WE MUST INCREASE THE OIL PRICE. Which is better, a rm2.80 or rm2.30(after deducting the 50sen). Do not make a smart argument about “DSAI is in fact increasing the price from 1.80 to 2.30” this is a lawyer buruk punya argument. WE LOOK at the prevailing market price and we reduce as much as we can. Who is the bigger Liar, the government or DSAI?

    And PLEASE no, don’t tell me Shabery thrashed DSAI. SHABERY THRASHED HIMSELF comprehensively.

  10. Kalau ikut kesopanan Nordin Kadi:-

    Seolah-olah Nordin Kadi seumpama seorang yang telah diluluskan oleh UMNO sebagai penal BN akan buat serangan peribadi seboleh-bolehnya kepada DSAI, untuk mendapatkan keseronokan di kalangan kawan-kawan dalam UMNO bahawa Nordin Kadi adalah ****** UMNO yang baik.

  11. Well done dongra dundee,i have seen this in troubled regime,when dirty polician,misuse the democratic system.That why it is out of control.And troubled are invited.( I agreed Pakistan is troubled,that why we are sharing views with you guys.(We dont wish your country to be destroy,by bad western perception of democracy.As for Mr Sabery he will learn,as for Mr Anuar he will never change,his bad habit.

    Actually,there is no winner,you are the looser??????.I think you are still staying at the swamp,from my understanding of your name Dundee””.( Sorry Dundee no hard feelings.)
    Anyway i will be off for my work.Wish you guys the best of luck.Hemi Ismail,you should educate this people more,i support your comments.Long Way To Go.Anyway so far the only outspoken and capable guy is His Excellency Dr Mahathir,in overseas or in Malaysia.Even the OIC,African Union,NAM respected his views.

  12. You know what strikes me reading the comments here ? Most people are blinded either by their political afflictions and/or their inability to accept the fact that the price of oil has risen far more in the global market than it Malaysia.

    The expectation of the debate is very simple. DSAI supposed to provide a formula on how the oil can be still subsidised without affecting the economy / Petronas / long term growth. But DSAI failed miserably.

    Firstly he got his calculations all wrong by quoting Rm5 Billion when it should be far more (may be Rm 15 Billion) based on the current oil prices. Secondly the 50 sen he quoted was wrong as this was before the GE and not after the recent price hike. This effectively means that DSAI will increase the price of oil instead of reducing it.

    As for SC, he has to defend why the govt has no choice but to increase the price. I think he did a fantastic job in explaining the economic justification.

    In my opinion, SC just thrashed DSAI.

    However, many people will not accept this as no logical reasons in the world can convince them that the oil subsidy should be reduced.

    BTW, please drop this idiotic comparison with Singapore. They are a rich country and we are a Third World one. Obviously they will be better off than us, not just in the price of oil but also in everything else due to their superior GDP/capita.

    If we are to use this argument, we also can go back and argue about those countries who are poorer than Malaysia. Though some have cheaper petrol, but because they are poorer so they are even more affected right ?

    And the argument about oil exporter is also faulty. If we are not a nett oil exporter, then we would be paying the market price for oil. Don’t compare with Saudi Arabia and Venezuela since our oil revenue (nett) is peanuts compared to them.

  13. i hope to watch the debates soon : 1) kenabatangan mp VS lks;
    2) dsai VS syed hamid; 3) dsai VS kj ( in english) 4) nga ko ming VS
    hishamuddin ( in english )

  14. DSAI has indeed shown high intellectual and stamentship during the debate even with an anticapation of sure arrest and harrasment from the Police the next day. For Sabbery you are a total shame as a Minister of Misinformation Malaysia. Your denial of not attacking on DSAI’s personally really sucks. You dont deserve to be a Minister of an International Caliber. I wonder how you would behave or perform in international forum representing Malaysia? As for Mr.Rashid Khan just **** *** from Malaysian Politic and concentrate on political reform in your on troubled country of origin. The winner without dobt is DSAI.

  15. I must say that it was quite “sporting” and “liberal-minded” of Shabery to facilitate and participate in the Debate LIVE. At the same time, he has his motive too. He needs to be seen as the UMNO Hero who responded in the midst of assaults by the opposition. He needs to be seen to be taller than he really is if he is to be seen to deserve the nominations in the coming UMNO Party Elections.

    Having said that, that night he had belittled himself more than anyone else. He forgot that it was a debate and not the usual “Ceramah” that he was more used to or even the Parliamentary so-called-debates. It was an opportunity he has wasted. His representative fared even worse – a sad note for the Academia..

    DSAI? He was at home and he had used the “oddly hit shuttlecocks” thrown by Shabery for returning well-aimed smashes. He even ignored the personal attacks that Shabery stupidly threw. He could have done a bit more but all in all, well done!

    Are we better off than others? Well in a way we are. But truthfully, we have a long way to go…

  16. Well, I guess we Malaysians are mature enough and intelligent enought to know who made sense during the debate. The Minister should know that it is not about a battle of who should win the debate. It is more on constructive criticism and input to find solutions to Rakyat’s suffering.

    We Malaysians want a representative to tell the Government that the Rakyat are suffering due to the drastic increase in oil price. Now, we can keep on arguing that the government had no choice but to increase the fuel price. But what strategic planning was done for poor people to ride through the storm before hiking up the price? I am sure all friends who have commented would agree prices of all the stuff have gone up.

    Business people increase their prices to maintain the profit to the same level before the price hike. What about the common people who depend on wages? What do they increase to maintain the same life style? Everything has gone up and their salary or wages remains the same. Whatever our RM10 could get for them before price hike cannot be the same now. So what is the goverment talking about when it says it understands what the common RAKYAT is going through. Have they ever gone into our LRT, COMMUTER OR MONORAIL during peak hours? Our public transport system is still in an atrocious condition. How do we switch to public transportation?

    Well I think it is about time high authorities try the public transportation during peak hours to really understand the RAKYAT’s suffering!

  17. To my opnion,if those who believe in democracy,the credit should be given to Shabery.He have the courage to have a debate,Debate are mend to exchange knowledge,and after all the question and answer,The entire topic will be taken by the goverment to improve,the system and policies.If he want to hide anything or making a fool of himself,he will not be there.

    Malaysian are not prepared from what i have seen from the comments above.many of those are not taking things maturely.You are not encouraging people to have dabatee by asking someone to step down lah,fool lah,mockery lah.( Question is,Are we perfect enough or being able to have the courage,to speak in public just like Mr Shobery have done)Of course being an opposition,it is easier to speak than done.
    You want to follow the western style,but it seams like nobody is prepared to do so.

    I am not a Malaysian,but to my opnion,the existing goverment as compare to other developing country,Malaysia is still better of than any others.Freedom,,, Malaysian still have ,eventhough Malaysia is known as Islamic state.It is not easy to run a multi racial country,which Malaysia has done with good track records.Open your eyes bigger and see,what is happening around the world,which i dont wish to elobarate more.I would encourage all Malaysian,to make progressive remarks,facts and figures and do it,in a manner of being responsible and know yourself first.If anyone things that,they are more capable,than Mr Shabery,why dont you propose your ideas,for the sake of Malaysia.To my opnion Shabery make a calculated risks,and he did it,bravo to you sir.
    I am sure,regarding the price of oil,someone above him,is more responsible for the action taken.This should be taken seriously,and mistake to be learned and improve it immediately.

    As for Mr Anuar,actually Mr Mahatir have save you once,?To prove to the public,you are innocent,blood test should be carried out,since you are supported with western power,So why dont you follow the western way of investigation (CSI).The police is doing the western way(CSI).If you think that you are not confident with the law of Malaysia,next step is (ICJ).To my opnion,of you going to Syariah court is just of playing,with the Islamic system,with four witnesses,The question now is,Why are you afraid of,it seems that you have done it,because,you know,there is nobody,beside you and that guys.

    To my conclusion,this is not about oil price hike,this is about Anuar changing the focus of his case towards the public.Oil price hike is happening all over the world,but the goverment still have a lot of work to do,i am sure they are doing it.Mr Badawi should consider the poor or less fortunate and implementing certain measure,so that the less fortunate will be covered.

    Anyway if Anuar is not corrupt,when all his wealth have come from????.Please Malaysian i have nothing to do with Mr Sabery,but he is moving ahead with democracy,but pls bear in mind,democracy must be practice,in a different way from the west.i am sure Malaysia is capable of doing that.

  18. […] Netto captured most of the salient points and some of the Q & A in his blow by blow account here. Most of the SMS’es I received were of the opinion that Anwar pawned Shabery. What do you […]

  19. From what I’m reading here i would say both of them loses. I was expecting Anwar to at least reveal a plausible method of reducing oil prices… “Eradicate corruption and from the money there, give it to the people” sounds like an ideal method. But that is all it is. An ideal. It doesn’t sound concrete enough for me. And even if it does happen, after a couple of years it’ll be back and where would the money for oil come from then?

    “Some 30 years ago, our reserves were supposed to last until 2005. Petronas then went abroad to explore. I defend Petronas but I criticise the BN.”
    EVERYONE knows that the country’s oil would run out sooner or later. It might be 5 years or 10 years or more from now. But it WILL run out. If that happens and Petronas gave all their money to the people for oil subsidies, what would it do then when they run out of oil? Where would they get the money to ‘go abroad to explore’? Who would give out subsidies and funds for the country’s development? Doesn’t sound like a long term plan to me.

    Shabery well.. he just runs around the questions and naming names. I was paying more attention to Anwar cause I was interested on what his plan was on reducing oil prices…

    In the end, the winner of this debate is: DEMOCRACY!!

  20. Both AAB and Najib are not orators, and if they appear, it would be easy targets for Anwar to hit them on nation TV, thus propelling Anwar to prophecy status. Shabery is just a number…. the cheek is pittance.
    we have to take not , mahathir would have not allowed this in HIS DAYS.

  21. Yeah I waited for it and watched it. I loved the debate, but to my disgust TV3 later claimed that Shabery “mematahkan”or broke Anwar’s debate.

    Don’t they know people can watch the whole event on TV and realize that TV3 is full of nonsense? There goes another media’s credibility if there was any in the first place.

  22. The Buddha instructs the Kalama People on which basis one should decide which religious teaching to accept as true. The Buddha tells the Kalamas to not just believe religious teachings because they are claimed to be true by various sources or through the application of various methods and techniques.

    He urges that direct knowledge from one’s own experience should be called upon. He notably does not, however, say that his own teachings should not be accepted or not accorded trust: rather, he counsels that the words of the wise should be heeded and taken into account when deciding upon the value of a teaching.

    Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing ;
    nor upon tradition
    nor upon rumor ;
    nor upon what is in a scripture ;
    nor upon surmise;
    nor upon an axiom;
    nor upon specious reasoning;
    nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over;
    nor upon another’s seeming ability;
    nor upon the consideration, “The monk is our teacher.”

    Kalamas, when you yourselves know: “These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,” enter on and abide in them.’

  23. I think it is a responsibility for every Malaysian who they meet to explain to the less educated why our oil prices are unacceptable.

    I take cab to work most of the time. when you tell the cab driver, why oil in singapore cost much less than malaysia they say it cannot be because its RM4 there and RM2.70 here. these people sometimes need a little straight forward explanation on this.

    the UMNO runned government is targeting this people by giving them facts that is not the actual truth. in the case above, they ‘forgot’ to tell these large groups of ‘less educated’ people the disparity in per capita income between both countries.

    sometimes you see this UMNO supporters especially the large majority of them that are ‘less educated’ being so die hard about their ‘UMNO truth’ and you feel a sense of pity for them. they are just being so manipulated, hearded like …, treated like dumb idiotic …. by their so called leaders yet you see them shouting and being so die hard about these ‘UMNO truth’.

    the same for all the other BN component parties ‘die hard’ supporters. a very very very big majority of them are just common folks that do not have enough ability to analyse the so called ‘truth’ that was told to them. they believe in them blindly.

    if you are a son or daughter or relatives to people that belong to these groups of people and if you are educated enough … i think it’s your every duty to explain to them pertaining to the so called ‘facts’ that are being published in the local media or BN ceramah. teach them how to think for once.

  24. I expected more from a Minister. His explanations were poor and he certainly could not answer questions properly. If this man is a reflection of other ministers in the current govt; I feel Malaysia may be doomed. How can we have such persons of poor intellect to make policies for the country? This is the result of too much politiking and not getting the right people for the job.It’s time the PM should start revamping the whole system; starting with the cabinet.(Let’s hope the PM watched the debate). I wonder what he’s got to say.

    Anwar Ibrahim certainly has great leadership qualities and statesmanship by initiating the handshake. He walked over to the minister. Other than Anwar’s oratory skills, he was astute, quickthinking and restrained when hit below the belt. These are characteristics of fine leadership. Perhaps the PM should try to make amends and work together with Anwar for the love of the country and people.Pride and ego should not destroy the nation. To forgive is divine. This is not impossible. It requires great strength and I believe the PM and Anwar has it.

  25. DSAI have all the facts ready. Shaberry being a cabinet minister dont seem to know why the cabinet approve the 40% increase in oil price in a sudden. Maybe the decision was done outside the cabinet (kitchen cabinet). Only the cabinet minister knows and they are not telling the rakyat. I guess if the price of susidy is high there is less money for the minister to loby for projects thus less money to pay the voters to vote for them. Shaberry should have explain that the BN is concerned about the rakyat especially the poor people who do not have cars to go around and living as kais pagi makan pagi. If price of essential goods rise these poor people will become even poorer. The debate did tell us that the cabinet ministers did not make any impact study before deciding something and that all of them do not know economics. We are in a crisis similar to the 1997 crisis to make the country in chaos so that they can control our sovereignity. To the cabinet ministers thay need to wake up. Datuk Sharir should have been in the debating stage as he has been promoting unsubsidised fuel. What i do know is most develop countries subsidised their fuel. May be sombody out there can give a comment. In the next few months we will see more factories closing shop due to higher production costs( malaysia will not be able to compete with china or india, thailand or the philipines)as thay have cheap labour. The existing govnment policy will drive the nation back to the middle ages without having to go to war. We need cabinet ministers who are berjiwa rakyat to lead us. My salute to Tun Mahathir by being berjiwa rakyat during the crisis in 1997. Tun mahathir has shielded us from the problems outside the country. We need people of this calibre. Well not all leaders in the world are clean, there still need money to stay in power. We in malaysia still need money to go to vote. otherwise they will not go out to vote. As far as the BN cabinet now none seems to be able to lead in time of crisis. Only God knows. May God save us all.

  26. Guys,
    Shah-straw-berry won’t resign because of this lah. In fact, he said he is proud to inform the “truth” and counter-attack “lies” spread by opposition. This is so typical BN attitude lah. They don’t know what is shame! Look at Chuah Soi Lek… Same goes for Samy Vellu and … Rahmin Thamby Chik…. I so “hope” he will get elected as a UMNO VP in December, it show (what kind of party) UMNO is…!
    Damn BN….

  27. It is true that Petronas was formed during Tun Razak’s time. But the real architect of Petronas back then was Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

  28. shabery won it hands down? coz u know what? the things that anwars explained are simply to complex to be understood by MOST malaysian. most kampung malaysian would undesrtand liwat, seks and anwar a snake than all this IPP talk this and that

    in a way shabery also won because all the gomen controlled media quote only him.

    in the end the majority of malaysian will end up voting BN again

    democrasy is a government elected by the majority. since the majority of malaysian are not well educated and thus clueless… is it any wonder that our current gomen is also clueless!! HAH!

  29. For what’s worth, Shabery was simply outgunned and out smarth by DSA who was one of the best Finance Minister in the world. Wrong topic and wrong opponent for Shabery, but at least he has the guts to give it a go!

    Comming to the debate, putting recent food & fuel increases aside, would the debate, covered lived on TV too, be allowed under a previous PM? Also, would we bloggers have dared to voice our feelings and opinions so liberally under previous PM?
    Someone asked me these two questions and I am flabbergusted to answer that Pak Lah has indeed gone liberal!

  30. Shabby you , shame on you , we are not attending Sejarah class ,

    Act & solve our problem , oil crisis & not Hari ini dalam Sejarah ,

    Future Pm Datuk Annuar will support you all the way ,

    All the best of Health !

  31. Clear statement & facts from our future PM, is time to go Shabery, u better submit your resignation. A total failure from the ruling party of M’sia.

  32. shabery’s personal attacks against anwar is a real give-away of the kind of idiots we have in the government. shabery’s answers to questions is also a give-away of the pea-brain people we have in the government. God help Malaysia!

  33. First issue is not about oil price,Main issue is how to punish corrupt goverment official.

    1.Islamic court or normal court.I have not seen any Malaysian pursue this further.Is Anuar will be able to lay this guide line if he is in power?

    2.Sex scandals.Syariah court or normal court?

    3.Do it like China,it will reduce corruption.

    4.Enforce corrupt practice with heavier punishment.

    5.Answer to the above is NO.Why because when they in power none of this will be enforce,if this people continue to have personal interest or own agenda.

    6.Tun should be the adviser,if Anuar is in power.Anuar need a handler b4 he go wild.

    7.We want to see all proposal from Anuar in public,if he think he is capable of running the country.(simple test the facts and figure,how is he going to reduce the oil price,and how is he going to disperse the oil profit)So Anuar this will be your chance to prove,but again it will depends or your court case)I am not saying he is guilty,until proven again

    And to Anuar supporter,pls have peaceful demo.

  34. Basically, if you noticed at that time, Shabery was reading the script that he already memorized. The reason for that, is so that people will look as he is talking fluently, and he doesn’t mind every words he gave doesn’t answer the question, as long as he was not humiliated by thought block. Unfortunately, it still happened like all of us noted.

  35. It’s very very clear that if you spoke truth in malaysia, you (may get) caught… Like what we withness last night when Datuk Anwar have a Dedate with Shabery. I have no idea what exactly that malaysian goverment do think about their resident in malaysia but i do believe that malaysian goverment try to fool everyone by given so many reason on dirty politics which is come to peak last couple of months. Nothing could be hide now!!!! Najib implicated in the case… when najib in “Defend Minister” Post on that time. But until now not even single action was taken against him by malaysian goverment!!! And we all know why??!!! We have fuel prices which was hike vertically and now middle class and lower then who are suffering because of that. I can’t understand why we should increase petrol price in malaysia infact we ( Malaysian Goverment ) Who export petroleum to other country in this world. We not import a petroleum from other country to be honest,we still have so many option by covered our subsidy form the money that we import petroleum. Why the government go all out and increase the petrol price without do care about the average of malaysian minimum income per month. Is it they simply don’t know on how to manage this country???Is it all our politician are uneducated??? Hope we will find answer for that very soon.. For Malaysia… Thank You

  36. the whole world is suffering from high oil prices. Because of credit crunch and sub prime crisis in america which has filtered into the global economy, investors are putting money into oil and basic food items, plus consider peak oil and the fact that oil reserves are running out, decreasing supply and increasing prices. Also because investors are putting money into basic commodities the speculation market led by b******* like George Soros is driving the prices higher than they are, causing a bubble like the sub prime bubble that finally burst. the rise in oil prices is being felt by all nations. this isnt a purely malaysian issue, its global and its to do with the global capitalist financial system. although anwar’s precriptions are valid they are opportunistic at best. He’s kicking a dead dog, the malaysian government is on a losing streak after their narrow escape in the latest election and the fact that the present leader is no Mahathir Muhammad makes the governemnt’s image even poorer. Fact is, i dont think the malaysian government can do very much at this juncture, all governments are feeling the strain, especially poorly managed ones. Taking out corruption is a noble cause but all governments know that it is a long process, whether in the present government or even in Anwar’s future party. Because of this Anwar’s accusations although well thought out are amateurish at best and opportunistic. He senses that the government are in a fragile state with the narrow escape in the previous election and the changes in the global economy which is not brought about solely by the fault of the government but by market forces which are beyond the control of any one government.

    however it’s also clear that the reactions from the present government to protests and the debate brought forward by Anwar is seriously not helping it’s image but damaging it. But it is a young government and malaysia is a young country in terms of it’s independence and democratic institutions. It has done well compared to many other countries that came out of the colonial period. This is a tried and tested party and malaysia was not the only country that suffered in the financial crisis. It still fares pretty well compared to some of it’s neighbours. But having said all this a change is maybe what the country needs. If Anwar is even half as good as what he makes himself out to be it could be beneficial in moving malaysia forward. And if Anwar isn’t, then the present party will get back into power very quickly. The pressure is still very much on whichever party takes over the present government, they will have less time to prove themselves, and for a party that is untried the chances of it failing is very much higher.

  37. Rashid Khan ni mcm kenal la…Yang mcm Shah Rukh khan tu ke? Yang awalnya Islam tapi bila dah join duniawi jd tak islam dah? Btl la tu..Rashid Khan..patut la pandangan u mirip benar democracy Barat. TQ

  38. Rashid just bubbling at need to take seriously what he said..There’s no important point at all

  39. Saberry Chik knew that he is going to be ‘crucified’ by DSAI. it is more of a personal agenda to project himself to his bosses in order to maintain his ‘status quo’. Kena ‘korban’ sampai keluar ‘buih’ dari mulut pun ok. Regards.

  40. our information minister has commited mockery of the highest order.He not only failed to bring forward his points and arguements effectively but has given DSAI a chance to humiliate the intelligence of BN and UMNO leaders in running the country’s economy. DSAI has also used this opportunity to gain political milage as he maintained his professionalism and sticked to the topic of discussion unlike his counterpart who clearly resorted to character assassination and comparing our economy with countries which are far from any similarities compared to Malaysia. DSAI poited out that the sudden hike in fossil fuels had caused a vicious cycle that brought upon increase in price of essential goods and cost of living. He is therefore suggesting that the government should consider lovering down fuel prices in view that we are a net oil exporter and higher global fuel prices means better profits. The fossil fuel in this country belongs to the people and it is unimaginable if the Rakyat are forced to pay more for the things harvested from their own backyard. My opinion on yesterdays debate is DSAI completely blended Strawberry into jam/puree so much so we have enough to spread the embarrasment to all BN and UMNO politicians.We have seen enough of their antics even in parliment and the rakyat now are not as mis-informed as before. I feel Pakatan has a good chance now with the support from literates, poor and marginalised community.

  41. what sopan is rashid talking. are what the political vultures doing sopan in the eyes of malays. killing of that mongolian lady sopan? corruption sopan? swindling government money with unfinished projects sopan? parading the word sodomy in the media sopan? cheating over the media sopan? poor management of the country sopan? selective prosecution sopan? ALLAH, please redefine what this guy is talking.

  42. Dari sejarah melacca lah kamu harus sedari,apa yang terjadi sekarang

    Saya bukan orang mongolia,saya orang Pakistan.saya bisa melihat TUN Dr Mahatir di pakistan.HE IS THE MEN FOR MALAYS and MALAYSIAN in general.

    Tun have our deepest support,dimana mana sahaja.

    Dan maaf kata,kamu bicara tentang demokrasi,tapi merendahkan sebuah negara itu demokrasi???? ya bisa betulkan diri sendiri dong

  43. Hello rakyat malaysia,setahu saya orang melayu ada sopan,nama kamu tak ada.Takut di debat atau kurang pasti diri sendiri

  44. we saw a stupid vice chancellor (NK) who had to be told what IPP refers to and instead of psing question he was giving a short stupid speech. then we saw another stupid ex-university lecturer (SC) who had no sense of economy, making stupid analogies and trying to go for personal attacks. now we understand why the standard education in the country has dropped into the toilet bowl to be flushed into the sewage tank. what educationists are we having? GOD SAVE US FROM THIS CURSE….

  45. no matter what.. anyone with a decent mind will know who is laying hard facts and who is talking nonsense and without any research.. and no matter what again.. at least now a portion of public who are previously blinded now may be enlightened of what the real issues are.. and not taking blindly information given in the mainstream media.. by the way anil.. i linked to your entry in my post.. thanks..

  46. THE internet vote said it all….

    If the public opened up to vote secretly, the same result..


    OR was he only carrying out the bidding of UMNO leaders after all, from Paklah to Najib, they wont stand a chance in the debate…

    there would be more froth in their mouth…. ha ha ha

  47. […] Read up. Updates to come from time to time. live streaming links and lively comments, naturally. The Star report, biased against Anwar of course. The Flaccid Mind’s commentary — a good one. Alam Kekal’s commentary Bernama report: No Sustainable Formula From Anwar On Oil Price Cut The debate on YouTube: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (5-10 minutes per part) Malaysiakini report. Comprehensive, and in full-text for free. Let me know if that changes. Live reverse-chronological transcript. […]

  48. Salam semua,

    Orang macam Rashid Khan ini tak layak tinggal di sebuah negara yang demokrasi. Nama pun dah Khan dari Mongolia jugak rasanya. Yang pelik ini orang yang pendatang lebih bersifat Kemelayuaan kononnya. Cuba baca Sejarah Melayu keruntuhan kerajaan Melayu Melaka disebabkan oleh Orang Keturunan….

  49. Bodoh punya mangkut,all my comments are deeply inter related.hang masih dalam kebun.You re not looking it more deeply,why i choose it here.

    To summarised it my next mail,when i come back.

  50. Dei Rashid Khan,

    Kalau tak reti nak ulas topik post, tak payahlah nak post komen. Orang komen barang lain, hang komen barang lain. Bodo punya mangkuk! …

    Rashid, you are most welcome to join Najib. … Or else, GET LOST….

  51. dah2 la tu. tak payah gaduh2. memang smlm dah jelas dsai memang bercakap bedasarkan fakta, dan dia mempunyai karisma. apa yg dicadangkan olh dsai sbnrnya gov dah tahu..cuma mrk malas nak apply pasal diaorg nak kebas duit rakyat.jgn lupa malaysia mrpkan sebuah negara yg kaya dgn hasil bumi. so apalagi kelentonglah rakyat dgn isu global.

  52. Dear Mr Niah,

    1.Why are so upset,this ia just an open discussion with views lay down.if you say you are moving ahead,why arent you taking comments openly.

    2.My unerstanding of terittorial is,the ruling party which is dominated by Malays,is loosing ground??????????

    3.You should carefully understand deeply what i have written.

    4.To know who we are, as important how we progress forward.( That is identity)

    5.Of cause i live in multi racial society, i also want my children to mix with different culture and respecting all religious belief.What malaysian have become today is people like you,do not want see what is ahead of you.Bloggers are for people to comments,your answer should not be bloody this bloody that ,This show that you are not prepared to have an open mind,still your kampung style??????

    6.To live in a new century,we have to learn from the past and present mistake???

    7.You name me which country dont protect their right,Now i tell you what bloody nonsense are you talking about?????

    8.What right are you talking about.i do keep track record of malaysia.Are you deny from your freedom?Are not being able to practice your religious belief as approved by the goverment.

    9.To answer to your question of looking fwd,there should not be any,malay,indian,chinese or any other association to involve in any politics.Ther should be one voice.And that is the people voice.So you are leaving in malaysia,What the hell are you doing??/

  53. It’s a wake up call though. The govt can still improve. We have achieved it before. All we need is to stand together. Love our country. Peace..

  54. hello anil,

    Hello tunku,

    Yup. Debates like these allow us civils to open, generate our mind and understand the policies done by the government and ideas form the oppositions.

    But so far, Shabery did not even exactly explain the facts and figures about the government’s policy in allowing the fuel hike price up to 41%.

    DSAI by the way also keep repeating the same way of 50-sen reduction which is suppose to be for the price before the recent fuel price hikes, which was RM1.92 during March 8 General elections.

    So, basically both of them could withstand well in their debate. Its a fair win-win situation.

  55. Ingat DSAI adalah bekas seorang Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan beliau juga adalah seorang Menteri kewangan selama 8 tahun. DSAI ini cukup mengetahui segala pentadbiran kewangan negara. Siapa Menteri sabery Chik ini, beliau baru jadi menteri 3 bulan yang lalu,baru mula pakai bush jacket dan blezer. OK berbalik kepada debat semalam, nyata benar sabery bukan orang yang sepatutnya untuk berhadapan dengan DSAI, kerana kita boleh nampak cara beliau berhujah,dan diungkit tentang hal yang dah lapuk,sekitar tahun 1974, ini tiada kena mengena,kita sedang berbincang masaah kenaikan minyak,masalh ini ditanggung oleh seluruh raykat negara ini. kerajaan yang ada kena bertanggungjawab dalam hal ini.Menteri ini hendaklah dirujuk kepada DSAI untuk mendapat formula bagaimana cara untuk pihak kerajaan menurunkan minyak sepertimana yang disarankan oleh DSAI dalam masa DEBAT semalam.

  56. Mr. Rashid Khan … I think before the rest of the commentors makes you a target, I suggest that you no longer post anymore. You have lived overseas too long to understand the real situation and experience here in this country.

    Commenting based on news that you read is as good as just that. Also it is good that you should stop talking nonsense on loosing identity, loosing territory etc because we live in the new century. What bloody territory or identity who you want to protect if the nation and all of its constituents irregardless of race is unable to compete, do not have adequate access to compete, their rights are being abused, nation’s wealth being plundered and the whole economy being bloody mismanage for enriching the few?

    Now we are talking about progress, Jalan ke depan, social growth, education excellence and access to competitive enviroment & resources for people irregardless of race to build great companies that can compete around the world which in turn provide jobs, glorify the nation, buy economic resources such as companies or lands in other countries etc. We are in serious need of innovative companies and people to produce and create world beating products. That is how this coutnry is going to make it.

    This is a connected world. You can gain any territory around the world you want if you are competitive, smart and resourceful.

    Protecting this right lar, this territory lar that territory lar, this identity lar that identity lar what is that??? That is thinking backwards. Now we need to move forward, think forward, do something that is progressive.

  57. Question now is?

    1.Why Anuar is afraid?He is ex minister,he should understand the job of police.

    2.Why Anuar need protection from the West?he is just accommodating what the west tell him to do.

    3.If Anuar is going to the Syariah court,is he prepared to be punish the islamic way of sodomy offences?Is Malaysian ready for that kind of punishment which is stated Holy Quran.

    4.Or the complainant will be punish also for allowing this to happen?

    5.If anuar really care for Malaysia,Come out the proposal in written order in public.????

    6.i only can think that,if corruption do happen,bring them to syariah court,they will know the consequence.

  58. I would like to say ‘Well Done’ to Datuk Shabery. He had done the ‘the best he could’. For DSAI.. i would like to say ‘well done’ too of your fruitfull ideas. The real argument is not ‘who lose ..who win’ . Remember: No good solution – ‘rakyatlah LOSE’ . What is the next step – taken by the present goverment??? Any fruitfull and meaningful ‘solution’? Why….?

  59. Just one question, if what this Sheepberry guy says its true, that the govt is using the savings to subsidize the food, why is it that the food prices keep GOING UP? The rice has gone up nearly RM 25 per bag compared to before. ALL essential cooking prices have gone skyward. What farce is this? What cheaper food prices are they talking about? Of course the rich politicians wont know this and wont be affected the way poor people are affected.

  60. Is is sad to see that Mr Badawi,did not delivered good substance as compare to Dr Mahatir.This was observe during his public speech,pertaining to economic and policies.look at spore minister,how they delivered their speech,it is full of facts and figures was laid out.

    Mr Badawi speech,is just as normal graduate could delivered,as compare to Dr Mahatir.Malaysia is loosing the credibility,if the representative of a developing country is not well verse with all policies??????????????

    Sorry about my comments,but this is a facts.

  61. You don’t watch debate, as you are at the football field,waiting for goals to be scored by your favourite team.You don’t expect debaters to adduce reasons in bringing up facts and figures.You need to have some good functioning brain cells up there,inorder to comprehend what and why something has been said.Otherwise you may easily be susceptible to a personal assailant and assassin’s points of argument. In a debates we don’t wish to listen to personal attacks(a total of more than 20 times) as adduced by Sabry.What has beeen our expectation of him, was nothing then the What,How and Why something can be or can not be done in the crucial effort to bring down oil price.He was very much on the defensive most of the time.Sorry to say,we have been unable to gather anything from his part.

  62. Dear Malaysian,

    1.It is sad to see that Malay will not have their motherland secure
    a.Every country have their identity protected,eg Chinese and European country.

    2.I am proud to see, the only Muslim country has prosper forward with good development,during his excellency Dr Mahatir in power.he is very well respected in oversea by Muslim,and i wonder Why Malaysian dont appreciate his hard work.?Are Malaysian being blind or just have as soft ear,of what his excellecy have projected for Malaysian.Or are Malays is just having the same kampung thinking???.Malays must wake up,this is only Muslim country without debts,they must appreciate his excellency Dr Mahatir.bear in mind those who want to see the fall of Malaysia is appreciating what is happening now???????/

    3.Belive me, as an oversea Muslim,we understand what his Excellency have projected for Malaysian.Although he have made some calculated risks,which every goverment in the world have made,this should be acceptable,by looking at his good track record.

    4.It is sad that Badawi is not in,the Debate??.Mahatir should take on Anwar,Shabery is not prepared yet.although he have the courage to do that.he will learn in coming years,give him a break.

    Please in the name of Allah,WE are given,the greatest give in every Muslim country,that is minerals.Please use it wisely.Already lost the Malay identity in spore.Question now is,Is Malaysia also going to loose that identity.I am not saying about racial.Non malays must understand with an open mind.This is not about racial.Is Malay going to make the same mistake again?.I am not encouraging racial discrimination,but this is a fact,malay or muslim is loosing their territorial,pls get back on the track.If we fail we are defying what Allah has given us.

    Friend of Malaysian

  63. after i read all this comment…i feel proud of all the malaysian.. cause i believe they all have a sharp view and clear mind to our economic… better than our minister of information… government, pls believe: WE ALL GOT EYES TO SEE WHT U TRYING TO DO ON OUR MONEY!!

    this debate.. anuar tell the truth.. we are suffer to be malaysian now, by treating so bad from our “proud government”, keep on suck our blood money but do nothing.. someday u have to pay it back since u took such much. just wait for the time.

  64. our information minister has commited mockery of the highest order.He not only failed to bring forward his points and arguements effectively but has given DSAI a chance to humiliate the intelligence of BN and UMNO leaders in running the country’s economy. DSAI has also used this opportunity to gain political milage as he maintained his professionalism and sticked to the topic of discussion unlike his counterpart who clearly resorted to character assassination and comparing our economy with countries which are far from any similarities compared to Malaysia. DSAI poited out that the sudden hike in fossil fuels had caused a vicious cycle that brought upon increase in price of essential goods and cost of living. He is therefore suggesting that the government should consider lovering down fuel prices in view that we are a net oil exporter and higher global fuel prices means better profits. The fossil fuel in this country belongs to the people and it is unimaginable if the Rakyat are forced to pay more for the things harvested from their own backyard. My opinion on yesterdays debate is DSAI completely blended Strawberry into jam/puree so much so we have enough to spread the embarrasment to all BN and UMNO politicians.We have seen enough of their antics even in parliment and the rakyat now are not as mis-informed as before. I feel Pakatan has a good chance now with the support from literates, poor and marginalised community.

  65. Sabree bukan lawan DSAI untuk debat pasal ekonomi M’sia sebenarnya..Dia tak tau ape2..tau,tp ckit..terlalu cetek..
    Sabree boleh masuk debat,tp bukan tajuk camni la…tajuk2 yang orang kampung mudah faham boleh la.Ini tajuk untuk org yang tau saje..
    Adoi..sedih btul betul Sabree..
    Orang nk dengar dia ulas pasal harga duk mgunkit cite lame..cite2 jalanan..yg dia dulu duk ikut sal Semangat 46 tu nape..Diam dia semalam bila DSAI sebut pasal tu..ternganga dia…
    Tu la,pikir duk pikir mari elok DSAI jelah jadi PM..bukan sebab dia pandai berdebat..tapi cara dia nk solve problem tu yang hebat..
    Sebenarnya pemimpim kita pun ada idea nk solve problem sal minyak ni,tp tu le,diorg bukan berjiwa rakyat..
    Ape diorg kisah,peduli la rakyat hidup susah pun,janji aku senang,janji kantung aku penuh..
    Maybe bukan semua pemimpim macam tu,tp ade yang segelintir tu lah yang merisaukan saya…

  66. […] YouTube 之类的网站看那么 cheap skate。不过有些人比较喜欢读对白,看士多啤利 Chick […]

  67. OMG…Shabery was a complete joke. And he is a cabinet minister! If you are a reflection of the quality of our cabinet members, I must say I regret what I did on March 8…like that I oso wan to be minister lah can ah? Can lah, if like u oso can…

    Am not a supporter of Anwar but I have to admit he was immense. Looking at the living options we have to lead the country, perhaps Anwar is one of the best available alongside Tun Dr M (oh I really hope you consider coming back!), Tun Musa H, Tengku Razaleigh.

    I appreciate those of you who try to be nice by congratulating Shabery for his guts to face Anwar in the debate. For f*** sake he is a Minister in Malaysian Cabinet who earns thousands from our tax money…intelligence & guts should be givens to qualify for such a post. Sorry Shabery, no sympathy for you…step down you clown.

  68. There is no doubt who was the victor ! Let us not be offtrack that allowing this debate means that the govt is more open, transparent, blah! blah! blah! but in fact watch over the MISmanagement of the country economy by the current govt.

    Remember that the previous round of fuel increase? It was stated that the savings was for better transportation purpose. Well good idea but where is the improvement of transportation today? We are not born yesterday to be fool by the govt of the day and they think they can take us all for a ride.

    I hate to mention S’pore but a fact is still a fact. What have they got from their ground (natural resources)? Nil and what are they in the eyes of the world today? A top govt with good management skills that care for their people by giving their citizen bonus from the profits of their GLCs. Also not forgetting that their success is the painstacking process of uplifting the standards of their human resource through premier education. We can certainly learn a thing or two from them if we are humble enough to admit our mistakes. They may not be perfect but are certainly giving us as neighbour a run for our money in attracting foreign investors.

    We need the right people to manage this country depleting resources and when the oil runs dry by 2015 as indicated by the top people in Petronas, it still boils down to management as from what I understand, Petronas have had invested in many countries abroad and there are oil in those countries UNLESS we are paying good money for nothing !!! Paying cronies in the tune of billions just to show that they are digging for oil and came up nothing,… just my guess. With good overall govt management, we can develop other infinite resources unlike oil that will eventually dry in any part of the world in time to come.

    So BN, since you have show your hands now, give us someone more credible in the likes of the prince from …. Kelantan who is definitely many bars above or maybe even KJ to see what he has learned from the great Uni that he graduated. Come on lah !

  69. Why Sha-berry? He qualified at all to debate with Dato Seri, he consistently use personal attack on Dato Seri. This is a debate not a childish program, only child will do it and undoubtedly, sha-berry has demonstrated himself as a never grown adult. What will happen if the country is being led by people like sha-berry??

    Sha-berry never seem could answer most of the questions being thrown to him. Further more, the person (reprenstative) that sha-berry has chosen also used personal attack (double shameful).

    Dato Seri won the debate. The advantage of Dato Seri is he has more experience than Sha-berry and that’s why he won. But again, I think Dato Seri will still make it if they bring up the Sleeping Beauty and the C4 guy. That’s why both of them were unwillingly to come out because these two guys are even silly then Sha-berry.

    I’m strongly support Dato Seri concept by reduce Petrol price gradually. However, BN YB not event can understand this concept….we should send all BN YB back to school to ready learn from beginning.

  70. The government already looking at implementing windfall tax to IPP, therefore Shabery can easily said the excess IPP profit is already taken care off. But there is no information on how this windfall tax going to spend on rakyat.

    Distorted price of oil is not good for overall efficiency of the country. Look at Thailand, no subsidized oil, but you can buy goods cheaper in Bangkok or Hadyai compare to Alor Star, how they manage to cope with unsubsidized oil? It is efficiency in transportation and their supply chain, they are force to cope with it. We Malaysian are too fortunate, if Shabery use economic efficiency for the future generation, he can turn the table at least, not so bad as using personal attack.

    Well said DSAI, i believe if time permit, DSAI will touch further on how to effectively develop the economy with efficiency, and not based on “quotas”.

  71. Shabery clearly lack debating and oratorical skills.

    But anyway, he was brave enough to put himself and UMNO to shame in front of the national audience.

    Rightfully the debate should be between DSAI and AAB. But UMNO cannot afford to put AAB on stage as he may fall asleep even before the debate begins.

    If this is what the UMNO dominated government can offer, the future of our country is indeed bleak.

  72. Anwar the great is unmatchable in debate,oratory,intellect and wisdom as proven in this debate on ‘OIL Price Episode’ with Shabery. But what is serious now for Anwar and all Malaysians is the warrant of arrest issued on Anwar on this so-called repeat sodomy allegations against a grandfather Anwar. The world is laughing at our stupidity as a nation of 25 million people on such allegations. Shame Shame Shame !!!. Anwar should talk to the CID Chief Bakri coolly and cogently as he did at the debate to convince him (Bakri)to face reality and rationality.


  73. now it is time for umno/bn to chose a future president or future prime minister by open debate ,so that we have the charismatic PM to lead the country in this global and challenging future….BRAVO Anuar Ibrahim…

  74. Oh please…

    Do you seriously think that DSAI didnt personally attack Shabery because the former is a true gentleman? Hah! The only reason why DSAI didnt attack Shabery was because he didnt have any personal dirt on the fellow. If he had, surely he would have used them. He probably would have gotten statutory declarations on Shabery’s misdeeds if he had them and point it out on TV.

    To me, DSAI is a very good speaker…but a chameleon. You can talk but talk is cheap. DSAI reminds me of a player who would sweet talk a woman to get her into bed with them, promising them the moon and the stars, telling them what they want to hear. All his theories? are they feasible?

  75. Jelaslah yang Menteri Penerangan ini tak tau apa2 mengenai Petrol naik, hanyalah guna nota orang lain dan mengikut cakap saja datang DEBAT.

    Kalaulah tahu dan nak tunjukkan pandai, kena beritahu lah bagaimana kerajaan mengagihkan dana untuk tujuan lain and bukan subsidi petrol. Kena jelaslah apa pendapat kerajaan selepas 1 bulan kenaikan minyak, tindakan yang wajar atau terburu-buru. Mengapa cepat sangat nak bagi RM625, kalau harga minyak turun lagi, nak minta balik wang itu kah?

    Singapore bukan pengeluar minyak, tetapi harga minyak hanya naik $0.30.

    Apakah sebab and kajian yang dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan untuk mengambil langkah naik 71 sen. Inilah yang penonton berminat tahu.

    Bukanlah macam bonet and baca ikut nota benda 2 tak berkaitan. Anwar dah tukar and berubah nak jadi baik, kenalah bagi peluang. Sifat memaafkan pun tak ada, macam mana nak jadi pemimpin & menteri.

    Kalau tak tau ekonomi, janganlah tunjuk pandai nak ajak berDEBAT.

  76. The person proposing the oil price reduction must be armed with more than just “we take from Petronas and give it to the rakyat tomorrow (errr after I become PM)”. Robin Hood? So simple? And then what? What mechanisms to be implemented to sustain that and for how long? Before election – “we’ll bring down price from 1.92 “, last nite it was “kenapa kenaikan harga secara mendadak?”. So what is the debate topic here, reducing oil price or him telling the govt that they should have increased it … gradually?

    Mister Frothy didnt help either by diverting issues and hitting below the belt. No economist there but lots of gumption… and bubbles.. He should have also explained cost cutting measures (if any) to be implemented by govt to mitigate this hike and ease the rakyat’s burden. The main reason for such a drastic hike was never explained, apart from the usual excuse of global market situation etc.

    Wonder how DSAI will fare if it was the Petronas Head opposing him.
    and please people, there’s no such thing as a Prime Minister-in-waiting. Sounds so Victorian. You’re either a PM or you’re not.

  77. All I have to say is – Sha Biri Biri, please be a gentlemen and tender your resignation, which is the very least you can do after the way you perform which also demonstrate your utter lack of professionalism, competence, knowledge and capablity to represent this proud nation as a Minister. I hope this is not the case with rest of the Minister running this country…then we are all in deep s***.

    We are now living in the new century and going forward – we will have less people that are not educated. So if you cannot even understand that we Malaysians are now smarter, learned and at least being able to grasp basic economy better than you, the very least you can do is NOT ASSUMED we Malaysian are all idiots.

    There is no need to compare to Venezuela lar, Sweden lar etc. Just compare to Singapore – a NET OIL IMPORTER, on a per capita income basis, their oil is cheaper – how does that figure?????

    In Singapore the pump price is S$2.10 so if I am earning S$3,000 and staying there compare to a Malaysian staying here and earning RM3,000 paying RM2.70 – who is paying more for petrol?????

    Malaysians are not dumb lar … at least get that through your brain.

  78. Minister of mis-Information, no information at all. Probably thinks that the public will be ‘fooled’ by his personal attacks which is probably why he ‘decided’ to participate in the Debate. Actually, he thinks that it is worth throwing mud at someone in National TV. He should quickly get out of the government.

  79. what’s the blur info minister that we have. did he passed his Bahasa Malaysia oral test in MCE/SPM? Bravo Datuk Seri Anwar.The truth is and always prevail.

  80. hahahahahaha..Anwar obviously has won the debate..he used to speaking.
    rather than the Cheek!

    Holy Bravo to him!!!

  81. Anwar,you’re really inspired me as a new generation of Malaysia.
    Fight for our future.
    Shabery, you need to learn more and more and more…

  82. Read… latest comment on debate… ha ha ha… one of the BN supproter said… shabery pukul habis hujah anwar dengan memberikan jawapan yang cukup bernas…. ha ha ha….

  83. This Sha-berry was not professional enough, he consistently use personal attack on Dato Seri, shameful. This is a debate not a childish program, only child will do it and undoubtedly, sha-berry has demonstrated himself as a never grown adult. What will happen if the country is being led by people like sha-berry??

    I’m not trying to critize Sha-berry and keep on standing at Anwar side but the reality is he, Sha-berry never seem could answer most of the questions being thrown to him. Further more, the person (reprenstative) that sha-berry has chosen also used personal attack (double shameful).

    Dato Seri won the debate. The advantage of Dato Seri is he has more experience than Sha-berry and that’s why he won. But again, I think Dato Seri will still make it if they bring up the Sleeping Beauty and the C4 guy. That’s why both of them were unwillingly to come out because these two guys are even silly then Sha-berry.

  84. As we talking about the increase of oil, would be better choice if BN team select Finance Minister (hehe..also Our Pak Lah as PM & Finance Minister 1) to debate against our DSAI…talking about facts and good information related to economics…
    DSAI talked about all d facts and as information minister talking nonsense…

  85. We have a mix family of difference races and we do debate from time to time over politic, domestic and social issues. Today we sat and watched an all American style debate Two points that we noticed
    Annuar is a leader of PKR while IM is not projected to be the PM or DPM . The later has nothing to worry he tried his best to defend BN

    Annuar was a perfect gentlemen and stay to the topic on the debate
    IM was using the debate to defend BN and 75% or move was focused on
    personnel insults and going round the bush.

    IM is a winner for being brave and has the courage
    Annuar is the overall winner on the debate and strike on .

  86. too over to say that, because UMNO, BN this country became so good… this is the point that public don`t like BN any more…. Must behave now……… People is asking petrol not party…..

  87. […] to the organisers, Agenda Daily. Watch the videos below to judge for yourself or read about it at, MalaysiaKini and The Obnoxious 5xmom. Source: Popularity: 1% […]

  88. Shabery’ personal attack shown UMNO did not change at all after 308 political tsunami, and the other hand Anwar shown his leadership

  89. Thank you so much for the minute to minute summary Anil.

    Shabery did not give any new insights on how this fuel hike issue ought to be tackled. He was like a broken down record player repeating all the propaganda that we’ve been hearing since the fuel hike. His personal attacks towards DSAI was completely uncalled for and obviously out of the scope of the debate. The chairperson should have steered him to keeping his arguments on topic.

    DSAI kept to the facts, did not retaliate and stoop to Shabery’s personal attacks at him. That takes a lot for someone who is going through so much lately. And it says volumes about his character.

    DSAI is a true leader. Our PM in the making. When I hear him speak, I am inspired. Hope swells within me. That a change is so very near.

  90. As usual the mainstream media (like TV3 on Nightline), only quoted what Shabery said and not a single line of response by Anwar. As if Anwar was totally outdone by Shabery.

    Best of all Shahrir Samad said Anwar is not convincing at all. This Shahrir is full of c*** and the way I see it, he should be in the debate and have his butt kicked by Anwar.

    Only a fool will fall for that TV3 reporting bulls***.

  91. The debate shows how a good orator can convince the audience on his issues by means of talking. And talk is cheap and that’s about it. It was just talk. Just the same when we do it at the mamak stall or kopitiam. Doing and implementing things is another story. In the end, the debate confirms the burden of the current government in doing things to get us through the tough times economically and politically and the personal aspiration of a person wanting so much to become the PM for whatever reason, who had his chance 10 years ago but screwed up doing it.

  92. Information minister who can’t inform.

    He won’t resign, cause resignation would mean that he lost. and MSM will spin it like either BN won or the rakyat won. Either way, half true cause AI won the debate. But do allow more debates like this in the future. i would like to see Kit Siang Vs Kah Ting or Pandikar Vs Teck Lee

  93. It was a big waste for the nation not to have a such good leader as Dato Anuar Ibrahim who has vision and solution to over come our economic criss. Instead of that corruption and mis management of the malaysian economic leading the entire nation into disaster. The confident presented by dato anuar ibrahim very convening to accept his idea to over come our criss. But shabery is very poor leader who represent Barisan National clearly show they are incapable of handling the issue but try to hide on the name of global and past story. We are not living in the past world but heading to future. So i don’t know why Shabery was talking about past incidence.

  94. Good Job Mr Anuar, Well done on your debate. The best part everyone who involve in the debate has prepared their card to ask question to Mr Anuar,which they have prepared 1 weeks earlier I supposed, however Mr Anuar replying the answer by using his heart and brain at that point of time. Appreciate a lot Mr Anuar because you talk with facts and figure for future growth. shebry talks history and information only. If there is next debate should involve PM or Deputy PM debate rather then sending a small boy.

  95. One hour debate on air was not fully utilised..too much on personal attack and this not happenned once but this personal attack on DSAI was repeated again and again. Very unprofessional.

    Anyway opportunity for ‘rakyat’ to judge their leader. Hoping to see a more ‘clean’ debate in future.

  96. Shaberry was not answering the questions, he was just repeating what he must have memorised the previous night.
    Anwar on the other hand answered most questions very well, he even gave a very good answer for the question Shaberry himself asked: “What do you do when there is no more oil in malysia after 2015”. Check out Anwar’s answer in You Tube.
    Score is : Pakatan 1 : Barisan 0

  97. The debate was totally one side and DSAI was the clear winner.

    The basics are very simple, the current BN government has no clue on managing under crisis.

    All the points raise were not answered at all by Shabery, especially the part of where the money supposedly saved by the oil subsidy is utilized by the BN government for the rakyat in terms of transportation projects.

    The plain point of gradual increase of the petrol price rather than the abrupt increase by 40% is also not gasped by the BN government.

    Managing under crisis would basically mean lining up a series of benefits and programs before increasing the oil price but this was NOT done. Now we can see various programs trying to be initiated as an after thought, this clearly shows mismanagement and personal interest at play.

    If the BN government is willing to listen to constructive criticism, we should see the price of oil reduced by RM0.50 and measures being implemented in a transparent manner to show the rakyat details and cost reduction and savings of wasteful mega project.

    For a better Malaysia

  98. Shabery showed his ineptitude with his below-the-belt punches. When in doubt, when stuck without a good response, try throwing some mud. Cheap tricks.

    And Anwar shone when he turned-his-other-cheek and instead of responding in kind, got down to the business of using the very few minutes allocated to expound his points. With valid facts and figures.

    I am not a fan of Anwar, and it is true he does have a lot ot answer for regarding his time as DPM and Finance Minister.

    But in these challenging times, I think Anwar – if he holds true to his promises – can use that deep insight from those days in power to turn this country round.

    With steps and measures far removed from the flip-flops and fire-fighting fiascoes we have witnessed recently.

    Massive mistakes which caused so very many of the rakyat untold grief and suffering, followed by ineffective U-turns and kostans compounded by hollow excuses.

    Locally and globally, these are desparate times. Even the well managed economies with hugh reserves have to be on their toes.

    Malaysia needs capable and honest leaders and ministers. The nation needs steady hands which to me are sorely lacking amongst those in power currently.

    (It bears mentioning at this point that past leaders with highly questionable track records should do well to stop sniping with blatantly hypocritical darts too. Rubbing salt into our painful wounds with lies and deceit.)

    I have no confidence in Abdullah Badawi and his Cabinet. I do not think that Malaysia can count on this captain and his crew. I want a change. NOW!

  99. Kudos to Shabery in taking up the challenge to face DSAI. You made history brother. I bet you no other minister in BN will dare face up to DSAI in a fiery debate. Yes….Shabery did tripped over a few question but he also responded with confidence on some of the queries. Shabery will be a good addition to Pakatan. Well done!! As for DSAI, I rather give you 2 years as PM to reform the country than to give 2 years to Badawi/Najib today.

  100. I can only sum up the debate with this simple remark – the teacher VS the student. The teacher who is AI and the student who is SC. As the teacher preaches on current events and solutions to resolve it whereas the student prefers to dwell on past decisions which may have been appropraite at that time. We are not interested in what happen years ago and the decision at that time, what we want to know is solutions to current events that is making it very hard for ordinary citizens like us to make ends meet.

  101. As malaysian,we sat in front of TV aiming to know what the government can do in the future, not to hear what Shabery was dwelling in the past history and the present lies of Badawi government.

  102. Yeah Shaberry seems to go astray all the time… Anwar also have some astray moment especially went being attack on personel ground..

    overall it is a “good” debate…

    Anyway, it is just something political… Will the oil price come down ?? I dont think so… Will Anwar become a PM… I also doubt it..

    Only if the Government could listen and follow Anwar suggestions….

  103. Hats off to Sabery Cheek for doing the BN undoable. You have what the world call – guts. But the eating garbarge in Fear Factor also needs guts.

    Nevertheless Sabery and his alikes rubber stamped and sealed the true reflection of a stereo-type governance of the government of the day. Dwell on a topic by hitting below the below of the Rakyat’s belt!

    Anwar’s vision of an agony reduction war on the population is embraced by Sabery’s personal attacks.

    What relevance has the Baling demonstration of 1974 bring upon the RM2.70 per litre of petrol?

    What happened to the RM4.3 Million coffered from the 2006 price rocketting? Sabery’s answer – Anwar hates Tun Razak; Anwar loves IMF?

    Bottomline….Sabery has successfully given the Rakyat the “What to do next” menu on a Silver Platter. Terima kasih and Malaysia Boleh

  104. anil,
    Praise for you.
    The best ever hits in your blogs like life telecast.

    Now – whats your opinion?
    Please summerise it in your accountant brain – is Anwar capable or not in economic points that if he came to power – the petrol price can be reduce or not?

    Rajraman.Asking the right man in economic view point.

  105. The meeting of two different minds on a single platform :
    one a debate on fuel hike and the other an election campaign on personal character of his opponent.
    After all, it is called a debate.

  106. We can see the different between Anwar & BN Leader. (We should not call them leader).

    Anwar- Find the way when there are crisis.
    BN Leader – accept the crisis and don’t know how to fight with it. just like, if you got nothing to eat, just stay there and die.

    Hey. Mis-information Minister, the today topic is about petrol not history or Anwar… Anwar have teach this Mis-information minister about when the world petrol price increase, The exporter will gain more, but this stupid minister keep talking the increase is due to world price. Anwar have give him the position of petronas – top 10 in terms of capital. this stupid minister still not understand and said that petronas is a very small petro company..??? Not understand why our Info Minister always “Mis-information”????

  107. this monday, during the umno=get=together assembly, shabery will be given public caning by his boss for his dismal performance. yes, he deserves it.

  108. The debate is history. Anwar and the truth won. The important thing to do now is to protect him from being unfairly jailed again because of the spurious sodomy charge.

    It is the conspirators that is doing all the sodomizing…these wretched and evil people are Hell-bent on destroying Anwar by hook or crook and every justice-minded Malaysian should come to Anwar’s aid.

    They must voice out their disgust and take to the streets non-violently and let their angst be felt by those who have no respect for the rakyat and the rule of law.

    Shame on AAB and his police state. Shame on the police who act like slavish eunuchs of the emperor in (allegedly) carrying out the diry work of those (alleged) conspirators.

  109. The crux of the matter, Reduce or wipe out corruption = Savings for the country which could even be use to ease the burden of the rakyat.

    How could BN defend against that? lolx
    still, it’s a great eye-opener to us, eventhough it might not be to the ruling regime because of its denial syndrome.

    And for those who only goes for ‘character assasination’, you know when you’re lost.

  110. firstly.. Shabery… pls try & wipe the foam from your mouth next time u do public speaking,k?…

    Ok… the minister had 2 things going 4 him..
    1) he had d b*** to be there
    2) he hit on the only good point of the nite from him – why only 50sens when DSAI promised to reduce fuel price from RM1.92.

    However, DSAI answered (2) quite astutely.. & defused the point.

    Overall… from a pure debate point of view, it was a clear DSAI won…. professionalism, well thought answers, charming personality… his opponent had to resort to personal attacks to get applause.

    So DSAI 1, Shabery 0… PR 1, BN 0…Rakyat 1, Gomen 0

    last point… that Nordin Kardi fella was obviously a back-up speaker for Shabery… it was more like a statement than a question!!
    DSAI, rightfully & good naturedly chidded him too!

    hmm… ok… DSAI 2, BN 0!!

  111. Shabery should have done better. There were a lot of points that Anwar raised which could be easily answered.

    As a nation, our oil reserve don’t even put us in the top 15. However, Petronas, with its investment in overseas, is ranked in the top 15 oil producer in the world, bigger than Shell or Conoco. Petronas has develop itself to be a global player and use its investment prudently to take it to such a position. If we were to compare correctly, we just have to look across the sea to our neighbour Indonesia. They had a bigger oil reserve than Malaysia, but alas Pertamina is nowhere near Petronas, and Indonesia has ended up as an oil exporter. Anwar is taking a gamble on the fact that discovery of more oil field can lengthen the position of Malaysia as a net exporter. Is it prudent to change Petronas reinvestment policy at this point of time? It is a gamble, which would lead to short term benefit to rakyat (certain) but at a cost for the future.

    I don’t understand Anwar’s calculation on RM3 billion as compared to the RM5 billion rebate that the government is giving. Based on the math, that translate to 200 liters per vehicle (msia has about 7.5m cars), which suggest he would have to plough more from the IPPs.
    Shabery should also highlight per capita income is very misleading -we should look at purchasing power instead and if I’m not mistaken Msia is ranked 30+ while Norway is 40+. It might have 10 times capita income, but it’s also 10x more expensive to live there.

    The second part is Shabery should have challenged Anwar on redistribution of Petronas wealth. The idea of having a ‘subsidised’ price provide false economy to the public, and in now way curb excess usage. It is far better to redirect the fund directly to the poor. (I am not saying that the govt does this well -in fact its poor at it, but this is a better method than subsidising price). This should also involves infrastucture spend on public transportation. It is also good fiscal policy to spend more money during recessionary periods to boost the economy (Keynes), not to mention the economic multiplier that it creates.

    It is true that oil prices creates inflationary pressure, but we have been artificially insulated all these while prices are going up. This had led to many imprudent spending patterns (just look at the number of single occupancy vehicles whilst usage of public transport is very minimal – for info companies like Rapid KL has huge fleet, but utilisation is far from breaking even), including over-gearing (credit card debt, etc).

    One valid point from Anwar is on the excess power that TNB has to take on from Gen Zero IPPs, which are at the same time sold fuel at a discounted rate. However, this involve changing contracts that were made, which would change debt ratings, and put serious issue on msian contract stability (and our foreign investment). But at the same time, Anwar should have lambasted the govt on how it distribute contracts, whether we are getting our money worth for all the savings and petronas dividend we receive. That I think Shabery can’t asnwer!.

    My point on the whole thing is whilst Anwar is a good speaker, Shabery came nowhere near in challenging any of his points. I thought he would have come well equipped, since most of the points Anwar raised have been mentioned again and again before and could easily been strike off.

    I am not pro government – but am strongly for facts and truth!

  112. he(DSAI)is the champion my friend..n he”ll keepon fighting wit BN(lawan tetap lawan)he”s our champion,he”s rakyat champion,in no time you”ll see it,he will surely make it(PM)defeating BN….sang by:Shabery mercury

  113. […] LIVE: Anwar vs Shabery in the Great Oil Price Debate […]

  114. The real winner ofcoz is Rakyat !! Malaysia need this kind of open debate !! Amazing to watch !!

    however, DSAI got what he wants on mains stream media and done it very well and sounds like gentleman indeed.

    As Shabery now become Shabiri , He had succeeded followed planted “personal attack” script from Umno ON DSAI !! You think
    percayalah !! … percayalah !! …. and people will percaya you 🙂
    Let me tell you i the first will not percaya until you show the facts …. What a joke …. you are running out of idea to defence.

    SO, the winner of personal attack goes to …..indeed and as expected Mr Shabiri … bravo brader.

    Cheer mate

  115. This his my 2nd chance to see the calm and eloquent Datuk Seri Anwar(1st being his PKR Ceramah in Muar, Johor) deliver his facts and finally this time, he’s gotten the chance to voice out what he had wanted to deliver all along on national TV.

    DS Anwar’s points for debate was plain, straighforward and simple. To raise the facts that the people are suffering, the govt. ain’t doing much, and the detrimental outcome of the nation’s economic state that will eventually escalate to bigger issues and problems in the coming months should the petrol price hike situation not be resolved. When petroleum prices skyrocket, everything else (manufacturing, transport, F&B, etc.) follows suit. Its a domino effect.

    Shabery could not provide a strong re-buttal to DS Anwar’s facts as they are prevalent in our everyday lives. Those who are seated comfortably at the top would not feel much of the pinch that the rest of us do, especially those families and individuals who have a tight planned budget without much room for adjustment in their expenditure. When a fuel price hike like this throws a monkey wrench in everyone’s financial budget, obviously something has to be done and fast!

    DS Anwar’s point of re-allocating and reducing certain payouts/ dividends/ revenue to lower the petrol price is very very sensible. He had mentioned this in his ceramah in Muar and he also did mention at that time that he had foreseen that the BN govt. would schedule for a price increase after the General Elections. True enough.

    The debate was scheduled for 1 1/2 hours (based on the program time slot), which was cut short after almost an hour and i think the final segment was cancelled. They had to do it. Another 1/2 hour and DS Anwar would have caused severe embarassment, damage and destruction to the BN rep. Of course, the TV network may euphemistically coin it as, “running out of time” or something similar to that.

    Anyhow, this debate had a clear winner, and beyond a shadow of a doubt it is Datuk Seri Anwar!

  116. well, Anwar is out of the topics. the topics is all about what he promise during the elections. just refer to Shabery wion the debates la…bro…. Anwar has got another debates tomorrow at the Police HQ Kl.

  117. Serajudin, when you say that Shabery was well prepared and Anwar was not, I think that you are not using your brains when watching the debate. What I see is that Shabery was well prepared to personally attack Anwar.

    Citizenken, your prediction is correct. I watched the TV3 niteline after the debate and your prediction was absolutely correct.

    Syabas to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, our Prime Minister in waiting. InsyaAlah. LONG LIVE ANWAR!

  118. Interesting debate….i just read the news on Petronas huge earning and fully agree with Anwar’s suggestion to squeeze a small portion of it to bring down the petrol price immediately! Atleast, all M’sian would be able to enjoy immediate benefit rather than seeing all the $ going into all kind of “projects” which might ended up with loop holes, corruption, etc….

  119. its a shame to pak dollah and najib if subri dont resign tomorrow..heew shame on u.. well done Datuk Seri Anuar the next PM..

  120. Bravo to DSAI.! Shaberry made a fool out of himself. If this is what Shabbery had to say and offer and then we Malaysians are further screwed.GOD save Malaysia! PM please wake up! Accept DSAI and work with him. Put ur personal views aside and SAVE MALAYSIA.Please Please!


  121. Bravo to DSAI.! Shaberry made a fool out of himself. If this is what Shabbery had to say the we Malaysians are further screwed.GOD save Malaysia! PM please wake up! Accept DSAI and work with him. Put ur personal views aside and SAVE MALAYSIA.Please Please!

  122. Today rebate seem like our current government was prepared to lost it. They send Shabery for it. If lost they will said Anwar bully junior. If Shabery won, they will say a junior also cannot win how to become prime minister.

    That’s the style of our government, you will realize it if you follow all the news day by day. They like to tell Rakyat it’s a fact all countries in these world suffer from oil price hike but they also tell Rakyat not to simply say something result in earning you a ISA. If not mistaken, USA don’t have ISA.

    Back to same question to our government from Rakyat: “Where all our hard earn taxation money goes?”

  123. Congrats DSAI!

    I enjoyed the debate today and you did a great job by xplaining to us how we could reduce the oil price.You are a fantastic speaker and i must say that when u speak i heart beats fast coz u spk like americans..very firm and confident in ur answers and i believe in you that you wud be a good PM.

    Let others say what they want to say…its part of life and take it easy…Shabery needs to educate himself and this shows that BN has no valid reasons on why they hike up the price over night. To bad for BN, instead of answering question directly, he was banging DSAI..very bad impression on information minister and BN….

    keep up your good work DSAI and dont worry..


    You will make malaysian’s dream come true…

    Well done DSAI

    VP Vikram

  124. Bravo Datuk Anwar, u are truely our reformation leader.U have facts,idea and vision. Very soon the day will come u will be our Prime Minister to reform our country . I can see the makkal sakti through ur debate.

  125. Anwar won without a doubt.
    And the govt lost a good chance to defend the fuel hike decision.
    They also mess up big time with the character assassination on Anwar.
    Shabery should resign. The people have spoken.

  126. shabery still got cheeks bulls****ing all d way,think rakyat stupid ah!cheeks to defend those gomen!cheeks for personal attack onDSAI!shabery oh shabery..pls honour ur word by stepping down wit cheeks,or we might just call u shabery chicks!!!

  127. No doubt Ahmad Shabery is a rank lower than Anwar in debating issues and convincing people. Ask on the street (and the online poll) and you will know definitely the victory is Anwar’s for this debate.

    However, who win or lose aside, it is important that we see things from other perspective. Public debate on important issues like oil subsidy policies and others should be done more often in public space, be it TV, radio, internet, etc. Not only top leaders like Anwar Ibrahim or Shabery, but also the mid-level political leaders because
    Anwar alone, however “superman” he is, cannot possibly reverse the current state of dismay in Malaysia politics and economy. Can other people in PR think, talk and debate like Anwar? Can we have more BN leaders standing up to deabte in public than Shabery? Can we hold more public discussion and forums, with genuine purpose of gathering important public opinion, attended by politicians from both sides? Can we have a healthier and wider space of public discourse, rather than backdoor deals, hasty decision-making and overnight fuel price increase announcement?

    It’s not a Sec School debate contest, who win is not important. But the gesture to debate in open, to put up sensible opinion, to be testified by the whole nation in making statement, are all crucial. May there be more open debate on TV, we could save some BN propaganda airtime for open debate, right?

  128. I’m really impressed with the way DSAI spoke today. He was very alert and gave a valid answer’s to all the questions that was thrown to him today.I’m really impressed with DSAI on how he stayed calm over the personal attack made By Shabery(BN). He is showed to be a very good role model to our country and im sure he will be a great leader to our nation.DSAI has a great confident and when he speaks ..he speaks the fact unlike Shabery today…running away from most questions and when he cant answer he keeps throwing personal attack to DSAI. Not worth being a Information Minister. Shame on Shabery.He should have been prof and given a better answer to prove a point to the nation(rakyat) but instead he was talking crap and running away from all the question ask…

    I find DSAI will be a GREAT leader and i hope malaysians will vote for DSAI for our better future. He is a Fighter and im sure a Fighter will prove not only to himself but to all malaysians and the world that he is the BEST leader for malaysian history..He will make malaysia to be a better place to live. So let us give him a chance…

    Siti Mariam

  129. Shadery had the guts unfortunetely he made couple of personal
    attacks. Please ask him to understand what the panelist ask before
    he answer blindly. Bodoh pun manusia.

  130. At least he got the guts to volunteer for the debate against Anwar. No like some(one) who says he will debate Anwar if given chance but stays at home watching live debate tonight.

    Even when he speaks in the parliament, he is actually reading whole time from notes. Imagine he’s the one debating tonight, he would have challenge Anwar to fight when speechless.. haha

  131. I’m just amused by this BN g***, with bubbles of saliva accumulating on both corners of his lips as he talked, constantly licking it away with his tongue. I think he is nervous as hell. Why? no substance lah.

  132. I can see Anuar is in total control, he has good and clear direction of what he intend to do as a future PM.
    We have confident in Anuar to be the next PM.
    Well done.

  133. Year 2015 figure was given by Petronas President during his TV briefing on the assumption that no new reserve is found.. Is there anybody else more qualified than him? I’m disappointed that Anwar didnt give an answer as to what will be done should our oil reserve fully depleted. Will the oil price remain subsidised?

    As to Shabery, he could have done better by not hitting Anwar personally as it is not within the topic.

    But I think personally, both debaters deviated in their answers from the questions asked. The moderator should have been more active by pressing the speakers to only answer the questions asked.

    Further, how do we verify the facts given by both parties? Petronas President should be invited to at least be present during the debate to interject in the event wrong datas are quoted.

    All in all, more debates should be organized in future so that venues are given to all parties to present their views.

  134. I think Shabery weapon is ex-DPM, and he did a lot of wrong comparison as below

    1. During Anwar as DPM, we have strong economy.
    2. That time our petrol price is very low.
    3. Compare to those better life style countries in Europe. (very stupid)
    4. We have settle food crisis? We suppose have to, we are surrounded by sea, we have a lot of land for plantation but we wasted! Do u see a lot of land is abandon along the peninsular, reserve for waste!

    I think this fella is a good historian, keen to dig the past.

    I also agree not to hold the subsidy forever, but at least have to upgrade our life style! Furthermore, we are in economy crisis now!

    They save all the money from subsidy but used for their politic purposes. Where is the committed transportation? Why they cancel Penang projects? Do u believe their integrity to change???

    Where they spend the money in the past 30 years? Our nation expenditure is 54% of GDP, highest in the world. Who took it? CORRUPTION! corruption took ours money, and now we have to pay more to sustain our life.

    We have expensive petrol, car and pay for tolls. Are we deserved for these?

    BN people must bear in mind, people against the hike not because we not willing to pay more or intentionally against the gov, everyone need to have better life standard, not only u as BN MPs can have this!

    I think u better fulfill ur commitment to render the resignation letter

  135. Anwar won the debate without a doubt. Shabeery should resign coz of his poor performance..even he did say so beforehand. I feel sorry for him. He was lost and he didn’t seemed to know how to answer the questions..even basic fundamental economy. He keeps making cheap personal attacks on Anwar. How could he become a minister?? Anyhow, at least he got the b**** to debate..oh yes..with the famous legendary speaker in the country of all times !

  136. Bravo to the live telecast which showed the true colors of idiotic characters that we called leader (i.e. Shabery).

    Inability to understand questions and answering like form 1 debater and he should learn economy before debating. Even though I do not support BA (Anwar) and BN, I feel embarrassed by personal attack on Anwar by Shabery.

    I agree with Anuar that the government should stop the leakages (IPP and etc) and work for the goodness of the people.

    Venezuella (duh) , ha ha ha

  137. There were good and bad in the debate.
    The good being the whole idea of an open debate such as this to bring to attention what’s in the coalition and opposition on a same global matter that’s of interest – fuel hike!

    The bad, that is the manner which Shabery kept hitting at DSAI for the past and more like personal which showed the minister’s lack of maturity in self defense to DSAI’s intelligent points.

    I have to say DSAI is a BIG man and I admired the way he hit back only with the Agenda in mind but never on a personal basis. Looking up to you DSAI to take the premiership of this country. It’s ok if it’s not by Sep ’08 as there are many personal attacks against you that you have to take care. I think it may stretch to the 1st quarter of next year, but nevertheless, we’re waiting for a great mind like you for us to proudly say to the world that the Malaysian PM is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

  138. NST (own by UMNO) reported no winner as shown below:

    Anwar – Ahmad Shabery live TV debate ends with no clear winner
    By : NST Newsdesk

    Email to friend Print article


    KUALA LUMPUR, Tues: The historic and widely anticipated debate on fuel prices between Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek and PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim proceeded smoothly tonight at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, the first time an Opposition leader debated with a Cabinet Minister on live TV. However, the organisers did not declare a winner.

    Both leaders pushed their party-centric agenda: Ahmad Shabery defended the sudden fuel price hikes as inevitable while Anwar promised a 50 sen slash if his Pakatan Rakyat alliance was in power.

    The unprecedented debate was moderated by former Utusan Malaysia editor-in-chief and NST columnist Datuk Johan Jaafar. The topic of the debate was “Form a government today, fuel prices will decrease tomorrow.” The debate was aired on TV9.

    The debate was well-coordinated and the time keeping strictly enforced by Johan, with both leaders getting no leeway but did not also try to scrape for more time.

    Anwar started his argument by maintaining that if his Pakatan Rakyat alliance was in power, fuel prices would be slashed by 50 sen to RM2.20.

    He claimed that the spike in fuel price was recommended by the World Bank.

    He concluded that Malaysia’s fuel price hike was too much and too high, and cannot be compared to other countries like Venezuela.

    “There is a breakpoint in oil prices where it may stop climbing and start dwindling,” he said.

    Anwar called for a review of the Government contracts with independent power producers, claiming that under the current conditions now, they profited more than Petronas.

    He questioned the premise that Malaysian oil wells will dry up by 2015, saying that with proper drilling capacity, Petronas can prolong the lives of the oil wells.

    Anwar warned that if the Government does not do anything to alleviate the burden of the people affected by the high oil prices, the economy will deteriorate within three months and unemployment will skyrocket.

    He finished by injecting some political statement. “Accusatory lies have limits and God willing, I will contest in a by-election soon,” he said to applause by his supporters inside the hall where the debate took place.

    Ahmad Shabery dismissed Anwar’s promise as a populist and impractical move.

    “Anwar, like when he was a student leader in the 1970s, was more comfortable staging street demonstrations rather than coming out with concrete proposals to check the inflationary crisis,” he said.

    In closing, Shabery criticised Anwar for his opposition stance, citing that he challenged the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein when he formed Petronas and also challenged former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he improved Petronas’ performance.

    “Despite the gloomy outlook, our country is better off than most countries with an anticipated six per cent growth this year,” he said.

    Ahmad Shabery also took a political dig on Anwar, saying that if Anwar had been in power, open debates such as these would never have been allowed.

  139. As i viewed this debate on Tv
    As for anwar, he did a great. Spoke like a PM. Very factual
    As for sabbery, he should honour his words by steping down.

  140. “we have to give credit to Shabery. At least he has the guts”
    “I respect Shabery for his guts and his willingness to broadcast ”

    Have anyone thought of the possibility that Shabery, out of ignorance and ego may think he can outshine Dato Seri Anwar ???

    And that this is his opportunity for glory.

    To me, he is naive rather than brave.
    Just look at the stage presence of Dato Seri and Sabery …….

  141. It a good debate,Anwar is more right on all topic.
    Shabbery is more protecting to BN even so much wrong is done
    But i suppost he is a politician,i just hope he see thing change soon.

  142. I’m respected Anwar talked for the fact, his comments was represented Malaysia have capable people like him, know to analyse, judge and understand the people difficulty, try to look for solution for the people. Not Like Shabery having the BN mindset, just talked about globalization inflation, no solution for the people, try to defend BN colony, and came with personal attack in this forum, shown the unsporting behaviour.

  143. Hats off to our future PM and my mentor.
    guess Cheek didnt realise he is going to get chewed “live” today
    shame on him for mounting personal attacks

  144. Whenever Anwar speaks, I feel the way whenever I watch Obama making his live speeches ~ they both mesmerised me.

    If this debate program is to go on for future debates, professionalisms must be observed at all times. Shabery just lost his credibilities when he used personal attacks as his weapon of counter-arguements. That was like a coffee-shop style of debate in a kampung. Definitely, no match for Anwar. But hats off to him for having the guts to do this. Can’t imagine Zam doing this…hahahaha

  145. I saw the debate and I have full respect for Anwar as a person who has great mental strength considering the pressure that he is under at the moment… possible arrest tomorrow.

    I believe that he should be given a chance to prove that he can save Malaysia. Shabbery Cheek while being more relaxed than Anwar, seems to be unable to answer questions posed and relies a lot on personal attck to score points.

    My vote goes to Anwar. 😉

  146. i was able to watch the debats on TV show in TV 9.

    we shall say this method of “civilised” way od debating policy is a healthy one. however, the sad thing is that the state own – TV stations should air such crucial issue concerned the rakyat.
    MIC general assembly took few hours to be aired last few days in state own TV. but this oil issues was not taken seriuosly and regards as no news value. i guess the director of the state own TV shall do a honest survey of the “news value:”. otherwise they will be “outdared’!

    secondly, seems like there is no concrete proposed policies to deal woith the oil proces increased impact to rakyat- shabery speech donot mentiond, instead om defensive notion and attcked anwar personally, am indeed dissapointed with him as i knew him when he was in semangat 46 time. He seems more honest in the past than now.
    the devate like political answer/

    thiirdly, for anwatr (i am not sure whether is pakatan rakyat common policy).
    some of his suggestion is good abt the TNB and IPP and reduced 50 cents,
    anyhow,being a international appeal and kmown political thinker and leader, i am expecting he will touch about our foreign policy in oil politics and how the malaysia and others third world should response.
    the increasing oil prices international has it factor cause by the world oil politics, superpower and the giant oil companies.

    i think pakatan rakyat has to list down their concrete alternative policy on oil, alternative sustainble and enviromentaly friendly policoies as soon as possible. and also how asean can be part of this plan and making ourselves more self sustained in food, local resources.

    if pakaran rakyat want to rule the nation, they shall ready with concrete alternative policies altative from now.
    instead consume time in making “hopping”-getting BN MP to jump or
    go for people power on street thinking malaysia can change rulling party via “people power” like filipina and indonesia. etc.
    maybe will happen.
    anyhow, after habing power. are we ready with better, concrete and real alternative policu for malaysia?

    we need many statemen/women in this country.
    can we find it in the midst of this politics in transition now???

  147. Score Card – out of a possible 10 points.
    DSAI Shabby
    1. Debating skills – 9 4
    2. Body language – 9 3
    3. Confidence – 10 2
    4. Content(Relevant
    Facts) – 8 2
    5.Overall presentation -9 2

    The whole debate was a non event. Shabby was floundering all about and instead of arguing his case on the subject at hand, he chose to mumble away and meander over matters of the past (when DSAI was DPM). He was not able to deal with the points raised by DSAI nor was he able to speak convincingly on points raised by the 2 other people as well as by the moderator.
    Fact of the matter is, any fool who has s*** in his pants will always be unable to speak convincingly – Hey, it is really difficult when you need to tell a lie to cover another. Even Najib sounded and looked stupid when he was recently asked at an interview why Saiful had seen him to ‘report’ the fact that he had been Sodomised by DSAI.
    Najib and Badawi were very wise to run and hide when confronted with the possibility of facing DSAI. Much easier to send a kindergarten kid and in the meantime hide behind the IGP and AG.

  148. I think, that, Shabery was attempting to avoid questions repeatedly, and he even , maybe rehearsed what he wanted to present !! Really humiliating from the Information Minister, as he was representing the Federal Government.

  149. Anwar won the debate hands down.

    I was disgusted by the personal attacks by the information minister. Also the way he side stepped the 4 billion savings question in 2006 was shameful

    Anwar basically said 3 things :-
    1. He doesn’t intend to strip mine Petronas.
    2. He wants to use some of the profit handed back to the government to reduce the price of oil in the short term.
    3. He wants to manage and minimise wastage,leakage and corruption in the government and use the money saved to subsidise the fuel and spur the economy.

    Cheers to him for not responding to the personal attacks.

  150. My Prediction: the BN control press will twist the facts and sing and heap praise on Shabbery’s debate and Claim UMNO victory and the news will editted and show Shabbery’s attack on Anwar.

    We, the rakyat only know the real facts. let Anwar leds and reduces the oil price, as we know UMNO BN would do nothing.

  151. Anwar presented his case and conducted himself like a Prime Minister. He was poised, he was patient, factual, responded to questions, to the point and most of all, did not succumb to retaliate to the innuendos and personal attacks. Bravo.
    I know there are many of us out there who are doubtful about this man, but I personally believe that we have no one better to lead this country than the man we saw on tv just now. I hope Malaysians would give him the chance…

  152. Sha biri-biri doesn’t understand questions… sigh!
    By product of MOE/BN/UMNO. Lari topik.
    Personal attack and history lesson cannot solve problems.
    Wake up……
    Looking forward for a new Information Minister soon.

  153. Anwar is the obvious winner not because of his oratory skill but facts and again substantiated facts !

    Shabery being the ” best among the best representative” picked from BN camp is no matched ! That shows BN lacked quality people even for debating, not to mention to manage the Nation…

    I hope more similar debates will be held in future to enable the affected public get the first hand views and points from people from the top… we need pros and cons to make the equation balanced.

  154. I respect Shabery’s guts but too but wrong person for the debate (attacking personal). I can’t blame him cause that what BN doo. Send the wrong person for the wrong job. That’s why we lose Batu Putih.

    Anyway more worst was Nordin (Shabery’s panel). Is he politician or academic. Why is he condenming Anwar. He shall just ask questions. VC of UUM, no wonder our univesities is rank so badly in the world. Again wrong person for wrong job. ONLY IN MALAYSIA

  155. It all started fine, until Strawberry starts flinging accusations at Anwar and Pakatan. As matter of fact any invitation by Goverment does not show openness. In fact any invitation by Goverment, I highly regard with much suspicions. And I am sure the Rakyat also feels the same. The objective is to attack and humiliate Anwar with staged questions and answers. I feel like Anwar has walked into a trap; just like Raja Petra when he was also invited on the Blog show. Does the government need to try so hard to stress on the point they are now being more open? If you are truly open, you need not advertise and tell the whole world about it. I will have to salute Anwar as he tried his very best to debate and stick to the discussion. Whereas the same cannot be said about the host Strawberry camp they as are tried hard to paint Anwar in a bad light. And how miserably they have failed.

  156. still trying to bulls*** d rakyat on live-telecast,shabery ohh shabery,dont have to listen wat u say,body language speaks it all,ole ole ole ole DSAI loud N clear!!! SYABAS!!!

  157. This is a “restricted” debate, if only Saudara Anwar had been given
    two hours to present his case he would have turned the debate
    upside down and Sabery would have joined Pakatan Rakyat

  158. BET U! Tomorrow PM and BN’s gangs will claim victory in the debate in most newspapers.

    No matter what, this debate session is very good to the public. Should encourage more such debate if the govt dare.

  159. I must congratulate both debators for being on stage with calm without name calling. Though the debate did not arrive at some positive solutions to the current economic crisis as a result of the increase in price of oil, l must say Syabas to Shabery Cheek for taking on a tough, experienced polished and convincing orator Anwar. I also noticed that Shabery was well prepared but Anwar was not, but anwered well given his vast experience in politics and oratory power.

    This is the first time we see a very mature debate and hope that it will not be the last one. Congratulations to both and the warm hand shake between the two after the debate. Lets hope that this similar spirit prevails in Parliament.

  160. I might be wrong, why The Star and The New Straits Times have different stories regarding to this debate outcome? I think they’re being bias towards the current government.

  161. Huuuuuuhhhhh.
    As expected, Shabery resort to personnel attacked against anwar. this how UMNO teach their members of not answering and debating to the topic but running around the bush.

    Shabery shame on u, being anak trengganu as I am, u are blank may be nervous to face anwar and others.

    U should resign..done wait AAB to sack u….this is silly grandfather excuses.

  162. Shabery Cheeky is a Joker in front of millions of Malaysians. Compared to Anwar, he is no where near to Anwar’s calibre as a spokeperson, a debater, an economist, a strategist, and also a gentleman. We see today, Anwar a great leader with a heart and great humility who can speak out his concerns without resorting to personal attacks which this Cheeky Joker tried so hard but to no avail. Anwar spoke the FACTs. He shared his wisdom without Kiasu. This is what we Rakyat wants to hear, to know the FACTs, not personal attacks which is a waste of our time.
    This Cheeky Joker does not deserve to speak at this very important debate. How we wish our PM or his Deputy was there to answer important questions.

  163. 2125: In 2006, when there was a price hike, the government said it would improve public transport. Now they are saying that they are going to use the substantial savings for the benefit of the people. Can we believe that?

    Shabery: All the countries that have cheap oil – Look at Venezuela and Iran, look at their high inflation rates. We can now overcome our food price crisis. Our rice is cheaper than Thailand. We don’t have to demonstrate on the road or hold indecent concerts.

    In my personal opinion, I do think that Shabery answered the question.

    From Anwar:”Now they are saying that they are going to use the substantial savings for the benefit of the people.”

    Shabery:”We can now overcome our food price crisis. Our rice is cheaper than Thailand.”

    This is a clear answer from Shabery that the government use the substantial savings to overcome the food price crisis with the hope to benefit the people.

  164. Can’t you guys see Shabery drooling (at both sides of his mouth). If this debate last for one hour without tv commercials i’m sure he will freak out or at leat puke.

  165. Shabery though did not hsve sufficient subtance to handle Anwar I must praise him for his gut in the debate. Where is our PM and DPM? None actually darn to face Anwar, especially our … DPM. UMNO was able to save theie face simjply because they send Shabery and gusee what – RTM snd TV3 just avoid the air the debate because it would go nation wide. The BN just try to avoid it. The same gose to the Home Affair Minister, putting up road block by blaming the PR protest. God sake – dont you ver think the public is stupid !!! It is time you guys back uo and return home. PR should be matching in..

  166. I just cannot fathom, what sort of Info Minister(s)lah have we got representing Malaysia… Dulu ZAM, now The Cheek??? Aiyohhhhh, so memalukan, lah!!!

  167. I am sick with personal attack from Shabery. I tot supposed to debate on oil price !! Shabery should have been disqualified ! 🙂 if in a debate competition. I really see no reason to add in all kinds of personal attack here and there. What is the point ?

    DSAI …. You are a real man. You were not responded to his personal attack on you.

  168. I agreed with ali allah diita. It does not not matter who win or lose, at leasr Shabery had the gut and the wiilingness to take on a live debate with Anwar. For that Shabery had create Malaysia history and a good procedent fotr the country.

  169. Dont ask shabery to resign.

    At least we knows who is stupid and which stupid send him to Anuar.
    At least Shabery altou a small boy but salute for him to take the challenge.

    Well they will send their cronies,and when the cronies lost they just dump him.

    Rajraman.gots guts to say but no guts to face.

  170. Here is my reply in one of our local forum:

    The debate was just barely a minute over. And I couldn’t help but to open this specific thread to discuss about the debate. I know there is some ongoing discussion in another thread but I wish to have a dedicated one for this. After all, I think the topic does deserve to have it’s individual thread – it is something we never witness in our country’s political scene.

    I stayed opened and neutral throughout the debate. I tried not to be biased or prejudice. But this is what i saw during the debate.

    For one, I feel that Dato’ Seri Anwar did very well in staying within the topic – giving hard facts with number and figures, tackling questions with wisdom and knowledge and once a while, humor us with his cynic remark.

    Shabery on the other end, totally went off track. Reminding us about the history of Petronas and NOT answering questions asked. Worst still, he was out there only with one mission – character assassination. What meant to be a intellectual debate between the Opposition and the ruling party turned to be a personal attack practice. I take that as being unprofessional and unintelligent.

    Here’s a recap of the debate. I try to recall it from memory. I hope I didn’t get it wrong. Correct me if i did. During the question time, Anwar’s representative asked a question which i think couldn’t be any simpler. I rephrase it:

    ” During the 90’s the government had increased the fuel price by 30 sen. From that price increase, the government managed to saved RM X billion. The money was supposed to channel to improve public transport and facilities. But we did not see such thing happen. Why do you (Shabery) think that by increasing the fuel price again now, the government can help the people with the money saved from fuel subsidies? ”

    Simple question. But somehow Shabery made it look difficult. Not only he did not answer the question, he managed to lost me in his speech. Now, note that I am highly proficient with my Bahasa Kebangsaan. But Shabery made me doubt if I really did score an A1 for my SPM Bahasa Malaysia.

    Second – a question by Shabery’s aide to Shabery himself. Again, a rephrase:

    ” Among all the steps that could be taken, why do you think Dato’ Seri Anwar chose to decrease the fuel price to help to lift the rakyat’s burden? Why not abolish or reduce the taxes? Why not help the poor to buy houses in the urban area?”

    Take note that this is Shabery’s aide question to Shabery himself. Now, my question is… why didn’t he just ask Anwar himself?! Hey, this is like me asking your friend why do you like to wear your underpants outside when I could always just ask YOU because you’re just standing next to me! What is the person who asked the question again? Chancellor of some University? Oh my…

    Then again, even THIS question, Shabery failed to hit the bull’s eye. Again he demonstrate his unrivaled skills of memutar belitkan soalan. Hebat!

    Shabery brought out this question twice during the debate.

    “I’ve heard this speech (that the Pakatan Rakyat will bring down the fuel price) before the General Elections. Why only reduce 50sen? It should be below RM1.92 because you’ve made this announcement before the General Election.”

    Probably he can’t remember well (but don’t seem like it too because he keep repeating 1974’s Petronas history…weird @_@) but Anwar did answer that question during the debate. According to Anwar, the 50 sen reduction are (my comments are in bracket):

    1. Only an introductory reduction when the Pakatan Rakyat take over. (This hinting that further reduction is still possible)
    2. The Pakatan Rakyat could only bring down as much as 50 sen because they’re being responsible and reasonable. And the fact that the recent steep hike of 78 sen had worsen the economy. (And thus, it is impossible to bring down the price below RM1.92 because some of the fund are needed to repair the damage done)

    I am impressed by Dato’ Seri Anwar for not steeping as low as Shabery and resort to personal attack. In the end, my verdict is Anwar 1 – Shabery 0.

    Note: Again, please correct any of the facts if they’re wrong.

  171. Two Political Analyst in Bernama TV claimed sort of victory for Ahmed Shabery. Outright bias. Unlike Astro Awani, at least the panel analyst give a fair comments to both speakers.

  172. I think Shabbery Cheek needs to enroll basic economics class. He said despite providing subsidies, countries such as Iran and Venezuela. still faces inflation

    These countries are facing sanctions and, on top of that they are importer of food. Firstly, when a country faces sanctions there will be limited supply of goods, hence this would cause inflation. Also, when a country depended importing food from overseas, the price of food sold in the importing country will definitely increase by much higher percentage if the global food price increases. This is “imported inflation”.

    If Shabbery do not know these basic fundamentals, I suggest he resign from the ministerial post. But than again, he seems to be much more intelligent than PM Badawi or any of the 4th Floor boys!

  173. Why is BN compare us with Iran and Venezuela, they have high inflation because of US and UN sanction!!


  174. I’m over the moon nearly everyone above came out with similar conclusions. Anwar won hands down. He is PM all but in name.

    Now the damage control is in full swing.

    There’s just one person I wish to sincerely thank for allowing this to proceed. Three cheers for Pak Lah!

  175. I respect Shabery for his guts and his willingness to broadcast the debate live. I cannot imagine any other UMNO person doing that.

    However, he is obviously no match for Anwar. He didn’t answer most of the questions and came up with vague generalisations and personal attacks.

    It is quite obvious who won the debate.

  176. I am glad that the debate was conducted in a very civil manner that nothing untowards happened during the debate.

  177. For once I’m going to say this, Anwar did better than Shabery. I thought only Anwar loves to play behind, but this time Shabery has proven that he does it better..

  178. YB Shabery, anda kena kotakan janji untuk letak jawatan jika anda gagal dalam debat ini, ternyata anda telah gagal dengan teruk, jadi saya yakin anda akan letak jawatan dalam masa terdekat. Walau bagaimanapun tahniah kerana keberanian anda.

  179. Shabery says “The debate shows how open the government has become” So he admits the government has been closed and secretive. But one debate does not an open government make.

    Parliament is closed by the Speaker, the television and radio stations are closed to the Pakatan politicians, the mainstream media except Malaysiakini are closed to criticism of the government… whither open government. And now Anwar faces another round of political persecution.

    Shabery’s government is as open as a bank vault and if everything can be debated in the public arena it would be warming the opposition benches in parliament now. It is an insult to our intelligence that Shabery instead of debating the facts tried to hoodwink us.

    Anwar won the debate not because he is clever but the facts speak for themselves. Fuel price rises are a global problem true but the UMNO led government has messed up the management of the country and they would rather send a Pin-UP boy into space, and spend the people’s money on expensive aeroplanes, build white elehphent sports stadium overseas..etc…than help the rakyat.

  180. Well, I’m eager to see what is tomorrow’s news about this.
    “Shabery Resigns”?

    As expected from Anwar, he was quick on his tongue and mind.
    As expected from Shabery aka UMNO, he resorted to personal and below the waist attacks.

    Anyway, the debate was way too short…haiz(backside and seat also haven warm yet)

  181. I think Shabery did very well holding his own against Anwar although he did resort to personal attacks on several occasions referring to Anwar’s past as a firebrand youth leader as well as his time in the govt. But who can blame him when you’re up against a legendary orator!

    Generally the debate went well and I wish it could have carried on longer. The only “blemish” was the idiotic panel member of Shabery who tried to show what a smarta** he was by asking a couple of stupid questions. (esp the 2nd one)

    Hopefully we will see more of such debates in the near future.

  182. I watched the debate on TV and I have to say that Shabery is of no matched to Anwar. Anwar clearly won the debate hands down.

    Why? Because while Anwar answered all questions precisely, factually, to the point and without staying away from the original questions, Shabery was beating about the bush, running in circles, talking stories, attacked Anwar personally, and running out of topic on most occasions.

    It was obvious that while Anwar came to proved a point, Shabery came to shame, discredit and humiliate Anwar with below the belt attacked on Anwar personal character. Everything, but to answer the questions.

    But then again, maybe he didn’t know how to answer them.

  183. Shabery should resign tomorrow. He’s not fit to be an information minister. Kalah teruklah. What a shame to Malaysia to have such historian minister. Stop talking about the past etc. People’s are suffering now because of the ignorance minister like you.

  184. Basically Anwar is saying that if we don’t have enough cloth to make a shirt, we can cut some from the curtain, some from the bed sheet, etc, and we can get a shirt. That’s fighting spirit. Shabery is just throwing his hands up and saying there is nothing we can do, everyone is facing the same problem, talking is easy, blah, blah, blah! If Malaysia is to survive in this competitive global environment we need fighters like Anwar!

  185. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I did not have the plug in for live ISP streaming.

    Looks like Shabery doesn’t understand what are the ground rules of a debate except to attack Anwar on a personal basis. Being an information minister, i can safely conclude that the information coming from the BN will thus be shallow and childish.

    Perhaps, Shabery should spend more time in Indonesia just by watching the 10 free to air national TV and the quality of the live debates, everyday covering a whole range of topics from politics to religion and most importantly, what matters most to the rakyat.

  186. Shabery delving into the past to make cheap personal attacks on Anwar is unbecoming. He even goes back to 1974 Baling demo – how low can you go? Just keep to the issue, s…!

  187. Shaberry is not in the main stream, the A or N group, but with the R group. Maybe, he is prepare to be buried.

  188. This debate shows the government didn’t think carefully when reducing the oil subsidy. Didn’t he know that Malaysia has one of the highest oil retail price in the market compared to all oil producing nation. With the oil price up, inflation has risen. What is next, a possible raise in bank interest rate due to perceive inflation? What will happen to all the poor people suffering. The rich politician doesn’t understand the situation on the ground at all. I hope the government will do something about it, else all Malaysian will suffer.

  189. Agree. However you look at it we have to give credit to Shabery. At least he has the guts. Not hiding behind controlled media (and young handsome boy?) to make attacks. Shabery may have made a fool of himself (and UMNO) but he enabled history tonight.

  190. Bravo Anuar,
    Cool as ice – when personal attack.

    Shabery – small boy still learning how to talk.
    Shabery gang – The Tan Sri – shaky question like he have no confident – product of rusty mind.

    Anwar gang – as confident as Anwar.
    Winner – ANWAR IBRAHIM.
    RAJRAMAN – piss of about Anwar because few times talking about bumiputra.So indian and chinese will dream like me as MALAYSIAN PUTRA IN MY DREAM.

  191. Shabery eventhough he is MP of Kemaman (Where PETRONAS have a big interest there (anyway, Kerteh is one of the kampung at Kemaman)), he spoke cluelessly about the oil&gas industry and PETRONAS data tabled by him were inaccurate at all.

  192. I managed to listen to the debate live online. I’m actually delighted that the debate which didn’t involve any racial comments. I’m happy with the outcome of the debate. I think we need to acknowledge that Shabery has the guts to debate with Anwar unlike other UMNO leader. So, I want to thank Shabery.

  193. Shabery completely avoided the transportation improvement topic. The IPP issue is also beaten around. You go to Port DIckson you can see another new IPP (Jimah Power) is being built. We only need 15 % excess power. We are already producing 40% extra and the government is allowing another new IPP to produce.
    As net producer isn’t petronas earning more with the new petrol price. Or is it we are buying expensive have another long term sealed contract to sell cheap?
    Toll charges also come under the same non reversable contact!
    Why don’t Shabery compare with Thailand. Net impoter. Fuel price is high. What about food and essential items? Even the papaya on the road costs more then in Thailand. No Road Tax and toll.
    May be government can set up another cabinet committee to sit on this issue.

  194. My opinion is that Shaberry touches more on ‘historical’ happenings and to some extent made personal attacks on anwar which may be perceived as his inability to provide relavant answers to some of the questions.

  195. Anwar! stop debating with kids. Orang tanya Utara dia jawab Selatan. Anyway it was pleasure to hear our future PM speak and indeed a relief to have identified that we actually have clowns in the August House.

  196. It was so clear that Anwar was speaking like a PM, with substance, precise and professional. Shabery was no match at all, nothing new in his arguments and looked like someone very desparate grasping for straws as he could not rebut Anwar’s argument and had to resort to personal attacks.

  197. The question of who wins who lose does not arise.

    However, now we know exactly what Anwar will do if he takes over the gomen. As for Ahmad Sabery,being a Minister he cannot do much but got to defend the gomen whatever it takes. What upset me,is the personal attack embark by Sabery in the course of his arguement.


  198. 2125: In 2006, when there was a price hike, the government said it would improve public transport. Now they are saying that they are going to use the substantial savings for the benefit of the people. Can we believe that?

    Shabery: All the countries that have cheap oil – Look at Venezuela and Iran, look at their high inflation rates. We can now overcome our food price crisis. Our rice is cheaper than Thailand. We don’t have to demonstrate on the road or hold indecent concerts.

    I thought this answer from the Minister of Information is a clear reflection of his inadequate sense of hearing and understanding.

  199. Which mean, Shabery is willing to take Anwar’s idea, in order to protect his/BN’s ruling position? They might have to pay big amount of ‘royalty’ for Anwar’s idea, huh?


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