Zainal Abidin’s timely reminder amidst Sea Games, Merdeka euphoria


Update: A couple of hours after this blog post was put up, Youtube blocked the video of the Zainal Abidin performance last night because it apparently infringed on the National Sports Council’s copyright. That’s strange for a perforf recorded the performance from a tv2 live telecast. So I have replaced it with another, less clear, video of the same performance uploaded by another Youtube user, who used footage taken from inside the stadium.

Many of us realise that certain quarters are trying to milk the feel-good factor generated by the Sea Games and Merdeka for political mileage ahead of the coming general election.

But Zainal Abidin’s song Hijau, which he performed at the stadium last night, has a refrain that put a dose of reality on the euphoria – though many of those watching the event ‘live’ may not have listened carefully to the lyrics:

Bumiku yang kian pudar
Siapa yang melihat
Di kala kita tersedar
Mungkinkah terlewat

Korupsi, opresi, obsesi diri
Polusi, depressi, di bumi, kini

Check out the full lyrics (and translation, courtesy of Imperfect Mum). Very meaningful.

Hijau (Green)

Bumi yang tiada rimba (A world without forests)
Seumpama hamba (is like a slave)
Dia dicemar manusia (she is polluted by humans)
Yang jahil ketawa (who only laugh ignorantly)

Bumi yang tiada udara (A world without air)
Bagai tiada nyawa (is a world without life)
Pasti hilang suatu hari (it will one day disappear)
Tanpa disedari (without realisation)

Bumi tanpa lautan (A world without the oceans)
Akan kehausan (will thirst)
Pasti lambat laun hilang (it will eventually vanish)
Duniaku yang malang (my unfortunate world)

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Dewasa ini kita saling merayakan (In recent days we are always celebrating)
Kejayaan yang akhirnya membinasakan (Successes that in the end will destroy us)
Apalah gunanya kematangan fikiran (What is the use of maturity of thinking)
Bila di jiwa kita masih lagi muda (when our souls remain infantile)
Dan mentah (and raw)
Ku lihat hijau (I see green)

Bumiku yang kian pudar (My fading world)
Siapa yang melihat (Who sees you?)
Di kala kita tersedar (By the time we realise)
Mungkinkah terlewat (it might be too late)

Korupsi, opresi, obsesi diri (Corruption, oppression, self-obsession)
Polusi, depressi, di bumi, kini (Pollution, depression, on earth, now)

Oh …anok-anok (Oh, children)
tokleh meghaso mandi laok (will not feel how it is to swim in the sea)
Besaing,maing ghama-ghama (and play in it together)
Ale lo ni tuo umurnyo bejuto (this earth is millions of years old)
Kito usoho (we work)
Jauhke dari malapetako (to stave off disaster)
Ozon lo ni koho nipih nak nak aghi (the ozone is thinning day by day)
Keno make asak (eaten by smoke)
Hok biso wei, pasa maknusio (poisoned by humans)
Seghemo bendo-bendo di dunio (all the things in this world)
Tokleh tehe (will not last)
Sapa bilo-bilo (forever)

Also have a look at Aliran’s Merdeka message.

As we celebrate Merdeka, spare a thought for the Rohingya community in Myanmar where they are facing terrible atrocities in Arakan state.

Strange that those who championed the plight of the Rohingya (for political gain?) not long ago are now somewhat silent or distracted.

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  1. Prime Minister Najib Razak has donated 458 cows for ritual slaughter to mark Aidiladha in his parliamentary constituency in Pekan. NFC the supplier?

  2. Never bothered to watch the SEA Games closing ceremony and the propaganda concert.

    I was in Singapore watching 7th-month Getai, culturally more relevant to me, like this one featuring Malaysian Hokkien singer Xiao Hei :

  3. You may “submit” grovelling requests, complaints. appeals – if you can find the right office, official and form. If you dare to accuse any official at any level, you must produce proof – which may disappear – and face the misuse of your own tax money to defeend the tuan or to attack you in court. The tuan can never be wrong or even remotely corrupt – look what happened in Highland Towers. The sandiwara inquiries into Sabah immigration and BNM gambling are selective attempts to finger political contenders.

    I see some hope in the heart of evil itself. 10 years ago, most US zombies avoided mentioning capitalism or climate change. Today, thanks to the narcissist H Clinton (promising immediate war) and her even more narcissist opponent (making lavish, false promises), many have recovered from zombiehood – even the “liberals”. They have very low expectations of gomen. They try to express themselves and to act directly and collectively – the greatest fear of fascists everywhere throughout history.

  4. What Liow Tiong Lai’s ‘Merdeka’ video says about MCA

    A gentle reminder to Liow:
    What is Hope when the ones we once put Hope on to bring changes fail time & time again.
    What is Hope when the 1st generation of Merdeka still see no Hope but Despair.
    What is Hope when thousands have emigrated to other lands of Hope.
    Your Still-Hoping is like a mirage in your MCA Offices.
    Pls once again look in the mirror & see what you & MCA can do to bring about Hope turned Reality.
    Mr Liow, the Reality vs Hope is this: Chi Kei Ku Chi Kei (look after one’s interest).

    Drink more Kopi-O kau kau instead of Hope-Dreaming.

    • This is also a reminder to Harapan (Hope): it can & truly will deliver changes for a Better Malaysia (for all & not for one race) after the trust-votes are delivered to them i.e. if it wins GE14.

    • “I am aware of the people’s opinions and feelings. Therefore, I am willing to face the reality, as I know that is the only way for us to change for the better,” the StarOnline reported MCA’s Liow as saying.

      LOL moment indeed!

    • There are 4 altered versions of Leow’s merdeka videos released within 24-hours upon its original release.

      Newer versions get better reception showing creative side of Malaysians rejecting MCA.

      Go watch the one featuring Anabelle.

    • subramaniam,
      where is your mic video? wait for deepavali surprise?
      anyway your deputy saravanan better at creating publicity than you..
      … havoc at tamil malar.

  5. Young must vote for future of Malaysia, says Bersih 2.0

    September is the last month to get registered as a voter for the 14th general election if it is held in March next year and disillusioned Malaysians, especially young adults, have no reason not to do so, said the Bersih 2.0 election-monitoring body.

    Chairman Maria Chin Abdullah said even though issues like the rising cost of living and lack of job opportunities were their priorities, young adults should also make known their dissatisfaction by voting.

    “We (too) are concerned about the issues they face…These are natural concerns among young adults.

    “We hope that they also think about bigger issues, like what is happening in this country.”


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