Images from Global Bersih 3.0


Malaysians around the world held Bersih gatherings on 28 April in an amazing display of solidarity with those at home.

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  1. PM Najib.
    Are you seeing those happy faces shining bright as yellow with great hopes for a better Malaysia? For a Clean, Free & Fair Election. For a chance at voting without tricks or cheats or barriers. If you still have a 20/20 vision for Negara Cinta Ku, then do what’s best for Malaysia.

    As for those who were unjustly beaten up, arrested for no reason or had their lives cornered at risk that fateful Saturday in KL, this video stands as a global salutation to you. Not for any other reason than believing & adopting a yellow skin of Bersih. A skin no one can tear off, not even by a hyena.

    To the men in blue, black & white, & red helmets. You are a total disgust to the nation. To the Home-Alone Minister, you are not street wise enough to tackle a peaceful rally! To an ex-IGP, you are still having pro-communist sweet dreams in Genting.

    Again to PM Najib, seeing is believing – Bersih 3.0 has spoken, Sat 28 April 2012.
    Unless your vision is not perfect but blur.

  2. Thanks! Anil.

    For the moving and highly emotional video take on bersih 3.

    I just couldn’t hold back the tears watching this video.

    God bless all in support of bersih.

    • Yes, it’s really moving to see so many people casting aside barriers to come together for a common cause.

  3. DAP Penang will be having a BERSIH 3.0 sharing night.
    Come and meet new friends and share your stories.

    Venue: Wisma DAP, No.3 Rangoon Road
    Date: 3/5/12 (Thursday)
    Time: 8pm


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