Live – Implications of Obama win


Live discussion of the implications of the US presidential elections. Ordinary Americans now have to build movements to put climate change, sustainable development, universal healthcare and workers’ rights at the top of the agenda.

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  1. Concerned (American):
    “If I had the momey I would leave this country. My business is next to bankrupt from the last four years. I have family that own their own businesses and they say no new employees for them. Bankrupcies, no new jobs, other countries own us! You had a chance to elect a business man who could have straightened this mess up and you didn’t! What were you thinking.”
    From Yahoo! News.

    The same may happen to this country run by ‘free-bies for votes’ charlatans who know nothing about the business of running a state or country.

    • And with Obama he and the Democratic just like BN AMMO in Malaysia will (allegedly) continue to illegally legalize ILLEGALS to change the demographic in their favour.

      • The Hispanic are now a force to be reckoned. Sooner the white will be a minority. Just like in Sabah, the Sabahan are no more the majorities with the BN UMNO (allegedly) illegally legalizing the illegals. And its happening right here in Peninsula where the illegals are (allegedly) being given Malaysian IC that allows them to vote. Wake up before the demographic changes drastically. In fact UMNO is changing the demographic to their favour such as Putrajaya which has 6000 voters compared to Kapar 112,000 voters.

        Wake up fellow Malaysian. make the Change or the minorities will become even more minority

    • It is a known fact that this Oblama won on the ‘you promise me, I promise you’ ticket paid for by … Latinos to extend his ‘legacy’ for America.
      This brings to mind the 2 decades ago Sabah illegal immigrant fiasco that transformed the state into a … place ripe for political trickeries. I equate Joseph Pairin Kitingan to Mitt Romney.
      Bersih is ‘American GOP initiatives’ to clean up the nation going to the illegal free loaders & imploding towards bankruptcy due to politicians’ self interests & leeching of our coffers.
      Like the hardworking Americans paying hefty taxes to feed this mania of ‘vote for me’ = legalized immigrants with citizenship, we should think twice about this Oblama policy of global/cross border socialist equality with a bastardized consequence on nations.
      Maybe this is one initiative (with Kenyan voodoo flavor) coming from the new world order.
      At the end of the day, think: Why work hard?

  2. Obama ban ban lai (take it slow), BiBi ban ban tan (wait for what?).
    The truth is Obama is not too keen to make Middle East any safer than a nuke-armed Iranium & equal opportunity for Spring terrorism in Libya, Egypt, Syria & possibly Jordan!
    His policy of surreal appeasement of terrorists helps embolden further attacks of insanity, no thanks to his apologetic behavior of unbelievable proportion.
    Economic policies that worship complacency (not hard work) feeding on social welfare handouts while taxing businesses (thus driving them away to Tiong Kok) to pay for unproductive clutch-assisted existence without giving small time entrepreneurs a hand, appeasement of phobic nations of axis of terror & blame game on (God knows how many) Senior & Junior Bush-es before him for a load of bulls’ problems that escape his unfulfilled heavenly promises of solutions 2008.
    The coming 4 years of the same rote excuses are nobody’s to blame but themselves Americans who see the ‘light at the end of Obama tunnel vision of Obama 2016.
    “Don’t Cry For Me USA, The Truth Is I Never Love U!”

  3. vOTING IN obama is the greatest mistakes of the Americans. After 4 years he has done nothing significant to change the lives and economy of the country and people In fact he make it worse and he blame it on Bush

    We should worry more about the implication if Ah Cheap and AMMo and their sycophants continue to govern the country. Increase in the price of essentials goods, more corruptions, scandals and siphoning of the country resources, continued racism and religiousism, abuse of powers, lies deceits and so many more you can think of

    Think about it and why you need CHANGE. Dont make that mistake like the American do.

  4. Obama = saint ???

    My only 1 request, please withdrawn your troops now. I want to see real and a humane action.

  5. What a bunch of nonsense. If Obama gets his tax increase without having to increase defense budget, he will count himself lucky..

    Great changes? Fat chance..ALL of these stuff get kicked down the road including the fiscal problem..


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