Wikileaks and ‘The War You Don’t See’


It’s time for people to come out and defend the work of Wikileaks. Many governments are often afraid that people might find out the ugly truth about what they are actually doing.

Award-winning journalist John Pilger interviews Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and discusses the hidden, almost permanent state of war that most people do not see.

Among the Wikileaks disclosures in the video-clip (part six): watch the Apache gunship cockpit video footage showing how Reuters news reporters/cameramen in Iraq are gunned down on the streets. And the reaction? “Nice.” And look at how those who try to remove the bodies and save the critically wounded are treated. These are war crimes.

Below are parts six and seven of a seven-part series of the ‘War You Don’t See’.

Some 700,000 have signed a global petition by to defend Wikileaks. The organisers are targeting one million signatures.

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  1. Do you need wikileaks to provide you answers to questions below?

    Why there is a rush to award the RM43 billion job or part thereof to Gamuda-MMC. Obviously some people are getting fabulously wealthy by orchestrating this deal?

    Why is Putrajaya forming a SPV to finance this project when it was announced the last time, this was to be private sector project financed by private sector? Here is why. Make public the liability, make private the profitability?

    Why now, UEM and EPF who together control almost 70% of the PLUS highways appear to balk at an 11th hour offer by a little kichimayung Jelas Ulung. Maybe there is some collusion and conspiracy…?

    Why people in MAS are buying a large number of airplanes without (adequately) justifying the purchases to the volume of passengers? …

    (Where) does the money go…?

  2. What is the impact of ‘Barang Naik’ program by BN?

    When one is earning RM3,000 a month, with no extra mouths to feed and cloth, single and live at home with parents with no housing and car loans to cover, a 20 sen increase in your favourite ‘teh tarik’ or Milo is quite insignificant.

    Now substitute this with a ‘real life scenario’ of ‘married with kids’ to feed and cloth, insurance, car, housing and credit card loans to cover, you’ll feel the pinch.

    Which incidently is exactly what has happened since January 2010

  3. Islam is the official religion, and the PM is a Muslim. Yet the PM does not practise what Islam preaches, particularly that no persons are unequal based on race or religion; Najib said that NEP which is anti-Islamic belief has to be continued. PM Najib wants NEP to continue out of desire rather than out of need. If it was to meet the need, then he should have justified the need with relevant and genuine statistics. In fact, there is no provision in the Islamic religion to go against its teaching out of need. For example, during fasting month, a smoker will have to stop smoking though his body needs nicotine. It is not a necessity that person of Islamic faith should attain certain level of wealth before he would stop feeling jealous about other’s wealth or well being; the 30% share capital envisaged in NEP is not satisfying a need. If need is attached to NEP, it would be the excuse it provides for corrupt practices among UMNO members in government.

    Jakim as a government department should examine the actions of government whether they conform to the teaching of the Islamic religion in terms of outcome rather than the ritual. Unfortunately Jakim (appears to have) been used to polarise the population…

  4. Julian Assange’s Wikileaks revelation is US State Intelligence’s achilles heels. Sweden is the left foot of US political football with the wider world of unrestrained free speech. Unfortunately, Assange was tackled down in the presence of blind referees for the rights to free speech.

    The real world is full of free speech advocates but the truth is never free for all to see, hear or share. Big Brother is everywhere from Washington to Kremlin to Beijing to dictate what is good for you, what is blast-phemy (a political trip wire to self-annihilation) to them. Big Brother’s act is only colored by the different national flags, but the coherent intention is from the ONE source.

    The prelude to the one world government has begun.

  5. you may commit sex on a mutual basis but later found it to be a threat, then, in order not to leave any traces, c4 la(?)… is this not worst than rape?

  6. 1:) “Let the people know the Truth and the country is safe.” – Abraham Lincoln
    2:) “Truth is the property of no individual but is the treasure of all men.” – Ralph W.Emerson
    3:) “Falsehood is cowardice, the truth courage.” – H.Ballou
    4:) “War is not determined by who is right – it is who is left.” Unknown author

  7. To accuse Assange against a sexual assault, these “White capitalist govts” (may) have taken the sickly low tactic from…. UMNO (people)… Sodomy I and II sound familiar?

  8. The Swedish government apparently has to pursue the complaint and get him which trial has to be very open so there’s no need for any leaks.

    But as the leaks become more potent, perhaps prison is the safest place for Assange for his own personal safety.

    Why was it that nothing was worth a good leak from Malaysia? It the OSA so well protected?

    • That Sweden been one of the unofficial members of NATO was revealed by Wikileaks before this charge. This episode does prove this point because I don’t recall any Western nation pursuing someone so vigourously for a charge as thin and fragile as a Chinese made condom (no pun intended for “surprise sex”.

      Imagine if China did the same…the whole of Western world would be outraged and there will be demonstration in support of the poor guy.

  9. Anil

    For the first time in ages you are making sense and sticking true to your real roots and principles.

    BTW does Aliran share your views too ? Or they have allowed Wikileaks’ leaks on Anwar could their views ??

    I think it is highly hypocritical for the US and the Western govt to react this way. Granted theft and release of confidential documents are serious matter but the Western democracies have always stood for freedom of information and unfettered internet and championed free speech. But when the tide is against them, they because decidedly unidealistic.

    If he has broken any law, by all means charge him based on the rule of law. But calling him as a terrorist and even suggesting an assasination is totally opposed to the spirit of Western democratic tradition.

    The charges against him looks highly dubious, especially when it involves Swedish women who claimed weird crime called “surprise sex”. And that there is so much focus from the Swedish authorities itself is raising suspicioins.

    • Hmm…short to long. For Prince, it was long to sign. Your last paragraph is applicable to others as well?

      • Andrew

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you are referring to Anwar.

        Did you read what Karpal said ? The reason why people are unconvinced about Anwar is that such accusations been around for decades…


        DAP chairman Karpal Singh said yesterday he had in 1997 asked sodomy allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be investigated in his capacity as an opposition member of parliament. MP.

      • The fact that these allegations have remained allegations for so long doesn’t raise any doubts for you? On the other hand, there is “Caligula East” floating around for all and sundry to see, with a self confession to boot. What’s happening on that front?

        Maybe NST could do a commentary on that. It might boost their circulation figures a bit.

      • Allegations ? Heck, he was charged in the court and even the judge said there was evidence of sodomy involvement when he released him for Sodomy 1.

        And now he has been charged a 2nd time and even Singapore and Australia (two of the favourite countries of the Pakatan fan boys and gals) believe that he did it, thanks to a certain Mr Assange.

      • Charging someone makes the allegations true?
        I expect more from someone as intelligent and analytical as you.

        Let’s not over generalize as well. I’m sure not everyone in Australia and Singapore believes those allegations, just as not everyone believes the charges brought against Assange. You don’t believe them, do you?

      • Oh, I forgot. Any comment on the discrepancy pointed out by “last hurrah” Jui Ming regarding Soi Lek and Anwar on why one is being charged and the other not?

      • One has a video evidence, the other is a hole that held no water (liquid of the sexual kind or clinical evidence of rape). It take no court of jesters to execute the ‘right’ justice in a circus of jokes. This is exactly the way it is going!

        Is our justice stepping backward to the Flintstone Age of not knowing the word evidence but cave man incongruent wild allegations? Fred Flinstone would love to see the video secretly first hand underwraps of his animal skin covering!

      • Darling K,

        Just how can there be sodomy when there is no penetration?

        Please answer me darling, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

        Ganyang UMNO/BN come PRU 13 ok, sayang?

        Salam Reformasi!

  10. I think people are defending WikiLeaks against the obvious attacks against it. On the other hand, I think it would be wrong to defend Assange against a sexual assault allegation on grounds of his connection to WikiLeaks – that’s clearly absurd.

    • True, he has to be given due process if there is sufficient evidence/grounds.

      Just wondering though, how come no prosecution/criminal action against those who used false information (presence of WMD) as a pretext for invasion and occupation of Iraq – a military adventure that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children.

      • ES,

        Rape is non consensual. This is a weird crime that is only exist in Sweden, called “surprise sex”. Not sure how you know about Sweden, but they have very liberal attitude to sex and marriage.


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